How to Buy the Latest Handmade Mangal Sutra?

Married ladies in India are expected to wear an eye-catching Mangal Sutra or a kind of a chain with gold and black beads and a cute pendant. Most people wear a Mangal Sutra because tradition and customs demand it while there are some women who prefer to consider the scientific benefits of wearing a Mangal Sutra. Did you know that by sporting a Mangal Sutra, there could be an improvement in the overall health and fitness of a married lady?

What Is a Mangal Sutra?

Mangal Sutra means the sacred thread. It is used extensively by married Indian women all across the country. It is an integral part of a bride’s jewelry and is a significant part of Indian tradition and Hindu culture. Indian people pay a lot of importance to Mangal Sutras and most married women are expected to wear a Mangal Sutra to demonstrate the fact that they are married and no one should look at them with any evil intentions.

Whatever the reasons, Mangal Sutra is regarded even today as the greatest symbol of the love and bonding of marriage. It is simply a set of beautiful black beads that are strung together with the help of a gold chain or a yellow thread along with a cute pendant. This piece of jewelry would never go out of fashion as designers are coming up with sleeker and more attractive versions including the handmade Mangal Sutra that is becoming increasingly popular among the modern and the fashion-conscious Indian women. For every Hindu married woman, Mangal Sutra has some special importance that simply cannot be undermined. This beautiful ornament is known to symbolize the union of a woman and man. This is regarded as the most important and precious jewelry item that a married woman needs to wear all through her lifetime.

Mangal Sutra Promotes Health

Our Indian culture and tradition are really scientific and advanced. In the field of Ayurveda, it is believed that metal gold offers multiple benefits. Mangal Sutra is made from pure gold mostly effective in improving heart and also keeping the chest clear and healthy. Right at the center you would see two cups that are mostly round and sans any designs. This is great for generating a super-cool and harmonious relationship between the wife and her hubby.

Gold is effective in stimulating the sun channel found in a woman. Remember that the sacred black beads comprising a Mangal Sutra are effective in protecting a married lady from evil eyes because black is supposed to effectively absorb all negative energy.  Moreover, the three distinctive knots of the Mangal Sutra beads would be signifying diverse aspects of marital life. The first knot would be signifying obedience towards your life partner. The second knot would be symbolic of obedience and respect to your parents. Finally, the third knot would be representing your respect for God Almighty.

Choosing a Handmade Designer Mangal Sutra


Today, the jewelry designers are coming up with absolutely amazing handmade versions of the traditional Mangal Sutras. A Mangal Sutra is indeed a beautiful and a precious piece of jewelry for an Indian married woman. The modern Mangal Sutras come in a variety of designs to complement your personality and cater to the diverse needs, tastes, and preferences. Often it becomes pretty challenging to make the right choice. Here are some of the simple factors to keep in mind while buying the best Mangal Sutra for your wedding.

Budget: Budget plays a pivotal role in determining what Mangal Sutra type to buy. You must chalk out a budget. Thanks to a great variety of metals, cuts, and designs, the price range is sure to vary quite a lot. Determine a precise budget and always stick to it. Try not to exceed the budget.

Metal: Decide which metal to opt for while buying the Mangal Sutra. Previously gold Mangal Sutras were in great demand but today, you could get Mangal Sutras in amazing designs in not only gold but platinum, silver, and even white gold. Choose as per your budgetary constraints. If your budget permits, buy a stunning Mangal Sutra with diamonds for that amazing glittering effect.

Need-Based Buying: Your Mangal Sutra should cater to your precise requirements. No need to get swayed by someone else’s choice and designs. If you wish to buy a Mangal Sutra for simply daily use, opt for a lightweight one with the chic design so that it is quite comfortable to wear and easy to carry. Special occasion Mangal Sutras should, however, be relatively heavyweight with a large or minimum a medium-sized pendant with eye-catching and an intricate design matching your precise requirements.

Choose the Right Pendant: Designers today are coming up with a broad spectrum of pendant designs such as hanging pendants, heavy design pendants, lightweight pendants, small pendants and much more. Buy what really looks best on you and suits your personality. Remember to consider the comfort factor. Think about the occasion when you wish to wear the Mangal Sutra and choose a lovely design accordingly.

Examine the Authenticity

Always remember to examine the five most important marks of authenticity, 1) Purity Grade, 2) BIS Standard Mark, 3) Hallmarking Center, 4) Jeweler’s Identification Mark, and 5) The Manufacturing Year. This thorough scrutiny would make sure that you do not get cheated and you end up buying an authentic jewelry piece.


Mangal Sutra is the expression of the deep love, bond, dedication, and commitment between marital partners in India. The Mangal Sutra is essentially a graceful jewelry piece that every Indian married woman would love to flaunt.

Article by:  Mandy Bular is an artist and jewelry designer working with an independent boutique jewelry creator. She loves art, photography, and blogging and shares a number of her unique designs and pointers to great stores and resources online like

4 Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing Your Wedding Lehenga

Summer weddings. What do you think first when you get ready to be married in summers? Umm… your ethnic wear clothing! Well, to start off your shopping for your wedding, first attire you eagerly wait all your life to get a hold onto is your Wedding Lehenga.

