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Men’s Grooming: All About Maintaining Stubble With Perfection


Clean Shaven was a fashion earlier or you can say that it has been an evergreen fashion vogue for ages but now with the changing time and trends, a lot many styles have been introduced to the world of fashion. Nowadays, Stubble is one such style which has not only been on the hit list of the most stylish men but also has captured the attention of the most sophisticated ones as well. For a change in look, many men are willingly and happily adopting this sturdy approach to the facial hair; which also proves that stubble is no more seen in the form of shabby and untidy look.

If you do not give proper care and time to your stubble look then it can turn your look raddled and rough. This means that the stubble needs to be trimmed and maintained very properly for that changed look that you have desired for long. But yes, if you are the one who gives ample attention to maintain the stubble look then it has all the magical powers to transmute your sweet baby face to a handsome manly look. The term ‘Stubble’ has been used for the short stiff hairs which grow on the face of a man when he has not got shaving done since couple of days. Basically stubble can be termed as short beard. In this piece of information we will highlight the following points: How to grow it perfect, who wears it considerably and the entire bits and bytes hat you need to take care of.

Does it need anything extra to maintain a short beard or stubble?

You are trying it for the first time and so it’s but obvious for you to be conscious about the new and distinguished look! So, how to begin with? Is it just that you need to ignore shaving for few days and wait for your short beard to grow? Well, that’s not it because you need a little more patience and effort to make it look perfect on you. It can be said that it seems to be an effortless task which actually demands a lot of effort. After all, achieving anything calls for some sincere travail.

Will the Stubble look suit me?

First and foremost thing that you need to do is to question yourself  that will the stubble look suit you and make you earn complements because it does not go perfect for everyone. With this question in mind, we have listed some general indicants for you which will be prove to be a great help to you in adjudicating whether to go for this short beard trend or not. After all, it is the look that matters the most and lays down the first impression on everyone. You can choose this statement of vogue if:

  • You want to transform your innocent baby looking face to a virile handsome one.
  • You are not shaving friendly on daily basis.
  • You are willing to grow a proper beard but is not allowed (may be at your work) so wish to have something change from a clean shave look.

So, if the above given three indicators exist in your list, then opting the stubble look is the right decision for you and hence you can go ahead to give yourself a try. After all, every look has a different reflection over the personality of a person so there is no harm in trying for once. You never know who falls in love with your new look.

Another thing that you need to think on is; to not to grow designer stubble if the following reasons prevail:

  • You are a bit lazy and not sure to maintain it properly. If this is the scene, then you should wipe off the idea of growing designer stubble because it will definitely demand enough time and maintenance for a perfect appearance.
  • Your lady love doesn’t like this look of yours due to personal reasons like: she might not like kissing on such an unsmooth face. Then it’s better not to go for the designer stubble. Don’t forget to take her consent if you are still willing for this in any corner of your heart.
  • Say a big NO to designer stubble if you can’t! Remember there is nothing strange than looking weird with a half baked stubble. Hence, it is better to stay as you are.

Hope all these make the picture clear in your mind to whether go for a designer stubble or not. So, take the decision after considering all these things.

Stubble or Short Beard Look Review

For the ones who are still in a confused state and where the mind is dangling between the thought that whether to go for it or not, we are highlighting few designer stubble guidance for you. These guidelines will give you an actual idea of the look that you will get and then you can take a decision accordingly:

Shaping & Grooming:

As mentioned earlier that stubble is no more seen as the shabby & untidy look but then this statement can only be justified with the thing that how you actually maintain it. The most appropriate way to maintain your stubble look is by ‘shaping’ your facial hair from time to time. This will lend your stubble with a cleaner and incisive look. To understand better, one must know the primary purpose of shaping. With the help of shaping, the portions around the stubble and nearby to it are cleanly shaved. Those portions are mainly- the tip of your cheeks and lower portion of the neck. Shaping imparts a neat and clean line to the boundary of the stubble thereby removing each and every stray hair. Mark a point that you do not try to over-shape your beard with unnecessary preciseness, else you might lose the natural look of your stubble which will spoil your overall look too.


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One of the most important advices while shaping stubble is to use a branded shaving gel or shaving oil which does not create lather while shaving. Now you must be thinking that how does this help? Well, this will help you to apparently see beneath of stubble and making you realize how much to shave thereby not resulting into over-shave. Therefore, shaping plays a vital role in maintaining stubble.

Step 1: Exfoliate

Clean your face with a branded face wash or you can even use a branded scrub to dispatch the dead skin cells from the pores deep inside. This will further elevate the beard for a smooth slide.

