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Few Effective Ways To Fasten Your Periods Naturally

A lot many times you come across the situations wherein you need to fasten the schedule of your periods. The reason could be any: important event, business meeting, travelling etc. Though one option could be to accelerate periods with the help of proper medication advice but then sooner or later such medication might leave a side effect. So, what to do in such a situation? Well, the best way would be follow some natural ways as they are not only easy but effective too. Still, to be on a safe side you can consult with your doctor in prior regarding these natural home remedies as well. Some efficacious home remedies are:

  1. Hot Tub Bath:

All you need to do is to imbue yourself in the tub filled with hot water that your body can resist. Do it for a period of 15 minutes. This will spur up the temperature of your body and relax all the muscles peculiarly the abdominal muscles. To add on, this remedy will also gear up the distention of the uterus muscles thereby increasing the blood circulation to the uterus and hence resulting in fastening the periods naturally.


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  1. Hot Packs & Heating Pads:

Second natural remedy to accelerate your periods naturally is opting heating pads or hot packs. They work just like to that of hot water tub. Both are effective in raising ample heat in the body to further distend the blood vessels. This in return speeds up the blood circulation thereby paving the path for your periods.

  1. Add Vitamin C to your diet:

Vitamin C if taken in high quantity has the capability to cause an urge for progesterone which further results in crashing the uterine wall cells thereby leading to periods. So, just before few days of your periods, have at least 3000 mg of vitamin C substitutes and experience the magic.

  1. Don’t miss on Exercising:

Daily exercising works wonder in every aspect. Right from curing diseases to keep you healthy and active; regular exercising carries a lot of importance. It is also the best way to have periods in regularity but if you want to speed them up then all you need to do is to do a little more exercise than regular. This surges the blood circulation thereby urging the period to arrive early. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that daily exercise also comforts you from the cramps and relieves you from the problem of excessive bleeding.


  1. The power of Acupressure/Acupuncture:

The power of Acupressure or Acupuncture has always done magic and same is the case when you are trying to hurry up your periods naturally. Acupressure is done on those points of the body from where the blood circulation speeds up thereby fortifying your uterus and resulting into prior periods. Mark a point on board that you should only take the help of a professional and experienced therapist else you might have to face negative impact.


  1. Jaggery Powder:

Jaggery Powder holds lot of iron within itself which ameliorates the body temperature and thus assists in conjuring periods in prior. What needs to be done is: Take a jug and fill it with 250 ml of water. Add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of jaggery powder to it and keep mixing till it dissolves completely. The jaggery powder drink is ready. Now approximately before 15 days of your period date start drinking this drink two times in a day daily. You are sure to get your periods faster.

  1. Red Meat:

Just like Jaggery powder, red meat is also known to meliorate the temperature of the body. So, consuming red meat will also serve your purpose effectively.


  1. Say NO to stress:

Stress is the cause of many issues and one of them is late periods. If you want your periods to quicken up then say a big NO to all your worries causing stress. Stay calm, chill and relax. Remember, the more stress you take the more delay your periods will get. So, be happy and stress free.


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  1. Ginger:

Ginger is also known jazz up the heat in your body. So, for the ones who love drinking tea, this is the best way for you to evoke your periods. Have ginger tea at least twice in a day. Moreover, those who want any other idea apart from tea then other way could be to take 300ml of water with two inches of ginger grated in it and sip it the whole day. This is sure to work too.

  1. Sugarcane & Pomegranate Juice:

Very simple to do: Mingle equal quantity of sugarcane juice and pomegranate juice in a jar and drink about four glasses of the same in a day. Again, this is a quick way to zip up your menstrual cycle.


  1. White Sesame Seeds:

Another component from your kitchen that can pre-schedule your periods is White Sesame Seeds. There are two ways to take it: Take one teaspoon of white sesame seeds with one glass of lukewarm water. The other way is to take white sesame seeds with jaggery powder. You can opt either of them just before few days of the time when you want your periods to arrive.

  1. Papaya:

This remedy is known to invoke menstrual cycle since the grand ma’s time. Hope you remember those ‘Dadi Ma Ke Nuskhe’ because this is one of them. Papaya has Carotene in it in abundance and hence this is the reason it can enhance your periods before time. Similarly, you can also go for carotene loaded carrots for the similar reason.

  1. Pineapple:

Another treasure of ‘Dadi Ma ke Nuskhe’ is Pineapple. Since time undefined, Pineapple is used to fasten the days of your menstrual cycle naturally. The reason behind is that; this fruit has the capability to enhance the level of metabolism and body heat, both at the same time which further leads to early arrival of periods.


  1. Sex:

One of the most important among so many factors is ‘Regular Sex’. Sex hastens the blood circulation to the genitals thereby also improving the metabolism process of your body. It ascertains the softening of the uterine lining furthering its breakage and hence resulting in periods. Moreover, Sex is a superb stress buster too. So, if you are married then this is one of the finest ways out.

  1. Carom Seeds:

Carom Seeds is another ingredient from the kitchen family that can be of a great help to you. All you need to do is to boil one glass of water and add one teaspoon of carom seeds to it. The drink is ready. Have this two times in a day to fasten your period dates.


  1. Celery:

Last but not the least, enriched with the content of apiol, Celery actuates the uterine contractions and so is useful in racing your menstrual date. Just before few days of your scheduled date, begin chewing celery stalk daily and see the result.

Hope these ways help you at the right time! Let us know your views on which method you tried and if you found it worth solving your purpose. Also share if you have any additional ways.

Treatment To Get Rid Of Fleas In Human Hair

Yeeeewww! Do you feel like itching and scratching your head? Are the fleas in your hair the reason behind making you feel so repugnant and irritating? Well… not to worry because their existence is not permanent rather you can get rid of bothersome fleas just by espousing some easy treatments. It might take some time but will surely grant you relief against this problem. Moreover, it will also ease you from the problem of itching too. Though there are numerous ways to cure this trouble but you need to follow these methods properly and have a little more patience to achieve success.

Along with natural treatments, there are also few homeopathic treatments too which can assist you in the mission to remove fleas from your hair effectively. To be clear, homeopathic intervention might take a little long time because they are not as effectual as the chemical interventions. But the best part is that they do not leave any side effect like irritation. Mark a point to never opt for any such treatment that are contrived for your pets else its fallout could not only be disastrous but also would prove to be useless. So, kindly do as it is advised for you. Now, let’s check out few effective treatments for fleas in human hair:

  1. Dish Detergent, Hot water & Lemon Extract:

First way could be to mix a dish detergent in the bucket of your hot bath water along with one cup of lemon juice. Now soak your hair in this bucket for a time period of half an hour which contains all the three: hot water, lemon extract and dish detergent. You must be thinking how this will work? The fatty acids present in the dish detergent and lemon extract will do their work effectively and kill all the fleas in the hair.  What you need to keep in mind while following this treatment is that the water should be hot enough (only as much you can bear) and if required should be cooled again so that the treatment does not turn out to be a waste. Once the time of treatment is over, gently soak the water of your hair with towel and comb your hair. You might find few fleas coming out along as you comb. In this case, put those fleas in that same bucket of hot water so that they are killed. Later you can shampoo your hair thoroughly. You are sure to find relief from fleas.

Moreover, in order to derive the maximum benefit from this treatment; you can repeat this method twice in a week and continue following the same measure till you get rid of fleas completely. Also, take necessary measures to abolish these fleas from the environment too so that they do not remerge in your hair or your pets fur and again become a bothering issue for you.

  1. White Vinegar & Shampoo:

Second natural remedy that can help you in getting rid of fleas from your hair is: While shampooing your hair just add few drops of white vinegar to it. Now massage your scalp softly so that the solution can be absorbed deep and let it remain on your hair for about ten to fifteen minutes and then wash off your hair with lukewarm water. As a piece of advice; don’t let this solution get into your eyes at any cost else it might cause excessive irritation and in case if it happens by chance, immediately wash your eyes with slightly warm water. Replicate this treatment twice in a week. It will definitely lend you comfort and kill fleas.

  1. Alcohol & Shampoo:

The third way to get rid of fleas is: Rub alcohol. While taking shower just pour one cup of alcohol in your hair and rub or massage it on your hair for some time. Don’t let the entire scalp getting exposed of this rubbing alcohol and also save your eyes from letting this solution entering in your eyes. Wash your hair properly once the time is up. To add on, this intervention can be repeated several times until you fully do away with fleas in hair.