Every year, lots of dresses wrapped under the label of plenty of designers are showcased, which leads to a lot of drama and confusion to choose from. With the urge of keeping it stylish with the traditional look, the most preferred option is to choose a lightweight lehenga with visually soft colours and appealing work on it. As a guide to solve your dilemma and make your wedding a BIG hit, we enlist few details and points “to be noted” while selecting your wedding lehenga. So, here you go:

  • Colours:Maroons and Reds are a passé. When you talk about choosing the colors for your lehenga this summer, you could never go wrong with light pastels and pinks are the way to go.

ethnic wearYou can also experiment your look by going for beige color this summer. Its sootheness and calmness can turn the heads on.

ethnic wear2Apart from the colours, you can go for the floral prints, which is taken up from the 70s.

ethnic wear 3if you are experimenting a beach wedding to be more adventurous, you can always go for something bold and crazy like the geometric multi coloured prints.

ethnic wear4

Make sure to use minimal accessories when choosing light colours as mismatch or over accessories could spoil your bridal look drastically. They may not be as big and grand as dark lehengas but they sure has their own sumptuous look.

  • Cloth material:first and foremost thing to be taken a good care of is that in summers, one must not go for the silk and the velvets. Make sure the material of your lehenga is light and comfortable to wear in the screeching heat. Velvets and silks are a big NO because of the heat they absorb; which would lead you to be an uncomfortable and scratching bride!
  • ethnic wear5Work:Talking about the work on your lehenga, try using the stone or the embroidery work instead of adopting the traditional red lehengas.

ethnic wear6Lightweight lehengas with heavy work are also an option you could crave this summer.
A heavy bordered lehengas are IN for the summer weddings with the simple work of zari, embroidery or stonework here and there. This would give you a complete look of a stunner.

ethnic wear7ethnic wear8

Net dupattas with sequins work are the show stoppers. Whatever you choose, make sure you make it a hit by embellishing it with the perfect accessories and elegant makeup.

  • Price range:Marriage in India is definitely a costly affair. To make it worth all the drama and stardom, you need to have an outfit complimenting all of it. Many of the modern and socialists don’t like spending a big amount on the lehengas as it is mostly just a one-day affair and then, it is stored in a box somewhere in your house forever! So, instead of wasting piles of money on the designer ones, you can always rent it or purchase it from good and affordable ethnic wear platforms. You can check out the range from various social media sites too and compare if it could fit into your wedding diaries. You can choose from a variety of lehenga options and choose the ONE made for YOU. Or, you can always have an option to break the monopoly and design it on your own!

We hope our effort to cater you help will be appreciated and we hope this summer, you will be the one rocking the summer bride look and will slay the audience with your look.

Which one of these is your “perfect attire”? Let us know in the comments section below. Happy wedding!  J

Shhh! Here’s the secret to finding the best wedding makeup artist

The wedding dates are fixed, and before you know it, you are prepping up for the big day. While it is quite difficult finding the right venue, caterer, outfits, etc. you may still find one task most humongous of all; the task of finding a perfect make -up artist.

Planning a wedding in a city like Mumbai will not save you much. Also, your budget may also have a chance of going much overboard than what you originally planned. But you still need to find an excellent bridal makeup artist in Mumbai and that too within your budget! Sounds impossible, right? Well, not anymore with mobile marketplace like apps in the market. Here’s how they can come to your rescue.

Booking the best wedding artist with a mobile marketplace app

Every girl wants to look her best on her wedding day and not hiring a bridal makeup artist due to an already jam-packed budget is not an option. In fact, if there is anything that tops a bride’s list as much as the perfect wedding outfit, then it’s the makeup!


Hence, we suggest taking help of a mobile marketplace app like UrbanClap which provides bridal makeup artists in Mumbai at your doorstep. This way you can choose only those makeup artists who suit your budget.

For the smaller as well as bigger wedding functions the app has a solution for all your makeup needs; which are available with just a touch of your Smartphone!

How to find the best bridal makeup artist on mobile marketplaces

  • Browsing for a good makeup artist

Mobile marketplace for services just spoil you for choices. Browse through the list of services and choose the ones you need (in this case a bridal makeup artist!). Alternatively, you can also select other services such as pre-wedding shoot, bridal mehndi artists, and so on.

  • Events

Indian weddings are gala events featuring several functions. The pressure of looking close to a movie star at these events bring higher expectations. Mobile marketplaces are platforms that help you pick the functions for which you need a makeup artist for. UrbanClap for instance helps you opt for a makeup artist best suited for your Mehendi or Cocktail party.

  • Choose your type of makeup

Want to choose a sweet, subtle look for your engagement, or a bold look for the reception, or maybe a fresh dewy and all natural look for a simple function at home- everything is available on these platforms. This way the artist has a heads-up from the beginning and will work with you only on those looks and ideas you like, hence saving a lot of time. It is best to book a trial session on the app before finalizing a makeup artist. What’s more, you can even schedule makeup sessions for your friends and family.

  • Pick a reasonable budget

Those extra bucks saved will come to use when you plan a getaway with your hubby the next year. Specify the budget you are comfortable with and get connected with only those artists who match your budget. Since apps like UrbanClap provide only verified and professional experts, you can expect good quality artists to connect with you.

  • Give your details

Your requests are precisely matched to professionals, which help avoid any last-minute problems. Specify where you want the service, and the app will get you connected with the right professionals matching your needs.

So within few easy steps, you will soon have access to expert makeup artists and that too matching your budget. Within 24 hours the best professionals will call you or be at your doorstep, consulting with you about the gorgeous look you need to match your wedding functions.

So, don’t wait anymore! Can’t find a good bridal makeup artist in your budget? Go ahead and get the benefits of an expert makeup artist within your budget; by simple clicks and taps on apps like UrbanClap.

What Engagement Ring Is Your Fiancé?

So she has finally said yes! But wait, the battle is just half won. Make sure you celebrate her commitment with a ring she deserves. Trust us when we say, finding the ideal ring for engagement has more to do with the personality of your partner than your intuition. We suggest you analyse her personality and serenade her with a piece meant just for her.