Step 2: Shaving Gel

Second step will be to mince the beard which means to make it soft and damp. For this, put on a branded shaving oil or shaving gel on the portion that you need to shave. Now let it rest for half a minute and you will find your beard turned soft and smooth.

Step 3: Shaping

The aim of shaping is to lend a proper shape to your stubble so that you look smart and handsome. Carefully shave the excess hair with the help of a shaper or trimmer or razor. Don’t do this in hurry rather do it slowly to keep an eye of where you need to shave and how much. Mind you; hurry makes curry so if you do not pay cent percent attention while shaping then you might end up ruining your look.

Maintaining the Length:

Stubble demands more maintenance and second point that stands under the list of maintaining stubble is ‘Controlling the Length’ of the stubble. You should know what kind of stubble look you want so that you further know where to draw the line of length else it won’t take too long for your stubble beard to turn to a full length beard. Here is the need of the amazing gadget which works nothing less than a guardian for you. With the help of handy changeable cutting feature, these gadgets act as guides and keep a check on the length of your stubble thereby making sure that the stubble always look well groomed; without any fault. All in all, they ensure everything in regard to your short beard is up to the mark.

One such gadget is: BaByliss for Men i-Stubble which is an all rounder to maintain your stubble considerably but a lot depends on the growth of your beard and the length you wish to keep. Generally, for the ones with normal growth of facial hair; grooming beard once in three or four days works fine and the ones with less growth can even do it once in a week. So, this is how it depends from man to man.


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Compared with regular shaving, this way of maintaining stubble is a major help especially when you are new to stubble fashion.

Maintaining Short Beard Stubble

One main thing that needs the utmost attention while maintaining the short beard stubble is; how you shape and lengthen the hair beneath your jaw-line. So, for this you can set your trimmer as per the beard length that you wish to keep. Generally, 3 to 5 guard setting is fine as this will keep your natural look alive. Then moving towards the underneath of your jaw line, you can change the guard settings to a little lower setting (reduce it by one and make it 2 guard setting) and proceed for the neck hair. Again, when you reach nearby the Adam’s apple, you can again reduce settings by one (make it 1 guard setting). This is how it works. This enables a clean, tidy and groomed look to your short beard stubble with extreme perfection.

Do not forget to remove any tramp hairs as that might spoil the edge of your neckline.

To Conclude:

This is all that you need to take care of while maintaining stubble beard. Initially, you might find it a little tough but once you are habitual you will not. At least you can do this bit for your much desired look. A proper maintained stubble will add a sturdy and strong masculine look to your personality; something that has been missing with your look for so long! Moreover, you can even take the help of experienced and professionals in saloons for giving a perfect designer look to your stubble and then you can carry on once you are comfortable doing it yourself. Good idea, isn’t it?

Let us know if you any other questions pooping up in your mind as we are more than happy to help you. Also, don’t miss to share your experiences and ideas on designer stubble if you have.


Top 5 Exciting Ways To Pick Your Next Vacation

There is a whole big wide world out there, with so many places to see and discover, and when you are traveling you get to have the most amazing experience you will always treasure. The only difficulty comes when picking the right place to travel to for your family vacation. If you have been struggling to decide where to go on your next vacation whether it be with friends or family here are 5 different ways that could help you choose.


This is one of the most diplomatic ways into choosing the next place for your vacation. If you go on holiday every year then the best way is to simply take it in turns. That way each member in the family will get a place of their choosing and each member will feel valued. On holiday another great idea is to for each person to choose an activity they wish to do while on vacation that way everyone gets to experience something they want to do as well.

TV Show Game

A great way to choose your holiday as well as having fun at the same time is turn it into a game. There are many different games that can be adapted into making your choice, all you need to do is choose a game and then the winner decides on the destination. If you and you’re friends or family have a particular TV show game or board game then play that to help make your holiday choice. Games like Monopoly, Deal or No Deal high low, or even Who Wants To Be a Millionaire are great choices that you can play in big groups. Whoever comes out as champion gets first choice. No other member will be able to argue, as it has been chosen fair and square.

Out of a Hat

Another completely random way to choose your destination is for you to come up with a list of different places you would like to travel. Then of course place them all in a hat and pick one at random. If you are not so keen on the idea then you and your family, friends, or even partner can put all your names in a hat. Then the first person’s name to be selected choses the destination that way it is completely random.

Earn The choice

Although this choice may be one of the most unfair, it can be a great way for children to start doing work around the house. Make a tall chart that does the most housework as well as being the most polite. That way only good behaviour is rewarded, and you have a nice clean today house too.