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  1. Tree Oil & Shampoo:

In addition to all the above methods, one more method that can turn out to be a savior in your flea free mission is the Tree Oil Treatment. Pour the required shampoo in a mug and add little tree oil to it. Now mix it well and rub your hair with this mixture. Then let it remain on your hair for around ten odd minutes before you rinse it off. Just take care of your eyes while applying this because like alcohol and vinegar, this might also cause annoyance to your eyes. This application can also be applied twice to thrice in a week or whenever you are going for a hair wash.

Mind you; whichever treatment you choose, it will demand time, patience and effort. If you are ready to give all these three then your hair will be flea free for sure.


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The above methods are the ways to get rid of fleas but there is a famous proverb which says ‘Precaution is better than cure; which here means that you need to be extra cautious to not let these fleas make a home in your hair. Meaning thereby; you strictly need to keep your home, furniture and pets also flea free. Now for this, you can either go for flea removal methods that are available in the market or can try the natural ones. In addition, keep your environment very neat and clean.

Hope that the above given piece of information proved helpful to you. Please share if you have any additional ways as it might be a help to others too in getting rid of fleas from hair.

Pamper Yourself With Some Amazing Natural Hair Spa Treatments At Home

Hair SPA treatments have now become the latest trend to maintain the healthiness of your hair by conditioning them deeply. And why not, when they are giving sure shot results. These hair SPA treatments are meant to condition your scalp, strengthen the hair strands, enhance the blood circulation, relax the muscles and lend you with lot of comfort. In addition, these SPA treatments also precludes aging of the scalp and hair, removal of impurities, nourishment of the scalp and hair thereby making them healthy, annealing the oil secretion in the scalp and relief from mental stress. All in one package! With these hair SPA natural treatments, one can get solution to many hair problems like: damage hair, dull hair, weak strands, hair fall, dry hair etc and that too without any side effects. The best thing is that you need not to take prior appointments or spend hours in parlor or do lot of expenditure. These can simply be done at home with much of ease and as per your convenience.

Here we bring you some of the most amazing natural hair SPA treatments that can you can do at your home easily and quickly. Results are guaranteed, if performed with perfection.

1. Olive Oil Massage

Since ages, Olive Oil is known for its miracle properties especially when it comes to hair. To give yourself a hair SPA treatment at home all you need to do is to: Gently massage your scalp and hair with Olive Oil and allow it remain for fifteen minutes. After that, take a cotton cloth and dip it in lukewarm water. Then remove additional water by squeezing the cloth and enfold it around your hair in such a way that it steams your hair properly. Let it happen for a period of ten minutes. Once this is done, rinse off your hair with a gentle shampoo. The best thing about this Olive oil massage & hair SPA treatment is that you need not to apply conditioner to your hair as Olive Oil works as an effective conditioner too at the same time when you apply it your hair. It is a two in one magic.


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2. Avocado Conditioning Mask

Avocado has the magical properties of bestowing the hair with superb radiance because it is a rich source of nutrients. Moreover, this further helps in precluding any sort of damage to the hair thereby making them a lot-lot healthier. For the Avocado conditioning mask and hair SPA treatment, what you need is: two big avocados and honey. Take a wide bowl and make a smooth paste by squashing both the avocados. Also mix one big tablespoon of honey to it. Comb your hair finely so that they do not twist or tangle. Then apply this amazing hair SPA paste, right from the scalp to the hair tips. Once applied properly to your entire scalp and hair let it remain as it is for about twenty minutes. Then wash off with a mild shampoo. You will be left astounded with your lustrous, smooth and soft hair and this is sure to make you earn lots of complements too.


3. Eggs:

Eggs are enriched in protein factor and thus turn out to be an effective hair SPA treatment that can be easily done at home. The process that you need to follow is to: Take a bowl and take some coconut oil in it. Now also add one egg to it and mildly apply in the form of hair mask. For good results, twine your hair with a warm towel and leave it in the same way for next 15 to 20 minutes. When done, rinse off your hair with a gentle shampoo. Mark a point that you do not use hot water to water to clear the egg mask rather use cold water so that the smell of the egg can also flee away. Egg is efficient enough to save your hair from any damage thereby rendering strength and enhancing the growth.


4. Ripe Banana Mask

Vitamins, Potassium and natural oil is available in banana in abundance so here you will come to know about the hair SPA treatment that can be done with the help of ripe banana. Take a bowl and add a small cup of olive oil, one ripe banana and one egg white to it and blend it well. The ripe banana hair SPA mask is ready. Apply it on your hair properly with and let it remain as it is for next 15 to 20 minutes. When the time is over, use a soft –gentle shampoo to clean your hair. This treatment will turn your hair much softer and will also safeguard them from any sort of damage like hair fall and split ends. It will also lend your hair with natural elasticity.


5. Milk and Honey Mask

A simple and quick SPA treatment to your hair! Pick up a bowl and pour one glass of raw milk in it. Then add one big tablespoon of honey to it. Mix it well and Apply this milk and honey mask in such a way that it covers your entire hair that is right from the root to the layers and the tips. Now softly massage your hair. Let this mask rest on your hair for next 15 to 20 minutes. After the advised time, rinse it off with lukewarm water and later followed by shampooing. Sheen and soft hair will leave your spellbound. The best part about this hair SPA treatment is that it fulfills all your hair needs in one shot.


6. Coconut Cream Mask

Saturated fats and Cholesterol plays a vital role in repairing the body. Such an example is Coconut. It imbibes of saturated fat in high content within it which is excellent is the deep conditioning of hair. Hence this is used in lending a perfect hair SPA treatment too. Now how this will work is:


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You need the coconut cream to perform this Coconut Cream Mask hair SPA treatment and this you can either purchase from a departmental store of make a smooth paste of coconut with the help of a blender. Whatever you choose; take ample amount of coconut cream in a bowl and then warm it up decently with the help of your hands. Now apply it to your hair and softly give a massage too for next five to ten minutes. Next step will be to dip and squeeze a soft tissue towel in lukewarm water and let it rest over your hair and mask for at least one hour. Finally, clean it off with a mild shampoo and it is a strict NO to blow dry thing after this treatment.

7. Strawberry Mask

The name of strawberry is enough to make your mouth watery. They not only taste delicious but serve as an amazing way to treat your hair too. Sounds surprising, isn’t it? But yes, this is true and even you will agree on the same once you try this Strawberry mask hair SPA treatment. Check out on what you need to do: Get a bowl from your kitchen and mix all these so well that it turns out to be a smooth paste: one egg yolk, two big tablespoons of olive oil and one cup of sweet red strawberries. Apply this paste to your hair and let it remain for at least 15 minutes. Then clean and clear your hair by washing them with a gentle shampoo.


8. Honey

Honey is one of the best gifts to us from nature. Right from medication to beauty, it has endless magical properties. When it comes to hair treatment, honey leaves an everlasting impact. It brings back life to your dull hair, safeguard them from getting damaged and make them very soft in texture. Now, to use it as hair SPA treatment, all you need is just half cup of honey and that’s it. Now dip your fingers in it and very gently massage it to your hair. Keep in mind that your hair should not be completely dry while you apply it rather they should be slightly wet. Though it might feel viscid and messy to your hair but after leaving its affect, you will have no complaints but only complements and complements from yourself and everyone.

9. Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Treatment

Apple Cider Vinegar is also known for its medicinal wonders so how can it be left behind when it comes to be a part of hair SPA treatment. Very quick and easy steps for the SPA treatment: Take equal proportion apple cider vinegar and water in a small spray bottle. Mix it properly. Now spray this concoction over your hair and let it rest for next five minutes. Then just rinse off your hair with a mild shampoo followed by conditioner. So if you have to go for any party or occasion in the evening, then this Apple Cider Vinegar hair spray is the quickest and simplest hair SPA treatment. This will prevent hair from crimping and lend it with a smooth touch.


10. Beer Hair Treatment

Rich in protein, Beer turns out to be a savior especially when it comes to conditioning dry hair. It fortifies your hair thereby bestowing them with the required moisture. Beer hair SPA treatment is not only easy to do but a speedy way to render shine and softness to your hair. The process includes: Shampooing your hair as you normally do and then pour little bear through your hair. Give a soft massage and wash off your hair after five minutes. You will definitely notice the change.