                                                                  Is your fiancé quirky in nature?

Your quirky fiancé may not be easy to convince. It’s her unconventional outlook towards life that attracted you towards her for the first time (and always since then)! But, now it’s time to find an engagement ring that is as unusual as your partner is. If a round shaped ring is too conventional for her, look for the rings with open ends. This rose gold engagement ring from the Ornati collection by Farah Khan from is perfect to amaze your partner.


                                                              Is your fiancé demure and sophisticated type?

If your partner wants to keep the engagement an affair without pomp, then she is not the one to be convinced by any dazzling engagement ring. You need to be a little choosier with the piece, as she may find a shiny rock too loud to sport. Believe us, a platinum ring would suit her best.  You can also get the cue from her quick but frequent glances at platinum jewellery designs available at CaratLane.


                                                             If your fiancé flamboyant?

It’s completely fine if she likes to show off all that she holds close to her heart. After all, she never hesitates from expressing her love for you! When she is so loud and clear about her feelings, why not let her engagement ring be as flamboyant as she is?

If diamond jewellery is what pleases her, then look no further. Pick up a quintessential ring from an avant garde diamond jewellery collection and seal your love in style.


                                                             Is your partner a diehard romantic?

Two bands with one design – isn’t it like your own love story where you and your partner have similar likes and dislikes? If you and your darling fiancé love to be the reflection of each other, then why let the engagement rings be different! Couple bands will truly reflect the bond between you two. Further, a couple band also gives an excuse for the two love-struck persons to come together and enjoy the courtship period.


                                                              Is your partner a social bird?

If your partner is an extrovert and loves socializing, then we suggest solitaires would work well for her. A glittery piece on her fingers would be a statement she would love to make.  She would love to own a solitaire ring that sets the stage for appreciation rolling. Moreover, she is the love streak of your life. And, a love streak deserves nothing less than a solitaire.


The more you understand your partner, the easier it will be to figure out her jewellery preferences. The secret lies in spending more time with your partner to ensure the glittery piece you pick ultimately, is exactly what she wants. Put your heart in picking the engagement ring for ‘her’. Respect her personality, and accordingly, make a choice. Trust us! You will never go wrong this way.

What to Do When Things Get You Down

Life can be rough sometimes. We all have felt low on our luck in one way or another. Instead of falling into the trap of negativity, take action and read these six answers on what to do when things get down.

Let the Tears Flow

Most of us feel ashamed of crying when we feel down. Never hold back your tears for they can actually make you feel better in an instant. Tears is your body’s own method of releasing stress and if you keep on denying your emotion you will only worsen the current situation. Crying is no way a sign of weakness but just a mere expression of emotion. Next time you feel terrible, let the tears flow.

Hug someone

Physical contact like hugs can naturally increase oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released whenever you feel loved and cared. Give or get a good hug every day from people around you. Initiate the physical connection if necessary to help you maintain a healthy level of this love hormone in your system.

Change your thoughts

If you want things to change then you need to start changing your thoughts. Replace your weak thoughts with strong ones, replace the negative with positive and replace hate thought with a loving one. Remember that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. Act like an enthusiastic person and just be on fire. Start creating goals no matter how small or big they are. Produce a list of actionable items you can start doing.

Practice Gratitude

Counting your blessing can actually make you feel better. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your joys and blessings as well as acknowledging the simple pleasures in life. Try writing three thinks you are thankful for today. Introduce each item with a bullet and reflect upon the things that make you happy and content inside.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical activity can relieve you from depression. Research show that workouts can help manage physical and mental stress. You don’t just burn calories but also pumps up endorphins that make your brain feel good. Exercise will surely free positive mental outlook and feeling of well-being. Follow a regular exercise routine, even if brisk walk through the park or an hour of solid activity in the gym near you.

Learn When To Stop and Let Go

The hardest part when things get down is accepting the situation. Stop fighting the universe and allow yourself to get control of your life finally. With right eating habits, right exercise, right thinking and right living you will definitely find the sense of living again. Do yourself a favor and stop the things that make you more miserable deep down. Things like trying to make things what they are not, pretending that what is happening is not happening and wanting things to change in an instant. You will only start to feel real happiness when you let things be as it is.

Bounce back when life gets you down by following the above tips. Experience the happiness, peace and joy you deserve once and for all.


How To Handle Long Distance Relationship?

Handling the long distance relationship completely depends on the way how you look towards it and how you handle it. Every relation needs time, devotion, sacrifice, sincerity, trust, care and above all; never ending love. These all implies especially in the case of long distance relationship. It might be as happy or as annoying as any other relation could be. Everyone has his or her own point of view on this. Here in this article we will go through some of the simplest yet important ways to handle long distance relationship with much of ease and they are:


