Different Types Of Lamp Shades To Suit Your Home Decor

types of lamp shades

A new lamp shade might look like the secret weapon you have been waiting for forever. While different types of lamp shades provide the functional purpose of shading harsh light, these also help to add a personalized touch to your room.

You can switch to a complementary new lampshade to give a new touch to your decor and put a little shift in mood. In this guide, we will help you find the best types of lamp shaped for your space.

How Lamp Shades Work

Lampshades help to direct, filter, and block light from lamps. These have openings at the bottom and top allowing additional heat and light to escape. The shades are attached to the lamp on the frame.

Measuring the size of lamp shades helps in determining the right size for your lamp and be in proportion to the lamp’s base. The shade should always be about 2-3rd of the lamp base height. To get the best types of lamp shades with the right width, measure the base and multiply it by two. The widest part must be at least half-inch wide than the widest base part.

How to Pick the Right Shade Shape

The lampshades that you pick should complement the base of your lamp. The basic lamp base types are- square, round, angular, and candlestick. 

Follow these design rules for pairing the best lamp shades to match your lamp base.

  • Round Base: it suits best with hexagonal and round shades.
  • Angular or Square: these shapes go well with rectangular and square shades.
  • Candlestick base combines angular and round elements, so almost any type of lampshade can be used.

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Different Types Of Lamp Shade Shapes

There are plenty of unique lampshades in various unusual materials and shapes. There is no one size that fits all when it comes to choosing lampshades; however, knowing the standard shapes help get an idea of what you are looking for in your room decor. 

Empire Lamp Shade

An empire lampshade has a flared bottom that emits lamplight from the bottom of the shade. These have a classic style that can match well with virtually every style and base. Empire lamp shades are perfect for accent lighting and make a popular choice for table lamp shades.

Round Lamp Shades

Round lamp shades help in directing the lights out through the top and bottom parts of the shades and provide ambient, focused lighting. The Round shape includes a drum, cone, and oval lamp shades, and these work with most decor and are best suited for task lighting and accent. 

Drum lamp shades feature clean and vertical sides that suit well with modern, transitional, and contemporary lamp shades.

Bell Lamp Shade

These types of lamp shades feature curving sides with a slope towards the bottom. The bottom flare helps distribute the light outside the maximum coverage, while the top provides a soft ambient shade. Bell lamp shades work best with traditional decor to give ambient lighting. 

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Square Lamp Shade

Rectangular and square lamp shades work best with modern and contemporary decor and lamps that have square bases. These types of lamp shades have flat edges instead of circular ones, which gives a modern look. The style emits plenty of light which can be used as general or task lighting. 

Dome Lamp Shade

These types of lamp shades are typically used for overhead fixtures with large floor lamps with general lighting. Dome lamp shades have a semi-sphere shape that helps to emit most light towards the downward direction. Dome shades also suit traditional as well as classic decor.

Lamp Shade Fitters

The inside portion of the lampshade attaches to the stand component, and the lighting should be fitter. Filters are available in four standard varieties.

  • Spider
  • Clip On 
  • Uno
  • Screw On

Spider Lamp Shade Fitter

These are the most common type of screw-on lamp shade fitters that sit atop the lamp’s harp and are also secured to the lamp with a finial.

Clip-on Lamp Shade Fitter

The fitter directly attaches to the light bulb without any additional hardware. Clip-on lamp shade fitters come in two different sizes which can fit bulbs – candelabras and regular bulbs.

Uno Lamp Shade Fitter

Uno lamp shade fitters sit directly on the specialized light bulb socket and are also secured with a threaded ring that keeps the light bulb in place.


Lamp Shade Material

Lamp shades are available in many types of materials. The best suited for your house depends on the purpose of the lamp in the room. Translucent shades work great for reading and also add ambient lights to the room. Opaque shades direct lights in up and down and defined beams which work perfectly for setting a mood and highlighting objects.

  • Glass lamp shades: these are opaque or clear glass shades made of art lass or tiffany glass. Super easy to clean; however, glass lamp shades are a bit fragile.
  • Metal lamp shade: metal lamp shades are dome or round in shape and can be used for overhead pendant fixtures for task lighting and over tables.
  • Crystal lamp shade: this lamp shaded features individual crystal prisms which are fastened together to form shade. The crystal’s glimmer light gives a Hollywood glam-like vibe to the room.
  • Paper lamp shade: these are affordable and come in many textures and colors. Usually, paper lamp shades have a laminated back to offer rigidity.
  • Burlap lamp shade: the burlap material gives a rustic charm to lamp shades and is perfect for ambient as well as accent lights. 
  • Rattan lamp shade: rattan helps to give a natural look to a tropical outdoor area. These help to radiate soft filter light with vertical bands giving a warm rustic glow.
  • Fabric lamp shade: fabric lampshades come in many textures and colors. Super-versatile fabric lampshades are reinforced using metal frames to give desired shape to lamps.
  • Wood lamp shade: wooden lamp shade comes in rustic to ultra-modern style. Depending on the style of lamp shades, the lights are subtly diffused, giving accent light. 
  • Linen lamp shade: Linen lamp shades have sturdy fabric made from flax plants and other fibers. Depending on linen colors, these give soft and pleasant light.
  • Silk lamp shade: the silk fabric lamp shades provide filtered light to a room; however, these tend to be a little difficult to clean.

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The lamp shade may be the crown of a lamp, but adding some finishing touches like trim and finials will help to further accentuate the lamp look. 

Finials are decorative caps that fit easily over the shades on top of lamps. These help to secure the lampshade in the right place and complete lamp aesthetics. Finials are available in many different materials, colors, and shapes and are also used along with spider fitters.

 Lampshade Trims can easily transform a plain shade into a unique piece. Trims usually range from ribbon, fringe, braids, and beadings. These are added to the base or top easily on a lamp shade and give a custom look.

Lamps provide plenty of decorative lighting options for your house. The home depot carries a large lamp base section to enhance the lighting as well as the look of your house. 

We hope you like this guide on choosing the right types of lamp shades for your space. What type of lamp shades do you already own? Let us know in the comments below.