DIY False Eyelash Application: Tips and Tricks for a Professional Look 


We’ve all been there, standing in front of the mirror, one eye closed, holding our breath as we try to apply those pesky false lashes. They’re the perfect way to take your makeup look to the next level, adding drama and allure with just a strip of hair. 

But as simple as the beauty gurus make it seem, mastering false eyelash application can be tricky. Let’s break down the process into easy steps for your eyelash extensions needs and see how you can get that professional look every time from the comfort of your home.


To start off, ensure you have the right tools on hand: a pair of tweezers, eyelash glue, scissors to trim the lashes if necessary and a mirror. It’s also a good idea to apply your eye makeup before the lashes, so the eyeliner and eye shadow can help disguise any gaps. Then:

  • Gently remove the lashes from their tray using the tweezers. 
  • Hold them up to your eye to measure and trim any excess. 
  • Apply a thin layer of glue along the base of the lashes. 
  • Wait about 30 seconds for the glue to become tacky.
  • Look down into a mirror and use the tweezers to place the lash as close to your natural lash line as possible.
  • Once the lash is in place, press down lightly and wait for the glue to dry completely.
  • For a seamless look, apply eyeliner over the lash band. 
  • Finish with a coat of mascara to fuse your natural lashes with the false ones.

Troubleshooting Common Issues

If your lashes are lifting at the corners, you may not have applied enough glue, or you didn’t wait long enough for it to get tacky. Remove them gently, apply a bit more glue and try again. If the lashes feel uncomfortable, they may be too wide, so don’t hesitate to trim them a bit more next time.

Remember, the key is patience and precision. With practice and these expert tips, your DIY false eyelash application will be flawless. Your eyes will thank you for the extra touch of glamour.

Laying the foundation for flawless lashes

Before you even think about glue, it’s important to prep your natural lashes to ensure a smooth ride. It’s all about creating the ideal base, so start by gently cleaning your eyelid and ensuring no oil or makeup residue remains. If you’re going for that curled lash effect, now’s the time to give your lashes a gentle squeeze with an eyelash curler. It’s also a great time to measure the falsies against your lash line and snip off any excess. Remember, the aim is to complement your natural eye shape, not overwhelm it.

When you’re ready to lay the groundwork for your glam look, keep in mind that a good base is essential for lasting wear. If you’re planning a full face of makeup, do your eyes first. This way, any fallout from eye shadow or other products won’t ruin your foundation or those perfect lashes. And apply your eyeliner before your falsies—this not only helps in masking the lash band but also provides a helpful guideline for where to place them. Think of it as drawing the map before embarking on the journey to luscious lash land.

Adhesives and their idiosyncrasies

Picking the right glue is half the battle. Clear glue is great for a clean look, while black adds a touch of liner under the lashes for a more defined eye. Dot a fine line along the lash band, wait a few seconds until the glue gets tacky, and then it’s go time. The glue should be just sticky enough to stay put without sliding around on your lash line. Remember, it’s a fine balance; too little and the lash may pop off, too much and you’ve got a sticky mess. Patience is key; let the adhesive set for just the right amount of time.

Post-application upkeep

To keep your faux lashes in top condition, gently clean off any residual glue and makeup after each wear. Store them carefully back in their box to maintain their shape for future uses. With proper care, a good pair of falsies can be a reliable friend for many makeup looks to come.

Remember, practice makes perfect. Don’t be discouraged if your first few attempts aren’t flawless. With time, applying false lashes will become as natural as applying lipstick, and you’ll wonder how you ever went without them. So next time you’re getting ready for an event or just want to add some oomph to your everyday look, reach for that strip of lashes and enjoy the transformation.