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What to Do When Things Get You Down

Life can be rough sometimes. We all have felt low on our luck in one way or another. Instead of falling into the trap of negativity, take action and read these six answers on what to do when things get down.

Let the Tears Flow

Most of us feel ashamed of crying when we feel down. Never hold back your tears for they can actually make you feel better in an instant. Tears is your body’s own method of releasing stress and if you keep on denying your emotion you will only worsen the current situation. Crying is no way a sign of weakness but just a mere expression of emotion. Next time you feel terrible, let the tears flow.

Hug someone

Physical contact like hugs can naturally increase oxytocin in your body. Oxytocin is a powerful hormone released whenever you feel loved and cared. Give or get a good hug every day from people around you. Initiate the physical connection if necessary to help you maintain a healthy level of this love hormone in your system.

Change your thoughts

If you want things to change then you need to start changing your thoughts. Replace your weak thoughts with strong ones, replace the negative with positive and replace hate thought with a loving one. Remember that the nature of our thoughts determines the quality of our life. Act like an enthusiastic person and just be on fire. Start creating goals no matter how small or big they are. Produce a list of actionable items you can start doing.

Practice Gratitude

Counting your blessing can actually make you feel better. Gratitude means thankfulness, counting your joys and blessings as well as acknowledging the simple pleasures in life. Try writing three thinks you are thankful for today. Introduce each item with a bullet and reflect upon the things that make you happy and content inside.

Physical Exercise

Regular physical activity can relieve you from depression. Research show that workouts can help manage physical and mental stress. You don’t just burn calories but also pumps up endorphins that make your brain feel good. Exercise will surely free positive mental outlook and feeling of well-being. Follow a regular exercise routine, even if brisk walk through the park or an hour of solid activity in the gym near you.

Learn When To Stop and Let Go

The hardest part when things get down is accepting the situation. Stop fighting the universe and allow yourself to get control of your life finally. With right eating habits, right exercise, right thinking and right living you will definitely find the sense of living again. Do yourself a favor and stop the things that make you more miserable deep down. Things like trying to make things what they are not, pretending that what is happening is not happening and wanting things to change in an instant. You will only start to feel real happiness when you let things be as it is.

Bounce back when life gets you down by following the above tips. Experience the happiness, peace and joy you deserve once and for all.


6 Reasons a Casio G-Shock Will Rock Your World!

We’ve all grown up with Casio. From calculators to cameras, musical instruments and mobile phones, Casio products have filled our homes and memories for over half a century now. While the glory years of the iconic Casio calculator may well have become a thing of the past now, the brand has firmly passed the torch to its wildly popular line of wristwatches.

Now they may not be the talk of the town among Swiss watchmakers, but you don’t have to be an avid watch lover or connoisseur to know that the Japanese brand manufactures some of the best sports watches in the market, namely, the Casio G-Shock collection. Whether you’re a lover of sports, extreme adventure, watches and technology or not, you simply have to own a G-Shock at least once in your life. And trust me, much like the infamous chip, no-one can have just one!

Let me tell you why:

#1 It is the ultimate technology of toughness

Recognized across the globe as an invincible force in the world of watches, the Casio G-Shock collection challenges the limits of watchmaking in profound ways. While watchmakers across the globe have attempted to build the most hardy and durable timekeepers, a young engineer at the house of Casio set out to work with the dream of creating a timepiece that’s virtually indestructible.

The fruits of his efforts can be found in every make and model of G-Shock Casio watches –the penultimate unbeatable, indestructible wristwatch. If you want a taste of the ticker’s impressive technology and toughness, head over straight to Casio watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, probably the most renowned and dependable retailer of the brand in our country.

While the range has a host of features and functionalities to its name, what really sets apart the Casio G-Shock is its ‘Triple 10’ concept –10-metre dropping shock resistance, 10-bar water resistance and 10-year battery life. The collection’s technology of toughness was born from thebreakthrough concept of a hollow structure. Now without getting into the details, let’s jus suffice it to say (once again, because its just so amazing it needs as much reiteration as it can get!), the Casio G-Shock raises toughness to a level never before seen. Strap on a G-Shock, and you will experience unprecedented levels of toughness in design, structure, material, function and performance.

#2 It is built to go the distance

The G-Shock isn’t called ‘indestructible’ for no reason. It really is. The line’s core technology is its shock-resistant structure that absorbs and repels extremely high and strong shocks, vibrations and centrifugal gravity –making it more durable, reliable and hardy than any wristwatch known to man!

Agreed, many top brands manufacture watches that are meant to last the distance, but if I were to place my bets on it, I’d definitely go with a Casio G-Shock all the way! If there were every a timepiece that stick with you through thick and thin, and stand the ultimate test of time, it’s this.

#3 It packs a great package

The tools, features and functionalities offered in the G-Shock range of Casio watches are just unimaginable. The collection almost surely has the answer to most of your questions when you’re out and about on crazy adventures across the globe, be it the altitude of your mountain hike, the speed of your race car, the depth of your dive, weather, direction, or what have you. And of course, accuracy is a given when we’re talking about any product from the house of the Japanese electronics giant!

#4 It will colour you crazy

You don’t have to be a watch aficionado or a sportsperson to wear and love a Casio G-Shock –its sheer range of styles and shades will leave even fashionistas gaping in its wake! Available in every shade of the rainbow, and then some, these Casio watches pack quite the kaleidoscopic punch!Whatever may be your tastes and preferences, the G-Shock range surely has something in store just for you.

#5 It gives you more bang for your buck

Doesn’t carry a Swiss name stamp, but these Japanese tickers are every bit as impressive, if not more so. It’s an incredibly wise investment that gives you major bang for your buck; not only do they pack an exhaustive range of functionalities, but they come with price tags we just can’t help but love! You’ll be left wondering just how we all got so lucky. Bless Casio watches!

#6 It is the quintessential sports watch

The Casio G-Shock needs no introduction to the sporting world.It is no shocker that it is definitively the pinnacle of sports watches, an indomitable force to be reckoned with. So if you’re the sporty kind, then I don’t believe you even have a choice in choosing a loyal companion. The G-Shock is a team player that will stand by you through mud, water, dust, sweat, grime and blood, come what may.

I could go on, but one look at the collection is sure to have you convinced. So just head on over to check it out and let the G-Shock rock your world!

