Olive and June Promises Salon-quality Manicures at Home

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I must admit I am not great at taking care of my nails. It could be that I do not have much time or that I often catch myself nervously picking at them.

No matter how hard I try, I end up sitting in the salon chair every single month. My nails cannot look terrible, can they? However, even when I try stick-on nails, they do not look as shiny and perfect as a salon manicure.

So, I decided to try the Olive and June manicure kit to keep my nails looking great without spending too much. I have read many great things about it. The kit has everything: oil for the cuticles, a brush for touch-ups, and a special tool that makes painting with your less skilled hand easier. 

However, the big question is, can it really replace a professional manicure? This is what I discovered in my Olive and June kit test.

What is the Olive and June Mani System?

The Olive and June Mani System is a complete set designed for doing salon-quality manicures at home. It includes a variety of tools and products to help you achieve a professional-looking manicure. Here is what the system typically contains:

  • The Poppy: A patented brush handle that makes painting your nails easier, especially with your non-dominant hand.
  • Cuticle Serum: An award-winning formula to nourish and soften the cuticles.
  • Clean-Up Brush: This is used to perfect the edges of your nail polish application.
  • Polish Remover Pot: An acetone-free solution for removing polish.
  • Nail Clippers: These are straight-edge clippers for trimming nails.
  • Nail Buffer: Salon-quality buffer for smoothing the nail surface.
  • Nail File: Dual-grit file for shaping and refining the nail edge.
  • Top Coat: To give your nails a glossy, long-lasting finish.
  • Nail Polish: You can choose from their long-lasting, quick-dry, or both types of 15-free polish.

The system also comes with instructions and tips for achieving the best results, and it is praised for being a non-toxic salon alternative that’s easy to use at home.

The Poppy is the main highlight, but every other item in the kit brings something new. Take the touch-up brush, for instance; its angled design lets you clean up the edges of your nails neatly. And the Polish remover pot? You can get rid of old nail polish just by dipping your fingers in it, no need for messy cotton balls. Plus, the nail polish is safe and free from 15 harmful chemicals you usually find in regular nail polishes, like formaldehyde.

These products do look promising. However, the real test is if you can get a manicure that looks like it was done at a salon.  Olive and June go even further by offering personal online sessions with their experts. They will teach you how to properly paint your nails and take good care of them.

How We Tested It

I got my Olive and June manicure system in a lovely blue box adorned with strawberries. Inside, I found six vibrant nail polish colours and other goodies. When you place an order, you can pick between two types of polish: quick-dry or long-lasting. Since the long-lasting one promises results similar to gel manicures, I was curious to see how well it would hold up compared to professional salon treatments.

Step 1: Prep Your Nails

  •  Olive and June emphasize that the first and most crucial step is preparation. The instructions in the manicure box guide you through the perfect at-home manicure process.

Here are the steps:

  • Shape: Trim and file your nails.
  • Prep: Buff your nails and gently push back the cuticles.
  • Clean: Dip your nails in the polish-remover pot.
  • Paint: Apply nail polish.

Dip your nails in the polish-remover pot before painting. Why? It turns out that using polish remover removes natural oils from your nails, helping the paint stick better.

Shaping nails is mostly about trimming with clippers (90%) and less about filing (10%). Once I understood this, cutting my nails to the desired length and filing the rough edges became much easier.

  •  Olive and June does not include a tool for pushing back or trimming cuticles. Why? Trimming cuticles at home can be risky and lead to injury or infection if done too closely. Instead, they recommend using your thumbnail to push back the cuticles gently. I followed their advice and also buffed away any dead skin near the cuticle area. So, it’s all about healthy nails without the risk.

Step 2: Paint

Now it is time for the fun part: painting your nails. I followed the brand’s Mani 101 guide to nail (pun intended) this step. Here is where The Poppy comes in handy. It is a circular, squishy tool that fits onto the polish bottle, giving you a better grip when painting with your non-dominant hand. Simply remove the top of the polish bottle, attach The Poppy, twist open the bottle, and start painting.

I’m not exaggerating when I say that using The Poppy to paint my nails was a game changer. The precision and control I had were incredible, and I managed to apply the polish exactly where I wanted it without any mess. And the final result? A gorgeous shine. The long-lasting polish gives that glossy, professional gel manicure look. I was so proud of my at-home manicure that I could not stop talking about it for days.

Step 3: Maintain

I wanted to test how well Olive and June’s nail polish would last, so I kept an eye out for any signs of wear or chips. I cook quite a bit, which means I am washing dishes every night. To my happiness, the polish stayed perfect on the first and second days. On the third day, though, I noticed my nails had grown a bit, making it look like it was time for a new coat of polish and a layer of the top coat.

Here is the key: Keeping your manicure fresh with  Olive and June means taking good care after you have painted your nails. The company suggests you should moisturize your cuticles with their serum three times a day and put on a new layer of the top coat every couple of days to make the manicure last.

I did exactly that for a week after I painted my nails, using the cuticle serum every day and adding a new layer of top coat for some extra gloss when needed. My nails did not start chipping until the seventh day, which is much better than any other manicure I have done at home.

Moreover, one more tip: Try to avoid long, hot showers—the kind where you wash your hair and shave—on the day you do your manicure and the day after. You would not want the hot water and steam to ruin all your effort.

How do I apply the cuticle serum correctly?

It is very simple to apply Olive and June cuticle serum. Here is how to do it:

  • Remove the Cap: Take off the cap of the cuticle serum pen.
  • Twist to Release: Twist the pen 2-3 clicks to release the serum into the foam tip.
  • Apply: Gently apply the serum all around each cuticle.
  • Massage: Use the foam tip or your finger to massage the serum onto your cuticles and the surrounding skin.

Where to Buy the Olive and June Mani System

You can purchase the Olive and June Mani System directly from their official website. They offer various manicure systems, including the Mani System, which starts at $55. Additionally, they have a range of other systems and individual products available for purchase.

If you prefer shopping in person, you can also find Olive and June products at select retail stores. For instance, individual nail colours and press-on nails are available at Target stores.

Are there any discounts or promotions currently?

Yes, there are several promotions and discounts currently available for  Olive and June products:

  • 30% Off: You can save up to 30% off with verified  Olive and June discount codes available this month. 
  • 10% Off: There is a promo code for an extra 10% off store-wide at  Olive and June.
  • Free Shipping:  Olive and June offers free shipping on orders over a certain amount.
  • 20% Off: By signing up for  Olive and June’s email newsletter, you can get a 20% off discount code.
  • Buy Now, Pay Later:  Olive and June provides financing options via Klarna for purchases made on its website.
  • Amazon Deal: Get up to 15% off on  Olive and June items at Amazon with free shipping for Prime members.
  • eBay Savings: Save up to 30% on Olive and June items at eBay.

Some Questions

Is  Olive and June nail polish cruelty-free?

Yes,  Olive and June nail polish is cruelty-free. They do not test their products on animals.

Is  Olive and June nail polish vegan?

Yes,  Olive and June nail polish is vegan. It does not contain any animal-derived ingredients.

Is  Olive and June non-toxic?

Yes, Olive and June nail polish is formulated without harmful chemicals commonly found in regular nail polishes. It’s a safer option for your nails.

Is  Olive and June woman-owned?

Yes,  Olive and June is a woman-owned brand. Sarah Gibson Tuttle founded it.

Is  Olive and June worth it?

Many people love  Olive and June for its salon-quality results at home. If you want beautiful, long-lasting manicures, it is definitely worth trying.

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