Family Discussion

If your children are old enough to talk it through then this way is perfect.  The easiest way to make a diplomatic decision is to simply talk it through as a family and come up with a list of places you would all like to visit; if there is a common place then simply pick that one. If there isn’t a common place then pick the top 5 places as a family then do a bit of research on each place. Hopefully you will all be able to come to a final decision, then go off and enjoy your vacation.

The New Trendsetter in Town – Bebe Clothing

When someone talks about fashion, what comes into your mind? I personally think that how a person defines his/her own style statement plays a huge part in how fashionable they look. If you have always wondered why celebrities can wear absolutely anything and get away with it; then here is the explanation to that. “They are confident about their fashion choices”. So can be you! When you wear the right clothes, you get a personality boost instantly because you know that you look good. With Bebe clothing, all your wishes are going to come true. It is undoubtedly the trend setter of the fashion world. Moreover, you also get to use Bebe Coupon while purchasing.

Denim rules over everything

When you are looking for the lightest clothing for travelling or summer days, your best partner in crime would be the faded jeans. Not only do they give a chic look when paired with a T-shirt, but also make you feel comfortable all day long. For your denim bottom options, you can switch to denim shorts or a denim pencil skirt. You can even get dressed from top to bottom in denim only. Options in tops include Chambray shirt, Frayed Hem Denim Shirt, Hi-Lo Crop Top, Lac-Up Shirt and Hem Swing Top.

Denim lovers can even skip the hassle of pairing two items, by just putting on a denim dress. There is a large variety available which includes Rompers, Jumpsuits, Flight Suit and Shirtdress. You can purchase these heavenly products with the use of Bebe Coupons.



Lace is your new friend

The feature which looks pretty all year round, if you want to get a luxurious effect is Lace. Most of the designs are sultry and have intricate details which attract people. It gives a completely gorgeous personality to the women who wear it. They look extra fashionable whenever they include lace in any of their outfits. Therefore, you would have seen that the top models also embrace lace dresses with great pride. If you want to be the part of the high street world, here is your chance to wear the royal clothing which involves lace! With Bebe clothing, you can be unapologetically you by adopting the best style which is there for you.



Your party partners are cocktail dresses

If you want to go for summer parties, then you can be glad that you can wear the perfect outfit to look extra ravishing. The material of these dresses would be extra special once you get wrapped in them. If you want to go clubbing, then you need the dazzling cocktail dress in your wardrobe. Make use of the bold and chic style statement of Bebe. You can use Bebe coupons for purchasing your trendy items from



Join the biggest fashion parade in town and get attached to the classiest costume options available for you. Now you can also be the style queen of your society be getting to wear the outfits which are loved by all women around the world.


Not only Venice is famous for its water canals! Many years ago, such city’s feature had a crucial strategic significance – it helped citizens to trade their goods and earn money. Today, the original reason is not that important. However, canals became very attractive tourist attractions, enchanting people with small boats and one of a kind view.

So today, together with our friends from Travel Ticker, let’s take a tour to five beautiful cities in the world built on water!

  1. The Dutch capital city Amsterdam is the most famous city built on the water after Venice. It is literally carved with hundreds of water channels located all over the city. It is indeed the channels that give the city a romantic and informal spirit and leaves no room for cold Europeanism. In addition, the water creates the perfect harmony with the beautiful stone buildings.


The most romantic place for dinner for two in Amsterdam is on a barge or boat. As you walk along the channels, we firmly recommend visiting the old town, and the outstanding artists district Jordan.

2. Suzhou city in China, which is nearly half plunged in water, known as the Venice of the East. In fact, almost along all the narrow sidewalks, you will also find water channels. Citizens often use boats and this form of transportation is also offered to tourists as well. Such boat tours will gift you an incredible opportunity to admire the city, which for centuries has been an important economic and cultural center of the Eastern world.


Suzhou and the surrounding areas are also famous for their high-quality silk, which made the city flourished. In fact, all the money earned from the silk trade was invested in city’s infrastructure and made it more beautiful as well. Here you can also admire the beauty of the gardens overhanging water channels, which over time has become a major tourist attraction.

3. St. Petersburg, in Russia, is famous not only for its white nights but also because of an unusual location. The city is situated on 100 islands, and the main Neva River meanders through the city way to the Gulf of Finland. However, apart from the Neva, a lot of other small rivers and man-made canals flow through the city. So much of water gives this historic city it a unique charm without any doubt.


One of the most popular ways of getting to know the city is by the boat. In addition, the Neva River is regularly full of steamboats as well, so you might get lucky to admire this city’s beauty from one of these too.