  1. DON’T BE POSSESSIVE: It is good to be caring but anything that is in excess does not do any good rather turns out to give negative impact. Stay in touch but that does not mean you need to be in touch for all 24 hours of a day as it might create unnecessary complications. This will decrease your love with intense speed and create exhaustion. So, give ample space to each other and don’t turn out to be sticky and possessive. This will not only keep your love alive but also the anxiety of talking to each other at day end.
  1. LOOK IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY: Long distance relationship acts as a learning phase so look towards it as an opportunity. Feel yourself lucky to be blessed with such a chance where you will get enough time to know and understand each other. You will be able to acknowledge the positive and negative aspects of one another. With the passage of time the distance between you two will strengthen the bond of your love and trust if handled maturely. Remember the famous proverb – “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.”
  1. BE OPEN AT HEART: It is always good to be open at heart especially when the distance is long. Do not hide talks and things in your heart and assume anything that is baseless rather be open with each other. If you have any confusion or your heart is struggling with any such thought that might create misunderstanding amongst you then just don’t delay and share with one another. This will quickly relax your mind and avoid any sort of misinterpretation.
    1. COMMUNICATE SMARTLY: Be a smart communicator. Always share about your life and its happenings that you think your partner should know with one another. In daytime, once or twice you can even send small audio recordings or any beautiful pics that expressed your love for him or her. This is a smart way to stay in touch with each other and without causing any disturbance.
    1. BE CLEAR TO EACH OTHER: There is no relation that can last forever on the basis of long distance so it is better to be clear on things like: when will you be returning, how long you will be far from each other, what about your future plans, at the end of the day, what are your final plans etc. Such questions need to have an answer among both of you because a goal for any target and the plan to achieve it is really important. The more you are clear to each other about your thoughts and opinions, the more it is easy to handle such relationship.
    1. PLAN DOING THINGS TOGETHER: At times to feel a little more closer even being far at distance you can plan doing some activities together like: watching a common movie together, doing online shopping for each other, reading any romantic novel, cooking same stuff etc. This will definitely give you matter to gossip and talk and you guys will surely feel closer to each other. Remember, things done together are a great fun.
    1. GIVE SURPRISE VISIT TO EACH OTHER: Whenever possible, do give each other this lovely surprise by visiting each other’s place. This turns out to be one of the best gifts especially in long distance relationships. Do not forget to carry a gift for your beloved. Go for lunch or dinner and spend quality time with him or her. Nothing else than this can make you more happy!
    1. BE UTMOST HONEST: Hiding anything which your partner should know is something that can spoil all your efforts and end up your relation in few seconds. So, be very honest to each other so that there is no place for any sort of misunderstanding. In case of any problem, do share with each other because it is your partner who will be there for you to support you. After all your honesty will be reflected in your character and increase your trust and love for each other.
    1. KEEP YOURSELF UPDATE ON EACH OTHER’S SCHEDULES: Keeping each other updated about the schedule of one another will save your relation from getting affected from any sort of unnecessary anger and irritation. You can even drop a message if there is anything urgent so that one can respond back immediately once he or she is free. This will make your life much simpler and a lot happier.
    1. BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS: Express your love and feelings to each other by tweeting or messaging each other on social media platforms as well. Liking each other pics and also complimenting on them gives a special feel and add three stars to your relationship. Be chill and cool and don’t miss any chance to show that how much you love one another.2

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    1. USE ROMANTIC IDEAS: Right from writing hand written love letters to arranging surprise gifts through online shopping captures some of the most romantic ideas to impress each other and convey the hidden love. Sending flower bouquets, greeting cards or any sort of love gifts on especial events like birthday, valentines etc will definitely boost up your love.
  1. BE POSITIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING: This is one such factor that can keep your any relation alive forever. Though it is understandable that staying away from each other at long distances is not an easy task but if you are positive in mind and at heart about each other then distance won’t become the hurdle in your love life. If you think this way that you have someone who loves you so much, is also something that will revive you with immense positivity. Here comes a piece of advice that ‘Being positive serves as the strength of any relationship especially the long distance ones.’

Apart from the above factors, you can also happily handle your long distance relationship by giving each other with any cute names which you can generally used to call each other. This will surely give you a special feel. To add on, do not miss on the chances of video-calling and chatting also. Sitting at distance but still able to see each other, lost in each other’s eyes is like a cherry on the cake. Always share things about each other’s family and friends because this takes you closer towards him or her. There is a true saying that “If a long distance relationship survives, it’ll only grow stronger”. So, now it’s up to both of you to make it work in the best way and be together forever.


    • Well, there is nothing to worry about fights till the time you hold on love and trust for each other. No relation can remain healthy without fights or arguments because if we don’t then it means that we are suppressing our feelings and this is no good at all. Use words in limitation and don’t let that fight turn out to be a disaster. If one is high at temper then probably other can remain chill and this will settle down the argument soon. Later, you can definitely put up your words when things are settled down. This trick will definitely give your relation a sense of maturity and stay healthy always.
    • Make sure that issues that you are raising up for your fight are actually fair and nothing that highlights the past of one another because this turns out to be the most pathetic. Also, question yourself that what will you get by being against your beloved rather be together and sort out the matter mutually with little patience, softness and love. Mind you, it just takes few seconds to mess up or end up any relation but lifetime to keep it safe and happy.
    • Don’t just go on speaking and speaking, also listen to each other so that you do not misinterpret the talks. If you still find the fight not ending up, then better give some space to each other so that when you sit calm you can actually think with all senses and then do the needful. Never ever include any third party to solve your fight because this will only worsen the whole situation. Let the things stay between you two and solve it together. No one else can understand your feeling better than you guys yourselves.
    • For an instance, you had a fight yesterday and did not end up on a good note. This does not mean that you stop communicating with each other like not picking the call, avoiding each other or banging down the phone. Understand the fact that fight is equally painful for both of you and don’t make it more painful by doing such immature acts. Act mature and be sensible enough to handle it with utmost care and love again. Soon, everything will become fine and you will cherish smiles over your faces.
  • Every fight that happens is a lesson for you to understand and learn that what went wrong and what should not be repeated in future. Do discuss with each other and lay down your perspectives so that you both get to know each other in a much better way. Fights are good if they are in their limitations but they are turn out to be a tragedy when it crosses its boundaries and go far way. Don’t let it increase in any way; end it up as soon as possible. Remember, after all you love each other.