Which City Has The Best Casinos ?

When it comes to casinos, there are some cities in the world that top the others. There are iconic cities that are known for their casinos and gambling, such as Las Vegas. These cities have been portrayed in films, novels and television and so we have put together a list of the cities that are home to the best casinos in the world. With some traditional locations, and some more upcoming destinations, if you’re looking for a great casino then head to one of these destinations! Before choosing a casino, you should take a look at up to date reviews and rankings of Casinos, to find the best casino for you.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is the home of casinos, traditionally and more up-to-date. Vegas is synonymous with the casino world, and there’s probably not many people in the world that haven’t heard of this famous city. Nevada became one of the first states to legalise gambling after the prohibition, and Vegas is now famed for its buzzing energy, 24-hour casinos and endless entertainment options. The Strip is the focal point in the city, and this is where the majority of the casinos lie.

The Pyramid-Shaped Luxor and the Venetian are two of the best casinos in the world. The Venetian, modelled and themed around Venice, even has its own canal system, complete with gondolas. In addition to this, there’s a number of luxury casino resorts such as the Bellagio which is set behind the iconic dancing fountains, and Caesars Palace – an ancient Roman themed casino-hotel featured in the popular film The Hangover, and many others. Las Vegas is the number one destination when it comes to having a good time at some of the best casinos in the world.


Macau in China, is one of the more interesting casino destinations in the world. Where Las Vegas is known for its fun and relaxed atmosphere fuelled by free alcohol available in the casinos and tarnished with a reputation, Macau is somewhat the complete opposite. Macau is a place for serious gambling, and with the high minimum bets people who gamble here, are here to win serious money. Macau has become a huge gambling destination in the world and there are some fantastic casinos in the city. The Venetian Macao is similar to the Las Vegas but on a much larger scale. In fact the Venetian Macao is the largest casino in the world, and features over 3400 slot machines and 800 gambling tables. Baccarat is the game of choice in Macau, but you’re certain to find every game you could think of there.

Monte Carlo, Monaco

Monaco is a fantastic destination if you’re looking to gamble in luxury. Officially named Casino de Monte-Carlo, this casino is one of the best in the world. Inside the complex there is also a theatre and Les Ballets de Monte Carlo. Roulette is one of the most popular games in the city, and there’s a lot of different variations that you can find here. On top of that, stud poker, blackjack, trenteetQuarante, Craps, Baccarat, Video poker and a number of slot machines are all featured in the casino.

10 Quick Natural Ways To Remove Whiteheads

Whiteheads are even termed as Comedones, in the medical world. They share a major part in the list of the skin problems. Like blackheads, whiteheads are also appear in the same way on your skin; in the form of small bulges coming out of the skin pores. These are caused due to presence of stagnant skin cell, oil patches or bacteria in the skin pores. Even because of ill cleansing, they mostly occur on the tip of the nose and probably on the other parts of the face. However, it is no always that they appear only on the face portion in fact whiteheads can pop out on any part of the skin on your body which is more subjected to the presence of bacteria and oil. This is the reason as to why whiteheads most frequently develop in the oily regions of the body.

When whiteheads appear on face portions like: especially over nose and chin in the form of bulges, they look awfully ugly and we often get into dilemma of how to get rid of them as soon as possible. This article can take you out of this whole confusion within no time. In this article, we are enlisting 10 quick and natural ways through which you can remove whiteheads from your face and body. These solutions are made up of natural elements that kick off the causes like the remains of bacteria and oil that lead to whiteheads. These ways are sure to ensure you a promising result. Look out and check out of the following as to which one can help you the best.




Since you now know that the buildup of whiteheads is largely caused due to bacteria, oil and ruin skin cells, thus the most prominent way to get rid of the problem is to cleanse the skin finely and thoroughly. Things that you need to start following sincerely in order to prevent whiteheads are, first of all, make it a compulsion to properly clean and wash your face at least two times a day, if no more then no less also. Second factor is, for washing the face do not use cleansing agents that are high in oil contents and rub the skin utter gently in a circular motion because hard rubbing also leads to skin damage.


The cream BENZOYL PEROXIDE has been proved to be one of the most recommended medical treatments to deal with whiteheads. It is being used for this purpose from a long time and it is so effective because it helps in opening the skin pores by killing the bacteria that lies on the surface of the skin. Moreover, it also works superbly in eliminating the oil and dead skin patches. You will also find options in the selection of cream and you can choose the one that is most appropriate for the intensity of your problem.


In a way, SALICYLIC ACID works in the same manner as that of benzoyl. Both are effective in terms of killing bacteria. However it does not helps in unclogging the oily pores because its main feature is to not let the core get choked.  Salicylic acid does so, by preventing the frequency of follicle peeling thereby reducing the chances of congesting the pores.



Though retinoid creams are mostly used to deal with skin problems such as skin ageing, fine lines and pigmentation, they can altogether be used to abolish whiteheads. The reason is because, retinoid creams consists the one major element and it is vitamin A. Vitamin A is an explicit remedy to increase rejuvenation of skin cells and also unclogging of pores. Thus, applying retinoid cream onto your nose and chin can be an effective solution to the problem.


Steam can also be one of the most promising ways to remove white heads. Heat basically helps in opening the skin pores which thus leads to smooth removal of white heads from the skin. Not just this, but you will be also happy to know that the bacteria also get killed due to the heat produced by the steam. To use this method in the most effective way, jut prepare a tub of hot water and take its steam for at least 10 minutes and then after wash and cleanse your face.



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We can say that TEA TREE OIL is the natural benzoyl peroxide. It contains all essential elements that are required to get rid of any skin problem especially like white and black heads. Along with this, it is really easy to be applied. All you need for this purpose is a Q-TIP. Use a Q- tip to soak the oil and then pour it onto the affected area. Just like benzoyl, even in this case, you can choose the solution. You can decide how strong the solution needs to be as per the intensity of the problem, therefore if you do not feel that you want a really strong solution then just add some amount of water to it to dilute it.


