Is It Safe to Delay Your Period?

Many women delay their periods for a variety of reasons, and if you are already doing so or thinking about postponing your period, then you may be curious about the risks. Anytime you mess with the natural processes of your body, there is a risk that you will cause medical problems for yourself, and we want to discuss what those may be when it comes to period delays.

Why You Would Delay Your Period

Why do women try to push their period back or even try to skip over their period entirely? There are lots of circumstances where having a period at a later time can be beneficial and convenient, and we want to explore some of those. Your reason for delaying your period is likely among them.

Periods are often uncomfortable and unpleasant, and it makes sense that there may be certain occasions when it simply arrives at an inconvenient time for a woman. They may have other things going on in their life, and it might not be convenient for them to have a period right then. So, delaying their period is a good option, as it lets them get done what they need to do and reschedule their period for a more suitable time.

A woman may also decide to delay her period because of her sexual activity. It can put a halt to a romantic evening, and it may be more convenient to postpone the period until after the romantic escapades are over.

Periods can also come at bad times for women who swim or compete in other sports. Someone who has a competitive event coming up may need to postpone their period until the event is over. This allows them to stay on track with important things in their life and not have to worry about their period deciding their schedule for them.

Most women don’t delay their period regularly, but instead, choose special occasions to hold off on that part of their cycle. Whether it is a wedding, a weekend with friends or some other special event, there are lots of times where it is simply more convenient to put the period on hold and just resume it after the fun is over.

The Risks Involved

While it may seem like it’s a positive thing to be able to control your cycle, it’s not without potential drawbacks. While the vast majority of women will experience little to no side effects following the delay, some do experience the unfortunate downsides of changing the natural rhythm of their body. Let’s look at the risks now and see what kind of dangers you need to be aware of when you want to hold off on your period for a few days.

There are a few different ways to delay a period, and each of them comes with their own risks. Because the methods tend to be so different, we can’t just list blanket warnings and expect them to apply to everyone and every situation. The method you use to delay your period will determine what kind of risks are involved.

There is one general warning we can give, though, in regards to hormonal changes. Any attempt to delay a period will inevitably interfere with how the body’s hormones operate. Those hormones are responsible for pregnancy and your natural cycle, so diverting them from their intended purpose or changing their behavior can have repercussions. Hormonal changes can lead to problems like mood swings, emotional instability and potentially dangerous interactions with existing medical conditions. Generally, these are not severe problems, but they are ones that you need to be aware of.

Oral contraceptives are the most common way to delay a period. The side effects of taking a pill like that are nausea, breast tenderness, bloating, leg cramps, moodiness, headaches, changes in weight and blood clots. The most serious of these is blood clots, and you can help prevent that problem by engaging in regular physical activity.

Period delay pills like Norethisterone have the same side effects as oral contraceptives. The difference between these two types of pills is only in what they do for you and not how they affect you with side effects.

If you use a physical contraceptive device, such as a ring or patch, then your side effects should be the same as either of the pills you could use. They all operate on the same basic principles of controlling your hormonal activity.

While it won’t technically delay your period, using a Soft cup helps to cover the effects of a period, and you can only wear it for about 12 hours. The side effects are different with this, as you may have some irritation or itchiness, but will suffer no hormonal changes.

If you use natural methods of period delay, your results may vary. None of these methods have been proven to be effective, and the corresponding side effects depend on which natural method you use.

The effects of delaying your period should only be temporary. You should not suffer any long-term difficulties, but over the short term, you may find that when your period returns, there is more blood than usual or that there is bleeding between periods. Your period may also come back less severe than usual or more severe, depending on the individual. It should return to normal over time after you stop using any period delay measures.

Most people have very little to worry about when it comes to delaying their periods and the effects it will have on their body. If you have a serious medical condition, however, then you should consult with your doctor before using any medication, including a period delay pill or any other method to postpone your period.

If you experience severe side effects, such as ones not covered in this article, then contact your doctor immediately for medical advice.

If used correctly, however, period delay methods are generally safe and effective and should have no lasting effects on your body or your cycle. Be sure to follow your doctor’s or pharmacist’s advice exactly when using medication.