4. In Copenhagen, channels range the city, like the body is varied by blood vessels while bike trails encircle the entire city too. So a boat is really an excellent way to get to know this city. However, we recommend you to spend more time in one of the most popular areas of the modern capital of Denmark New Port.


Life here does not stop for a minute: during the day hordes of tourists visit this district. Its colorful houses, artificial channels, and a vast array of moored sail boats indeed are worth a shot. At night, locals and travelers visit New Port to relax and have fun before the dawn at various bars and nightclubs there, so here you will have what to do both at day and at night.

5. An excellent way to get to know Bangkok is to “cruise” in its rivers and canals. During these excursions you can see all the Thai capital’s exclusivity for sure. Here, in addition, to the high skyscrapers, centuries-old temples and traditional buildings with the “falling” roofs create a very extraordinary but charming panorama. Moreover, in Bangkok the so-called Ruea Hang Yao are pretty popular too – they are long-tailed boats, which will let to travel even through the tightest city channels and enjoy city’s beauty even better.


Another symbol of Bangkok are floating markets. There you can buy local delicacies, vegetables, marine products, spices and get a good taste of the original Thai cuisine you will love!

Latest Dresses-Make them a summer staple

With the advent of summers, the dress-code of the workplace goes terribly wrong many times. Employees come up in crept up hemlines, sleeveless dresses, skirts and shorts ditching out the jackets, blazers and heavier winter wears. The skin is getting exposed, shirts are getting loosened and there is no name of dress code or uniform ethics which you can see around. And no wonder, the boss is a little cool with the shirts not tucked in properly and heading to casual summertime garb. But who to blame, and why? No one, can be put to blame on for such change in summer season, and in fact, with the rising temperature, the situation is going to get worse. Sophistication would be forgotten and comfortability would be privileged.

Warmer temperatures can not only be fixed with air conditioning, fresh air and lighter clothing, especially for employees working for the 9-5 shift. Summer creates a laid back or a sluggish kind of environment naturally and thus revealing more skin or being stylish is not much of a choice when the temperature is shooting. Seeing the climatic change, and employees getting casual day by day, sometimes could be a bit frustrating. Flip-flops, short skirts, tank tops or loosening the tights and removing the layers is a big NO-NO for office attires. It is a dicey situation for the employees, work is the food of life, but at the cost of health baffles you up. So there are some summer, cool latest dresses for women from which they can opt to keep them within the boundaries of office wear yet being comfortable.

Women dresses for Summer to Workplace

Workplace, the name itself is full of ethics, rules and principles, it does not feel like home wherein someone can sit, walk, talk or wear anything in a comfortable manner. But this is how it works. Every company has its own code of ethics for dresses one should wear to office. Being professional and sophisticated is the thumb  rule for all and should be followed diligently. Being formally dressed can help the women to be ready for the meetings that can be conducted at the drop of a hat. A formally dressed employee reflects the discipline and formal structure of an organization in front of others. As women are leading in the corporate business, it gets indispensable for women to be formal at all times to portray a disciplined picture of the company.

What women should not wear at offices in  Summer:-

Women dresses gain the most of the eye, whether on the streets or at the workplace. Dressed improperly at the workplace can be a huge mishap for her. Not only it affects her personality and character, but also her career. So, ladies who are working professionally need to be very cautious about what they wear and carry to the offices no matter what the temperature is outside.

  • Warmer weather does not imply shorter hemlines and revealing blouses. Women dresses which are not appropriate under these categories must be avoided.
  • Sheer fabrics which are too thin to handle and bare legs are often cited as common blunders made by women in their dresses which are completely unacceptable for a professionally run organization.
  • In relaxed offices, women are seen pushing the boundaries to a great extent by wearing halters, tank tops, spaghetti, mini skirts which are never allowed no matter how much relaxed an office is. The office needs to be maintained as an office only rather as a beach, bar or a gym.
  • Not only the women dresses, but also women footwears lose the importance in warmer months of the year. Women resort to casual sandals, flip flops and sometimes in sunglasses indoors, which is a huge offence to summer attire. Its mandatory to be always dressed in heels, however small or comfortable they may be, stick to wearing heels in the office.

Designers design women dresses as per the events and occasions. Women mixing them up for their convenience do not suit the elegance and class for any professional woman. She needs to maintain a balance in her attire, what she dons and how she represents herself (without being messy and distracted) is important for her career graph. Dressing for the career is pivotal so that everyone takes you seriously, the promotions, hikes and appreciations always suit a professional attire rather than a halter top.