You could have never wondered that the best solution to your whiteheads problems lay right there in your refrigerator. Think, what it could be? Yes, it is nothing other than lemon. Lemons are rich in citric acid, which is another amazing element to unclog skin pores and kill skin bacteria. Therefore, cutting a lemon into slices and rubbing it on the skin places where you have whiteheads can make you get rid of them. To use it in another way, you can prepare a solution of lime juice and water, then mix them well and apply it using a cotton ball. Try to do this once every day but not more than that else it can leave your skin dry and rough. So, make sure that you do as per advice for effective results.



It is an old remedy which has been used since ages to kill bacteria and prevent septic diseases related to it. In this matter, you can even consider the apple cider vinegar as an alternative of lemon because it works in the same way by killing the bacteria and drying the skin to reduce oil content in it. Nevertheless you can apply it in the similar style as you do for lemon juice that is by using a cotton ball. One caution that you should take while applying apple cider vinegar is, just apply it over the area which is affected by white heads and do not get in contact with the skin that has no such problem, otherwise, it can adversely impact the normal skin by damaging it.

  1. HONEY:


Honey is the safest and an extremely effective element to remove whiteheads. Apart from this, it can also work as a superb remedy for various skin problems, if used as skin mask.  However, in the case of whiteheads you can apply raw honey directly on the whiteheads either by using a cotton ball or your fingers. All that needs to be done is to blend it well and scrub it over the skin in circular motion. Isn’t it quick and easy? So, do give it a try.


Turmeric, honey and lemon essence are the best natural ingredients. All you need to do is to make a scrub with these three to deal with the irritating whiteheads. You can make this scrub by yourself and that too within few seconds. We have already mentioned the benefits and effects of honey and lemon in the above points and so it is clear that what wonders it can do. In the same way, turmeric is the best anti-bacterial element present in the nature, therefore a blend of all these three elements can make you free of any skin disease especially getting rid from the problem of white and blackheads. Apart from these three elements, you can also use rice flour. As a piece of advice, we will suggest you not to add water to the scrub as lemon syrup ill already do the work of mixing agent.


  • Better hygiene and proper diet along with timely sleeping habits can lead to an enormous improvement in your skin health.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Cleanse your face twice a day and on weekly basis, make sure you don’t miss out on a cleanup routine at home using natural ingredients such as lemon juice or aloe vera extract.

We sincerely hope that these tips prove to be helpful for your skin and you can easily get free of those ugly and annoying whiteheads very soon. Which method turned out to be your savior? Please leave your comment below and also let us know if you have any other effective remedy to share with us.


Check Out The Right Way To Shape Your Eyebrows

Eyebrows are one of the most crucial features of our face. Right from bestowing expressions to beauty, they hold the primary role. But even after knowing these facts, we still underestimate their presence. We do not give proper attention and as a result we end up mis-shaping them, which further spoils the complete look of our face. It is not a negotiable fact that the shape of your eyebrow can define the appearance of your complete look, yet at times we do not understand what will be the perfect way to determine our brows so that they can absolutely suit to your face and gives it a better dimension. Nevertheless, after reading this article, it will be surely easy for you to decide the shaping of your eyebrows that suits you the best. Here, we will also give you some tips defining some exceptional methods which will help you to lend an appropriate shaping to your bros. Along with this; we have also highlighted all the necessary tools and things that would be required in the shaping process and also the ways through which you can minimize the intensity of pain.

The first step to owe an ideal brow is to determine how it should look like. To do this, you would need to follow certain steps. There are two ends to our eyebrow, the inner end that is towards the nose and the outer end that ends up at the temple of the crown. So, the steps begin from highlighting the starting point of the inner edge to the ending point of the outer edge.

  • INNER EDGE: Take an eyebrow pencil and place it in a vertical position in such a way that it touches the side of your nose and inner line of your eye. Also, notice where this straight line is formed and mark that point on your eyebrow. This is the mark of your inner edge where your eyebrow should start. Now do the similar for the other eye too.
  • ARCH: An appropriate arch or peak in the eyebrow at the correct place can drastically make a difference to the shape of your bro and hence give a distinct look to your entire face.  Now to check where the arch should be in accordance to your face, what you need to do is, place the eyebrow pencil in a way that it lie between the side of your nose and extreme end of the pupil, mark the point where the lines cut each other. This is where the peak of the eyebrow should be. one important thing to keep in mind while doing so is to make sure that you look straight into the mirror, since the measure depends upon the edge of your pupil, thus if there would be any movement it will lead to wrong judgment and can ruin the look.
  • OUTER EDGE: Again, placing the eyebrow pencil in an angle so that it touches your nose’s and eyes outer edges. Mark the point where the pencil intersects the brow; that should be the extreme end of your eyebrow. Again, do the same with another eye.
  • THICKNESS: The last thing to be found is how thick the eyebrow should be. To do so, mark a line on the lower edge of your brow bone, this should be the thickness of your brow.

Now that you know what should appropriate eyebrow for your eye look like, let’s move onto discussing how to get them.

  • Using a thread or tweezer, pluck the hair that falls outside the marked regions in the definite shape.
  • Make sure that the thickness of the brow lies within the range of 0.5cm to 1cmand not more than that.
  • While experimenting with the shape of brow, keep in mind the shape of your face. For an instance, if your face is round in appearance, then to belittle its curvy look directing the end of the brow  a bit upward in the direction of ear would do the best.
  • Suppose, if your face is in square shape, like that of Kareena Kapoor, then leading the outer edge of your eyebrow into your ear’s mid direction will work absolutely perfect for you.
  • On the other hand f you possess a long face then keep the ear straighter with a minimal arch would suit you better.
  • If your face shape is oval, then trust us you are just so blessed because it is the most balanced face types. Shraddha Kapoor is the best example of this. Although, to highlight the fact, just try to shape your eyebrows considering to direct the outermost edge in the ear lobe’ s direction with a significant peak.

However, for the first time we would suggest you to get your eyebrow shaped by a professional in the perfect way they should actually be. After that, you would not need to visit a parlor every fifteen days. If you give a notice to your brows on frequent regular intervals then you can clean and shape them up on your own by taking care of certain things.  Let us tell you how and what.

