Detail Guide On Flora Genshin Impact

Detail Guide On Flora Genshin Impact

Flora genshin impact – Players are busy focusing on finishing the Windblume Festival, however, do not forget that you need to finish the Genshin. Take a picture of the flora decoration quest. 

Genshin Impact has been a famous game since its launch in 2010. It keeps receiving new content from game developers, and the Genshin world is growing and spreading to new regions with new playable characters.

Besides completing playable missions, Genshin Impact hosts numerous limited-time events to bring special quests with ever-so-tempting awards.

Here’s everything you need to know about Flora Genshin Impact.

Where to start the Quest?

To start the Flora quest of Genshin Impact named Take a picture of flora, you will have to go to the Knight of Favonios Headquarters. Go inside the building and open the first door to the right of the library. You will meet a character called Sayid who asks you to take pics of all the important spots in the Festival.

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 How to Take a Picture of Flora Genshin Impact?

Go to the front gate of Mondstadt and head to the city stairs. On the right-hand side, you will see a character named Flora with dozens of plants. You have to take a photo of her plant decorations. Remember to take a photo from a closer angle. 

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How to click a Picture of Anemo God?

After you take a picture of flora Genshin, you will have to take a picture of the statue of Anemo God. Open the map and look for Mondstadt. You will see a big blue square on the eastern side of the city map. Move towards the big blue square where you can find a big statue of Anemo God. Take its picture and then move to Sayid in Knight Favonios HQ to give the pics and receive rewards. 

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