Mouth Ulcers: Types, Causes, Symptoms And Home Remedies To Get Rid Of Them

Mouth Ulcers can be called as the synonym of pain, discomfort, irritation and annoyance in one or the other sense. They are something that will take your comfort away from every angle, if not treated properly. There are lots of reasons behind their emergence; so there are many ways too to get rid of them. In this article, you will go through every bit and byte about mouth ulcers which will serve as a guide to you.


Mouth ulcers can attack people of any age. You will be surprised to know that even mouth ulcers are of different types and one can easily differentiate them according to their symptoms. Generally, there are types of mouth ulcers:

MINOR ULCERS: As the name speaks, minor ulcers are the small sized ulcers that cover the diameter of about 2mm to 8mm. In comparison to the other types of ulcers, minor ulcers take less duration to get mopped up; ranging around 10 to 15 days. They are less painful to those of other types.


MAJOR ULCERS: The name clarifies that these types of ulcers are larger in size as compared to the minor ulcers. The roots of major ulcers are hidden deeper into the skin tissues and hence they take various weeks to be recovered. Such ulcers normally have an aroused border and are blamed to leave the scrapes behind even after they are cured.


HERPETIFORM ULCERS: Herpetiform Ulcers are also termed as Herpes Ulcers and these are caused due to the herpes virus. They are commonly found in clumps and appear like pocket-sized pinheads. The worst part of HU is that they can re-occur speedily even after being cured and the situation always gets worst every time they pop up.


One fine thing about HU is that it is not transmittable like the herpes is. Moreover, it has also been discovered that HU occurs more in females than in males. Also, it attacks the aged adults in good number.


Apart from the above three, most common type of ulcers is the standard ulcers. They pop up on the inner side of the cheeks and takes about a week’s time to get cured. These are painless and even get healed without any medical treatment.



As mentioned; mouth ulcers are painful and the trouble can even get toughest to bear especially on the intake of drink, food or bad oral hygiene. So, one must know the symptoms of mouth ulcers so that necessary medical intervention can be taken on time without any delay. The symptoms of mouth ulcers could be any of the below:


For the Standard Type of ulcers:


  • Infliction around the sore portion
  • Annoyance in the impacted area
  • Swallowing becomes troublesome
  • Beginning of pain close to the sore area


For Minor & Major Ulcers:


  • Appearance of circular shaped wounds that are yellow, gray or white in color from the mid and is with red bordered
  • One or more dreadful sores cropped up over the tongue, cap of the mouth or over the cheeks
  • On the uttermost eruptions of mouth ulcers, the sufferer can also feel lethargic with fever and puffiness in glands


For Herpetiform Ulcers:


  • Unending infection thus resulting into their rapid reoccurrence
  • Increment in the size of the sores
  • Can emerge at anyplace inside the mouth
  • Gradually merging in one another to form big and getting worst each day
  • Highly painful and not getting cured within a week


The causes of mouth ulcers differ from one person to the other and so one cannot detect their actual cause. But there are few common causes that are responsible to give birth to the problem of mouth ulcers. The causes could be any among these:

  • Laying off to the habit of smoking instantly
  • Any dental set up that is causing fray to your gums and mouth like: braces, poor-fitting of dental plates or any other
  • Any injury in the mouth
  • Daily consumption of very spicy food, citrus fruits or the food which are responsible for sourness
  • Hereditary reasons
  • By mistake biting of cheek or tongue
  • Regular intake of medications like pain killers and beta-adrenergic blocking agents
  • Tension or anxiousness
  • Intestinal issues
  • Oral cavities
  • Weak immunity system
  • Changes of hormones during menopause, pubescence and maternity
  • Due to any peculiar medical condition
  • Excess inadequacy of nutrition, iron or Vitamin B12 in the body



You need not to go anywhere outside to search for remedies for mouth ulcers. There is almost everything present right in your kitchen. All you need to do is to accumulate them. We bring best 15 home remedies that will help you in treating and healing mouth ulcers very quickly. In the meantime, these remedies will also work as a pain reliever to you.

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Turmeric is considered to be a marvelous antiseptic and antibiotic to cure the infections internally and externally both. So, there is no doubt that how effective its anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities will be, to heal mouth ulcers speedily.


What needs to be done – Take a rough bowl and make a paste by mixing one tablespoon of water and two tablespoons of turmeric in it. Now, with the help of a finger apply it over the mouth ulcer and let it remain there for two to three minutes. Then clean your mouth with normal water. Do the same twice in a day; morning and evening, till the ulcers get cured.



