4 Snazzy Outfit Ideas for a Luxury Casino Outing


When planning what to wear for a trip to a luxury casino, your first task is to decide where you’re going to play. For example, the dress code for a virtual casino may be more flexible than actual casinos, as avatars are often used to interact and mingle. Either way, whether virtually or in an actual casino, the dress tips discussed and detailed in this article can be used no matter where you decide to play. It is all about looking and feeling the part, and the following snazzy outfit ideas will keep you looking your best; and therefore, hopefully playing at your best. These ideas are for both men and women, and can be used for that luxury casino outing.

The full black tie

There is nothing as snazzy as a full black tie outfit. Although generally accepted to be the type of outfit that is worn to dinner parties, cocktail events, and balls, more recently, it has become the go-to attire (at least the top half) for any online casino slots for real money games that you choose to play virtually with your friends.

Stylish shoes

The one piece of advice that you simply must follow (when visiting a casino in the flesh, at least) is that of a good pair of shoes. There are those who posit that they must be shiny and preferably leather, but fashion stakes have changed. The shoes you wear will say everything about you and serve to finish off your outfit. Thus, they should be original and either accentuate the clothing or remain simple, suave, and comfortable.

Long, flowing dresses and color blocking

The long, flowing, colorful dress is all the rage at the moment and is definitely an outfit choice that will make you stand out on the casino floor. In terms of colors, the trend for men as well as women is to go for outlandishly bright colors—and lots of them. This makes sense when on a busy casino floor, as your friends will spot you a mile off and in any crowd. Look to go designer or bespoke, and remember, you will feel and play as good as you look—so make an effort and you’ll enjoy the night all the more for it.

Bespoke street wear

The rise of street wear as a type of formal—and even smarter than smart casual—wear has seen the acceptance of this style in even the most prestigious and upmarket of places. Gone are the days where sneakers weren’t allowed in—if they’re original and have sufficient bling, then you’re in the right dress code for even the smartest of casinos.

If you’re planning a night out at the casino and have agreed on a dress code with your friends and playing partners, then the aforementioned ideas will ensure that you are dressed to impress.

The last tip that you need to keep in the forefront of your mind is that it’s all about how you feel. Don’t follow any fashion trends or styles that you don’t feel comfortable in, or wear a pair of shoes just for fashion’s sake—they need to be comfortable and practical for the evening that you have planned.