What women should don to office in Summer Season:-


Daily Morning blues become our habit no matter what the climate says. Be it summer or winter season, standing right in the front of the open wardrobe is too tedious and perplexing. There seems nothing to wear in spite of an overfilled wardrobe. And the problem does not rise due to the insufficiency of dresses, but due to the dress code that women have to adhere to. She is always baffling  between the hemlines, sleeves, the length of a skirt, back cut of the blouse, front neck of the top. All such issues keep her busy in the morning and when she reaches the office she realises that the task still has not gotten fulfilled appropriately despite putting in the effort and so much time.

So, to combat the situation, here are a few women floral dresses which she can carry to office without worrying for complying the dress code and can face it with style:-

  1. Pastels and neutrals:- Summer does not really mean exposing more of the skin. A woman can opt to layer in subtle neutral shades which could be over the midi dresses, midi skirt, formal pants or so. Shades of beige, ivory, gray, blush are some soothing and cooling hues which not only soothe the skin but also the eyes of the spectators.

The Pink Arie shirt is one such formal design in georgette which is completely suitable for the summer office wear. It can be dressed with a formal trouser in the beige or neutral shade with neutral pumps and grey leather tote bag to accentuate the elegance and classiness of the shirt.

  1. Florals:- Flowers bloom in the season of spring, which calls out for the latest dresses and trends in most of the womenfloral prints dresses. Wearing a well tailored dress an office, a flared skater dress, a shirt dress or a shift dress looks appropriate which is cool yet stylish for an office goer. And looking for floral prints in such dresses or tops is a cherry on the top. Stylish Floral dresses keeps you trendy and the outfit keeps you within the boundaries of the dress code policy of the company

A Floral Print cotton shift dress is yet another choice that could be made by women, which could be of the latest design or it can be an ethical formal dress to be donned in the company. Buttoned up dress is not revealing and gracious to beautify your personality in front of your colleagues and bosses. The same can be styled in with stud earrings and straight hair, blush heels and a navy tote bag to accomplish the final look.

  1. Monochrome:- This pattern of styling would never go wrong with any formal office attire. It is one such style that has been vintage to many offices in many women. Be it a jumpsuit, a dress, a shirt or a top, women love to don these styles for office from 9-5 and even after work to an evening barbecue with the colleagues. Solid hues, whether bright or dark or block solids all go well for a summer office attire.

The Ivory Adriana dress is the symbol of such monochromes which completely fits the office attire. The dress in white symbolises purity, which brings a positive vibe to the office environment, as well as being white is soothing and relaxing for the hot season. It could be dressed down on its own and could be paired up with stylish stilettos or bellies and leather satchel in a contrasting shade.

  1. Jumpsuits:- Nothing could be as comfortable as a jumpsuit in an office to the summer season. Not much revealing and in accordance with the ethics, it is a stylish piece of attire which is easy to wear and stay in for the long duration of time. Striped or solid shade jumpsuits for girls in cigarette pants style or in loose bell bottoms both work week for an office wear.

The Lava Jumpsuit is one such description which makes a woman look chic and elegant at the same time. The Polyester brown suit in black buttons and collars could be styled with a belt to segregate the mono look and a classy shoulder bag on the sides would make you look awesome and pretty for the season. Being comfortable yet stylish can never have better opportunities than natty Jumpsuit for girls.


  1. Striped skirts:- The skirt is the most suitable attire for summer, which keeps you airy as well as elegant when dressed properly. Women can don skirts with tops, shirts and blouses and can even layer on with blazers. Skirts can sometimes be called as inappropriate for office wear as they can go against the length of the coded policy which necessarily be kept in mind while wearing them because your career could be at stake just because of an inch short length.

The Zebra skirt can be given as an example to prove it. The white and black striped pencil skirt is all formal in its shade, pattern and style. Covering till optimum knee length is an office attire that every woman can opt for her closet. Dressing the skirt with a white blouse and black pumps with Black leather shoulder bag can be the perfect ensemble for any given day.

So, it has been clear that women need to know that it is indispensable to dress formally while using her brains to achieve the heights of success. Carrying an appropriate dress, walking properly, communicating your thoughts precisely and clearly are all important for an achiever. So get ready to be clothed in the summer ready and HR approved outfits.


The desire to look and feel beautiful is easy to understand. However, it is not necessary to spend a lot of money to achieve this. Your house can be the best beauty salon ever because you will definitely find a few products that can be useful to heal your skin or hair. In fact, they are inexpensive or sometimes even free, and they and harmless to the body and the environment!

Are you ready? Bellow we are going to introduce the top five unconventional products you can find at home, which works just as well as the priciest beauty products!