11. Cucumber Hair Treatment

Cucumber hair SPA treatment involves of the following steps: Make a fine paste by mixing four pieces of grated cucumber, two tablespoons of olive oil and one egg white. Gently massage this paste to your hair for about fifteen minutes and wash it off with the help of lukewarm water only. Isn’t it easy and quick way of lending yourself with a hair SPA at home itself? The, rush and give it a try to welcome the smooth and silky texture of your hair.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Dandruff:

First of all apply oil to your hair and scalp before you go for this treatment. Get yourself a bowl and add two tablespoons of henna powder, two teaspoons of reetha powder, two teaspoons of amla powder and two teaspoons of shikakai powder to it and mix them well. Now apply this mixture over your scalp only and let it remain there for one hour. Once the time is over, clean it off with normal water. You must be thinking what the role of oil was. Well, here the oil will preclude henna from leaving its color effect over your hair but this is an amazing hair SPA treatment to cure dandruff.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Dry Hair:

Are you dry hair churning you up? Don’t give up as here is such a hair SPA treatment that will kick off all your irritation. Pick up a bowl and mix all these properly: two tablespoons of olive oil, one teaspoon of honey and beat an egg too. What are you waiting for! Apply this paste on your hair and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Later, rinse it off with moderately warm water. You can even shampoo as to avoid any sort of smell. The results will leave you speechless.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Oily Hair:

Are you disgusted of your oily hair and looking for some hair SPA treatment? Here it comes, take out ample fresh aloe vera mush and add some drops of lemon juice to it. Apply it to your oily hair and let it remain for 15 minutes. Then wash it off and don’t forget to shampoo your hair. You will certainly experience the change. Do it once in a week.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Damaged Hair:

Simple and speedy! Take a ripe Avocado and mash it well. Now mix two tablespoon of curd to it. Apply to your hair and leave it for 15 minutes and then rinse it off. Later on, you can shampoo and enjoy the change.

  1. Hair SPA Treatment for Dull Hair:

Are you finding some solution to your dull hair? Do you want them to look refreshing, shiny and smooth? Well, then here is the solution. Soak one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds for overnight one day before this hair SPA treatment. Next morning, Take a bowl and mix all these three: one teaspoon of honey, one teaspoon of fenugreek seeds and three tablespoon of curd. Now apply this concoction on your hair for about half an hour and then rinse it off followed by shampooing and conditioning. You are sure to be left stunned!

Above given hair SPA treatments are one of the best and hence give them a try. The results will make you earn lots of accompaniments. So, get ready to be the center of attraction wherever you step. Also, don’t forget to share your experience and ideas as they are most welcome.


Ways To Get Rid Of Chills

‘Getting chills’ denote to the feeling of experiencing cold without an evident cause. Shivering and slight fever may cause chills. It happens when the muscles inflate and compact. The time period of chills can be different from person to person. Sometimes it can last for few minutes, sometimes for an hour and at times even for a day or two. There are various reasons behind chills being caused and they can be any of them:

  • Cold weather
  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Viral or Bacterial Infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Malaria
  • Strep Throat
  • Meningitis


Treatment of Chills

Various factors need to be kept in mind while treating the problem of chills. One of the most significant factors to take care along with the other factors is: the age of the person and the temperature of the body. Children need a lot of attention and their treatment differs to those given to adults. Still if you are not sure about what to do, then doctors will be the best help to you. Do take utmost care in case of children.

There are various ways to get rid of chills and below given are some of the most common ways. Check them out:

  1. Take ample rest – You must have heard that ‘Excess of anything is not good’ and same is the case here as well. At times the exertion of work is so much that your does not get ample rest and hence you are bound to get sick. In such a situation, you need a small break and rest for a while. Take good sleep so that your body and mind gets enough rest. This will also make your immune system strong which will further strengthen the healthiness and effective working of your overall body.


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  1. Drink enough water – In our busy schedule we get so much involved that at times we skip our food timings and even ignore drinking water time to time. Hence, it is always important to keep your body hydrated because this factor is majorly responsible for the smooth working of our body. Moreover, the scientific reason behind drinking ample water is that water clenches oxygen within it and assists in cleaning the system of the body. So, it is advisable to drink lots of water or alternates like healthy juices and keep yourself hydrated.
  1. Keep your body lukewarm – To prevent dryness, it is necessary that your body stays slightly warm. To get rid of chills, wearing warm pajamas or covering yourself with lukewarm blankets while sleeping is a good idea. This not only keeps your body warm but also saves your skin from getting dry. Another way to prevent chills could be to dress up oneself in layers. This might make you feel loathsome for sometime but will make you feel warm enough. But remember, if the chill is followed by fever than this method won’t be a solution else will increase your problem. So, do not opt wearing lukewarm lowers or covering yourself with lukewarm blanket if you have also got fever along with chills else your body temperature will increase more.
  2. Say No to Alcohol – Alcohol desiccates the body which in addition also decreases the amount of oxygen in the body and so it is advisable to not to consume alcohol. You might also faint due to the dehydration caused by in taking of alcohol. Hence, Drinking alcohol does no good ever; rather it is an invitation to many kinds of sickness and diseases.2

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  3. Over-the-counter Medications – You can take the over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in case of slight fever and chills. But be careful enough to read the given instructions and directions before you take any medicine. Tylenol will reduce the fever but not inflammation and might be harmful for liver if it is not taken as per the directions given, Ibuprofen & Aspirin will lower down your fever and inflammation both.
  4. Few cases require immediate medical attention – If children are suffering from the problem of chills and the fever is not coming down even after giving them the medicine then it is the time to consult a doctor. In case of infants having fever for more than one day and above 101 degree Fahrenheit, take them to the doctor instantly without any delay. When it comes to adults; you need to visit a doctor right away if you are suffering from terrible cough, abdominal cough, breathing difficulty lethargic, neck clumsiness and the fever is above 102 degree Fahrenheit and has not shown any sort of improvement within three days. Moreover, if the time of fever and chills does not show any betterment even after 48 hours of care given at home and have symptoms like: severe cough, sensitivity to light, breathing difficulty, pain in abdominal, less urination or excess urination, lethargic, irritation and forceful vomiting then do not delay even for a second in visiting the doctor.
  5. Treat Hypothermia (chills with no fever) – In case if you have the chills and no fever at all then this is termed as Hypothermia and it might be dangerous. To elaborate, Hypothermia happens when the temperature of the body gets very low in comparison to the cold weather or cold water. The phases of severity differ. It could be a Mild Hypothermia if the temperature of your body is below the normal temperature of 98.6 degree and you are shivering a lot. In such a condition, add warmness to your body by drinking warm liquids and stay dry. Secondly, if the temperature of the body is less than 96 degree and you are losing control over your bodily movements then rush for an emergency assistance.

Also, beware of old myths like rubbing alcohol as skin might get cooler, have something cold to cure high fever or sweat out by covering yourself with blankets so that the fever can go away with sweat etc. Do not follow any such old wives tales. Always be practical enough to think right.

Hope this article proved a help to you!


Lakme Lipsticks: Always Make You Fall In Love With Your Lips

Lakme… the first love of every girl when it comes to cosmetics and especially lipsticks! It has been one of the most believed and famous cosmetic brands of India that share a superb rapport in the market. It understands every bit of its customers’ needs, desires and preferences. With the changing trends every time, it has always been successful in introducing the most voguish and evergreen trends of its own. It holds a niche in the cosmetic world and deserves it undoubtedly. Along with many cosmetic items, Lakme has a huge collection of Lipsticks that will definitely leave you stunned. So, why not to check some of the best additions of Lakme Lipsticks! Here they are:

    1. Lakme Runway Red: To begin with, here comes an evergreen shade for which you never need to think. Whether you are dressing up yourself for a kitty party or a grand occasion, this Lakme Runway Red will accompany you in the best way. Its matte look gives your lips a royal touch and its rich texture shape up your lips so well. Without meals, it won’t agree to leave your lips for up to six hours and with meals it is obvious to lighten up a bit but the tinge of red will stay for about three hours plus thereby making you look as pretty as before.8


    1. Lakme Absolute Crème Lipstick – Royal Rouge: This Lakme Absolute Crème Lipstick – Royal Rouge is the perfect one for the ones with fair and medium skin tone. The mixture of pink and peach shade of this lakme lipstick is sure to brighten up your face as its shine is its attraction. It has a little dry texture which is so called ‘mattish’ finish. It is the right choice for the normal and pigmented lips but for the ones who have dry lips, they will need to add some gloss to it so that it does not look sticky. Moreover, it stays as long as three hours and even more without meals.9


  1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Pink Sorbet & Candy Kiss: This Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Pink Sorbet & Candy Kiss is just like its name speaks. Pink Sorbet imbibes of rosy pink color which every girl is fond of.


Talking about Candy Kiss; it is a combo of pleasing peach and awesome orange. Both are the most demanded in the makeup kit of any girl. Both these shades are bright and shimmering that will surely add radiance to the face. This Absolute Lip Tint carries such a moisturizing effect, that it not only glides smoothly over your lips but also makes them look lovely. Though it is perfect for all, but turns out to be the best option for the ones with dry lips because as soon as you apply this, it lends your lips with instant moisture.

