Smith Machine-All you need to know about a Smith Machine

What is a Smith Machine

Whether your gym is fully packed, or you are running short on time, you still can do the full-body workout with a single piece of equipment: The Smith Machine. We have mentioned all about a smith machine in this article.

What is a smith machine?

If you have been to the gym before or have been going to the gym for a few days now, you must have a piece of equipment alongside the resistance machines and free weights. This equipment is called a Smith machine. It looks like a supporting frame with attached barbells. Did the picture click on your mind? The smith machine was designed to give support when doing barbell exercises as it has limited movements, up and down.  You can’t go backwards or forward in the frame alignment. This makes the barbell exercises a little easier for beginners. You might be getting a little support, but don’t be fooled. You use it to do an intense full-body workout.

How much does a smith machine bar weigh?

Heavy lifting is often linked to the smith machine. If used properly, you can do a variety of exercises targeting different body muscles. Smith machine is constantly compared to the barbell in terms of weight and performance.  Smith’s machine is lighter as compared to a barbell. A smith machine weighs around 15 to 20 lb and the average weight of the 45lb. The bar of the smith machine weight is defined by the size, shape, and make of the smith machine.  There is no standard weight on a smith machine.

Total Body Workouts to do on a Smith Machine

Trainers used a smith machine to train almost every muscle of the body because of its versatility. Some exercises to try on a Smith machine:-smith machine

  • Smith-Machine Bench Press- This exercise targets triceps, front and lateral deltoids, pectorals. Position a flat bench in the center of the machine and take a handgrip wider than the shoulder. Lower the barbell and bend your elbows, the barbell should hit just above your chest. Exhale and press the bar back up.
  • Smith-Machine Seated Shoulder Press- this directly targets upper pectorals and total shoulder. Position a short bench just so the back is in the center of the machine area. The handgrip should be a little wider than shoulder-width. When the bar is at your nose level, extend the arms and press it upwards.
  • Smith-Machine Hanging Knee Raise- targets core, hips ad abs. Take shoulder wide grip and extend legs straight down. Bend the knees and lift them as high as you can towards your chest, avoid swinging and move slowly. Repeat this right away.
  • Smith-Machine Triceps Dip- this targets triceps, shoulders. Set the bar high at the hip level and sit on it. Keep your hands and fingers forward on either side of the hips on the bar. Keep your arms straight and extend the legs in front. Bend the elbows slowly. Lower the butt towards the floor, and keep your chest lifted and shoulders down.
  • Smith-Machine Bent-Over Row- this exercise targets rhomboids, lats, lower traps, and erector spinaesmith machine chest press
  • smith machine chest press
  • Smith-Machine Standing Biceps Curl- this workout hits forearms and biceps
  • Smith-Machine Squat-  this targets the quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves, core