Salt – from dandruff


Although salt is sometimes referred to as our enemy number two (after sugar),  it can be pretty good then it when we want to increase our beauty. One of the more interesting uses of it without eating is getting rid of dandruff. Knew it or not, but salt stimulates the scalp and helps to remove dandruff. It also removes excess sebum and moisturizes the hair, and even prevents the emergence of fungus.

How to use it? Use two teaspoons of salt and massage the scalp with wet fingers. Massage should last 10-15 minutes. After that, wash the head with regular shampoo. The results should be seen immediately.

Bananas – to feed hair


Super dry and disobedient hair signifies that your hair needs some food. Therefore, our beloved bananas can be quite ideal in this case

How to use it? Grind them in the blender; lubricate the hair as a conditioner, put on a shower cap and stay like that for good 20 minutes. Rinse your hair and enjoy nourished hair just like that! Bananas are actually super rich in vitamin C and B, and the latter is very useful for your hair. Even more, bananas are just full of other valuable qualities, so you can find many other ways how to use it to increase your beauty!

Baking soda – almost for everything


Do you want soft and gentle to touch skin? Before going to a bath, pour a handful of soda or baking powder into a bath and start your home spa procedures. After a bath, you will instantly feel how your skin became softer and smoother.

Moreover, baking soda is environmentally friendly and not harmful to the body in any way. It can also be used in a wide variety of other beauty procedures such as a body scrub, toothpaste, deodorant and so on.

Oatmeal – to treat acne


Oatmeal for breakfast is not only healthy but can help to treat acne or various inflammatory skin reactions like a rash. It is also suitable to feed or clean skin as well. Oatmeal stimulates the metabolism and the female hormone estrogen, which improves skin condition. Moreover, they have glucan which possesses various antioxidant properties, and silicon, which heals the skin.

How to use it? Boil a very small amount of oatmeal and cool it at room temperature. Apply it as a mask for a face and leave it for a few minutes. Wash the skin and see how your face starts to recover just like that!

Horseradish – to stop hair loss


Amazingly, this product found in almost every home (especially during the cold season) can help to deal with hair loss. Horseradish activates scalp circulation, cleanses it and improves hair structure all at the same time. Edible horseradish is rich in B vitamins, also has vitamin C and protein lysozyme, which stimulates and works in an antibacterial way.

How to use it? Grated fresh horseradish needs to be mixed with other household items that are useful for hair: olive oil, eggs or higher fat sour cream. The mass you get needs to be applied to the hair and scalp and left for several minutes. After some time, wash your hair with an ordinary shampoo and wait for great results!

Apart from these products’ benefits for your beauty, they are pretty damn good in cooking too, right? Therefore, shop for them comfortably and cheap via Boxed online store (don’t forget to use these coupons as well) and wait for a delivery guy to come with all these products which will improve your health and looks both from the inside and outside!


Why every man should own a beard clipper ?

For the common adult man, a beard is a natural part of your face. You wait it out, it grows, and before you know it, it’s time to trim it down. With all the hassle of everyday life, it seems like you barely have any time to focus on menial activities like shaving, so convenience is definitely something that is desired.

For this reason, every man out there should forget about shaving with a razor, and instead opt for something much quicker: beard trimming. A beard clipper, as long as you look towards getting a good one, is the ideal way to shave in modern day. Here are three reasons why:

1. You Save A lot of Time:

If you’re always on the go, business or family related, you really don’t want to dedicate 10-20 minutes to shaving traditionally. By using a beard clipper you can trim your beard down to a very short length if you want and it takes no longer than 5 minutes. You only need to make sure it is charged, unless you buy one that is corded.

2. You Save A lot of Money:

Just think about this for a minute. When you shave with a razor, you have continual expenses that add up over time. You need: 1) the actual razor 2) a replacement of blades 3) shaving cream 4) after shave or lotion to heal your skin. That adds up very fast and you won’t even notice that you are spending that much.

With a beard clipper, aside from your initial purchase, the only thing you really need is some clipper oil to keep it lubricated and working like brand new. And that costs under $5 per bottle, which can last you a couple of months. Big difference.

3. You Have More Control:

Shaving with a manual razor pretty much gives you one option; to completely remove the hair off your face or at the very least get it to a short stubble. With a beard clipper, you will be equipped with guards so that you can choose the length you like and trim as necessary.
People who grow very long beards have only one alternative, scissors. If you have tried to trim your beard using scissors before, you would instantly find out just how trivial it is and how long it really takes. There really is no better way to handle a beard than a clipper. Your barber uses it for a reason: it is the best product for controlling facial hair. You can even use it on your head or body if you really want, and some clippers do come with these attachments.