    1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint in Berry Pink: Berry Pink is such a magnificent shade of pink color that it holds no comparison to any other. The color of berry and a moderate purple makes it a marvelous go. This Lakme Absolute Lip Tint in Berry Pink is not a bold color so you need to think when and where to apply it while making it your choice. Whether it is your first date or your anniversary eve; where you don’t have to carry a bold makeup look, this one will surely make you look wow. To add on, this Lakme shade holds some peculiar neon impressions which adjudicate after some minutes of applying it and lends it a different tinge. So, what are you waiting for; go and get one!10

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  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Bureau: As the name speaks, this shade of Lakme can be even carried when you are getting ready for your office which generally has the timings 9 to 5 types. Meaning thereby you don’t need any special occasion to apply this Lakme 9 to 5 Color- Pink Bureau. You can make your everyday special by applying this beautiful coral shade imbibing golden dapples within it. Though these twinkling golden dapples are hardly visible but surely leave a perpetual effect when applied. If you don’t need even a bit of golden, you can smoothly rub it off and it will disappear. The magic is revealed when it seems creamy on applying but turns out to be matte afterwards. Isn’t it one of its own kinds?


  1. Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Colar: This one is an excellent choice for the ones who love matte finish lipsticks. Talking about its features, Lakme 9 to 5 Lip Color – Pink Colar will enhance your lips for about four hours without meals and for about two hours or little more after having meals. The terrific pink with the light hue of purple makes it look awesome when applied on your lips. In the beginning it settles in the form of fine lines and then later leaves it original expression.


    1. Lakme 9 to 5 Scarlet Drill Lipstick: Little similar to Berry pink, this Lakme 9 to 5 Scarlet Drill Lipstick has a color of its own. You won’t need any specific juncture to apply it. Whether you are leaving for a business meet or planning to go for any expedition, this lip shade will accompany you in any of your outing. If you want a look that is fresh and flavored, then you just can’t skip purchasing this one. To add on, whatever your complexion is you need not to think while making it a choice. Something that will make you and other fall in love instantly!13

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    1. Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Orange Tease: Its texture is so creamy that you won’t let it go off from your lips at any cost. The tempting tint of this Lakme Absolute Lip Tint – Orange Tease will just not wipe away after snacking but will stay even after that. Whether you are wearing Indian attire or a western one, the teasing attitude of this lip shade will make other go crazy by making you look wow.14


  1. Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #140: Without any shine and frost, this blue plum cum pinky plum enhances your lips with its creamy texture. The slight glossiness in it adds a little shine to your lips when applied. Such a shade is the best when you are looking to brighten up your face. So, don’t miss to ask for Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #140 when you are in the store and get this added to your make up collection for sure!15
  2. Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #149: With a buttery like creamy texture, this Lakme Enrich Satins Lipstick #149 highlights the ravishing raspberry pink shade thereby turning out to be a compulsory addition to your makeup case. It in holds pink shimmering specks within it which are hardly visible until you observe it closely. These specks lend the lip shade with slight radiance which not only makes you look sober but also trendy when applied. One of the most beautiful shades of the Lakme Lipsticks world indeed; this won’t let you walk away without earning the words of complements from every second person.16
  3. Lakme Enrich Satin Lipcolor #552 Fig: The most appropriate lip shade for the one who wants both; creamy touch and glossy finishing. A single coat of this Lakme Enrich Satin Lipcolor #552 Fig will give you the best of its look which you can apply even when you are going for an official meeting. Well, if it is about a special lunch or dinner date, this marvelous mauve color is sure to add grace to your overall look. In case if you wish a bit darker version you can swipe it one or more times and you will get one. It does not let your lips get dry thereby keeping it well moisturized.


  1. Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick No. 141: You can the guess the characteristics of this pale peachy colored lip shade with its look as soon as you remove the cover. It is sure to come out rich, creamy and imbued as per your expectations. The sobriety of golden shimmer unveiled in it will enhance your face when applied. This Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick No. 141will make you look the best when it is applied with the perfect base makeup like foundation and concealer. The right choice for the one who is all set to go to an occasional eve with a light makeup!18
  2. Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick #352 Cherry: This is one of the astoundingly pigmented examples of lipsticks which reveals out its perfect shade with just one swipe. Moreover, you will be amazed by the long lastingness of this Lakme Enrich Satin Lipstick #352 Cherry which stays on your lips for about five hours and then begins to lighten up slightly in such a manner that it looks wow with every illuminating shade. Moreover, the right way to apply this extra creamy lip shade is to apply with the help of a dab tissue and a lip brush on your lips. Your friends are sure to be jealous of such a lovely look!


  1. Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Love Haze: The Lakme love lipsticks shades will definitely make you fall in love with their color and finishing. Being creamy, this lip shade hydrates and softens the lips and makes them look amazing. You are sure to staple this Lakme Lip Love Lipstick – Love Haze in your bag wherever you go. Talking about the color of this lipstick, it defines the best of Lakme nude lip colors and expresses nude brownish color. But when applied on the lips it plays the magic and turns out to be a flabby peach brownish thereby looking outstanding.
  2. Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick: Just like its long name; we have a long list of its features too which will make you rush to the market and get one immediately. This Lakme Absolute Sculpt Studio Hi-Definition Matte Lipstick is one of the modish matte finish additions in the world of Lakme Lipsticks which is professionally conferred to impart you a quick expertise look with an easy to apply technique. To add on, being enriched with the moisturizing qualities, it also takes best care of your lips. So, enjoy the most beautiful look with utmost care and concern.21Source:

Dietary Plan Chart To Reduce Weight In Just 4 Weeks

Daily workout assists a lot when it comes to fitness and shaping up your body. But if your target is dropping weight and look perfect then just regular exercise won’t be sufficient. You will need to think something more apart from exercise. Are you thinking what it is? Well, all you need to take care of is your daily diet. Remember this; Regular Exercising and Healthy diet walk parallel when it comes to lose weight and so either of them could not be ignored.

A healthy diet should be immediately begin and make sure that you follow it with extreme sincerity to achieve the best results. To know what to include and exclude in your diet, you can take the help of a professional dietician or even consult with your gym instructor. A professional dietician will check all the necessary details before starting your diet. Details like: your actual weight, your height, required reduction, some blood test (only if necessary) etc. Considering all these, the diet plan is made. In case if the reason behind your increased weight is incorrect dietary habits, fickle routine, slackness, sluggishness or wrong sleeping and waking routine then the first thing that demand a change is your overall daily routine. Right from waking up on time to sleeping on time at night along with proper diet chart is the summary of your weight lose plan. You must be thinking how does routine matter? Summing up in a line, it can be said that if you mess with your daily routine then your body will also mess up all. The body has a clock of its own and so should be rightly timed for its proper and healthy working.

Here in this article we bring you a diet chart that you will need to work on in four consecutive weeks. Do weigh yourself before you start with this mission and note it down. Keep this notepad handy so that the progress report of every week can be jotted down and you can measure the smile on your face later on by viewing the complete journey. Take care of the points given below whenever you begin with this four week diet plan:

  1. Say NO to salt after 7:30 pm.
  2. A big NO to any aerated or oxygenated drinks and this imbibes of the diet version as well.
  3. Confine any sort of artificial juices too.
  4. Curtail rice and potato strictly.
  5. Restrain two fruits: banana and mango.
  6. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise regularly. Doing gym is also a good option for it but in case if anything restrain you from going to gym then even doing it on your own will do its job. Fresh air of garden will also work. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes while doing aerobics. To add on, also do skipping exercise daily. Five set of hundred skips that is in total five hundred skips at least and can increase the number gradually.
  7. To tone up your upper body, exercise with one and a half to two kilograms of dumbbells.
  8. Last but not the least, give leastwise twenty minutes to breathing exercise every day. (such as: Baba Ramdev’s Pranayam)


Now without any more delay let us begin with the Indian diet chart that you will need to follow for four weeks and here it is:




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8:00 am (or even early; whenever you wake up) – A night before the day you are all set to begin your diet plan; the first thing you need to do is to take a bowl filled with two glasses of water and soak one teaspoon of methi seeds in it. Then the next morning as soon as you wake up, what you need to do is to filter the methi seeds and drink that water. This works a lot in water retentivity and bloating. Then later, take five soaked almonds for healthy skin. After this, one black pepper ball which you need to swallow straight away without chewing it.


9:00 am (after an hour) – You can select any from these:  1 brown bread only with Amul Lite Butter/ Salad and chutney/ hung curd garnishing

Nothing for next one and a half hour!