    • TWEEZING: After a week or so, of shaping the brows, you might start noticing small growths of hair around the desired shape. What you need to do to cure them is to only tweeze the excess hair around the desired shape and it will be sorted.8

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    • TRIMMING: In the span of 10 to 15 days, the length of the hair within the desired shape would increase. Therefore to bring them back to normal, just take a small scissor and trim the growth a bit from the flat surface and then you can brush your hair in the upward direction with the use of a brow brush.9

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  • HIGHLIGHT: If your brows are too light shaded then to enhance their look and volume, shade them with a two tones darker shade of an eyebrow pencil. While doing so, stretch your temple skin with your palms; it will make the eyebrows stretch too and then shade them in upward direction and blend it well. Even if you do not possess a brow pencil, then instead of it you can use a mate eye shadow. On the other side if the tone is too dark then repeat the same thing using two tones lighter shade of the bro pencil.

If you stick to these things on a regular basis and develop a habit precisely a good habit then timely it would be easy for you to maintain the look without making significant efforts.


  • Make a note that eyebrows create expressions thus if you get your brow too imbalanced in a way that the outer edge levels a little too much above the inner edge then it will portrait an angry expression on your face.
  • However if your eyes are in the shape of almonds, in that case your natural brow line would be lower on the inner edge and higher on the outer and this is what typically suit the eyes. Thus while shaping them, make sure you do not to do vice versa to both of the edges otherwise it can prove to be a clownish experiment.
  • Dab some concealer around the brow areas to give them a dimensional outlook.
  • If your skin is utterly sensitive and loose, then do not forget to keep an ice pack along with you while you do the tweezing and keep on applying it when you feel the pain.
  • Be very keen to notice that both the eyebrows are appearing to be symmetrically similar in both the directions horizontal and vertical.
  • While shading the eyebrow, use a lighter shade on the inner edge and darker on the outer edge and then after, just blend them well enough.
  • One thing to be considered while measuring the ends of the brow is that, if your nose is too wide (which happen with some people) then instead of using the level of nose for marking; consider the inner level of your eye. Otherwise, if you measure it with the help of your nose level there would be ideally a smaller eyebrow.

Keeping these things in mind and follow the above given methods you can, in fact you will surely have a set of desirable eyebrows. Don’t forget to mention how well the tricks helped you and to do so please shoot a comment below.


Some Effective Ways To Handle & Reduce Stress

Stress has entered in the blood of one and all and this has further given rise to unlimited health issues which are not at all beneficial. This is because we cannot hold control over every situation but yes, this does not mean that we cannot live a stress free life. We definitely can and so all we need to do is to smartly manage stress. Here we bring you some amazing ways which will surely help you to handle stress in the easiest way.


Continuous stress impacts a person very adversely especially from the health point of view. Mind you that opting for options like: taking alcohol, gambling, over spending when you are stressed are not the right solutions. So, better stay away from all these negativity. Talking about the damaging impacts of stress over health; they could be any of these:

  • Feeling Dizziness all the time
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular pain shoulder, neck or face
  • Continuous headaches
  • Pain in chest
  • Depression
  • Upset tummy & Indigestion
  • Panic attacks
  • Clenched jaws
  • Hastening heart
  • Chilled and sweaty palm all the time
  • Excess tiredness
  • Heart diseases
  • Either loss of appetite or increase in it leading to weight loss or increase respectively
  • Irritation, angriness and exhaustion in your attitude
  • Sexual issues
  • Palpitation (shaky motion)



Some of the effective ways that will help you to reduce and handle stress are as follows:


The first and foremost way to manage stress is to discover the gateway of stress, meaning thereby; where is the stress actually coming from. You must be thinking that how will this help. Well, if you know the reason behind your stress then taking action against it will be much simpler. There could be any reason like: dispute with your boss, any of your upcoming business projects, business meeting, family issue or anything such but the solution to stress will only be attained after understanding the gist of the problem. Discovering the gateway of stress will take you much nearer to organize things and make your life stress-free.


Never let your passion and love go waste! Even though you try to manage and do best at your job but still somehow, more or less, it is stress central. Now the question is what you can do to be stress-free in such a situation? Quite simple… pick out one or two hobby of yours that you are passionate for and include them in your daily life at any cost. Though in beginning it might be a little hectic for you but within few days you will surely start loving this change. In case, if you are not sure about what you should actually do, then you can probably try few different activities and do a selection. You will even love those new experiences. Try it out!


This is one of the biggest stress agents in the lives of many. No one would deny to this fact that the list of our to-do activities is always bigger than the time available. Hence, with less of time and lot more to do in pipeline definitely gives ample place to stress. Reply honestly… how many times have you wished to God to have few more extra hours in a day? A lot many times, isn’t it? It is understandable that you are trying to be best but still no one can ever conquer the world in one day so sit, relax and supervise your time in such a way that you fulfill all your priorities. The more efficiently you manage your time, the more relaxed you will be.


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To add on, many a times it has been noticed that your habit of being too good and helpful also becomes a reason of stress in your life. So, you really need to learn to say polite NO to remain stress free. It is good to be helpful but not at the cost of being stressful because when time is limited and work is more there will always be something or the other that will be criticized. So it’s better to be not overloaded unnecessarily. There are always soft phrases that you can use gently, like:

“I am sorry but I can’t promise to do this as I have other precedence at this time.”
“I’d love to do this for you, but …”

Such phrases will not even hurt the person asking for help and also not leave you stress free.


Understand this way that you are stuck in a huge traffic jam and your patience is no more your good friend now. Then taking a deep breath or relaxing on your seat with eyes closed for two minutes will definitely be an awesome stress reliever. But the same technique won’t work if you have an unavoidable urgent business meeting to attend because stress is sure to capture your mind. So, you need to make a tool cabinet for yourself with different techniques for different situations. This will help you to handle various such situations completely stress-free.


Pull out some spare moments to sit and understand your everyday activities and analyze which of them needs a break. Here the meaning is that, there are definitely few such activities which have left you stressful so either they should be changed or completely removed. You need t understand that whether you are doing a particular work because you are interested in doing it or just because you have to do it in order to please others. If your heart does not favor any of your actions and make you feel that you are doing it forcefully, then it’s high time to make the right judgment. You are sure to experience a hell lot of difference instantly.


At times there are such matters which do not require any of your special attention. But it happens that you being physically tired due to excess of physical and mental work or less of sleep, you keep on thinking on the same thing without any productive purpose which again turns out to be a stress factor for you. Mind you; when you are fully relaxed (physically & mentally), your thinking power is lot more times much better and you do not take small things as stressor. So, sleep well and give adequate rest to your mind and body. On holidays, like Sunday try to take more sleep than usual so that you feel relaxed at all the three: heart, mind and body.


