Online Slot Advice: What To Play In 2019

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    The online slot industry has reached pretty monolithic proportions in the last few years, with a vast array of titles touching on pretty much every theme under the sun. It is testimony to the success of developers far and wide – every time you think somebody like NetEnt or Yggdrasil have produced the best slot yet another title comes along to blow it out of the water. You can find many of these famous games online, some of the best can be found at – see for yourself! Here is an article with best online slot game and list of slot games thay you can play for fun.

    One cannot complain of course, however with such a large amount of choice these days it can be very hard to actually choose a game to play. It’s a saturated market no doubt, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t some quality titles on the market, you just need to look a bit harder. Lucky for you we have compiled some of our favourite slots to play in 2019, read on for list of slot games.

    Slot Game Advice: What To Play In 2019 – Queen’s Day Tilt

    It is one of the best online slot game. Fresh off the proverbial press, Play’N’Go prove their pedigree once again with the impressively regal Queen’s Day Tilt. This is a modern version of a Las Vegas casino classic, with remarkably clear graphics and smooth, visually pleasing gameplay – everything a 2019 online slot title should be basically. It is a popular slot game to make money. Gamblers can win up to 5000x their initial wager here as well, pretty good stuff eh?

    Slot Game Advice: What To Play In 2019 – Scudamore’s Super Stakes

    This one is bound to be an absolute smash-hit for horse racing enthusiasts, especially ones that have an affinity for the legendary jockey Peter Scudamore. Developed by NetEnt, you just know this slot is going to be a serious amount of fun; the Swedish company do not mess about when it comes to creating quality slots. RTP here is a fairly impressive 96.99%, but the real selling point here is its incredibly exciting gameplay. It is another best online slot game.

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    Slot Game Advice: What To Play In 2019 – Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruit

    3D slots are without a doubt the next big thing in the online casino industry, so there’s no wonder that more and more of them are popping up each month. Strolling Staxx Cubic Fruit takes this new technology and synthesises it with retro style fruit machine sensibilities. It’s a delightful mix that operates on a standard five reel and ten pay-line format.

    Slot Game Advice: What To Play In 2019 – Cash Vandal

    It is another Cash Vandal is another new edition to the extensive Play’N’Go catalogue, and one that can be seriously lucrative indeed. It is another popular slot game to make money. This 4×3 pay-line title has a fairly good RTP of 96.47%, but the main selling point here is the golden opportunity to win up to 5000x your initial bet. Now that’s quite good indeed!

    Slot Game Advice: What To Play In 2019 – Excalibur’s Choice

    Named after King Arthur’s mythical sword, Excalibur’s Choice is a retro and stripped back offering that will certainly appeal to gamblers who are getting tired of the near-constant push for slot games to look as modern as possible. Barcrest Slots are experts at making slots with a nostalgic edge, and Excalibur’s Choice is bound to be no different.