Best Water Hiking Shoes For Womens

water shoes for womens

Water shoes are suitable for people who take part in competitive water sports or are casual beach walkers to protect them from abrasion and harsh temperatures of cold lakes and hot sand. If you are looking for the best water hiking shoes womens, you have come to the right place.

What are water shoes?

Water shoes act as the amphibians in the footwear world. These provide the functionality of regular sneakers with extra special powers meaning they work great in the water. However, water shoes are not waterproof; instead, they drain water right out again.

Features of the best water shoes for hiking

The best water shoes for women have the following features:

Good grip

The soles of river and water shoes should have a good grip like the sandals or hiking shoes. These provide excellent grip even when you walk on slippery surfaces and are made of rubber.

Easy to get on and off

People mostly use water shoes for a small time period, like when crossing a river or walking through wet section trails. Hikers then get back to using them as regular hiking shoes, so the best water shoes for women need to have a quick release buckle or lace, which can change them in and out and be as easy as possible.
Any best water shoes for women and men will always have a quick-release buckle or lace to make them easy to change.

Water drainage

One important function of water shoes is that they have an easy drain system. Many of them come with mesh sides which keeps dirt and rocks outside. Mesh sides help to keep rocks and dirt outside, while some come with holes or drainage ports.


Any good water hiking shoes for women must have a quick-drying feature and is the key for the inner sole and fabric of the sole that dries it quickly. A non-drying shoe can cause blisters in water from damp fabric rub on bare feet. Damp shoes can squeak when you walk with wet feet.


This is an obvious and important feature of all types of footwear; however, when shoe fabric becomes wet, the comfort level of the shoes drops. Ensuring maximum comfort out of your water hiking shoes means they should be made of quick-drying fabric that stays comfortable even after getting wet.


If you are planning to use your water shoes for any kind of long trail hiking, remember that the supportive feature of the shoes is key. Look for a good structure around the foot, arch, and ankle. If you want to go river crossing with your shoes or sit in a canoe, the support feature is not very important.


Keeping your toes protected is very important if you wish to wear water shoes, even for a short river crossing or when going on a boating trip. Just one wrong step, and you can stub your toes with hard rocks. Always but water shoes with covered toes to keep them safe.

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Best water hiking shoes for women

Vivobarefoot Ultra III Bloom

If you want to buy eco-friendly water hiking shoes for womens who work great on all kinds of terrain, then Vivobarefoot Ultra III Bloom is the right pick. These vegan-friendly shoes are made of Bloom foam with algae removed from waterways. The sole provides excellent traction even when you walk on a dry surface without requiring any extra thick underfoot.
Unlike the kid’s version of Bloom, the river shoes are secured to the feet with a toggle release system which makes the feet feel more secure, taking the natural form of the feet.

Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals

These water hiking-friendly shoes for womens are a perfect alternative to your flip-flops. Teva Hurricane Drift Sandals come with all-day comfort, secure fit, and excellent airflow. The open-toe sandals feature a 4-piece strap system holding the shoes in place while you walk.

These water shoes have EVA foam footbeds that provide flexibility and support through the length of the foot, while grippy rubber outsoles are great for traction on rocky and wet terrains. For extra stability and comfort when walking on uneven terrains, these come with a hook and loop closure system to fit the sandals exactly to the shape of your foot.

The closure in these shoes is adjustable, which makes Teva Hurricane Drift a practical choice for hikers with high arches and wide feet. We like these super lightweight and buoyant shoes to float on water. The upper straps are made of EVA foam which keeps these outdoor sandals dry and makes them ideal for summer hiking as well as water sports.

Clorts Closed-Toe Water Shoe

Amphibious Athletic Water Shoes by Clorts are quick for drying features on a watery hiking trail. These are made with PU leather and air meat to keep your feet protected and maintain breathability when hiking.

It has sole rubber features skid-proof and shock-absorbent rubber, which lowers the risk of injury while offering you comfort. The side drainage holes make them a great choice for water sports and river crossings.

Another beneficial feature of the removable actifresh innersole which keeps the shoes smelling fresh. The walkers also can personalize the shoe fit, which makes them the best hiking shoes for women.

Keen Terradora Ethos Water Shoes

If you are looking for multi-terrain walking shoes designed for women’s feet that make them the best water shoes for women, you must definitely check out the Keen Terradora water shoe line.

These are not only lightweight, quick-drying, and water repellent but also quick-release, which makes them easy to take on and off. Keen water shoes come with secure bungee laces and the EVA padded sole, making them comfortable for walking into the puddles on a morning run.

The shoes feature a flexible and soft synthetic fabric with inside foam insoles to provide a decent amount of support. The rubber sole has a multi-directional grip pattern which provides stability for slippery surfaces.

The best part of having Terradora Ethos Water Shoes is they are available at an affordable price and on the color option of black or purple, which is great for everyday use. The price might be on the higher side, but it’s worth it for a versatile pair of sports shoes.

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Astral Brewers 2.0 Water Shoes

If you are looking for a stylish pair of water hiking shoes for women, then Astral Brewers 2.0 is a great pick. These give the appearance of casual pumps and are made of breathable mesh, water-resistant upper panels allowing sweat and water to run out.

The high price for these comfortable pairs of shoes is worth paying. Also, these have side drainage ports that can drain water as quickly as Clots and Keen water shoes. The non-slip rubber soles provide grip for river crossing, light hiking, stand-up paddling, and also scrambling.

Astral Brewers 2.0 is the best water shoes for women on the market, especially when traveling with limited luggage space.

Teva Evo Water Shoe

Teva Evo water hiking shoes made especially for women are stylish yet sporty; these feature non-slip rubber soles with multi-directional tread and are not sufficient for rock scrambling to provide sufficient stability on slippery surfaces and dirt tracks.

The closed shoe design might not be good for ventilation but are good enough to keep water debris and small stones out. The mid-sized toe cap protects the feet from a dread stubbed toe. All these qualities make Teva Evo a great choice for rocky trails and canyoning.

Chaco Outcross Evo 2 Hiking Shoe

Chaco Outcross hiking shoes are lightweight hybrid water shoes that are made of synthetic leather to mould the heel. These are designed with PU LUVSEAT to need the comfort of a woman’s feet. The Outcross Evo 2 allows ventilation and water drainage. The inner lining is comfortable and quick-drying with or without socks.

Chaco has quick-release bungee laces super easy to take on and off and also provide secure fitting, which is essential to hop on rocks. The Outcross Evo 2 water shoes have a good grip on wet and varied surfaces with a non-slip outer sole made of 25% recycled rubber. The best thing is the shoes are best suited for accident-prone hikers.

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Final Words:

Having the right shoes for every purpose is essential. If you are planning to go on a hike near water sources then these women’s best water hiking shoes will make sure you have the best time. These will keep your feet comfortable and protected from all external harmful factors. If you like this post do not forget to leave comments down below.