Do not intermix the terms ‘caring’ and ‘worrying’. To care, is absolutely fine but over caring turns out to be ‘worrying’. The worst part is that we don’t even realize when our care gets converted to worry and then there begins the stress part in our mind. Make sure that you only take that amount of burden that can be actually borne by you else no one can stop you from entering into the stress world which is very unhealthy from every point of view.


If you are the one who are a regular lover of alcohol then it is high time to impose some restriction on yourself. Drinks that contain nicotine, alcohol and caffeine contents are more subjected to enhance the stress level in you. Inspite of these, prefer and include herbal tea, diluted juice of natural fruits and ample of water in your daily diet because these are not only good for health but will keep your body hydrated and this in return will deal with stress very effectively. Moreover, also diminish the intake of refined sugars in your daily diet and increase intake of more and more green vegetables and fruits. A little adjustment with your everyday diet can keep your happy and stress free always.


Exercise serves to be the best medium for a healthy body and mind. Especially, when it is about attaining relief from the disaster termed as Stress, then you just can’t miss on doing exercises and yoga even for a single day. There are some specific exercises that are even known as stress Relievers. Laughing your heart aloud is one of them. These exercises give you a lot of relief in all the three: mind, body and soul.


With whomsoever you are comfortable with, do share your talks, worries, feelings and whatever is there in your mind. This trick will definitely bestow you with a lot relief. Your heart and mind will become burden-free. Mind you; that the person with whom you share your feelings is very reliable and trustworthy. This person could be anyone in your family and friends.


Since ages, meditation is known as the best remedy to provide a lot of physical and mental relief. Meditation is a sort of mindful prayer to enhance your focus and provide you relaxation. It releases the emotions out and supplies you with instant benefits that will do well to you in many other ways too. The advantages of meditation are limitless especially in terms of kicking out the stress of your mind.


You can even take the help of a counselor to overcome stress because their advice and way of understanding our state of mind is very efficacious. The other way could be to take good stress management class so that they guide you on how to keep your life stress free. Both of these ways are also superb options to help you to reduce stress.

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Hope these ways prove a great help to you and pull you out of a stressful life. The key to unlock the stress free life is to remain positive in every condition. Be happy at heart, do what you wish to do, act according to the time, be more social and friendly, smile and spread smiles.


Baby drool & teething rash: causes, treatment & prevention

Are you the new mum and worried about the problem of drool rash that your child is suffering? Relax and don’t worry. Here, through this piece of information we will try to help you out.

Babies suffer from the problem of drool rash especially at the time of teething. It is when their gums get little swollen and teeth are ready to pop out. We can call it as a common fall out during the teething process. But in many cases, babies drool apart from teething as well. Well, whatever the reason is; it is important to find out the solution to the problem.

Understand: What is a Drool Rash?

The continuous existence of saliva over the soft skin of your baby especially over the neckline, chin and chest is termed as Drool Rash. Sooner, these gradually turn into red irritation spots. These are likely to be also found over cheeks and mouth portion of the baby. Such rashes appear like patches which are generally flat or slenderly raised in the form of tiny red colored bumps. They can even appear roughened and cracked. Drooling is likely to develop if too much saliva is resulting into causing wet skin for a long time or also if there is left over of food particles on the mouth or cheeks of the baby for too long.

How can Drool Rash be prevented?

Prevention is better than cure! So, why not to try prevent such circumstances rather than treating them!

Though keeping your baby away from drooling is a tough task because the excretion of saliva is a natural process but few things can always be kept in mind in order to prevent this problem. As per the experts of medical science, it is believed that the salivary glands of a baby start working when they are of two to three months age. Now, irrespective of the fact whether your baby is teething or not, this can further result to drooling.

  1. The best way out to forestall this problem is to always keep the skin of your baby very clean and dry. Half battle is won if you are able to do so. To add on; as the precautionary measures, first of all, you will always need to keep a soft cloth or handkerchief handy so that whenever you see drool it can be cleaned immediately. Make sure that you do not rub it hard, just wipe it off very gently.
  1. Secondly, make it a habit to clean your baby’s neckline and mouth as often as you can, especially when you are done with feeding him or her. Mark a point that no extra pressure should be applied when you are cleaning or wiping off else it might end up in causing irritation over your baby’s skin.
  1. Using bibs is also one of the most effective ways to preclude drool rash. This wouldn’t let your baby or his body parts getting wet from the excretion of saliva. Moreover, keep on changing bibs from time to time as and when you find that the old one has got wet. This will let the baby’s skin remain dry and prevent drooling.

Treatment of Drool Rash

Being a mother, you really need to be extra cautious and peculiar. Few points that should be on board while treating drool rash are:


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  1. Make sure that twice in a day you gently wash the drooling impacted areas of the baby’s body with warm water and soft cloth and then pat dry. Don’t let it remain wet at any cost.
  1. Once done with the above step, you can apply sanative cream or ointment such as petroleum jelly or Aquaphor. This won’t let the drool make a direct contact with the skin of your baby thereby keeping it safe. Moreover, this will also render soothness to his or her skin.
  1. While making your baby bath, use an unscented & gentle body wash only else anything harsh might heighten the redness and irritation of the drool rashes. Same goes for the body lotion as well. But deflect using any sort of lotion over the drool rashes instead prefer only sanative ointment or hydrocortisone cream.
  1. Another thing to take care of is to wash the clothes of baby in an unscented laundry detergent and same goes for your clothes as well because it is you who make a direct and regular contact to the baby. Also, deflect wearing perfumes over your clothes or applying fragranced lotion on your body for time being. You can also use medicated liquids to cleanse of his or her clothes.
  1. Moreover, if you discover that drooling is caused due to teething then you can make him or her have something cold but not frozen. This could be: cold teething ring or cold washcloth. This will definitely soothe the swollen gums of your little one and give him or her lot of comfort. Later, don’t forget to clean and dry your baby’s face or mouth with soft cloth.
  1. Always make your little one wear such clothes that are very soft and friendly for their skin. We cannot deny to the fact the more comfy clothes the baby wear, the happier he/she is.

