Wild Rift Sett Runes Guide: Best Build and Gameplay Tips

sett runes

Do you like to play as a strong fighter who can punch enemies hard and throw them around? If yes, then you should try Sett, the Boss, in League of Legends: Wild Rift. Sett runes is a champion who can fight well in the top lane or the jungle. He can also be a good support for his team.

In this article, I will tell you how to play Sett runes, what items to buy, what runes to use, and some tips and tricks to help you win more games with Sett runes.

What can Sett runes do?

Sett runes has four skills that he can use in the game. Let us see what they are and how to use them.

Pit Grit (Passive)

Sett’s punches are different from those of other champions. He hits with his left hand and then his right hand. His right-hand hits faster and harder than his left hand. He also gets faster when he hits enemies.

Knuckle Down (1)

Sett runes runs faster towards enemies for a short time. His next two punches also hit harder and do more damage.

Haymaker (2)

Sett runes can take a lot of damage and store it as Grit. Grit is a yellow bar under his health bar. When he uses Haymaker, he uses all his Grit to make a big shield that protects him. He also punches forward and does damage to enemies in front of him. The more Grit he has, the bigger the shield and the damage are.

Facebreaker (3)

Sett runes has enemies on his left and right and slams them together. This stuns them for a short time and does damage to them. He can also grab minions or monsters if there are no enemies nearby.

The Show Stopper (4)

Sett grabs an enemy and jumps with them in the air. He then slams them to the ground and damages them and other enemies around them. The damage is based on how much health the enemy has. The more health they have, the more damage they take.

What items to buy for Sett runes?

Sett runes needs items that make him stronger, tankier, and faster. Here are some items that are good for Sett:

  • Heartsteel: This item gives Sett runes more health and armor and heals him when he hits enemies with his skills or punches.
  •  Titanic Hydra: This item gives Sett more health and damage and makes his punches hit more enemies.
  •  Black Cleaver: This item gives Sett more health, damage, and speed. It also makes his punches reduce the enemies’ armor, making them easier to kill.
  •  Sterak’s Gage: This item gives Sett more health and damage. It also gives him a shield when he takes a lot of damage quickly.
  •  Amaranth Twinguard: This item gives Sett more health and magic resistance. It also increases his damage to enemies with more health than him.
  •  Plated Steelcaps: This item gives Sett more armor and speed. It also makes him take less damage from enemies’ punches or kicks.
  •  Protobelt: This item gives Sett runes more health and ability power. It also lets him dash forward and shoot fireballs that do damage to enemies.

What tips and tricks do you use for Sett runes?

Sett is a champion who can fight well in different situations. He can be aggressive or defensive, depending on what his team needs. Here are some tips and tricks to use for Sett runes:

  • In the early game, focus on farming minions and dodging the enemy’s attacks. You can use Knuckle Down to run faster and hit harder. You can also use Haymaker to block damage and punch back. Try to save your Facebreaker and The Show Stopper for when your jungler comes to help you or when you want to kill the enemy.
  •  In the mid-game, join your team for dragon, herald, or tower fights. You can use Facebreaker to stun enemies and set up kills for your team. You can also use The Show Stopper to grab the enemy’s carry and slam them into their team. This can do a lot of damage and win the fight for your team.
  •  Protect your team and catch the enemy’s mistakes in the late game. You can use Haymaker to shield yourself and punch the enemy’s front line. You can also use The Show Stopper to grab the enemy’s back line and throw them into your team. This can make the enemy’s team weaker and easier to kill.

I hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new about Sett runes and how to play him in Wild Rift.

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