Portability Is Another Plus

Have you ever travelled and needed to bring with you shaving supplies? Between the razor, the blades, and the shaving cream, it can get pretty roomy very fast. That isn’t the case for a clipper, as you can easily bring it with you fully charged. You most likely won’t need to ever charge it if it has a lithium ion battery and if you do, then it’s a pretty long trip as is and you should bring everything with you regardless.

It’s time to get serious men. Beards are all around us now, and it is time that the rest of you join the movement and own the right tools.

Be Free from Chapped Lips by Eliminating 5 Popular Mistakes!

If you have been religiously following a strict facial care routine, you will attest to the fact that the lips require a substantial amount of tender loving care. There is no denying that the lips are the most utilized facial feature. It is essential for functions such as eating, speaking and even kissing.

Ironically, the lips are protected by an impossibly thin layer of skin. The impact of this skin layer is such that its existence is often negligible. Due to this unfortunate characteristic, the lips endure a heightened sensitivity and become extremely vulnerable to damage.

Chapped Lips

Due to the lack of adequate protection and in the absence of oil glands, the lips can be easily dried out, and exposure to external elements can cause symptoms such as irritated lips. Within the beauty industry, this phenomenon is commonly referred to as chapped lips.

Although a multitude of factors can lead to the occurrence of chapped lips, a majority of them can be prevented by implementing certain tried and tested solutions including the regular use of lip balms. On a more personal level, chapped lips can be avoided by eliminating some bad habits. Listed below are 5 frequent mistakes that stand in the way of healthier lips condition.

  1. Dehydration

The best method to hydrate the lips is to provide it with the necessary moisture through regular water consumption. The symptom of chapped lips is a clear indication that the body is not receiving enough intake of liquid. On a daily basis, at least, 8 glasses of water are recommended. This guideline should be adjusted according to the weather as well. For instance, a higher water intake would be required during the winter when the weather becomes dry. It is also important to note that beverages such as coffee, tea and any drink with alcoholic content actively promotes chapped lips and should be avoided at all costs.

  1. Dry Environment

In a specific study, researchers tested out the prevalence of chapped lips on soldiers who trained in the open desert. Essentially, the researchers were interested in how a dry environment and a lack of hydration correlates with the onset of chapped lips. Conducted in Fort Irwin, California, a total of 1,053 soldiers were enlisted for this experiment. After the testing period of 4 weeks, it was conclusively provided that a dry environment positively correlates to chapped lips. Up to 33% of the soldiers suffered from varying degrees of chapped lips. Although the statistics do not overwhelmingly associate dry conditions to chapped lips, it does prove the existence of a relationship. Similar to dehydration, chapped lips can be prevented by increasing the amount of water intake.

  1. Lip Plumpers

This is probably the newest factor that is attributed to the development of chapped lips. The best lip plumpers in the beauty industry market themselves as alternative ways to enhance facial features. However, individuals should tread with caution towards the use of these products. Lip plumpers use harsh ingredients to stimulate the lips, giving it more volume and making it appear fuller. These strong ingredients tend to make the lips dry and promote chapped lips. Other than a higher water consumption rate, lip moisturizers are also required to correct the damage done by these lip plumpers.

  1. Licking lips

The act of licking the lips comes almost naturally to many people whenever their lips feel dried out. This instinctive reaction is totally understandable. It makes sense that when the lips lack moisture, the tongue bails it out by hydrating it with saliva. The problem with this solution is that in the long run, the saliva does more harm than good to the lips. Firstly, constant friction between the tongue and lips can easily wear out the thin layer of skin protecting the lips. Next, when the saliva evaporates, the natural moisture is also carried away with it. Lastly, saliva contains enzymes that are effective in breaking down food to aid digestion. Applying these enzymes to the lips would disintegrate the skin, leaving it exposed to the harmful elements of the environment. Based on this three distinct disadvantages, individuals should actively work towards eradicating this subconscious habit.

  1. Orange/Lemon Juice

Oranges and lemons have no lack of admirers and many people actively include these fruits in their dietary plans. Unknown to them, eating or drinking these fruits have a negative effect on their lips which can promote the development of chapped lips, due to the high citrus content in them. For those are reluctant to eliminate these great tasting fruits from their diets, a higher daily consumption of water is necessary to balance out the harmful effects.




The prevalence of chapped lips can be quite disconcerting to some people, especially if they are persistent and constantly present itself as a problem. Although viable solutions are readily available to cure chapped lips, a few preventive measures can be taken as well. The next time your lips start to feel dry, consciously make mental notes not to lick them and hydrate yourself immediately. If you are searching for tips on how to plump your lips, bear in mind that the harsh ingredients in these products will most definitely worsen the condition of your lips. By keeping this list handy, you can significantly reduce the chances of sustaining chapped lips.