Right time to visit the Pediatrician

Though, the above measures are given to prevent and treat the problem of drool rash in the best possible way at home but still exceptions are always there. In such exceptions where home treatment might not work then it is the time to visit and consult the Pediatrician. They can be:

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  • Firstly, if the drool rash does not show any betterment even after a week time of giving the relevant home treatment, then it is the time to visit Pediatrician.
  • Secondly, if the rash has turned weepy, roughened or cracked and resulting in pain and irritation to your baby.

In such conditions, no one apart from the pediatrician can help you and lend a quick comfort to the baby. He will examine the rashes and prescribe the necessary creams or ointment to cure.

With a hope that your little one always stays happy and healthy, hope this proves helpful to you in the tough time of your baby. Do write to us and share if you have any other thoughts.


How To Handle Long Distance Relationship?

Handling the long distance relationship completely depends on the way how you look towards it and how you handle it. Every relation needs time, devotion, sacrifice, sincerity, trust, care and above all; never ending love. These all implies especially in the case of long distance relationship. It might be as happy or as annoying as any other relation could be. Everyone has his or her own point of view on this. Here in this article we will go through some of the simplest yet important ways to handle long distance relationship with much of ease and they are:


  1. DON’T BE POSSESSIVE: It is good to be caring but anything that is in excess does not do any good rather turns out to give negative impact. Stay in touch but that does not mean you need to be in touch for all 24 hours of a day as it might create unnecessary complications. This will decrease your love with intense speed and create exhaustion. So, give ample space to each other and don’t turn out to be sticky and possessive. This will not only keep your love alive but also the anxiety of talking to each other at day end.
  1. LOOK IT AS AN OPPORTUNITY: Long distance relationship acts as a learning phase so look towards it as an opportunity. Feel yourself lucky to be blessed with such a chance where you will get enough time to know and understand each other. You will be able to acknowledge the positive and negative aspects of one another. With the passage of time the distance between you two will strengthen the bond of your love and trust if handled maturely. Remember the famous proverb – “If you want to live together, you first need to learn how to live apart.”
  1. BE OPEN AT HEART: It is always good to be open at heart especially when the distance is long. Do not hide talks and things in your heart and assume anything that is baseless rather be open with each other. If you have any confusion or your heart is struggling with any such thought that might create misunderstanding amongst you then just don’t delay and share with one another. This will quickly relax your mind and avoid any sort of misinterpretation.
    1. COMMUNICATE SMARTLY: Be a smart communicator. Always share about your life and its happenings that you think your partner should know with one another. In daytime, once or twice you can even send small audio recordings or any beautiful pics that expressed your love for him or her. This is a smart way to stay in touch with each other and without causing any disturbance.
    1. BE CLEAR TO EACH OTHER: There is no relation that can last forever on the basis of long distance so it is better to be clear on things like: when will you be returning, how long you will be far from each other, what about your future plans, at the end of the day, what are your final plans etc. Such questions need to have an answer among both of you because a goal for any target and the plan to achieve it is really important. The more you are clear to each other about your thoughts and opinions, the more it is easy to handle such relationship.
    1. PLAN DOING THINGS TOGETHER: At times to feel a little more closer even being far at distance you can plan doing some activities together like: watching a common movie together, doing online shopping for each other, reading any romantic novel, cooking same stuff etc. This will definitely give you matter to gossip and talk and you guys will surely feel closer to each other. Remember, things done together are a great fun.
    1. GIVE SURPRISE VISIT TO EACH OTHER: Whenever possible, do give each other this lovely surprise by visiting each other’s place. This turns out to be one of the best gifts especially in long distance relationships. Do not forget to carry a gift for your beloved. Go for lunch or dinner and spend quality time with him or her. Nothing else than this can make you more happy!
    1. BE UTMOST HONEST: Hiding anything which your partner should know is something that can spoil all your efforts and end up your relation in few seconds. So, be very honest to each other so that there is no place for any sort of misunderstanding. In case of any problem, do share with each other because it is your partner who will be there for you to support you. After all your honesty will be reflected in your character and increase your trust and love for each other.
    1. KEEP YOURSELF UPDATE ON EACH OTHER’S SCHEDULES: Keeping each other updated about the schedule of one another will save your relation from getting affected from any sort of unnecessary anger and irritation. You can even drop a message if there is anything urgent so that one can respond back immediately once he or she is free. This will make your life much simpler and a lot happier.
    1. BE ACTIVE ON SOCIAL PLATFORMS: Express your love and feelings to each other by tweeting or messaging each other on social media platforms as well. Liking each other pics and also complimenting on them gives a special feel and add three stars to your relationship. Be chill and cool and don’t miss any chance to show that how much you love one another.2

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    1. USE ROMANTIC IDEAS: Right from writing hand written love letters to arranging surprise gifts through online shopping captures some of the most romantic ideas to impress each other and convey the hidden love. Sending flower bouquets, greeting cards or any sort of love gifts on especial events like birthday, valentines etc will definitely boost up your love.
  1. BE POSITIVE ABOUT EVERYTHING: This is one such factor that can keep your any relation alive forever. Though it is understandable that staying away from each other at long distances is not an easy task but if you are positive in mind and at heart about each other then distance won’t become the hurdle in your love life. If you think this way that you have someone who loves you so much, is also something that will revive you with immense positivity. Here comes a piece of advice that ‘Being positive serves as the strength of any relationship especially the long distance ones.’

Apart from the above factors, you can also happily handle your long distance relationship by giving each other with any cute names which you can generally used to call each other. This will surely give you a special feel. To add on, do not miss on the chances of video-calling and chatting also. Sitting at distance but still able to see each other, lost in each other’s eyes is like a cherry on the cake. Always share things about each other’s family and friends because this takes you closer towards him or her. There is a true saying that “If a long distance relationship survives, it’ll only grow stronger”. So, now it’s up to both of you to make it work in the best way and be together forever.