11:30 am – any fruit as per your wish but just one in quantity


Then after next one and a half hour:


At 1:30 pm – Before you begin with your afternoon meal, you need to have a pocket-size plate of salad. Now you must be thinking why this? Well, salad is rich in fibre and thus these fibre help in satiating the urge of false hunger which compels you to overeat. Then comes to the turn of meal in which your menu is: 1 chapati made with the concoction of wheat bran and wheat flour in equal ratio. Meal also includes one normal sized bowl of dal as it is a healthy package in itself.

Long break of three and a half hours…

5:00 pm – As you wish, one cup of tea or milk with two biscuits but only Marie. You can even take one normal size of air popped popcorn (those without butter)/ one small bowl of roasted chana.


Then, one and a half hour later:

7:30 pm – Like the mid day meal, at this time also begin with a small plate of salad followed by one bran chapatti and one bowl of green vegetable which is healthy. (This time no kadhi, chana or rajmah)


In a short span of an hour:

8:30 pm – You can eat one fruit of your wish and after this nothing till the next day. Then follow the same diet for complete one week.


As soon the first diet week end, don’t miss to weigh yourself. The results will definitely bring smile to your face. As per the research, one looses the maximum in the first week because the body looses all the water weight and bloating pooped off. Though you notice loss of weight in every following week but little less to that of the first week achievement and this is how this four weeks diet plan chart works.


After the success of first week, it is the time to get closer to our goal by abiding by the second week diet plan and here it is:

Morning 8:00 am (as you as you are awaken) – Previous night you will need to immerse five tulsi leaves in about 2 glasses of water and then next morning first thing you will need to do is to filter out those leaves and drink that water. Also, don’t forget to have five soaked almonds (do not peel their skin off) and one black pepper ball (kali Mirch). You will find few diet steps similar to that of first week.

9:00 am – Then after an hour, you are allowed to have one brown bread toast with only amul lite butter over it/ salad and chutney/ amul lite butter. That’s it.

11:30 am – After a break of one and a half hour, you can have a fruit of your choice. Here is the place where your choice is considered 😉 rest all as per the diet plan chart.

1:30 pm – Yes… you guessed it right! One small plate of salad is what you will begin your meal with. Now here is the slight change. This meal involves just one single sandwich. So, in case if you are a vegetarian your sandwich will comprise of two brown breads with the filling of paneer in it and in case if you are a non vegetarian egg whites.

5:00 pm – Three and a half hours later you can have one normal sized cup of milk or tea, depending on your preference along with two marie biscuits.

7:30 pm – As per the rule; here also you need to eat Salad before the meal and later accompanied by one bran chapatti with 1 K vegetable (now in this second week of four week diet chart you can have chana, kadhi or rajmah as vegetable).

8:30 pm – Keep your fruit selection ready and have that one fruit. This is the end of the diet chart which needs to be strictly followed for the whole second week. On the completion of the week, do check your weight again and be delighted at the result.


After looking at the desired results, you are sure to begin your third week diet chart with much more enthusiasm. Getting closer to your goals, rejuvenate new energy in the body, mind and soul! If you will observe keenly, you will notice more or less the diet chart is alike but you will surprised to know that these minor changes in the diet chart of every week plays the most important role in reducing your weight and maintaining your overall health. Check out:

8:00 am (or even early; the moment you wake up) – The first & foremost thing you need to follow in the third week as well is exactly same as the last two weeks. Follow the procedure of soaking methi seeds a night before in two glasses of water and drink that water in the morning after straining the methi seeds. Also, don’t miss to take five soaked & skinned almonds followed by one black pepper ball which you need to swallow.


9:00 am (after an hour) –:  One glass of milk and a fruit will be enough. Then, wait for next one and a half hour!


11:30 am – A fruit as per your wish but just one. We know it’s too less but don’t forget that you are on diet 😉


At 1:30 pm – No salad before the meal in the third week and so you can straightaway have one bran chapatti (mixture of wheat flour and wheat bran in similar proportion) and a vegetable of your choice; keeping in mind that you are on diet.

Break of three and a half hours again…


5:00 pm – Pick any among these: One normal sized cup of tea or milk with two biscuits/ one bowl of air popped popcorns (NO to the butter ones)/ one small bowl of roasted 9bhuna) chana.

7:30 pm – Here the menu differs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians so read carefully. For Vegetarians: There are two options: 1) one bowl vegetable + one bowl curd + salad or 2) one bowl dal + one Bowl Curd + salad.

For Non-Vegetarians: Three Pieces of Roasted or steamed chicken or fish (your preference) along with compulsory salad.

8:30- pm – The legacy continues! You can have any one fruit depending on your choice. This ends the first day of third diet week as well and hence same needs to be complied for the whole third week with sincerity. After all, your hard work and sincerity always pay.


Are you sharing your happiness with all your loved ones? Well, why not! You deserve every bit of it because you have proved that nothing is impossible. Your weighing machine is speaking the result of your efforts and what else does one need. Arrives the much awaited last & final week of your four weeks dietary plan and here you go:

8:00 am (first when you are awaken) – We are sure that you must have got into routine of what you need to do the foremost. Yes, you are absolutely right. You need to drink your methi seeds soaked water. No confusion, just follow the same procedure to get it ready.

9:00 am – Followed by one glass of cold coffee and one brown bread toast after an hour. Happy to have a taste change, aren’t you?

11:30 am – Same as the last three weeks; at this time you can eat any one fruit whichever you want to.

1:30 pm – Here is the magic box which has brought numerous options for you in this finale week for you to eat. After all, who doesn’t love the change especially when it is much anticipated? All of us…right! The options imbibes of: 1) one bowl sprouts + fruits 2) one bowl vegetables + one brown bread toast 3) One bowl dalia + One brown bread toast 4) One bowl kadhi + one-fourth plate rice (any one of these)

5:00pm – Same are the picks as before: one cup milk or tea with two biscuits/ one bowl air popped popcorns/ one small bowl of roasted or bhuna chana. So, what are you picking this time?

7:30 pm – Simple and Similar but healthy! All you can eat for your meal is one bran chapati (compounding of what bran & what flour in equalized ratio) and one bowl vegetable.

8:30 pm – Any one fruit of your pick and that’s the end of the last day of four weeks dietary plan chart.

And hence your four week diet plan chart ends here. Your happiness can be truly felt. As per the search, you will certainly loose three to six kilograms in this one month. If you are looking for some more weight reduction, you can continue the same for a week or two more but do as per advised so that diet does not lead to bad health. Diet meanings maintaining and managing your eating habit not just decreasing it.

Be careful of what you actually want because dieting in order to stay fit and healthy is perfectly ok but not fine at all if you want to be skinny. Love with what the Almighty has bestowed you and always carry a positive outlook. Never choose to lose weight because somebody has challenged you or your society comments on your weight. If you don’t love yourself then no one will.

Hope this piece of information proves helpful to you. Do share your reviews and your thoughts and ideas that you think can add positive results to the efforts of everyone who is complying this.

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Zara… a one-stop terminus to explore the world of fashion and style! It provides you with the uncountable list of most wanted and voguish items that not only enhances your look but also lends you with extreme comfort. It has every essential that is required to complete the wardrobe of every man and woman. From head to toe, it has everything under one roof and what else one wants. Favorite of many will become your favorite too! Let’s go through the brief outlook about Zara:

Zara Tees: Zara’s tees collection will leave you speechless. A huge variety of tees can be seen and purchased from the TRF section of Zara. If you want the best but also save little money then the right time to shop at Zara would be during sale season. The prices descend to as much as Rs. 200 or even less at the time of sale. Different varieties are available with different texture in Zara branded tees, so you can pick all those which you love. They not only appear beautiful when you wear but also are highly comfortable. Talking about the quality that this brand offers; the best part is that the texture, quality, color, comfiness and everything remains as it is. Nothing of these gets washed away. They are so durable that you might get even bored of Zara tees wearing continuously for years but no change in quality will be marked. Right from simple to trendy, plain to printed and sober to stylish; all is available under one roof.


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Denims: Right from the regular taste of denims to that of the colored ones, Zara provides you with one and all. On one hand where its regular blue denim jeans impart you with a decent and evergreen look similarly on the other hand its colored jeans will make you the new trend setter of the fashion world. Everyone will definitely turn their heads to look at you wherever you step. Apart from the normal colors that are generally available in jeans, Zara always introduces some refreshing and new colors of its own which you won’t find even at other good branded stores. This makes Zara unique from others. Moreover, the categorization of fitness is done so properly that one can find his or her fit at one place and after trying one jeans which fits you the best, you can pick any of its color without checking its fitness again and again. So, just choose the color and make a move on the next section.