The Shopping Channel: A Great Way To Shop

Over the years, TV channels dedicated to shopping have become increasingly popular where you can sit and watch products ranging from apparel to electronics from anywhere you are with internet access.

Here in Canada we are lucky to have one of the best, The Shopping Channel, also known as TSC, where for more than 28 years they have been selling top name brands in every category you can think of. What they sell are high quality products with exceptional value where the customer feels like part of their family.

They are on the air 24 hours a day, which is perfect considering those who may work odd hours will be able to watch them. The on air demonstrations are both entertaining and helpful to watch, as it enables the viewer to see how a product works and how to use it.

Once you sign up and join, you will be able to purchase from their vast assortment of products. You can make purchases by calling the toll free number, going online where you can find detailed information on the products along with helpful reviews, or you can use their app to make purchases once you download it to your smart phone. To make it easy, you have the option of using 6 easy payments to pay off your purchase.

You will have 30 days to decide if you want to keep the product or not, however, if you want to make a return, just use the Easy Return Canada Post shipping label included in your order for a full refund minus the shipping charges. They stand behind every product they sell. If the product was defective or damaged, the shipping charges will be waived. On select orders over $150.00, shipping is free.

Their customer service is top notch with every effort made to make sure you as the customer is satisfied. The channel is more than just a place to shop, for many especially those who are home, it keeps them company during the day or night as well as being a voice in their home while being entertained. They get to know the hosts as well as the personalities that appear on air.

When it comes to fashion you will be able to see how the item will look as well as the available colors which the models will be wearing. The models themselves are in different sizes and shapes so you can see and determine how it may fit and look on you.

No matter what season in may be, TSC will have the latest trends in fashion apparel, accessories, the newest and up to date electronic products, the best in beauty and healthcare products that are available. They have a great collection of jewelry by famous designers, home and kitchen products and for the hockey fan an NHL Shop. They have something for everyone, make the time and see for yourself all the great products they have.

Things to Consider Before Visiting Tattoo Shops

Millions of people around the world wish to get tattoos. With increasing demand, there are many modern and high-tech parlors, which also draw traditional designs. Although, there are many shops and artists across providing the best service, it is important to consider a few things to experience awesome tattooing.

Here follows some interesting information to help Find the Best Shops:

  • Type of Tattoo Needed:

This will be the foremost consideration before choosing a shop. Before walking into the parlor, try to make it clear about what type or style of tattoo would interest you. Most of the parlors have ample choices such as Japanese, Asian, Tribal, Traditional, Modern, Buddhist and many more designs. However, it is important to be specific and sure of individual preference.

  • What Style are the Artists popularly known for?

This is another aspect to be considered, as all artists are not specialized in all designs or styles. Therefore, make sure if the artist is skilled at the style that is specifically expected by an individual. Each artist is known for different skills. If the preference is for modern Japanese stuff, then it is essential to look for an artist who is capable of drawing such images. Therefore, try to do some research before choosing an artist. Go through books and photos of their past tattoos, which will give an idea, if to choose or not.

  • Get some Recommendation:

This will be another way to find talented artists. Taking recommendations and references from friends and known people can help find experienced artists as expected. This further simplifies job along with saving time and efforts.


  • Search Online:

If there is no one to recommend reliable tattooists, then another best way is to search online. Here, one can find many shops that are offering competitive services. Moreover, the job also becomes simplified, as the list of artists can be narrowed down based on required styles. Remember, tattoo will permanently be on the body once drawn and it cannot be removed easily. Therefore, it is important to think numbers of time before tattooing it.

  • Distinguish between Real and fake Tattoos:

This will be another important aspect to be considered. Some tattoos are really typical to be drawn. Besides which, the ink used must be safe that it does not cause any health impacts over the time. It is not enough that the drawings look pretty, but it is also imperative that it does not cause any health impacts or disappointments as days move.

  • Script or drawing:

Some people would prefer drawings, whereas some prefer scripts. If the choice is in the script, then spelling must be checked carefully while working, as once it is written, then it cannot be erased easily. Moreover, the entire appearance would go worst.


See more: How Tattoos can harm your skin ?

Try to have some flexibility while choosing styles, as some works look better and some disappointing. But, this obviously matters with the artist and his photographic capabilities.

However, by selecting the right image for the right part of the body, the overall tattoo becomes attractive and worthy spending. Try to know the cost, time taken and if there are any other artists in the shop who could draw some unique style.

Hope you get all information when you find the best tattoo shops. If you like to know more about tattoo, then visit here.