Places to Get Free Compost Near Me!

Free Compost Near Me

Compost is the answer if you want to improve the soil in your garden and help your plants grow better.

However, do you have to spend money on it?


Free compost near me just like you can find free mulch near your home.

Compost is wonderful for many reasons. It is full of natural goodness and packed with the food plants need. It helps the soil stay healthy, makes it better for growing things, and even keeps pests away. Compost can do wonders if you have a little veggie patch or a big farm.

In this article, i will share with you some spots where you can free compost near me, and also where to find materials for composting at no cost. Composting at home is an excellent method to cut down on trash that would otherwise go to dumps, and it provides you with a free supply of compost to use anytime you want.

Where Can I Free Compost Near Me?

Check out these cool spots where you can grab compost for your plants for free.

Look out for local programs

Lots of towns want to help the planet, so they have special deals where people who live there can get compost without spending any money.

For instance, RethinkWaste lets folks in some parts of California, like San Mateo, get compost all year without paying.

People living in Islip aren’t left out either.

They have a big place near MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma where you can fill up your own bucket with compost, and it will not cost you anything.

If you are looking for free compost near me, just search online with words like:

Free compost pickup [your city] Free compost giveaway [your city] Free compost centre [your city] Using these terms in a search engine can point you to local spots, groups, or programs that hand out free compost near me;


Craigslist is a place where you can find lots of free stuff, like wood or pallets for your projects. Sometimes, you can even find free compost near me there.

To look for free compost near me, here is what you do:

  • Visit the Craigslist page for your city.
  •  Look for the “For Sale” section.
  •  Under that, click on “Free.”
  •  Type “compost” in the search bar.
  •  You will see a list of people in your area offering free compost.

OfferUp OfferUp is known for buying and selling things, but did you know you can also get things for free? In the free section, you might find people giving away compost.

Just search for “compost” on the site, and you can find free compost in your area.


Freecycle is a cool website where people give away things they do not need. You can often find compost there without any cost.

Facebook Marketplace

Like OfferUp, Facebook Marketplace lets you buy and sell items. However, it also has a free section. Look there to see if anyone is offering compost for free.


CompostNow is a service that collects food waste and provides free compost in exchange.

CompostNow makes composting easy:

  • Sign up and they will bring a bin to your place soon.
  •  You can throw in old pizza boxes, used coffee grounds, paper, leftover food, and meat and cheese.
  •  They will regularly switch your full bin with a clean one, so there are no bad smells.
  •  They keep track of how much you compost.
  •  You get compost back. You can give it to their partner farms or send it to your house.
  •  The first two times they pick up are free, and they give you a bin and a magnet to help you remember what to compost.
  •  After that, you must pay either $29 or $35 each month, depending on your choice.

Where to Get Free Compost Materials

Looking for free compost materials? Here are some places you can check out:

  • City Yard Waste Recycling Programs: Many cities have programs that give away free compost to reduce landfill waste. If your city has a yard waste pickup service, they likely have a composting program too.
  •  Social Media or Peer-to-Peer Websites: Platforms like Facebook, NextDoor, and Craigslist often have posts from locals offering free compost.
  •  Friends, Family, and Local Farmers: Sometimes, the best resources are the people you know. Ask around to see if anyone has compost materials they are looking to give away.
  •  Local Parks and College Campuses: These places may let you rake and take away plant material for free, which you can then compost.
  •  Community Compost Piles: Some communities have a central compost pile that’s free or cheap for residents to use. Remember to bring your own tools and containers.

Your House 

Start with your own home for compost materials. You probably have kitchen waste like vegetable peels and fruit leftovers every day. Do not throw them out—put them in a compost bin or pile.

Local Landscapers 

Landscaping businesses often have extra stuff like small branches and cut grass. These are perfect for compost. Give them a call and see if they will bring their extra green waste to you after a job.

They might be glad to get rid of it.

Collect Leaves in Fall 

Fall is a great time to get free compost near me. There are lots of leaves on the ground. Go for a walk in places with lots of trees and gather the leaves in a bag. You can use them in your compost bin.

Try to pick up as many leaves as you can in the fall. You can keep the extra for later, giving you leaves for compost all year long.

Friends and Neighbors 

People you know might have compost materials too. They might have things like eggshells, old coffee grounds, vegetable skins, and lawn clippings.

Ask if they can set aside their yard waste or kitchen scraps for you. It is worth asking.

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