Five Practical Ways To Teach Children Growth Mindset


As you go through life, your beliefs about your own potential and abilities, which are part of your mindset, help you determine what actions you should and shouldn’t take. That said, a growth mindset denotes the belief that you are able to improve your abilities and intelligence through effort and proper strategies. On the other hand, a fixed mindset, is the belief that your intelligence and abilities cannot be changed. When it comes to children, latest scientific studies have shown that teaching kids about the growth mindset can make them more intelligent, persistent, resilient and overall better learners. On that premise, the following article presents five practical ways to teach children growth mindset.

Teach kids how the brain works

Once you teach children that the brain grows new connections as they learn how to do something and practice it, they will be more excited about the overall process of learning. Even if you think that something might be over the child’s head, you should teach them that as they practice, the brain rewires itself and forms new connections that makes it much easier the next time. The truth of the matter is that once children learn how their brain functions and grows, they will be able to develop a growth mindset.

Introduce children to the concept of two mindsets

When you teach your child the fundamental differences between fixed mindsets and growth mindsets, he or she will be able to recognize them on their own in other people, story characters and even themselves.

Model a growth mindset

No matter how much you talk to your children about growth mindset, the best way to help them learn is when you develop your own. The truth of the matter is that children learn a lot of attitudes and behaviors from observing the adults in their lives. That said, what you can do, for instance, is show them that even if something is hard, you will keep on practicing, and if there is something that you don’t know, show them that you are willing to learn it. Modelling a growth mindset will certainly instill it in your children.

Show them your struggles

When teaching your kids about growth mindset, make sure to not hide your struggles from them. By sharing your mistakes, what you have learned from them and how you grew as a person, kids learn that failures are a stepping point for growth.

Growth mindset posters

Another way you can teach your children about growth mindset is through growth mindset posters. These inspirational posters can allow your child to harness his or her power of a growth mindset. Indeed, a growth mindset poster can be a wonderful introduction to this mindset to kids of all ages.

Cultivating a growth mindset early on is certainly crucial for a happy and successful life. Once you use these practical ways to teach your children this great concept, they will get better at things, try harder and always feel empowered.