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We have had a long-standing tradition of flying to Haneda Airport on Japan Airlines (JAL) for our yearly trip. Before the pandemic, tickets would cost around S$800-900 each.

However, in 2023, when Japan reopened after the lockdown, many people, particularly from Singapore, were eager to visit. This surge in interest caused flight prices to skyrocket, and our usual JAL flights became too expensive.

That is when I discovered ZIPAIR and decided to try it. To put it in perspective, a roundtrip for two adults and a child with JAL would have cost SG $5,000. However, with ZIPAIR, it was only SG $1,500 for all of us, including two 30 kg checked bags, three meals on the return flight, and seats with more legroom. It felt almost the same as flying with a traditional airline.

Now, let us talk more about the experience of flying ZIPAIR reviews from Singapore to Tokyo:

What is ZIPAIR Review

ZIPAIR is a Japanese low-cost airline that started in July 2018 and began flying in June 2020. It is a part of Japan Airlines and is based in Tokyo. The airline aims to make travel within Japan and internationally more affordable and convenient. 

ZIPAIR offers a unique experience by providing amenities like full-flat seats, a number of in-flight meals, and free internet onboard, which are typically associated with more expensive airlines. It is designed for travellers looking for budget-friendly options without sacrificing comfort.

What amenities did ZIPAIR offer?

ZIPAIR offers several of amenities to make your flight comfortable. Here is what you can expect:

  • You can purchase amenity sets that include items like a blanket, earplugs, eye mask, neck pillow, and slippers. Different sets are available, with some including additional items like a bag.
  • Onboard, you can enjoy comforts such as blankets and pillows to help you relax during the flight.
  • ZIPAIR provides in-flight entertainment options, including movies, TV shows, music, and games to keep you entertained.
  • Complimentary wifi is available to keep you connected throughout your flight.
  • You can pre-book hot meals to enjoy during your journey.
  • For an extra fee, you can access the airport lounge before your flight.

What destinations does ZIPAIR fly to?

ZIPAIR as of May 2024, flies to several domestic and international destinations. Here is a list of places you can fly to with ZIPAIR:


  • Tokyo (Narita International Airport)


  • Canada: Vancouver
  • Philippines: Manila
  • Singapore: Singapore
  • South Korea: Seoul
  • Thailand: Bangkok
  • United States: Honolulu, Los Angeles, San Francisco, San Jose

These destinations offer a range of options for travellers looking to explore different parts of the world with ZIPAIR’s affordable and comfortable flights.

How to book flights on ZIPAIR

Booking a flight on ZIPAIR is a straightforward process. Here are the steps you can follow:

  • Visit the Official ZIPAIR Website: Go to the ZIPAIR official website.
  • Search for Flights: Enter your travel details, such as origin, destination, and travel dates to search for available flights.
  • Select Your Flight: Choose the flight that best suits your schedule and budget.
  • Fill in Passenger Details: Provide the necessary information for all passengers travelling.
  • Choose Additional Services: If you wish, select any additional services like seat upgrades, in-flight meals, or extra baggage.
  • Payment: Proceed to payment and complete the transaction using your preferred method.
  • Confirmation: After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your flight details.

How often do ZIPAIR flights operate?

ZIPAIR operates flights on various schedules depending on the destination. For instance, some routes may have daily flights, while others might operate several times a week. 

To get the most accurate and up-to-date information on ZIPAIR’s flight frequency, it is best to check their official website or contact their customer service. This will provide you with the latest details on flight schedules for your intended travel dates and destinations.

Pricing and Additional Services of ZIPAIR

ZIPAIR offers a number of of fare classes and additional services to cater to different travel needs. Here is a summary of their pricing and additional services:

Fare Classes: Premium fare offers a full-flat seat for a more comfortable journey. Prices vary by route, for example:

  • Tokyo-Seoul: From 29,010 yen.
  • Tokyo-Manila: From 49,000 yen.
  • Tokyo-Bangkok: From 64,000 yen.

Standard Fare: A more affordable option with standard seating. Prices also vary by route, such as:

  • Tokyo-Seoul: From 12,010 yen.
  • Tokyo-Manila: From 18,000 yen.
  • Tokyo-Bangkok: From 21,000 yen.

U6 Standard Fare: A fixed fare for children aged 6 years or younger across various routes.

Additional Services:

ZIPAIR offers service packages that can be purchased for a lower price, including combinations of checked-in baggage, seat selection, and in-flight meals.

  • VALUE Package: It includes prior seat selection, check-in baggage (30kg), and standard in-flight meal.
  • PREMIUM Package: Adds carry-on baggage (+8kg) and a courtesy set to the VALUE package.

How do I pre-book an in-flight meal with ZIPAIR reviews?

Pre-booking an in-flight meal with ZIPAIR is a straightforward process. Here is how you can ensure that your preferred meal is ready for you during your flight:

  • Go to the ZIPAIR official website and navigate to the ‘Inflight Meals’ section.
  • Browse through the number of of meal options available. ZIPAIR offers a range of meals catering to different dietary preferences, including Japanese-style food and other international cuisines.
  • You can purchase your meal in advance from the website or by contacting the ZIPAIR customer service center. Make sure to check the deadline for advance purchasing as it varies depending on the flight.
  • Follow the instructions to complete the payment for your selected meal.
  • After the purchase, you will receive a confirmation of your pre-booked meal.
  • If you missed the deadline for advance purchasing, you can still buy meals and snacks onboard, subject to availability.

