How To Hit a Cart Without a Battery?

How To Hit a Cart Without a Battery

How to hit a cart without a battery – There is no doubt that when your most loved Secret Nature vape cart doesn’t hit, you will do everything possible until you manage to blow clouds again. If you want to know how to hit a cart without a battery. That we are going to discuss in this article.

On the way, we’ll also glimpse some of the creative solutions people came up with to allow them to carry on iping despite there being no battery in sight. This is for purely academic reasons, of course. Here is how to hit a cart without a battery:

What is a vape cartridge?

It is “a disposable container of hemp concentrate or cannabis that has been mixed with an atomizer, coil, and all of the other components required to change cannabinoid concentrate once there is a power source involved”. 

Vape cartridges are high-potency and convenient; those containing only natural ingredients have been increasingly popular within the last few years.

Are there batteries to vape cartridges?

Yes, vape cartridges must be linked up with batteries to produce the vapour. The vape cartridge utilizes the electric current in the battery to heat up its coil, so that it very lightly boils cannabis concentrate in a vaporized state.

510-threaded cartridges have become the universal standard in the industry, and most vape cartridge systems are designed to accommodate them, although this mechanism differs from system to system. Vape batteries can hold only so much charge before they need to be charged. Therefore, not all vape cartridge batteries have the same battery capacities.

What if I damage my vape battery?

Replacing a failed or lost vape battery is usually no problem. 510-threaded vape batteries in almost every town in the United States. Price ranges typically between $ 5-$ 50.

Some online retailers sell vape batteries and often offer expedited shipping. Given the availability and low cost of vape batteries, there is really no need to take such more drastic methods.

Can you use an Android charger to fire a cartridge?

Yes, it is technically possible to use an Android cable to whack a vape cartridge. The method is quite easy, and many users have already tried it on the net. However, when dealing with electricity, there’s always the risk of danger. There has not been widespread confirmation that it is safe to hit a vape cartridge by charging an Android charger.

For these reasons, we recommend that you avoid the Android charger hack when you stuck with a vape charger and have no battery to put it in. 

How to hit a cart without a battery with a black wire methods

If you want to know how to hit a cart without a battery for hitting a vape cartridge, we’ll list the steps below. Again, we do not advise you trying this at home.

1. The Android charger cut off charging port

Cut off the Android charger toward its base using a pair of scissors to remove the charging port, not the USB port. Ensure you have space for reaching from a desktop, laptop, or wall USB port.

2. Remove the wires that are white and green 

For this project, you will only require the black and white wires used in your Android charger. Cut off the two that are supposed to be green and white.

3. Black and red wires are stripped for approximately

Strip the ends of black and red wires with a wire stripper. If you don’t have a nail clippers, wire strippers will do, just be sure not to burn the wire’s end with a lighter.

4. Put the black wire in your cartridge.

Find the tiny round hole in the middle of your cartridge’s bottom. Fit the stripped end of the black wire neatly into this hole.

Is it possible to hit an iPhone charger on a dab pen?

Yes, an iPhone charger can also be used to strike a vape pen. Third-party charging cables and OEM Apple iPhone chargers are compatible; however, remember that the cable layout for Apple cords is much more convoluted compared to their Android counterparts. That is why most desperate vapers often prefer to try this alternative of the vape battery, which utilizes Android chargers instead.

Can I set the vape cartridge on fire with a lighter?

Users online have reported the success of cartridges hitting vape with lighters, but this is one way that we definitely would not want to endorse. There is no guarantee that the vapour in a cartridge can be lit by placing an orange on its bottom hole, but burning it would certainly burn you or even fill the smoking cart, surrounding an outcome with heavy metals and some harmful pollution.


Is it possible to vape cartridge without a lighter?

While some cannabis users on the internet have professed to be able to hit cartridges while vaping with lighters, this is certainly not a method we would recommend.

How do you hit a cart that is not hitting?

Many batteries feature a preheat function, so it’s warm enough to melt the oil in the cart. If your battery has a button, then press and hold it down to warm up oil for heating the engine to soften the plug. 5 seconds later, release the button and see if you can take a hit.

How do you recharge a 510-thread vape wire?

Either the charger will fit directly into 510 threading, or it will be connected to a USB port on the battery. Begin by plugging the charging cable into the battery through either the USB port or threading. To start the charging procedure, plug in your charger to the USB port of your computer.

What happens if you throw a lighter?

If under pressure, the fuel could ‘explode’ outwards. If exposed to air and there is a spark, fuel may catch fire. If the fuel inside and the air outside will blow up in a moderately big explosion, then probably no. Fuel and air must mix first before a spark is launched.