Pinky Promise Tattoos Designs

pinky promise tattoo

People choose pinky promise tattoos as they symbolize the strength and commitment of friendship and couples who promise to stand by each other through thick and thin. Pinky promises are the most universal symbol of friendship and loyalty, which makes this gesture perfect for reflecting how deep a relationship has become. 

The designs of these tattoos may be simple lines or feature elaborate artwork and can go anywhere that the person wants them.

What is the Meaning and Interpretation of Pinky Promise Tattoos?

Pinky promise tattoos carry significant meaning and symbolism, representing:

  • Friendship: These tattoos show how friends are united by a friendship that is based on trust and loyalty. Pinky swear means a pledge to always be there and honor each other’s words.
  • Enduring Commitment and Love: Pinky promise tattoos symbolize eternal love and devotion for two people. The pinky swear is a sign of an eternal promise to appreciate, assist, and respect each other.
  • Memories and Milestones: Pinky promise tattoos may also represent significant personal achievements, fond memories, or meaningful life moments. They can be a steady reminder of these crucial occasions, and the promises made these days.

Where to Get a Pinky Promise Tattoo

First, selecting a professional artist for your pinky promise tattoo is important to ensure quality and safety. Here are some factors to consider when choosing a tattoo artist:

  • Artist Portfolio: Check the artist’s portfolio to determine his/her style and abilities in creating the tattoo design you envision. Check for straightness, symmetry, and overall elegance.
  • Experience: Be sure that the artist has a good history and experience in tattooing. Inquire about their pinky promise tattoos and what they can create based on your ideas.
  • Hygiene and Cleanliness: Choose artists that keep their workspaces clean and sanitary. Check their sterilization practices and inquire about their safety standards.

The Cost of Pinky Promise Tattoos

The price of a pinky promise tattoo may change depending on the size, design complexity, and artist proficiency. In summary, a professional pinky promise tattoo will likely range between $50 and $500 or more.

Here’s a breakdown of factors that influence the cost:

  • Size: Smaller tattoos are sometimes less expensive than larger ones since it takes less time and ink.
  • Design Complexity: These will cost more than a simple design with fewer detailing work and single color.
  • Artist’s Experience and Reputation: Prominent artists with a history of success cost more because they know how to handle the work and are in demand.
  • Location: The cost of tattoo may also differ from location to location and place where artist resides.

It is always recommended that you book an initial consultation with the artist who will address your design, size and budget.

Best Pinky Promise Tattoos

In this list of Pinky Promise tattoos, we have mentioned some; have a look:

Classic pinky promise tattoo

This design shows two hands connected by pinky fingers, which is simple and classy. It is an eternal and personalized inking.

Pinky promise with heart

The heart between the linked fingers makes this tattoo a little sweet and highlights the design. It is an ideal way of showing your affection and friendship.

Pinky promise with an infinity symbol

This tattoo symbolizes the indissoluble and indefatigable friendship of the two people. It represents love and loyalty.

Pinky promise with wording

This tattoo personalizes the process by incorporating a poignant message or phrase like ‘friends forever’ or I promise. It is ideal for remembering and reminding you of your special connection to your friend.

Pinky promise with animals

You can also customize this tattoo with your favourite animal or a symbol of friendship, two penguins or two dogs.

Pinky promise with flowers

This tattoo gives a femininity and romanticness to the design. You can opt for flowers that symbolize friendship, such as 2 roses or 2 lilies.

Pinky promise with Celtic knot

This tattoo signifies eternity and lifelong love. It is an elegant and complex design that suits couples or close friends.

Pinky promise with stars

This tattoo symbolizes guidance and protection. It is a wonderful way to celebrate an important moment or pledge with friends.

Pinky promise with moon and sun

This tattoo signifies balance and duality. It is a strong reminder of the special connection that exists between you and your friend.

Pinky promise with lock and key

This tattoo symbolizes trust and loyalty. It is a sign that you have one another’s back no matter what.

Pinky promise with compass

Guidance and direction define this tattoo. It is a reminder that your friend will always be there to guide you through the right path.

Pinky promise with a feather

This design of tattoo means freedom and spirit. It is a feminine and fragile design.

Pinky promise with anchor

It is a stability and security tattoo. It is an assurance that your friend will always be around to keep you grounded in life.

Pinky promise with infinity ribbon

This tattoo stands for eternal life and friendship that never breaks.

Pinky promise with watercolor

This tattoo is a light and feather version of the iconic design. It is ideal for people who desire personalized tattoos.

Pinky promise with negative space

This tattoo is a powerful and plain image that cannot fail to attract attention. It is an effective way of sharing a message about your friendship.

Pinky promise with Dreamcatcher

This tattoo stands for protection and hope. It is a sign that your friend will always support you in catching your dreams.

Pinky promise with constellation

This tattoo symbolizes the stars and the world. It is an indication of the amazingness and interdependence in life.

Pinky promise with geometric design

This tattoo is a contemporary and fashionable representation of the original style. It is ideal for people who seek a trendy and cool tattoo.

Pinky promise with roses and thorns

This tattoo symbolizes the attractiveness and multidimensionality of a friendship. The roses stand for love and affection, while the thorns represent resilience and dedication.

Pinky promise with mountains and trees

The tattoo symbolizes the strength and development of friendship. The mountains represent the ability to overcome obstacles, and the trees depict support and development.

Pinky promise with rivers and bridges

This tattoo symbolizes the force and relationship of friendship. The rivers represent the shifting nature of friendships, while bridges symbolize how we can maintain a connection, despite time and distance.

Pinky promise with hands holding each other

This tattoo is an abstract symbol for friendship. However, the hands represent physical contact and support that friends give to one another.

Pinky promise with silhouettes of friends

This tattoo is more of a private symbolization of friendship. The profiles represent the individuality of each friend, and the superimposed hands stand for their friendship.

Pinky promise with coordinates of a special place

This tattoo is a unique sign of the special memory that you share with your friend. The numbers show precisely where you made the pinky promise, and the intertwined fingers reflect your inseparability.

Some Questions

What is a pinky promise tattoo?

A pinky promise is when two individuals put their pinkies together to demonstrate a mutual pledge or arrangement. It is usually regarded as a casual and playful form of commitment, especially in childhood or between close friends.

What is a pinky promise, and why do you kiss it?

It is even the case during our childhood when we make a pinky promise to our friends that they will keep our candies and secrets secure with them, right? This pledge is believed to have come from Japan, in various places, people also press the palm to confirm a deal. This oath is regarded as the holy of all the vows.

What is it that you do to secure a pinky promise?

A pinky promise, known as a pinky swear in popular culture, is the act of locking the little finger or the pinkie between two people to symbolize an agreement. The gesture indicates that the individual can bend the finger of whoever broke a promise.

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