    • Well, there is nothing to worry about fights till the time you hold on love and trust for each other. No relation can remain healthy without fights or arguments because if we don’t then it means that we are suppressing our feelings and this is no good at all. Use words in limitation and don’t let that fight turn out to be a disaster. If one is high at temper then probably other can remain chill and this will settle down the argument soon. Later, you can definitely put up your words when things are settled down. This trick will definitely give your relation a sense of maturity and stay healthy always.
    • Make sure that issues that you are raising up for your fight are actually fair and nothing that highlights the past of one another because this turns out to be the most pathetic. Also, question yourself that what will you get by being against your beloved rather be together and sort out the matter mutually with little patience, softness and love. Mind you, it just takes few seconds to mess up or end up any relation but lifetime to keep it safe and happy.
    • Don’t just go on speaking and speaking, also listen to each other so that you do not misinterpret the talks. If you still find the fight not ending up, then better give some space to each other so that when you sit calm you can actually think with all senses and then do the needful. Never ever include any third party to solve your fight because this will only worsen the whole situation. Let the things stay between you two and solve it together. No one else can understand your feeling better than you guys yourselves.
    • For an instance, you had a fight yesterday and did not end up on a good note. This does not mean that you stop communicating with each other like not picking the call, avoiding each other or banging down the phone. Understand the fact that fight is equally painful for both of you and don’t make it more painful by doing such immature acts. Act mature and be sensible enough to handle it with utmost care and love again. Soon, everything will become fine and you will cherish smiles over your faces.
  • Every fight that happens is a lesson for you to understand and learn that what went wrong and what should not be repeated in future. Do discuss with each other and lay down your perspectives so that you both get to know each other in a much better way. Fights are good if they are in their limitations but they are turn out to be a tragedy when it crosses its boundaries and go far way. Don’t let it increase in any way; end it up as soon as possible. Remember, after all you love each other.

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  • Enjoy your togetherness by understanding the fact that you lucky to be loved by someone so passionately.
  • Pull out the best of the time that is available between you two and that could be either when you are together over phone, webcam or before each other.
  • Never be suspicious and shower the maximum trust, unconditional love and care over your partner. This is something which will always bind him or her to remain yours forever.
  • Let go small things or fights. Do not give them any importance. Remember that at the end of the day all that matters are, you two being together, love amongst you and faith.
  • Do not mix the professional and personal life as it will take you nowhere and unnecessarily create havoc in both the fields. Respect each other in every aspect of life.
  • Time when you are together, enjoy to the fullest. Do things which you love in common as this will increase more of understanding. If possible, plan out a day or two outing with each other or close friends so that you both can have a quality time spent in a refreshing way.

Nobody denies the fact that handling and carrying a long distance relationship is not as easy as it is advised because there is nothing that can take the place of the presence of your beloved. A physical presence of your loved one is totally incomparable. But true examination is when you are at distance. So, maintain your love, faith and bestow him or her with care and see the magic. Little patience, few adjustments and some sacrifices, this all that is needed for a happy relationship and this is the only advice. Have trust on yourself that you will never give up and give your best to your relation!!


How To Do Away With The Problem Of Infected Taste Buds?

Tongue and taste… walks together!!

Do you remember having an annoying inflamed taste bud? Well, how can you forget that! The last time when you had an infected or inflamed taste bud, you tongue does not seem to relish any of the tasty foods thereby leaving you unhappy. Taste buds happen to be on the tip of tongue and are completely creditworthy to lend you the sense of tasting good or bad. An infected taste bud not only hurt but also twinges and spoils your flavor whenever you have something. Actually, you are not able to derive the exact taste of what you are eating.

There can be few reasons behind an infected taste bud, such as: you had something excess hot, you happen to bite your tongue by chance or you had excess salty, spicy or acidic food. To add on, if we see from the doctors’ point of view, according to them an infected taste bud is also the symptom of an upset tummy. So reasons differ from person to person. But the truth is; irrespective of any reasons, one facing this problem only wishes to get an immediate relief and his or her tasting power back.

So, let’s check out some of the effective ways to overcome the problem of infected or inflamed taste buds:


  1. Drink chilled or cold water:

Drinking hot water or even the lukewarm water will only increase your problem, so prefer drinking chilled cold water when you are the victim of infected taste buds. In such instances, Cold water works as an anti-inflammatory thing. All you need to do is to drink ample of cold water by taking small sips one by one and then twirling in your mouth before swilling it in. You are sure to experience lot of comfort from the irritation and pain both in case of infected taste buds.

  1. Make the use of Ice Cube:

Just like the cold or chilled water, Ice cube will also assist you in the most soothing way when infected taste bud is bothering you a lot. What needs to be done is to take one ice cube and place it over your tongue and let it remain there for some time. You can remove and place as per your convenience. Though this might prick you in the beginning but then slowly will make you feel a lot better. To add on, as it has been mentioned above, don’t miss on drinking chilled water and you can even drink cold milk in case of infected taste buds. This method is sure to be a lot soothing.


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  1. Go for An Antiseptic Mouthwash:

Another most efficacious method to provide you easement against inflamed or infected taste buds will be to go for an antiseptic mouthwash. Listerine Mouthwash is one of the options that possess anti-inflammatory qualities. In case if someone is allergic to this, one can even try Peroxyl as it is well known to cure such an issue. Also, another way out could be to take the advice from a doctor to avoid any allergic reaction. Then, gargle your mouth with the prescribed antiseptic mouthwash for about twice to thrice a day. This will kill the bacteria over your tongue and lend you with an instant relief from the pain caused due to infected taste bud.

  1. Have Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt:

Now this is something that will not only comfort you but also make you happy. In case of infected taste bud, have good amount of ice cream without any shy. Moreover, even frozen yogurt will play the same role and do the needful. This method will also cure the infection at its best because bacteria heighten the infection when it prevails and grows in hotter conditions. Thus by having cold things bacteria will not get chance to grow more or survive and so will also ease the inflammation over your tongue.


  1. Gargle with Salt Water:

Salt is such a gift of nature which is known for its inflammatory properties and so it can undoubtedly provide us relief against inflamed taste bud as well. The process that needs to be followed is to take one glass of lukewarm water and mix half tablespoon of salt into it till the time it dissolves completely. Then gargle with this water by taking small sips and twirling it inside for a period of half a minute. Then spit out the water and repeat the same till you finish that one glass of lukewarm salt water. You can follow the same gargling process for about to two to three times in a day depending on how infected your taste bud is. If done sincerely, through this method you will be able to witness the inflamed buds becoming tiny thereby comforting you from the pain very soon.



