How to Get a Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion

Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion

Xmas wreath merge mansion – Christmas is here; how about dressing up your mansion with attractive Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion? In the Merge Mansion, the Christmas Wreath is a unique item that would bring the holiday spirit into your residence. Let’s see how to get this sweet decoration.

1. Get a Decoration Box

The first step in getting a Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion is to get a Decoration Box. Here’s how you can do it:

  • Crackling Fireplace Transformation: If you have a Crackling Fireplace, tap it 44 times. After this magical transformation, your fireplace will turn into a Decoration Box. This box holds the key to your Christmas Wreath!

2. The Contents of the Decoration Box

Once you have your Decoration Box, it’s time to open it up. Inside, you’ll find two essential items:

  • Xmas Wreath (I): This is the basic level of the Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion. It drops directly from the Decoration Box.
  • Xmas Decorations (I): These decorations are also part of the holiday theme and can be used for other festive purposes.

3. Merging Up the Christmas Wreath

The Xmas Wreath starts at Level 1, but you can merge it to higher levels. Here’s how the merging process works:

  • Xmas Wreath (I): The initial drop from the Decoration Box.
  • Xmas Wreath (II): Merge two Level 1 wreaths.
  • Xmas Wreath (III): Merge two Level 2 wreaths.
  • Xmas Wreath (IV): Merge two Level 3 wreaths.
  • Xmas Wreath (V): Merge two Level 4 wreaths.
  • Xmas Wreath (VI): Merge two Level 5 wreaths.

4. Double Bubbles

In the course of playing, you will meet Double Bubbles. From Level 2 and up, when merging items, these special bubbles appear.Here’s how they relate to the Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion:

  • Xmas Wreath Double Bubbles:
    • Level 2: Xmas Wreath (II)
    • Level 3: Xmas Wreath (III)
    • Level 4: Xmas Wreath (IV)
    • Level 5: Xmas Wreath (V)
    • Level 6: Xmas Wreath (VI)

5. Cobwebbed Xmas Wreath

At the start of the event, you may face Cobwebbed Xmas Wreaths. These are covered in cobwebs and appear when opening up the garage. Here’s a tip:

  • Don’t Dust Them: Even though they might seem annoying, avoid spending Gems on clearing the Cobwebbed Xmas Wreaths. You’ll soon find them cleared naturally as you progress.


So, if you know how to get a Xmas Wreath Merge Mansion, then feel free to deck your mansion with festive cheer.

Some Asked Quiz

What is a Christmas Wreath? 

A Christmas Wreath is a different kind of decoration that can make your mansion look festive. It has six levels and can be merged from lower levels.

How to get a Decoration Box?

The Christmas Wreath originates from a Decoration Box. You can get it by tapping the Crackling Fireplace times.

What are Double Bubbles?

The Double Bubbles are a special kind of bubbles that appear when merging items from Level 2 and above. They have higher level items, including Xmas Wreaths.

What are Cobwebbed Xmas Wreaths?

When opening the garage, Cobwebbed Xmas Wreaths appear as they are covered in cobwebs. You should not dust them with Gems because they will clear automatically as you proceed.