The Best and New Horror Movies and Shows of 2024

new horror movies

The previous year, the horror genre, often associated with walking-dead creatures and intelligent, flesh-eating slimes, produced unexpected hits like M3GAN and Skinamarink. These new horror movies became incredibly popular, even with the bright excitement surrounding Barbie and the high-profile recognition of Oppenheimer.

This year, however, the lineup of horror films is likely to be less surprising. The year 2024 is full of familiar horror stories, including prequels, sequels, and related movies. These range from Maxine, the third part of Ti West’s popular series, to the thrilling alien encounters in A Quiet Place: Day One and the much-anticipated Beetlejuice 2.

However, the horror genre has always been one for unexpected shocks and modest expectations. It is almost sure that there will be a film that unexpectedly scares us a lot. So far, these are the best films that have scared us.

Best new horror movies of 2024


“Stopmotion” is a 2024 British live-action/adult animated psychological horror film directed by Robert Morgan in his feature-length debut. The film stars Aisling Franciosi and combines live-action with stop-motion animation.

“Stopmotion” was released on February 23, 2024, and has received a Metascore of 65, indicating generally favourable reviews. This unique horror film stands out for its blend of animation techniques and dark narrative. 

Night Swim

“Night Swim” is a supernatural horror film released in 2024. It is directed by Bryce McGuire and is his first feature film, based on a short film he made with Rod Blackhurst in 2014. The movie stars Wyatt Russell and Kerry Condon and follows a suburban family who discover their backyard swimming pool is haunted by a demonic entity. 

Produced by Jason Blum and James Wan, “Night Swim” was anticipated due to the merger of their production companies, Blumhouse Productions and Atomic Monster.

The First Omen

“The First Omen” is a 2024 American supernatural horror film directed by Arkasha Stevenson. It is a prequel to the classic horror film The Omen (1976) and the sixth instalment in The Omen franchise. The movie stars Nell Tiger Free, Tawfeek Barhom, Ralph Ineson, Sônia Braga, and Bill Nighy.

Late Night With the Devil

“Late Night with the Devil” is a 2023 supernatural horror film directed and edited by Cameron Cairnes and Colin. The film stars Laura Gordon, David Dastmalchian, Fayssal Bazzi, Ian Bliss, Ingrid Torelli, Georgina Haig, Rhys Auteri, and Josh Quong Tart.

The movie incorporates elements of documentary found footage and filmmaking. It revolves around the events of a late-night talk show episode aired on Halloween night in 1977. The host, in an attempt to boost ratings, invites an allegedly possessed girl onto the show, which leads to unleashing evil into the nation’s living rooms.


Baghead” is a 2023 supernatural horror film directed by Alberto Corredor. The movie stars Jeremy Irvine, Freya Allan, and Ruby Barker.

Unbeknownst to Iris, when she signs the deed, she becomes inexorably linked to an unspeakable entity residing in the pub’s basement: Baghead. This shape-shifting creature can transform into the dead.

Desperate loved ones can pay $2,000 for two minutes with Baghead to communicate with lost family members. Neil (Jeremy Irvine), who has lost his wife, becomes Iris’s first customer.

True Detective: Night Country (HBO)

“True Detective: Night Country” is the fourth season of the acclaimed HBO anthology crime drama series “True Detective,” which premiered on January 14, 2024. This season is set in the fictional town of Ennis, Alaska. It follows detectives Evangeline Navarro (Kali Reis) and Liz Danvers (Jodie Foster) as they investigate the mysterious disappearance of eight men from the Tsalal Arctic Research Station.

The season marks a departure from previous installments by carrying a subtitle and is the first season without the direct involvement of the series creator Nic Pizzolatto, although he remains credited as an executive producer. Issa López serves as this season’s showrunner, writer, and director.

I Saw the TV Glow

“I Saw the TV Glow” is an American psychological horror-thriller 2024 film directed and written by Jane Schoenbrun. It stars Brigette Lundy-Paine and Justice Smith, with Fred Durst, Ian Foreman, Helena Howard, and Danielle Deadwyler in supporting roles. Emma Stone and Dave McCary produced it under their Fruit Tree banner and distributed it by A24.

The film follows two teenagers who bond over their love for a television series. However, their reality is distorted when the show is mysteriously canceled, blurring the lines between fiction and reality.


“Abigail” is a 2024 American horror comedy film directed by Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillett. The movie follows a group of kidnappers who capture the daughter of a powerful underworld figure, demanding a $50 million ransom, only to discover that the young girl is a vampire.

Cast: The film stars Melissa Barrera, Dan Stevens, Kathryn Newton, William Catlett, Angus Cloud, Alisha Weir, Kevin Durand, and Giancarlo Esposito.

Plot: The kidnappers bring the 12-year-old vampire ballerina, Abigail, to a secluded mansion, planning to hold her overnight. However, they soon realise that they are trapped inside with a creature far from a normal little girl.


“Immaculate” is a 2024 American psychological horror film directed by Michael Mohan and written by Andrew Lobel. The film stars Sydney Sweeney, who also took on the role of a producer, alongside Giorgio Colangeli, Álvaro Morte, Dora Romano, Benedetta Porcaroli, and Simona Tabasco.

“Immaculate” premiered at South by Southwest on March 12, 2024, and was released theatrically in the United States by Neon on March 22, 2024. The film has received positive reviews and has grossed $22 million against a budget of $9 million. 

Kill All Neighbors

It seems there might be some confusion about the title. The movie you are referring to is likely “Destroy All Neighbors,” a 2024 American splatter horror comedy film directed by Josh Forbes.

The story centres around William Brown, a struggling prog-rock musician in a nightmarish situation when he accidentally kills his obnoxious neighbour, Vlad.

As William tries to cover up the incident, a series of unintended and gruesome consequences unfold, leading to a chain of undead mayhem.

Out of Darkness

“Out of Darkness” is a 2024 horror movie that takes us back to the Stone Age. The film follows a group of early humans on a perilous journey to find a new home. Along the way, they encounter an evil, mystical being who starts to hunt them, forcing the clan to face a danger beyond their imagination.

Some more Details about the movie:

  • Director: Andrew Cumming
  • Writers: Ruth Greenberg, based on a story by Andrew Cumming and Oliver Kassman
  • Cast: Safia Oakley-Green, Kit Young, Chuku Modu, and others
  • Plot: The movie centres around a tight-knit tribe of early humans who, after crossing a narrow sea, are searching for new land. Their hope for a better future turns into terror as they realise they are not alone in this new and barren landscape.


“Cuckoo” is a 2024 horror-thriller film directed and written by Tilman Singer. It stars Hunter Schafer, Dan Stevens, Jessica Henwick, Marton Csokas, and others. It tells the story of 17-year-old Gretchen, who moves to a resort in the German Alps with her father and his new family. 

There, they encounter Mr. Konig, her father’s boss, who shows an unusual interest in Gretchen’s mute half-sister, Alma. As Gretchen settles in, she begins to experience strange noises and visions, leading her to uncover a terrifying family secret.

Some Questions

What are the best and new horror movies of 2024?

Some of the new horror movies in 2024 include “Imaginary,” “Immaculate,” and “Late Night with the Devil.” These films offer chills, thrills, and suspense for horror fans.

What’s “Imaginary” about?

“Imaginary” follows a woman who returns to her childhood home and discovers that her imaginary friend is real and unhappy about being abandoned. It’s a story about an evil teddy bear.

What’s “Immaculate” all about?

“Immaculate” tells the story of Cecilia, a woman of faith who joins an Italian convent. But she soon realises that the convent hides dark secrets. It’s a spiritual chiller with twists and turns.

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