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  • Enjoy your togetherness by understanding the fact that you lucky to be loved by someone so passionately.
  • Pull out the best of the time that is available between you two and that could be either when you are together over phone, webcam or before each other.
  • Never be suspicious and shower the maximum trust, unconditional love and care over your partner. This is something which will always bind him or her to remain yours forever.
  • Let go small things or fights. Do not give them any importance. Remember that at the end of the day all that matters are, you two being together, love amongst you and faith.
  • Do not mix the professional and personal life as it will take you nowhere and unnecessarily create havoc in both the fields. Respect each other in every aspect of life.
  • Time when you are together, enjoy to the fullest. Do things which you love in common as this will increase more of understanding. If possible, plan out a day or two outing with each other or close friends so that you both can have a quality time spent in a refreshing way.

Nobody denies the fact that handling and carrying a long distance relationship is not as easy as it is advised because there is nothing that can take the place of the presence of your beloved. A physical presence of your loved one is totally incomparable. But true examination is when you are at distance. So, maintain your love, faith and bestow him or her with care and see the magic. Little patience, few adjustments and some sacrifices, this all that is needed for a happy relationship and this is the only advice. Have trust on yourself that you will never give up and give your best to your relation!!


Be Photogenic… 25 Hacks To Ace A Perfect Picture Click

With the trending phones and the urge to have good display pictures for social media websites, all of us are somehow becoming picture freaks. Well that’s fun too, isn’t it? Whether it be selfies, groupfies, snap chats or solos we always try to look our best. However, it isn’t that easy to ace the perfect click which is an obvious reason that behind one profile picture there are 99 or more non-satisfying pictures which deserves an immediate delete. In situation like such, we usually wonder what all those models and magazine queens do to portrait their best in every picture. Well, this need not to remain a secret anymore. We reveal to you some mind-blowing tricks to get the perfect shot in one go; all you would need to do is to read and understand them carefully and then apply while you click your next photo. If you note down these tricks and follow them then we can assure you that next time when you will get ready and look the most beautiful these pictures won’t be able to ditch you by not displaying the same.

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  1. If your eyes are sensitive and you often blink your eyes frequently while taking a picture which ruins the click, then to prevent this just shut your eyes close exactly before the click then open your eyes slowly and immediately click the picture. This will ensure that your beautiful eye gets captured in the shot perfectly and doesn’t give a half asleep look.
  2. While we try to experiment with the angles of the camera to get a stunning picture, he double chin often restricts the creativity, thus to make sure your double chin doesn’t show up; just keep your neck elongated and stretch your chin a bit forward, also try to click pictures from a relatively higher level to your face this will help to enhance the look of your face bones and avoid double chin.
  3. Patchy and pale makeup can also lead to imperfect pictures, thus make sure to put up makeup that matches your skin and blends well in your skin.
  4. Always focus on the beauty of your eyes. To any still image eyes are the focal points so the deeper and bigger your eyes look in the picture the more mesmerizing the picture will look. Therefore decorate your eyes beautifully with a good quality mascara, kohl and eyeliner.
  5. If you will assess the best pictures of yours who would be noticing some pattern, which means that there would surely be an angle from where your picture looks much better than from others. Attempt to replicate those angles and possess along with some creativity to get some great shots.
  6. As it is said Stratum always works thus one prominent way to ensure a flawless grin on your face while you pose for the perfect picture is that while you smile place your tongue at the back of your teeth, try it!
  7. Do not ever underestimate your features specially your eyebrows, at times the density of the eyebrow sharpens the features and appears better in images.
  8. Hair, the most important aspect to be looked upon because they have both the tendency and audacity to destroy any picture. Therefore make sure your hair look shiny and are well untangled before you click the picture.
  9. Red eyes that sometimes get reflected in pictures make you look no less than a ell dressed monster, but don’t worry we have a trick to avoid this. What you can do is look straight to the light exactly before you face the camera. You might be wondering how will it help, right? The light will help your pupil shrink, so when the photo will be clicked the flash wouldn’t reflect in your eyes.
  10. Another amazing way to make your eyes look wider and fresh is to pour a few drops of Visine in your eyes.
  11. It sometime you get caught into a sudden photo session, then to get immediate glow on your face, take a napkin or tissue and cleanse your face with it. After the cleansing is done to get a glowing, rosy red appearance on your cheeks just lightly pinch the area of your cheek bones.
  12. We suggest you to apply light pink blush on your bones of cheeks. This color variance will get a better texture to the skin and add dimensions to it.
  13. Experiment with the angles you click your photo in, instead of trying the hit and trial method notice which profile is the best when it comes to capturing and pose accordingly.
  14. If your problem is that your body looks wide and broad in pictures, trying this cliché pose can make you appear thinner and leaner. To get into this pose your body should be angled sideways with face facing the camera straight and the hands should be place on the hips.
  15. No, where we recommend you light soft blush oh cheeks to appear better on the photo, on the other hand we would strictly say no to put on something shimmery. It is because even a pinch of shimmer on the face can appear to be a lot in pictures, so if you use a shimmer ace powder or concealer either be very sure of how much and in what ways otherwise don’t do it or you will overdo it instead give a matte look to the base and contour sharp bones like the nose bridge and temples with highlighters of soft sheen.
  16. However, not on the face but a touch of shimmer of soft sheen under your neck will help you portray a better and smooth complexion.
  17. Not just your face, posture, camera angles etc. defines the beauty of a picture, but a background plays an important role too. So while opting a background choose the lighter one, say a white wall for an instance. It is because if the background is light the focus gets onto the ace and it helps your face look bright and glowing.
  18. Do not go with dark lip color shades instead choose the brighter ones. The reason behind this theory is that dark lip colors have belittling impact on lips and doesn’t make them outstand therefore opting bright and beautiful colors would be a better option.
  19. If you think that you are not that photogenic like others are, then it is just your misconception. Because people who feel that they do not fit into photographs tend to click lesser photographs and that’s why they could not explore all the dimensions, angles and the best profile of their faces. Therefore begin it and in the starting let the photographer take numerous pictures, notice the pattern among them, see what can be corrected and pose again, soon you will be better than a professional.
  20. Another cliché note is that the pictures taken from higher angles are more likely to look good that the one taken from angles below your face level. Consider this old school trick to crack the code to a mesmerizing picture.
  21. While you pose for a picture, lights around you do matter. So if there is direct source of light we would suggest you not to stand facing towards it or even underneath it because it will lead to formation of unearthly shadows on your face. But if you find a natural source of light such as sunlight it will really make your face shine and help you hack an aced photograph.
  22. Holding a beautiful property such as flowers in hands and posing along with it can help you attain a better and relaxed posture leading to more beautiful appearance in pictures.
  23. To add a gleam to your eyes, focus your eyes to a source of light, make sure not too bright one but a subtle small source of light such as a lamp. This will make your eyes lit up adding a flattering sparkle.
  24. Be simple yet stylish while clicking any pose as Simplicity displays beauty at its best. For a perfect pose, it is important your hair to look equally amazing. So, for this you can apply dry oil or a nice pomatum with light hands and give a distinct look to yourself.
  25. Undoubtedly, a smile looks so fake when you make it appear by saying ‘cheese’, so let go off this age old method and instead actually joke around with the photographer this will help you get that natural, pretty and spellbinding smile.