Blazers:  You just can’t miss shopping blazers from Zara! You are sure to find them as the best investment in the most correct pricing. Zara has one and all… short, long, plain, printed, spangle and sober; whatever your preference is. Different sections are made for different sizes. When you try a blazer to check the fitness and its look, you will feel that it has been made just for you and hence you can try any piece from that size section. It will just be the same in terms of fitness and only thing that matters is your choice. By this, we also get to know that the quality of clothes being suitable to you is done with so perfection that there are no ifs and buts left. The fabric and overall quality of blazers is superb. So, if you are planning something for your big day and want your beloved to grace herself in the same color then Zara will serve as the best hub to your taste.


Shoes: If you want to go high on heels or walk with flats, Zara offers you both and a lot more. For the ones who have entered to purchase some shoes or footwear, an important tip will be to wear and check if you are comfortable in walking with the same and then make a choice. This is not because we doubt the comfiness of Zara branded shoes or footwear but because the size and fitting of these differ on legs of one person to those of another. For few, same shoes might be very suitable but for some it might not be. Hence it is better to check, walk and confirm then and there only. The lastingness of Zara shoes speaks of their quality themselves.


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Accessories: Whatever day of the year you sign into Zara store online or walk into its store, you are sure to always find some of the snuggest, flabbiest and most beautiful scarves. Irrespective of your requirement, do keep a strict eye on the accessories segment because you never know when you might come across the best of it. Mind blowing collection of accessories that includes delicate necklines, stunning rings, trendy neckpieces, exotic earrings and many more other accessories are available under this one roof of Zara Shop. Zara stays the most active when it comes to view the latest trend and hence is the best of all.


Handbags & Clutches: Zara proffers awesome concoction of bags too. From formal ones to the casual ones that you can take to office and party respectively; Zara has the best to enchant you. Buy that which you have liked a lot… A lot means a lot! The pricing of the bags depend on what kind of bags or clutches you are purchasing. For everyday purpose it offers the bags with the most affordable pricing so you don’t even need to worry on money matter as well while entering into the Zara store. TRF section is the place to find them. Moreover, to know the material of the bags just check the tags because at times you might get the pure leather ones too at reasonable pricing which you have desired for long.


Few basic tips to shop at Zara:

Just take care of these few basic tips while you go to shop at Zara store or even online:

  • Almost every time Zara keeps its stock updated hence to find the best deals, keep checking the stock from time to time. And in case if you are the regular visitor then there is no issue at all because you will always know what to find in which section at the most appropriate deals.
  • Secondly, do not wait or think even for a second if you have liked something a lot at the Zara store or online because it hardly takes another second to be selected by someone else and hence the attendant replies you with the answer “Sorry, it’s been sold”. So, don’t miss on your choice. Choose and get it billed immediately.
  • Just like the unique stock; Zara also takes care of its customers in terms of exchange and refund policy. In case if you have to get anything exchanged and the amount refund then the time period is within 30 days of the purchase date. All you need to do is to keep the purchase receipt or bill safe and secure. But yes, don’t make refunds a habit because in this case the policies might differ. So, be a bit careful about the same.
  • The shirts section of Zara has all types of shirts with variety of textures and sizes but something that you need to take about is their Buttons. They are not properly fastened and hence needs to be done properly at home else you might lose them and similar buttons are not easily available in the market.
  • Zara is popular for introducing the stuff, quality and design of its own and if you are sure about the originality of Zara product then you can save from getting a copied one. So, don’t become a victim of plagiarism by just presuming that every product is Zara inspired instead be a smart consumer and act smartly.
  • If comfortable, then prefer to go on shopping alone at Zara because one needs time and calculation of what to purchase and what not to with peaceful thinking.

Well… this truth cannot be refused that whoever visit Zara even once; they becomes a lifetime fan of it. We really hope that you find this informative piece useful. Also, don’t forget to share if you have any other tips because that might prove assistive to many. And do share your thoughts and suggestions as they are most welcome.


Dress-Up For The Cocktail Hours With The Perfect Cocktail Attires

Are you excited about the invitation received for attending the Cocktail Hours of fun and frolic? After all, why not! Everyone loves enjoyment and fun-filled hours. But there seems a line of worry over your forehead and your expressions seem like you want to hold your hair tight and scratch your head. Is it because of your confusion of what to wear as the ‘Cocktail Attire’? Seems like you have turned your complete wardrobe up-side down! Take a deep breath and relax as we have some brilliant ideas for you to make a right selection of your ‘Cocktail Attire’ for your pleasing ‘Cocktail Hours’. Yes… you heard it right and the magic of our ideas will do it all.

Before we begin with the ideas, let us first understand that what actually ‘Cocktail Wear’ is and how does it carry out your look perfectly during the cocktail hours?

First of all, analyze the occasion of cocktail hours. The most common occasions that take place during cocktail hours are: birthday assembling, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, formal gatherings, christenings, any sporting events or any sort of cocktail parties. To sum up, these events neither demand excess of radiance, shine and shimmer nor excess dullness, normal jeans, denims, t-shirts or any such combination. What it demands exactly is a refined look with the tinge of style and trend.

Cocktail Wear was firstly egressed as the sense of dressing in 1920s & 1930s highlighting the hours amongst casual day clothing and formal eve clothing. Since then, these hours are termed as ‘Cocktail Hours’. During these hours, pre dinner and post lunch drinks were served along with some starters. A formal wear for the day which lends you comfort and ease became the cocktail attire of that time. This is how the term ‘Cocktail Hours’ and ‘Cocktail Attire or Dressing’ came into the life of many of us. But time always demands the change and so with the changing trends, the cocktail vogue acquired an important place. So, what to dress, how to dress, what to choose and what not to; all these gained importance while planning for the hours. Our ideas will also assist you in the best way and mark your personality with perfection.



The first and foremost factor that you need to emphasize on for cocktail dressing is ‘Tailoring’. One of the most running taste to enlighten your cocktail hours is the combination of a grayish colored jacket or any dark shade with best going trouser. If you have to be on a safe side and do not want to take any risk of trying something new at the last moment then prefer grey wool coarse-textured cashmere merge suit. It is an evergreen taste. But yes, if you are in a mood to try something different this time and look unique then you can go for somewhat vivider or unconventional tints.  These could be burgundy shade or olive green or any such shade which imparts you a voguish look at contemporary end. For the ones with more of adventurous mood, an elusive modeled suit will be the right choice. To add little more style, you can even try a hushed black watch tartan or a benighted windowpane check.

The trend of mix and match is also popular. Hence you can go and mix and match the combination of your shirt, jacket and trousers. It is one of the latest trends which is the best suited for your cocktail hours. But don’t even give a thought to dress-up even the smartest denim at cocktail hours as they look the good at casual weekends only. Also, mark a point to always go for a lean cut for your suit as this will fit all the natural contours of the body very well thereby making you look perfect in every sense.


The second factor that needs to be in the list of your consideration is ‘Shirting’. To capture the eyes of one and all, a crunch cotton shirt is more than enough to spread its magic everywhere. All you need to take care of is that your crisp and crunch cotton shirt that you have selected for your cocktail hours is properly ironed and newly laundered because these little points will make a huge difference. As per the current trend, solid tone picks are the most conventional but if you do not want to go for anything like that; then a subdued check or a light fabric will be the only choice and will do justice with your day. Well, if this is something that you have chosen then make sure that your suit is not exquisitely patterned else it might spoil its overall appearance.


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To add on, ignore the idea of double cuffs as it might not go perfect for the daylight time but yes, if you have evening hours to visit somewhere then it will definitely a great idea. In such a case where the both of yours; day and evening hours are booked, you can keep it decent and simple by choosing a couplet of trim silver cuffs. All in all, your purpose should be to look stylish, even in the simplest way of your dressing.


The third one; Selection of the footwear is also equally important as the above two factors. You can either go for black color Leather Oxfords or any dark shade in it. These mark an astounding style statement and accompany your attire in the most suitable way especially when twinned with tailoring. Sleek Tassel Loafers are also the incredible choice for your cocktail hours. So, choose any among these which you feel will go well with your attire and make you earn compliments. Mind you; irrespective of whichever footwear you select, polish them very well. If you have chosen the Leather Oxfords, don’t forget to spray leather protector nebulizer over it so that they look wow.


Apart from the two, other awesome alternate can be monk strap shoes which have earned numberless accolades in the recent seasons. With their kinky, offbeat and clasp featuring, the monk strap shoes will impart you with a little jauntier look to your persona. When you have dressed stylish, walk with style too!