  1. Manage your Daily Diet:

As mentioned above that infected taste bud can also be the cause of consuming too much spicy food or acidic food. Though you might be the lover of spicy food but for time being you need to control your taste desires. Have normal food with least spices and also avoid the food or eatables that cause acidity. Add green vegetables to your daily diet. Moreover, if you find the problem of infected taste bud repeating very frequently then it is symptom that your body is more acidic rather than being alkaline. Well, now you must be thinking how this can be cured? First of all, get your drinking water tested as this might be the only reason. The pH level of water needs to be nine or best would be 10.5 but if it is less than this then you need to do something in the same regard.

  1. Disturbed Tummy:

A happy tummy is a happy you! No taste or even the tastiest of food seems to be tasteless if you have an upset tummy. It has been found that the disturbed tummy also causes infected taste buds. So, it is advisable to get your stomach infection checked or any issues related to it before you go for any sort of pain comforting or anti-inflammatory medicines. So, keep your stomach equally health as you do for your body.

Hope all these methods help you to cure the problem of inflamed or infected taste buds effectively thereby providing you relaxation against irritation and pain. May you soon be able to taste well! Let us know which method proved useful to you and also share if you have any valuable ideas on the same.


Methods To Get Off Cocaine From One’s Body

Every drug leaves one or the other damaging impact over an individual’s body. Among many, Cocaine is one such strong drug which is known to leave the most striking effect on the body of anyone. It is one of the most powerful, irregular drugs which soon make you addictive to it. The worst part is that the harm engendered by Cocaine is permanent; meaning thereby it leaves an everlasting negative impact.

Impact of Cocaine Over The Body of An Individual

Extremely addictive, Cocaine is also recognized by some other names such as: coke, candy, snow and flake. It accelerates the working of the brain system to eject surging levels of a biochemical. This in return results to increase in the anxiety level along with the feeling of pleasure and excitation.

Once entered into your blood, this drug does not agree to leave your body under any condition. As many factors are responsible like: metabolism rate of the body, age factor, sex of a person (male of female) and consumption frequency. Elongated and continuous usage of this drug can lead to many hazardous health issues like: raised pulse rate, high blood pressure etc which further opens the door of many other diseases as well.

For how long, Cocaine remains present in the body after consumption?

Usually, Cocaine metabolizes to various compounds which are generally not in active state initially. It has been found that a lot many times cocaine generally metabolizes within a period of two to four hours. Nevertheless, it can still be found after conducting a drug examination even after a week time. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that there are some such specialized drug testing techniques also; where the presence of cocaine can be found in an individual’s blood even after three months of cocaine intake in the body.

On the other hand if we discuss about cocaine vestiges in urine, just like to some other powerful drugs, cocaine metabolites can be easily detected by performing urine test. If you prefer normal urine test then the period should be between two to four days after the intake of cocaine and in case if you go for any specialized testing then the result can still be positive even after a period of two weeks.

Apart from urine and blood testing, sweat or saliva can also help in detecting the vestiges of cocaine in one’s body. While it has been evidenced that the traces of cocaine are not present for long in saliva, that is just for a period of two hours but later on it has also been examined and discovered that its traces have even been found after a period of nineteen hours as well. To conclude, the leftover of cocaine in the body can be found from five hours to a period of two to three days also.

Fastest Methods To Get Off Cocaine From The Bod

Well, if you are the one who are forced to undergo a blood or urine drug test to detect if you take cocaine or not but you do not want to reveal the truth then it becomes essential for you to get rid of cocaine traces from your body. Below given are few methods that can help you to get off cocaine traces from your body and come out clean in your drug test. The methods are as follows:


  1. Drink lot of water: First & Foremost, the easiest and simplest way to get off cocaine from your body is to drink lots and lots of water. Through this, the process of detoxification will take place and you will be able to release harmful toxins out of your body through urination. You can also take orange juice and vinegar apart from water. This method will surely serve you as a great help.
  1. Go for Diuretics: The second fastest method to get off cocaine from body is to have diuretics. These are also available on good medical stores in the form of pills and kits and so you can get one from there. These diuretics are strong enough to clean out cocaine from your body thereby increasing the flow of urine which results in releasing excess of water from the body. Even the minor traces of cocaine can be removed through this method.
  1. Oral Cleansers & Mouthwashes: Another best way to remove cocaine vestiges from body is to thoroughly clean your mouth with effective mouthwash or any recommended oral cleanser. You can get these from a good chemist shop. This method can help you to clear the saliva drug detection test thereby making your saliva clean from cocaine traces.


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  1. Say NO to sugar, caffeine & fat full products: Now when you have no option apart from being forced to take the cocaine detection test, then even concentration over your eating habits can be a great help. Say a strict NO to all those drinks & eatables which carry a lot of sugar, caffeine or fat within them. Rather prefer having fresh fruits, salads, sprouts and vegetables in your diet which has less or no such harmful contents like sugar, caffeine and fat.
  1. Perform stress salving activities: The efficacious stress salving activities are: daily walk, exercising, meditation and yoga. These activities if done on a regular basis will not only clean cocaine traces from your body but also from your mind and keep your refreshed. Moreover, this would also decrease your urge towards such harmful drugs. Remember the proverb, Health is wealth.


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  1. Add on Amino acid and Ginseng in your diet: Though water is the best gift of nature which works effectively in the process of detoxification but there are few other ways too that can assist you in getting rid of cocaine from your body. They are: kava, ginseng or valerian root. Also; adding on those supplements in your daily diet which are rich in amino acid and proteins will also be a great help to you to pass your cocaine detection test clean.
  1. Exfoliation: Last but not the least; proper exfoliation can also turn out to be a savior in passing your drug test. Exfoliation is a process that dispatches the dead skin cells with the help of loofah or a specialized bristled brush that helps in scrubbing the body effectively. This method will work two in one by not only removing dead skin cells but also wiping off cocaine traces from your body.

Hope these methods turn out to be a great help to you but mark a point that if you do not stop that intake of cocaine then no method can actually be of any help to you. On general, cocaine remains in body for three to four days but the period can extend if you are the regular or frequent user of it. Also, it is advisable to get yourself enrolled for the de-addiction programmes which are specifically made for the ones who are addicted to cocaine. Such programmes help you to lead a normal and healthy cocaine free life.