Everything To Know About The Cast of Barbie 2023

Cast of Barbie 2023

Cast of Barbie 2023 – One of the year’s most anticipated films is Barbie, directed by Greta Gerwig. The movie’s lead cast of Barbie 2023 includes Margot Robbie as the famous Mattel doll, Barbie. Her counterpart, Ken, is played by Ryan Gosling. Several actors also play different types of Barbie and Ken in the film. Check out the list of the cast of Barbie 2023. Have a look:

The cast of Barbie 2023

In this list of cast, we have given everything about the cast of Barbie 2023:

Margot Robbie (Barbie)

Barbie, the famous doll, will come to life through the hands of Margot Robbie, an Australian-born actress. Robbie is not new to the world of acting. Her career started with a soap opera in Australia called Neighbors, after which she moved to Hollywood. 

Her breakout performance was in Martin Scorsese’s The Wolf of Wall Street (2013) opposite Leonardo DiCaprio. After this, Robbie has shown her acting talent in many roles and received two Oscar nominations for her roles in I, Tonya (2017) and Bombshell (2019).

Ryan Gosling (Ken)

Canadian actor and musician Ryan Gosling will portray Ken, Barbie’s rival. He started out as a child actor in Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club and first appeared on a 1995 episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? Gosling is now one of the most popular actors in Hollywood, starring in movies such as The Notebook, La La Land, and Blade Runner 2049.

Other Barbies

The Barbie movie also features several other actors who play different versions of Barbie. These include Dua Lipa, Nicola Coughlan, Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, Emma Mackey, Ana Cruz Kayne, Sharon Rooney, and Ritu Arya. Each actor provides a different take on Barbie, making the film richer and more interesting.

Other Kens

Other than Gosling, the movie also stars Kingsley Ben-Adir, Scott Evans, Simu Liu, and Ncuti Gatwa, portraying various incarnations of Ken. Like their Barbie counterparts, these actors bring several viewpoints to the character of Ken.

Michael Cera (Allan)

The character Allan is portrayed by Michael Cera, a comic actor from such films as ‘Superbad’ and ‘Juno’.Allan Sherwood was a short-lived character in the Barbie franchise, created in 1964 for three reasons: to ‘address the ‘shared clothes’ ideal with Ken’, for the ‘double dating possibilities’, and lastly, as a ‘buddy’ to Ken.

Allan dated Midge, Barbie’s friend, from 1963, but by 1965 the doll had been discontinued when the original characters (most notably, Barbie and Ken) received the body mold updates1. The Allan doll only stayed on the market until 1966 and returned in 1969 with a new body mold. 

Nevertheless, Allan’s redesign did not match that of Ken, and Allan was dropped forever. In the film, the writer-actress Emerald Fennell portrays Midge, allowing the audience to see the reunion of this iconic couple on the big screen.

Will Ferrell (Mattel CEO)

In the Barbie movie, Will Ferrell, a famous comic actor, is the CEO of Mattel. Mattel is an American toy manufacturing firm that released Barbie alongside other legendary toys such as Hot Wheels. Ferrell’s character seems to be a corporate new barbie movie cast that meets Margot Robbie’s Barbie after she travels from Barbieland to the real world. 

During an interview with the Wall Street Journal, Ferrell referred to his character as “insensitive” and hinted at some big Barbie spoilers.

Helen Mirren (Narrator)

The Barbie movie features the iconic voice of Helen Mirren, a British actress who is known for her incredible talent and captivating performances. Mirren brings some other magic to this already magical story with her natural allure and charisma.

As the narrator in the Barbie movie, Mirren is a legendary actress who has had a long, well-respected career in film and television, and she is bound to bring an air of class and refinement to the movie.

What is the storyline of the Barbie movie?

The Barbie movie, directed by Greta Gerwig, is a fantasy comedy film about the eponymous fashion dolls produced by Mattel. The plot is centred on the most sought-after Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, who starts having an existential crisis. She has to travel to the human world to find out who she is and what she is meant for. 

Her quasi-fiance, Ken, portrayed by Ryan Gosling, tags along because his life depends on Barbie being aware of his presence. Barbie and Ken learn hard lessons and meet new friends on their path to enlightenment. The movie details the intricate reality of being a teenage girl and the different struggles and dreams that come with it. The film is a combination of comedy, depth, and witty dialogue.

It is a self-pilgrimage through Barbieland and the real world. The film recognizes Barbie’s unrealistic physical proportions and the types of very real body issues they can cause in young girls while also celebrating her role as a feminist heroine.

Questions Asked

Who is directing the Barbie movie?

Greta Gerwig directs the Barbie movie.

Who are the major players in the Barbie movie?

Margot Robbie and Ken by Ryan Gosling play Barbie.

What about the other actors in the Barbie movie?

In the movie, there are other actors playing different versions of Barbie and Ken. Among them are Dua Lipa, Nicola Coughlan, Alexandra Shipp, Hari Nef, Emma Mackey, Ana Cruz Kayne, Sharon Rooney, Ritu Arya, Kingsley Ben-Adir, Scott Evans, Simu Liu, Ncuti Gatwa.

Who are the other characters in Barbie?

The movie features a few “human” characters played by A-listers such as America Ferrera, Helen Mirren, and Will Ferrell.

What is the storyline of the Barbie movie?

The story focuses on the most famous Barbie, who starts having an existential crisis. In order to know herself and find her real mission, she has to go to the world of humans.