If the occasion is not too formal, then you can even go without a tie in your neck but somehow the old but rich tradition does not allow you to do so as you realize something missing. After all, wearing a tie is the traditional emblem of maleness. At the end of the day, it is your choice to wear a neck wear or not. As a part of guidance; if you have chosen black colored shirt and suit for your cocktail hours then you accompany it with a jaunty wool or silk shade along with a voguish pattern that turns all the head towards you.

You can even opt for the color scheme as it will add stars to your personality. To highlight the color scheme with a patterned shirt or patterned suit, keep your look simple and shrill with less of design for the best look. Say No to bow ties until and unless the theme involves something of the 1920s era.


Sharp Accessories; Last but the most vital factor to complete your look! This can either add five stars to your look or can spoil the whole of it. The final components that can make or break your look are the accessories. How does this go? If you have selected the patterned look with the solid shades of shirt and suit, then you have to be extra careful while choosing your tie. In such a case, only a clean-cut styled tie with a jauntier design will bestow you with the best look.

Never ever opt for the pocket squares and ties made of same texture. The fabric of the two should surely vary from each other. This is one of the most common mistakes made especially when you follow the ‘matchy theme’.

Undergarments: Mind you that the base of any good looking attire always commences with good underwear. Hence, go for the qualitative cotton fabric undergarments only. This will keep you comfortable too. Moreover, always wear calf length socks. Taking care of these small points will ascertain that everything you have worn on the top looks superb.

Belt: Never underrate the worthiness of a qualitative belt. Right from the looks to durability; a reversible premium leather belt or the suede leather designed belt will be the best. These will not only enhance your look but will prove to be a fruitful investment.

Coming to Cuffs; Select a pair of elegant, simple and evergreen cuffs inspite of something that you will hardly pick to use again. This will heighten the grace of your attire and will not be outdated soon.

Eyewear: Lastly, if your party is an outdoor one, then don’t forget to wear your eyewear. Just imagine yourself not able to pose because of scorchy sunlight because you missed your eyewear. So, add it to your list for sure else your happy face will turn to an irritated one soon thereby spoiling your complete mood. You will just look wow with a pair of excellent round framed sunglasses or whichever suits your face the best.


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Final Words:

Though following all the above concerns will lend you with what you desire but at times there is no harm in breaking all the rules and dressing up how you want to. Follow your heart and be happy. But make sure that however you dress up; you just look great in every way. And yes, there are no ifs and buts to express the individuality of one. After all, dressing is the mixture of reflection and expression, not the compliance.

Hope we have done our bit and helped you a little. Next time when you get an invitation, you won’t seem confused rather will get ready at a go perfectly. Do share if these thoughts proved assistive to you and you are most welcome to share your views and ideas too.


Importance Of Toner In Men’s Grooming Regime

Every beautiful face and a smart look has a secret behind! This unveiled secret is nothing but the right usage of grooming products at the right time and in the right manner. Today, the cosmetic world has bestowed you with numberless products which not only enhances your beauty but are very essential for the healthy looking skin. Each product has its own importance and for a perfect grooming it is important for you to understand what to use and when. It might be that you are doing your best but still lacking something. One such grooming product that most of the guys are missing is the use of ‘Toner’. Here in this article; you will know every bit and byte about the toner and its grandness. Let’s begin with:


Do you feel something missing while taking care of your skin or are you not able to understand the reason behind your incomplete look? Well… give a pause to your interrogative mind because we have the answer to all your questions. Yes, it is the need of ‘Toner’ that your skincare regimen has been calling out but you are just not able to hear. Before we begin with, first understand what a Toner is. A toner is that missing thing which will give your skincare mission a complete success. Though your dressing wardrobe is plentiful of many sorts of lotions, creams, serums, masks, face wash and potions but the only missing link is Toner. One of the reasons behind your unaware attitude about toner could be that lot many guys are not aware about the magic that a toner can create for their complexion. Personating as a light lotion, toners are available in the market in the form of toning pads and spritz. Whichever form it comes in; the purpose of toner is to tend your skin in one or a lot many ways, like:

  • Toner polishes your skin tone and freshens up your complexion.
  • It abridges the size of the pores thereby making them normal and invisible.
  • Toner assists in controlling breakouts and then gradually getting rid of them with regular usage.
  • It does not let the pores getting choked off with grunge and dirt which further prevents causing blackheads too.
  • It helps you to get rid of excess oil that causes unnecessary shine.
  • Toner also lends comfort after shaving thereby preventing infliction.



To make the right use of Toner, it is important that one must know when to use it. Its incorrect usage will neither benefit you nor will justify its importance. The skincare regime involves of three basic steps and they are: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing. The first and foremost step is to clean your skin with the help of the regular face wash that you use. Then rinse off your face properly and pat dry your skin with the help of a gentle towel. Next step is to apply the Toner. Now you must be thinking how to apply it? Well, you might need a toner pad or a cotton ball to apply the toner. Actually it depends on what type of toner you are applying. When you find that the toner has dried, then apply the moisturizer and give the finishing touch to your skincare mission.


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But that’s not it! There are many other benefits too for which toner can be used. If you are struggling with the greasy or oily face of yours, then here is the time to get rid of it. Apply the toner as per your complexion and feel free from this irritating problem. Toner has the ability to control the secretion of oil from your skin and further helps in precluding breakouts. Similarly, toner also works superbly on the skin which has been the victim of dryness and external assailers. A freshening toner spritz is the right choice to put a new life to the lusterless skin. For such sort of neatening quandaries; toner pads or toner sprays are just the perfect option to add five star reviews to your one go touch-up.

Another most amazing benefit of the toner is it’s after shaving benefits like: cooling off the irritation caused after shaving, minimizing redness and snug the pores once the razor work has been finished. Hope all this makes very clear that why the usage of toner is important in terms of benefitting your complexion. All in all, using a toner is as important as using the other grooming products and so make it a routine to add toner to your skin.


For Oily Skin: All the ones with the oily skin also have a usual complaint. The ailment is about the oleaginous (oily) appearance due to the excretion of excess oil within your skin which further causes acne-like breakouts. Isn’t it?? Well, there is nothing much to worry about because the solution is simple and quick. As mentioned above; toner helps to restore the natural balance to your skin when you have a combination skin – similarly it works in the same way on the oily skin too and cures the oily skin issues very effectively.

Oily skin is prone to expel sebum in good quantity which results your skin to be extra shiny cum sebaceous for the whole day. Here is the point from where the problem begins and thereby leading to many more issues. This sebum chokes off your expanded pores and in return becomes the cause of daily breakouts. In such a condition, using a toner as a routine activity will be a great assistance. It will keep the skin clean, purified and oil free by controlling the production of excess sebum by your skin. Also, it will minimize the size of pores and restrict the appearance of blemishes too.

Make sure that you use a qualitative and branded toner only. It is the excellence of a qualitative toner only that keeps the natural moisture within your skin safe even after removing excess oiliness, spots and marks. So, prefer quality over the quantity.

As an alternative, you can even use oil control toning pads (For an example: Anthony Logistic Astringent Oil Control Toner Pads) to handle abashing greasiness.

For Sensitive/ Dry Skin: Dry skin demands hydration especially during the winter season to avoid tenderness and discomfort. Honestly, normal toner is not sufficient enough to aid dry skin so if you are the one with the dry skin, you will need a high quality toner. Follow the three initial grooming steps: Cleansing, Toning and Moisturizing to have a tranquilizing and lightening impact over your skin. The high quality toner will work in aiding the hidden skin cells replenishment and help in convalescing dryness speedily and the qualitative moisturizer will assist your skin in regaining the hydration back.

For Combination Skin: Those with the combination skin; face a common problem and that is their struggle to manage the looks of the dry areas along with treating breakouts generally found on the T-portions (like nose, forehead and chin).  One of the solutions to this is to apply the mixture of a mattifying moisturizer and general moisturizer (which you use normally). But mind you that this option is less effectual and more expensive in comparison to the use of a good toner. So, the best idea would be to take a branded toner and apply it on the spots and blemishes. This will minimize the problem of breakouts that you have been facing frequently. Moreover, later you can apply little moisturizer as well to prevent dryness. A toner justifies the term ‘restoring balance’ which means that the normal skin look is resumed after the regular usage of toner. In addition, it also furbishes up the natural look and balance of the combination skin thereby kicking off all the sort of irregularities harming the skin and your overall look.