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So here you go!! Get up and try a few tricks among them. We hope that they will help you for sure and next time when you get a perfect display picture, it will definitely remind you of us.

Stay beautiful, look beautiful. Happy clicking!

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How Men Express Their Love Without Saying ‘I LOVE YOU’

Are you one of those wives or girlfriends who usually complain about their men’s inability to express themselves? Believe us, we really understand the feeling when you want your lover to express his love but he just couldn’t put it into words. But once upon a time someone said beautifully that love doesn’t always need words because it is much better expressed through actions and ideally, may be this is the theory that men believe in. Guys use a lot of gestures to imply their love to you. Yes, that’s true so notice all those gestures and all you need to do is to put some efforts to understand what better way they opt. In this article we have enlisted some innocent and loving gestures and actions that men use to show their love instead of saying I LOVE YOU directly.

Read it carefully so that when next time he expresses his deep hidden love through his own style, you quickly understand what he means and this would make you happy that you were wrong because your beloved loves you to the moon and back.


What better gesture could be to express love of a warm heart than a long passionate kiss? So, if he does try and initiate it just try to get into the flow and feel the passion he has for your love. This in a way implies that he just could not resist loving you. Thus try and understand the hidden words.


If his friends find you likable and feel very comfortable to jell up in your company this means that he has been talking to them about you and telling them how lucky and happy he feels to have you. Trust us ladies if a guy does this he really appreciates your presence in his life and love you loads.


When he comes down to you to you to just lie in your lap and feel better, nothing can define how much he adore you as his better half and is thankful that you are always there for him.


This is one of the sweetest gestures of his love, which is natural and genuine. Undoubtedly when we do something we like we are ought to have that ear to ear smile. If he had one alike after kissing you this strongly means that he is in over with that feeling and with you.


Did you ever think that listening can be an alternative to speak? It can, in fact it is. A good lover will always be a good listener. Therefore, if he listens to your opinions, ass you how was your day and is interested to know the same and when he pays attention to you problems and happiness he surely loves you.


Ideally when we not aligned to someone and still we had to listen to them, often our postures would be slouchy with cold expressions. So next time whenever you will be having a deep conversation make sure to listen what his body language says. If he sits attentively with a spark in his eyes that’s enough you do not need any other clue.


If he likes to hold your hands especially when you are out with friends or in a gathering, he surely is proud of your company and of the fact that he has a lady like you in his life.


If he catch up some free time just to call you up and listen to your voice he guys are true soul mates and he surely wants to tell how much he love you even I he doesn’t mention it. However this point need not necessarily suit every person so please do not completely assume things based on this judgment.


If he stands beside you in everything you want to do. Whether you want to go sky diving or grocery shopping he never leaves your back and always accompany then he really is a keeper and would never let you go.


On a candle light date night sitting across each other if he has a gentle eye contact when you talk about your interest, or in a loud pub with friends sitting in different corners if his eyes wander around to check whether you are fine and comfortable or not. He actually tells you that he care without even saying a word.


People are ought to ruffle their own hair in situations where they fall nervous or feel shy, if he does it often when you compliment him or he compliments you or at times when you amidst of having an intimate conversation, believe us girl he is one adorable, cute lover.


As per observations, if a person possess interest in the personality and talks of the person he is talking to then possibilities are that he would depict his/her body language unintentionally. This is a strong signal of how deeply he intends to listen to you and care about all your words and actives that he loses himself in you.


It is one thing to offer flowers and gifts but what matters in a gift is never its price but it’s worth and usefulness. A guy in love will always take time and put efforts to find out the perfectly suitable and useful gift to be presented to you. Along with that, he would never wait for an occasion to present you something he would do it when he realizes that you need it and he can get it for you. However on your part please try to never judge the gift with its grandness but appreciate his efforts and accept with a warm lovely smile and a kiss in return would be the cutest deal.


