Naruto Filler List of Episodes In The Anime

Naruto Filler List

Naruto Filler List – Naruto is an iconic anime that has captured the hearts of fans worldwide. However, amidst the epic battles and heartwarming moments, there is something that can be frustrating: filler episodes. These are episodes that do not really contribute to the main plot and can feel like a detour from the action-packed storyline.

Do not worry. I have compiled a Naruto Filler List in the original series, along with a brief explanation of each. Let us break it down:

Naruto Filler list of Episodes In The Anime

Here i have compiled a Naruto Filler list; check it out:

  1. A Recap Of The Show Till Now (Episodes 26)

Sometimes, even ninjas need a recap. In this episode, we take a breather from the intense action and revisit the events leading up to this point. It is like a quick memory jog for viewers who might have forgotten some crucial details.

  1. Trying To Take Tsunade’s Debt (Episode 97)

Naruto and his friends start on a mission to collect a debt from Tsunade, the legendary ninja and Fifth Hokage. Imagine ninja debt collectors knocking on her door. It is a light-hearted adventure that showcases their determination and humor.

  1. Trying To Uncover Kakashi’s Face (Episodes 101-106)

What lies under Kakashi’s mask? In this mini-arc, Naruto and the gang make it their mission to reveal Kakashi’s face. Spoiler alert, They do not succeed (because Kakashi is the master of secrets), but it is a fun ride filled with failed attempts and hilarious moments.

  1. The Land Of Tea Escort Mission (Episodes 136-141)

Naruto and his comrades find themselves on an unexpected mission: protecting a tea merchant in the Land of Tea. Yes, you read that right, tea. It is a departure from the usual life-or-death battles, but it is still an adventure worth watching.

  1. Mizuki Tracking Mission (Episodes 142-147)

Remember Mizuki, the traitorous ninja from early in the series? He is back, and Naruto is hot on his trail. This arc explores Mizuki’s backstory and redemption, and it is a nice change of pace from the main plot.

  1. Bikochu Search Mission (Episodes 148-151)

The team sets out to find a rare insect called Bikochu. Why? Because it is rumored to have special tracking abilities. Naruto’s determination shines as they navigate forests and face challenges

  1. Kurosuki Family Removal Mission (Episodes 152-157)

Kurosuki family has some issues, and Naruto steps in to help. Expect family drama, ninja-style. There is a cursed sword, sibling rivalry, and a whole lot of action. It is like a ninja soap opera.

  1. Gosunkugi Capture Mission (Episodes 159, 160)

Gosunkugi is causing trouble, and Naruto must put a stop to it. Another day, another mission. However, this one involves a haunted mansion, mysterious traps, and a ghostly twist.

  1. Cursed Warrior Extermination Mission (Episodes 162-167)

Ghosts, curses, and ancient warriors, this arc has it all. Naruto and his friends face supernatural foes while uncovering the secrets of an old battlefield. It is mysterious and fascinating.

  1. Kaima Capture Mission (Episodes 169-173)

Naruto faces off against sea monsters known as Kaima. It is like “Sharknado,” but with ninjas. The ocean becomes their battleground, and teamwork is essential to survive.

  1. Daimyo Heir Escort Mission (Episode 174)

Protecting a noble heir is not as straightforward as it seems. Naruto and his team must ensure the safety of a young daimyo (feudal lord) while dealing with assassins and political intrigue.

  1. Buried Gold Excavation Mission (Episodes 175, 176)

Pirates, treasure maps, and buried gold, Naruto’s crew becomes swashbucklers for a day. This arc combines adventure, humor, and a dash of mystery.

  1. Stopping The Courier Ninja (Episode 177)

When a ninja courier goes rogue, Naruto steps in to intercept. It is like a high-speed chase with kunai and shuriken. Express delivery, ninja-style.

  1. Star Guard Mission (Episodes 178-183)

Naruto protects a star during a celestial event. Yes, you read that correctly a star. Because even celestial bodies need bodyguards, expect cosmic battles and cosmic humor.

  1. Various One-Off Episodes (Episodes 184-186)

These are standalone adventures that do not tie into the main plot. Enjoy them as mini-ninja escapades. From ramen-eating contests to ninja cats, these episodes are delightful diversions.

  1. Peddlers Escort Mission (Episodes 187-191)

Guarding traveling merchants is not as dull as it sounds. Naruto and his team find themselves protecting a group of peddlers as they journey through dangerous territories. Expect intrigue, ambushes, and unexpected twists. After all, even peddlers can have secrets.

  1. Third Great Beast Arc (Episodes 195, 196)

Legendary beasts, ancient scrolls, and Naruto’s determination make it a wild ride. When a powerful creature threatens the balance, Naruto steps up to the challenge. This arc delves into folklore and showcases Naruto’s growth as a ninja.

  1. Konoha Plans Recapture Mission (Episodes 197-201)

Naruto and their friends thwart a villain’s plot to attack their village, Konohagakure. The stakes are high as they race against time to prevent disaster. Teamwork, strategy, and loyalty take center stage in this mission.

  1. The Best Battles During The Sasuke Recovery Mission (Episode 202)

Flashbacks to epic battles. Remember the intense fights during the Sasuke Recovery arc? This episode revisits those moments, highlighting the emotional struggles and fierce clashes. It is a nostalgic trip down memory lane.

  1. Yakumo Kurama Rescue Mission (Episodes 203-207)

A rescue mission with twists and turns. Yakumo Kurama, a young kunoichi with unique abilities, needs Naruto’s help. However, unravelling her past reveals dark secrets and challenges their resolve. Can Naruto save her?

  1. Prized Artifact Escort Mission (Episode 208)

Guarding a valuable artifact is not as simple as it seems. Naruto and his team face rival ninjas, traps, and unexpected adversaries. The artifact holds more than meets the eye, and danger lurks at every turn.

Some Questions

What are filler episodes? 

Filler episodes are non-canon episodes in an anime series that deviate from the original manga storyline. They often serve as a break from the main plot.

How many Naruto Filler List episodes are there? 

In the original Naruto series, there are 90 filler episodes, accounting for approximately 41% of the content. Some notable ones include the Land of Tea Escort Mission and the Land of Rice Fields Investigation Mission.

Should I watch filler episodes? 

It is up to personal preference. While some filler arcs are decent, others can be skipped without affecting the main story. If you want to avoid fillers, check online guides for the specific episodes to skip.