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The irritation caused after shaving is quite normal. Though using an aftershave lotion has always been the most common alternative but using a toner instead, will not only heal the irritation caused but will also freshen up your skin by adding soothness and softness to it. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that there are toners which you can use pre shaving as well and they work amazingly. One such pre shaving toner is Clinique Scrubbing Lotion which needs to be applied before shaving. After applied, it will tighten the skin and raise your shaving hair straight thereby allowing the razor to smoothly clear of the hair without any rigidity. Highlight a point that not all the toners work as pre shaving toners so always check and confirm before the use. You are sure to experience a far convenient shaving which you have never thought of before.

The conclusion says that Men’s grooming is just not complete without the toner. It is a mandatory part too. Here we have spotlit all the pros and cons of using a Toner so that you can make the right and best use of it. Hope all this proves to be a great help to you. Your ideas, questions and tips are most welcome so please do share.


Effectual Ways To Increase Height In Kids

A good height is the reflection of a good personality! Right from meliorating the confidence level and self-pride in your child; good height also helps your child in many other things too. One can make a career in movies, modelling or even become player in basketball team. Though height is defined by genetics but at times it also depends on the content of nutrition taken by you timely. For every child, the age level of increasing height differs but still there are many factors that need to be kept in mind from the very beginning so that kids do not face the hurdle of small height. The daily lifestyle and habits play a vital role in deciding height and weight of a child and so special attention should be given.

Below are some of the effectual ways to increase height in kids:

1. Equilibrated Diet for Overall Growth & Development
First thing that you need to take care of is the daily eating habits of your kid. Ensuring a balanced diet for your kids will not be a help in increasing the height but will play a vital role in the overall growth and development of the kids. If you sincerely want your children to have a desirable height then first of all keep aside all the junks like: burger, pizza, soft drinks, packed chips etc. Replace all these junkies with the list of healthy food, fruits and vegetables which will make you strong internally and externally both. It is important that regular diet of kids should involve ample amount of carbohydrates, nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Everything should be eaten in mitigation but make sure that you ignore all fatty or carbohydrates meals at one time.
For a healthy diet, add a good deal of lean proteins to your everyday diet. You can have foods like: soy, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. All these foods are rich in fresh proteins which are highly important to induce body growth, ramping up muscles and beef up the bones. Give your sincere efforts to avoid simple carbohydrates like: soda, pastry, cake, pasta etc. Intake foods enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D in sufficient quantity like: dairy items and green leafy vegetables. Also, zinc is equally important for proper development of kids’ body. Pumpkin, peanuts, wheat germ, crab and squash seeds are all foods that plentiful in Zinc content. So, try all such foods in the proper passage of time during a day that enhances the height factor in children.

2. Stretching Exercises


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Exercising also plays a major role when it comes to the height development in kids. One such exercise is Stretching Exercise which postulates stretching as its main target. There are various ways to do stretching exercise. One of them is to simply ask your kid to stand in opposed to a wall with his/her back towards that wall. Then raise his or her hands in such a way that he or she is able to stretch them as much as possible. The third step will be to sit on his toes with his back opposed to the wall and elongate the muscles of the leg. For quick results, you are advised to replicate this exercise at least 10 times in a day considering the stamina and safety of one’s body.
The other stretching exercise that your kids need to perform to increase height is: Ask your kid to sit on the floor with his both the legs away from one another. The distance matters on the terms as broad as possible. Then guide him or her to bow his waist and try to touch shoes for about thrice to four times on each leg. This exercise helps in extension of spine thereby meliorating his or her posture.

3. Hanging Exercises

Apart from stretching exercise, the other exercise that would offer a helping hand to you in raising the height of our kid is Hanging Exercise. You must have seen hanging bars in school playgrounds, parks and public gardens as well and this is where you need to execute the hanging exercise. If you want you can get these bars installed at your home too. For sure, this is something that almost every kid loves to do. Dangling on the bars at school playground or in your society garden or even at home over the curtain rods has always been a great fun for them. This exercise stretches the vertebrates and straightens the backbone. Hence, this is an amazing way to boost the overall growth and specially; height of kids. So, inspite of getting angry, advocate them to do a regular practice for at least 10 minutes regularly with ample pull-ups and chin-ups. Of course on hanging bars only!

4. Yoga
Yoga has always done wonders in terms of benefitting the body of any individual. So, how can we miss this here when we are discussing ways to boost the height for kids? One of the yoga aasans that will prove a great help to you in the mission of increasing height of your kid is ‘Surya Namaskar’. It permits the body to stretch entirely and elevate the growth of height. Do not forget to ask your child to do normal breathing exercises before starting with the Yoga Aasans.
Second yogaasana to help you in this mission is ‘Chakraasana’. This will also stretch the full body of your kid. All you need to do is to rest flat with legs at distance (far from one another). Then ask your kid to bend his or her knees in such a way that he or she is able to touch his butts and flex the elbows in such a manner that fingers make a contact with shoulders. The next step will be to inhale the fresh air and push the body upwards to make a U and remain this posture as long as possible.

5. Skipping
Another way to increase the height of your kids is with the fun of skipping. It is a fun-filled activity cum a sort of exercise that is not only healthy from the blood circulation point of view but also does wonder when it comes to boost the height of kids. Now how does it work? When the kid begins to skip, the body also begins to stretch and so every time he or she skips; there is a little growth gradually every day which later result in good height increase by performing this exercise on regular basis.

6. Swimming


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Swimming helps a lot in terms of elevating the height of your children and makes them grow taller. It also bestows internal strength to their body. It has been found that those kids who took swimming as their hobby during teenage are found to be of a good height in comparison to the one who did not opted for swimming at all. This is also a form of exercising which elongates the muscles of the entire body thereby expelling the growth hormone and resulting in the growth of height too. But one day or one week swimming habit won’t be sufficient; you need to do it regularly for months to get best results.

7. Ankle Weights
Ankle weights is an effective exercise in stretching the lower part of the body and thus it turns out to be an amazing way to enhance the height of your kid. Mark a point that at the initial stage; only small weights are picked up by your child and then you can slowly and gradually increase the weight as your child matures. The gristle amidst the knees gets elongated which further leads in the increase of height too. Make him perform this exercise daily for few minutes.

8. Jogging
From kids to adults and adults to old; jogging is beneficial for one and all. There are a lot many advantages of jogging if it is done on regular basis and one such advantage is, lifting the height factor in your kids too. Encourage your kid to go for jogging daily and if possible; then in morning and evening both, at least for about half an hour during both the times. Well… there is no harm in accompanying your child while jogging as it will be completely a fun-filled experience.

9. Play Basketball
One of the fun-filled games that can also help in increasing height is ‘playing basketball’. Everything needs to be begin at the right time and so if you play ample of basketball in your teenager, you are sure to have a good height in future. The reason behind is that this game demands lot of jumping and this further helps in stretching all the muscles of legs, arms and back. You are advised to play this game every day for about 45 minutes to one hour. So, don’t forget to be the part of your school basketball team this time!

10. Cycling
Cycling is also a sort of exercise which demands lot of efforts to run your cycle fast and smooth. It involves paddling which fortifies the bones of legs and stretches the leg muscles. This initiates the increase in height. So, encourage your child to do systematic cycling daily for at least half an hour for both the times of the day. Cycling should be taught to child at the right age so that height also begins to take its speed on time.

All these above given factors will serve to be a great help to you and will help you in successfully accomplishing the mission ‘Height’ of your kids. To add on, it will also make your child physically and mentally active in every aspect.

Some extra other things that you need to take care of are:
•  Get the sleeping timings of your child correct. As per the, it is important for a child to take ten to twelve hours of sleep daily but the timings also equally matter. Children should be sent to bed early in the evening so that they can get enough sleep and even wake up on time. This will ensure the correct growth cycle for your kid from a lot of perspectives.

•  Make a habit to take your kids to visit the doctor from time to time in order to get their weight and height checked timely. This will also help your doctor to keep an eye on both the factors and if required necessary medications can also be given on time.

•  Don’t expect the magic to happen overnight. Everything takes time, sincere dedication and patience; so give your cent percent efforts to achieve the desired results. Also, do not prefer the tricks, medicines or pills offered by many companies who assure the growth of height through the advertisements on T.V. and newspaper because most of them are phony. Such things do not help you in increasing height rather create physical complications a lot many times. So, be aware!

•  Posture plays a vital role too. So, always develop erect sitting and standing posture in your child. This keeps the spine straightened and makes you look tall.

•  Make sure that your child is always happy at heart and stress-free at mind for the overall growth and development. Be friendly to him or her so that he/she can share if there is anything that is bothering him or her.

Hope these ways will definitely help you to achieve what you wish. But never stress your child on the matters related to height rather let him or her stay tension-free and happy. Being a parent or guardian just keep doing your bit. Results are sure to be bright! Also, we welcome your thoughts and ideas so do share if you know any other ways too, as that might be a great add on.