If he cannot resist but adore your silliness and childish behavior, also if he laugh out loud and looks at you with starry eyes when you do something stupid and no one can tell him how insensible you are at times because he already know it and he admires you for it. Do I still need to mention how much he loves you? You know it better.

Do let us know, what way of your beloved made you feel special.

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Are You An Introvert?

The Ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” is exactly why you are here.

Maybe you don’t know if you are an introvert or already know the fact, but came here to know more about it. You must know that a 2/3 of the total population is of introverts; that is; 1 out of every 2 or 3 people you know! This may seem weird to you as most of the people you know are more outgoing and you may not recall many introverts you know. But the thing is, you cannot spot an introvert in just a glance. There is so much in them than just being in solitude or being quiet.  Stereotypical Introvert may be the one sitting alone in a party away from the cool people. No. It is not as easy to spot an Introvert personality.

Some people even think they are not introverts because they are not “shy”, but this mind-set is not as bizarre as they think. There is no such thing as an “outgoing introvert”. Most of the people I know think that being an introvert is more than just devoting time alone. There is a huge difference between an introvert and extrovert.

Introvert Definition: To define introvert, “Introversion is a basic temperament. So, the social aspect — which is what people focus on — is really a small part of being an introvert. It affects everything in your life.”  Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, psychotherapist and author of “The Introvert Advantage,” said in a Mensa discussion to define introversion.


Now, the question remains: What it really means being an “introvert”? Check on your own if any of the following signs applies to you:-


1) Parties scare you


When an invite comes, it seems as if you will have to prepare for a war. Well, not exactly a war but you really want to prepare for everything. Though, when you go to the party, you don’t really MEET people or socialize much. Meeting new people is not at all a good idea to you. You are the person who hangs on with the food bowl and that’s OKAY!

In the end, you find your battery draining and you need to refill it by cultivating some time alone. Solitude, for some, is the air they breathe.

And yea “I hate people” is your constant inner monologue after these social parties!

2) Small talk is one thing you hate the most


“Hi”, “what’s up?” are not so pleasant phrases to you.

You don’t like small talk at all. You, in fact, are a sucker for deep, thoughtful and intellectual conversations with people. Their long stories won’t bother you a bit and you think they are more engaging than those regular party chit-chats that mean nothing and seems shallow to you. You crave meaning in conversations. If deprived of that, you have no interest in their gossips. Also, you hate making the first move; you don’t know what to say to the peeps out there or how to talk. Words just don’t follow your way.

3) You often feel “alone” in a room full of people


This scenario is common to you. In a crowd, people are talking and laughing and doing things, while you are “just there”. You think you should take part in their conversations but you give up as they are doing nothing but draining you out. People think you are rude and for overcoming this misconception, you try to smile. In the end, all through the conversations, you were just smiling at them and taking in the torture. But when someone talks about your passion or your interest, you can have a full long conversation on it with that twinkle in your eyes. These kind of conversations are the ones you love to talk about; even with the people you don’t share a bond with.

4) Giving a speech in front of 500 people is less stressful than networking with them:


According to the statics, Introverts are great leaders and public speaking don’t really scare them. An estimated 40% CEO’s are Introverts. Many famous personalities like Elena Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi were introverts. So, you don’t shy away from spotlight but struggle with talking to people in person. Psychologists have proved that Introverts are as competent of giving a seminar on a topic as extroverts. But when it comes to communicating with those in the audience, Introverts cringe while Extroverts do it happily as they are their opposites and they get charged up while doing so. The psychology behind this is that an introvert; while giving a seminar or delivering a speech; keeps all the things prepared and they give their 100%, but when it comes to talking, they are not prepared for it and gets anxious.

5) You are extremely fascinated by art



Reading, Writing, Creating art, Music, etc. seems to be a treat for you. You enjoy practicing them as they help you refill your energy and make you happy. In fact, most Introverts are “the creative ones” in a crowd. You are an expert in observing. You feel like you see things with a different perspective than your friends and it are scientifically proven too! That makes your idols mostly creative personalities and you love their art with all your heart. Your hobbies include one of the many art forms. “Good Listener” and “Observant” are some of the tags you can recognize yourself with. These traits are very crucial in order to be successful and many Introverts also benefit from it.

6) Unexpected Calls are often left unanswered



They screen all their calls if they are not expecting it. Even if their closest friend wants to talk to them, they just don’t answer. It doesn’t mean Introverts are rude or ignorant; they call back when they think they have enough “energy” to have a conversation with someone. Unexpected calls just don’t make them happy. To them, texting is the way out. They love texting and can talk to you all day but they cringe when it comes to taking a call. They hate those long silences and often fell like they are taking too much of your time talking to you on the phone. That is why texting is a better alternative for them and they don’t feel like they are bothering others too much. So that everyone remain happy!

7) You have a small group of close friends


It’s not like Introverts “hate” people. They just aren’t comfortable much when it comes to socializing with a lot of people. They tend to have a couple or more best friends. It’s just that they choose carefully whom they should socialise to. They cherish deep relationships rather than the shallow ones and can do anything for the ones they invest their most of the time with. While, it is true that new people scare them a little, but once they past that and show their sincerity towards the relationship, they can have an amazing relationship.  Other people just have to make the first move and that’s it.

8) Social Anxiety and Being Judged


Your social anxiety’s foundation is the horror of being judged. You may like people giving you attention, but you also think when they stare you, they are judging you, based on anything you are doing; so you get anxious. This anxiety is at that point that even when you are talking to really nice kind of people who love you, you still think that when you left, “that” joke on which they were laughing was about you!

