Shortest and Longest Pokemon Names In The PokeDex


Pokemon always gives a special name to every animal that has been in the games, books, cartoons and cards. So, because there are over one thousand Pokemon so far, it means that a Pokemon fan needs to remember many names. In this article, we are going to discuss some shortest and longest Pokemon names. 

Pokemon have different length names. Some are very short, some are the longest Pokemon names, and most others are in the middle. So, we made a list of all the possible names and sizes and found out how many Pokemon have certain numbers of letters in their names.

Two Pokemon-Three Characters 

Just two Pokemon have the same name with very few characters, only three of them. Both are from the first generation, and one deserves such an honour because he is famous as a legendary character.

That one is Mew, a Mythical creature who has been called the grandparent of all Pokemon. The other is the rather less mythical Muk, whose name was created by removing one letter from a four-letter word. In Generation One, Game Freak was not very creative in creating new names for Pokemon.

11 Pokemon-Four Characters 

There are many more Pokemon at 11with four letters, but it is still very different from Pokemon with more than 5. Once more, nearly all of them came from Gen One and there has only been one four-letter ‘mon from the last four generations.

The four from Gen One are Onix, Abra, Seel, and Jynx, and more would for four generations: Xatu, Aron, Nature, and Axew are examples of Legendary creatures in English. However, Uxie has the shortest name among them all. Also, Sawk is part of this list. 

50 Pokemon-Five Characters 

Things get better with five-letter Pokemon; there are 50 in the whole series. Most of these are small, unimportant first changes, like Lotad, Zubat, and Shinx. However, there are also some standouts among them too.

This group has the smallest starters, who have names like Snivy and Tepig. It also has fake first forms that look like Legendary Pokemon ( Deino, Bagon, Gible, Goomy) and the main characters on the boxes of older games (Lugia, Ho-Oh).

Next to those big achievements are other great ones, such as Azelf, Entei, and Kubfu; the special Mythical Hoopa; and loved ones like Absol, Eevee, and Riolu. Also, a few Pokemon are unique to them, like Unown, Ditto, and Rotom. Gen Nine added five new Pokemon: Pawmi, Pawmo, Lokix, Nacli and Klawf.

16 Pokemon-Six Characters 

There are seven big Pokemon with six letters, the highest among all groups with numbers. These include Celebi, Arceus, Keldeo, Deoxys, Phione, Meltan, and Zarude. There are also 15 huge six-character legendaries(second-most), including Kyogre, Mewtwo, Zacian, and Kyurem.

265 Pokemon-Seven Characters 

Over 265 Pokemon have seven letters in their names, which is more than any other length of name. That leads to some key points. They include being the main type of Pokemon name size in Gens Six, Four, three, one and as second-most common in Gens Five, Two, and Eight.

245 Pokemon-Eight Characters 

In simple words, all the PokeDex Pokemon names are like different points on a normal distribution curve in math. They reach their highest point with seven characters and gradually become less common with eight. This pattern continues down to even the longest pokemon names.

178 Pokemon-Nine Characters

Now we are going down with the bell curve, as there is a small fall in number for nine-letter pokemon. They have 178 characters.

Even so, the word ‘mon pool’ may have the strongest case overall. There are still many Legendary creatures on the board, amounting to 14 in total ( Eternatus, Thundurus, Zamazenta, and Chien-Pao). Also included are two excellent Mythical creatures (Volcanion and Marshadow) as well as four ultra beasts ( Xurkitree, Pheromosa, Nagan

79 Pokemon-Ten Characters 

We are back to a big number with 79 Pokemon that have ten letters in their names. From this point on, you will see the unusual name-building of mystery Pokemon really start taking place. Ten characters out of five: Iron Wheels, Scream Tail, Iron Thorns, Iron Package, and Iron Leaves.

21 Pokemon-Eleven Characters 

From now on, only Pokemon from Gen Six and later will be talked about. This is because, until Gen Five, the names of these creatures could only have ten characters.

The first Pokemon to shake up its name game was Fletchinder in Gen Six. It is the only one with eleven letters in its name.

Only a few more Pokemon have come since then, and their names had eleven characters. Only one of them was in Gen Seven (Blacephalon). There were seven more in Gen Eight (Corvisquire, Polteageist, Centiskorch, Stonjourner ,Corviknight, Barraskewda, and Basculegion).

Three Pokemon-Twelve Characters 

Lastly, three Pokemon also hold the title for the longest Pokemon name, with twelve letters each. As hinted before, each of these names was introduced very recently. One is from Gen Seven and two are from Gen Nine.

The first to get to the top was the Alola ‘mon, called Crabominable. Even though many people who know a lot about Pokemon have called it one of the ugliest creatures, it can at least say that in two generations, no other creature had name than it.

Some Questions

What Pokemon has the smallest name?

Only two Pokemon have the same shortest name, with only three characters. Both are from the first generation, and one of them deserves such a thing because it is very famous. That one is Mew, a Mythical Pokemon called the ancestor of all others.

Which is the tiniest Pokemon?

Starting in the X and Y games, Flabebe is usually called the smallest Pokemon even though it is the same size as half of all Pokemon on this list.

What Pokemon is tall?

Called the “Huge Pokemon,” Eternatus is 65’7″ tall. This height beats Wailord by a lot.

What is Pokemon’s real name?

Pokemon is short for “Pocket Monsters”, the original Japanese name. The business started from a video game magazine in Japan around the early 1980s, Game Freak, run by Satoshi Tajiri and Ken Sugimori. Tajiri was the person who wrote, while Sugimori did the drawings.

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