DownloadGram: Freely download Instagram Photos and videos


DownloadGram is a tool that can resolve all your issues related to download Instagram posts. As we know, Instagram do not provide any direct tool to download the posts. So, if you are looking for any authentic platform on internet to save photos and videos from Instagram freely then you are on the right page here.

DownloadGram is an online tool that can helps you to download Instagram photos and videos in just one click.

This app can run in your Android devices, iOS devices, Mac, or Linux computer as well. 

Why only DownloadGram?

Yes, it is a genuine doubt to be asked. There are many unauthentic third-party sites and apps that allow you to download Photos and videos from Instagram directly but you need to access your policies there. Some of their policies are scam as they collect data from your device. And even you need to log-in on their apps and sites.

Whereas DownloadGram has no such policies.

Instagram Photo Downloader

By using DownloadGram, you can easily and quickly download photos. To download, just follow these simple steps.

1. Open the photo that you want to download.

2. Copy the Instagram photo link that you are supposed to download.

3. Then, open any browser and visit DownloadGram site.

4. You will see a input dialogue box on the home page, paste the copied link over there.

5. Now simply click the download button.

6. Again press the download button and it download in your device.

Instagram Video Downloader

There is no direct option to download videos on Instagram and neither it allows to watch offline videos in your device.

What if you want to download Instagram videos in your device?

Like Instagram photos, you can download videos by the same multi featuring tool DownloadGram.

To download videos, just follow the same steps as mentioned earlier.

Instagram IGTV Downloader

DownloadGram is one in all tool that will help you in downloading Photos, Videos and IGTV contents. It is the best tool to watch and download anything from Instagram directly in your deives.

So, to download any stuff, just follow the steps that we have discussed earlier.

DownloadGram is your Photo and video downloader at the same time.

DownloadGram Features

  • Fastest instagram downloader
  • Easy to download, include only a few steps
  • You need not to download the app, it can run in any browser.
  • Work in Android, Apple and Computer devices.
  • Interface is quite friendly.
  • Free to use, as it does not cost extra to download anything.

Is DownloadGram safe ?

Yes, DownloadGram is secure and safe to use. The main feature of DownloadGram is that it does not collect user’s data. It is designed simple and very easy to understand.

If someone is looking for any safe tool to download Instagram posts freely then it can be the best option available on internet, without any trouble.