In-Flight Experience of Flight and ZIPAIR Reviews

The in-flight experience of ZIPAIR reviews, a budget airline known for its affordability and efficiency, includes several amenities designed to enhance passenger comfort. Here is a breakdown of what you can expect during a ZIPAIR flight:

Full-Flat Seats:

  • ZIPAIR offers full-flat seats similar to those found in business class, allowing passengers to relax and sleep comfortably during their flight.

In-Flight Meals:

  • Passengers have the option to choose from a number of of in-flight meals. Pre-booking hot meals is also available, ensuring that you have a guaranteed meal of your choice.

Free Internet Onboard:

  • Staying connected is easy, with free internet access available onboard, allowing passengers to browse the web or stay in touch with friends and family.

Entertainment System:

  • Each seat comes equipped with an individual overhead screen and an entertainment system that includes a selection of films, music, and books. Additionally, passengers can enjoy free wifi and power outlets to keep their devices charged.

Amenity Set:

  • For added convenience, ZIPAIR provides an amenity set to passengers, which may include items such as a blanket, pillow, and headphones to use with the entertainment system.

Self-Ordering and Payment System:

  • ZIPAIR has introduced an Inflight Self-Ordering and Payment System, a collaboration with Collins Aerospace. This system allows passengers to order and pay for services on-demand, supporting social distancing guidelines and ensuring a safe environment for both passengers and crew.

Child-Friendly Services:

  • For those travelling with children, ZIPAIR offers a U6 service with discounted fares for children aged 0 to 6 years. This service ensures that families are seated together and enjoy a pleasant onboard experience.

Lounge Access:

  • Before departure, passengers can relax in a lounge provided by ZIPAIR, offering a tranquil space away from the busy airport environment.

Ancillary Services:

  • ZIPAIR also offers various ancillary services, including the ability to pay excess fees for carry-on baggage in advance and discounted service packages that allow a choice of content.

Compare the cost of flying ZIPAIR versus other airlines.

When comparing the cost of flying with ZIPAIR to other airlines, it is important to consider several factors that contribute to the overall value and expense of the flight. Here is a comparison based on available information:


  • ZIPAIR is known for its competitive pricing, often offering fares that are significantly lower than those of traditional carriers.
  • The airline provides a range of seating options, including full-flat seats at a premium and standard seats at a more affordable rate.
  • Additional fees apply for in-flight meals, assigned seats, and check-in baggage, which should be factored into the total cost.

Other Airlines:

  • Traditional carriers like Japan Airlines, United, and others typically charge 30-60% more than ZIPAIR for similar routes.
  • These airlines may offer more inclusive fares with amenities like meals and checked baggage as part of the ticket price.
  • They might also provide more flexibility in terms of changes and cancellations, which can be a valuable feature for some travellers.

Cost Examples (ZIPAIR):

  • Tokyo to Seoul: Prices start from ¥33,600 for full-flat seats and ¥11,660 for standard seats.
  • Tokyo to Bangkok: Prices start from ¥53,000 for full-flat seats and ¥17,000 for standard seats.
  • Tokyo to Honolulu: Prices start from ¥69,000 for full-flat seats and ¥29,000 for standard seats.

Are there any discounts or promotions available with ZIPAIR?

ZIPAIR offers several of discounts and promotions for its passengers. Here are some of the notable ones:

1. ZIPAIR Point Club:

  • ZIPAIR has a free members’ program called the ZIPAIR Point Club. You can earn and spend ZIPAIR points on flight bookings and ancillary services by joining.

2. ZIPAIR Point Club Plus:

  • For an annual fee of 5,000 yen, you can join the ZIPAIR Point Club Plus. This paid membership offers special benefits like a 30% discount on checked baggage fees when purchased on the website.

3. U6 Service for Children:

  • ZIPAIR provides a U6 service with discounted fares for children aged between 0 to 6 years. This ensures families are seated together and enjoy a more pleasant onboard experience.

4. Ancillary Services:

  • You can pay excess fees for carry-on baggage in advance and avail yourself of discounted service packages that allow you to choose your content.

5. ZIPAIR Point Conversion:

  • ZIPAIR tickets can be purchased by converting JAL miles. One JAL mile is worth up to 1.5 ZIPAIR points, which can be used for purchasing tickets, inflight shopping, etc.


How do I book a flight? 

You can book a flight on ZIPAIR’s website or at the airport counter. You can even buy a ticket before you have your passport ready.

Can I bring a lot of bags? 

There are rules for how many bags you can check in and carry on the plane. For example, you can bring musical instruments and sports equipment, but there are size and weight limits.

What if I need to change my flight? 

You can change your flight after booking, but there might be a fee. If you need to add extra services like more baggage, you can do that, too.

What do I need to do on the day I fly? 

Make sure you have all the travel documents you need and check the latest rules for the country you are going to. You do not need to print your boarding pass; you can use the mobile check-in.

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