9) People Pleaser


You are constantly pleasing other people even if it means displeasing yourself. You are too serious in life, but you think of others more than you think for yourself, which is horrifying sometimes. You say yes when you want to say no and say no when you want to say yes. Even when it’s not AT ALL suitable for you; you just can’t help it! You think people will think degradedly of you if you don’t do it. It’s OKAY though, you cannot please everyone in the world! You are not a jar of Nutella for God’s sake!

This is the reason why you don’t get into many fights either. You agree with the people even when they are rude and mean to you and offend you. What you do at most is that you just stop talking to them but you can’t rebuke!

10) People tag you as “Quiet”, “Boring”, and all sorts of those words


Well there are people, and their stereotypical thinking. They just can’t see through you and what you are capable of doing. They tag you with names thinking that being “quiet” is all that is in your personality. But your real friends know you. Once you get close to people, how amazing you can be! How exciting can you make your life and show them that magic of living a happy life that is the secret hidden only with you. Not largely, but you are content with your life and always look for ways to make it more amazing. And as Taylor Swift says: “Haters Gonna Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate… But I am just gonna shake shake shake! So just Shake it off and let no one fuse down your spark!

These points may not all be relevant to your personality and maybe you have some different traits hidden too. But if you can relate to more than five points from this post, then my dear, you are a celebrated Introvert! Be Proud! Feel free to talk about it on the comments below! Stay Positive. Good luck.

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Precautions For A Safe And Sound ‘DIWALI’ For Your Child

Diwali is an auspicious and the most celebrated festival of India. Every year people of all the age groups excitingly wait for this beautiful occasion in order to enjoy with their families and friends. Ladies look forward to shop beautiful clothes and decorative items so that they can look their best and make their houses look equally beautiful. Alongside, on one hand where the elders of the family are more inclined towards the worship of goddess Lakshmi and buying gold coins and ornaments made up of gold and similarly on the other hand, the main attractions for children are decorative lightings and different crackers. However, this mode of celebration can at times also turn to be hazardous. You must be thinking how. There are varieties of crackers and busters that are not even legally allowed in some parts of the country but still sold in the market. If not guided properly and taken care of, then bursting these crackers can cause serious burns and injuries which might turn your happy Diwali into a sad one. No one would ever wish so. Nevertheless, the best cure is to take safety measures and related precautions. Thereby, we would like to highlight a few mandatory preventions which should be considered this Diwali as the top most priority. These will prevent your kid from any kind of mishap hence ensuring a safe, secured and a prosperous Diwali for your beloved family, children and one and all around you.


Synthetic clothes have the tendency to catch fire very easily. Therefore, it is advocated to be very careful with your clothes while burning the crackers. Hence, we suggest that both; elders and children both, should completely avoid wearing synthetic or nylon clothes on the day of Diwali, especially while bursting crackers. It is better to be safe than taking any sort of risks.


The excitement in children is at its height on the day of Diwali and they do not miss the chance to show off their daredevilry moves like: trying to burn the cracker on hand. This is nothing more than fun to them because they don’t even imagine the dangerous consequence that might occur. But the truth is that, this urge to be edgy and showing off in front of friends usually leads to some serious injuries and accidents. Therefore, an adult should always be in supervision to make sure that no such unfortunate event occurs. After all, nothing is more important than the safety of kids.

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Crackers like rockets and busters have always been kids’ favorite and this is because of the patterns they form and the effects they show in the sky. Undoubtedly, they are really attractive. But at the same time they can be very risky to handle too because if they do not land at any safe place, any person or animal present there might have to face the consequence. So, why to burst such crackers which might harm anyone and spoil their festival? Think about it.


It is not necessary that everyone around you would like to burst crackers. Thus, bursting crackers in crowded places can lead to their inconvenience. At times, this might lead to a few injuries as well. Hence, bursting crackers should be restricted in places where people are roaming around or gather frequently such as parking lots, main entrances, busy roads etc. Don’t do anything such that harms anyone knowingly or unknowingly. So, take care of everyone even while your heart is filled with fun and frolic.


Children love to go on terrace to watch the colorful city and after-effects of crackers but terrace can be a risky area to be at, on the day of Diwali. The reason behind this is because the crackers such as rockets often end up landing on roofs or terraces. Your child’s presence at wrong place in wrong time can lead to serious accidents. After all, we never know when unluckiness is following us. Thus, it is better to stay safe and secure and so restrict your little ones from going onto terrace.

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Most of the crackers are burned on ground. So, ignorance in such situations can leads to burns on your child’s feet because kids are so over whelmed with joy that they hardly care about anything. Thus, to prevent occurrence of such a situation it would be better to opt for a good quality foot wear for your child. Try to completely avoid foot wears that only partly cover their feet such a mojris or sandals instead opt for shoes that can fully cover their feet and protect them. A little care can save our beloved from major harm.


Though the proverb, ‘Precaution is better than cure’ fits the best on the occasion of Diwali but at times when precaution is overheard or not taken on time, then cure is needed. In order to overcome such situations be prepared with safety measures. Always keep ice, bandages and burn relief creams ready in the first aid box so that god forbids, if any kind of mishap occurs we can reduce its effect by applying them immediately on the affected area. Besides this, also keep a bucket of water or sand ready. So that if anything catches fire; it could be poured upon to restrain it from spreading more and leaving its devastating effect.

We cannot always control the consequences of certain situations. But for sure, we can take precautions to minimize their probability of occurring; just by taking a few preventive measures. However, we sincerely hope that your family and your children wouldn’t need to suffer any such mishap and so thought to share this. Wish you ‘A very Happy & Safe Diwali’. Enjoy the fullest but be safe and secure!

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