Epsom salt is copious in those minerals which possess antibacterial attributes when put over the mouth ulcer. Hence the remedy is really effectual.


What needs to be done – Your requisites are: One glass of moderately warm water along with two tablespoons of Epsom salt. Now mix it well till the salt completely dissolves. The remedy for curing mouth ulcer is ready. Just gargle with this solution for a minute or two and then mouthwash with normal water. It is advisable to gargle with Epsom salt for about twice to thrice during a day.



The allicin present in garlic gives it the power to fight against the bacteria and germs causing infections. Hence it becomes easy in treating any sort of infections very effectively.


What needs to be done – You will need to take one garlic clove and cut it into half. Now gently and slowly rub it over your mouth ulcer for about two minutes. Then leave your mouth as it is with the effect of garlic clove. After half an hour, wash your mouth with regular water. If comfortable, try doing this thrice in a day.



The cabbage juice is highly rich in anti-inflammatory properties which also aids in curing the problem of mouth ulcers.


What needs to be done – water and one raw cabbage are the requisites. Take a container and pour water into it. Now boil the cabbage into it till you find the water is left half in quantity. Then pour out the left over water into a glass and keep sipping it. This remedy will serve as a reliever against pain caused due to mouth ulcers. As there are no side effects of the same, you can consume three to four glasses of this cabbage water in a day.


  1. HONEY:

When it comes to cure mouth ulcers, honey is a beautiful gift of nature that provides relief against the irritation caused by them. Being a germicide, honey is plentiful of the qualities that help in curing any sort of injuries.

What needs to be done – All you have to do is to take a little honey on your finger and put it over the ulcers. Allow it to stay for some time there. Make sure your hands are properly washed before you do so else the infection might spread due to unhygienic reasons. Repeat the procedure within every hour or two.

This remedy fastens the healing treatment of the mouth ulcer thereby keeping it away from any sort of infection. Moreover, it also abbreviates the discomfort and puffiness caused due to mouth ulcers.


A virgin coconut oil is also a clinically proven medical treatment for mouth ulcers. It serves as an ‘anodyne’ which means something that provides relief against pain.  The anti-inflammatory and disinfectant qualities are present in abundance in this oil. All these factors help to treat mouth ulcers naturally thereby minimizing infliction and swelling caused due to it.

What needs to be done – Swob two to three drops of virgin coconut oil on the mouth ulcer and leave it over. Try doing it for few more times during the day. For more effective result, do not forget to apply the virgin coconut oil over ulcers before going to sleep. This will make the oil stay for a longer duration without any disturbance.

  1. ALUM:

Alum has been very efficacious in inhibiting and destructing those micro-organisms that creates health issues in various parts of the digestive system in the body. All the credit goes to its antimicrobic qualities. Thus alum serves out to be an awesome remedy for healing mouth ulcers.

What needs to be done – you will require three things: water, cotton ball and crystals of alum. Now squelch the crystals of alum into a fine powder. Then soak the cotton ball in clean water and squeeze the excess water. Plunge the cotton ball into that alum powder and right away put it over the mouth ulcer. Let that stay over it for one to two minutes and then properly wash your mouth after removing it. Replicate this procedure only twice a day.

Attention – Mind you that alum might prick a bit, so have a mind set for the same.


Orange juice is robust source of Vitamin C. As per a research, it has been found that even the inadequacy of Vitamin C also causes mouth ulcers. So, the best way to regain the contents of vitamin C lies in this remedy. Moreover, Vitamin C boosts the immunity of your body thereby defending all sorts of infections.


What needs to be done – Simple & Sweet! You will just need freshly squeezed orange juice daily to heal mouth ulcers. Keep drinking two glasses of orange juice daily until and unless the mouth ulcers disappear. Moreover, orange juice has many other benefits too; so anyways it is healthy to drink.



Sodium Bicarbonate is the other name of Baking Soda. The antibacterial elements present in it are fully responsible to maintain healthy oral hygiene. It is one of the main ingredients of the kitchen world and also is an amazing remedy for curing mouth ulcers too. Right from providing comfort from the pain; it fastens the cure procedure too.

What needs to be done you will require one tablespoon of water and one teaspoon of baking soda. Take a glass and mix both the essentials in such a manner that it becomes a paste. Then with the help of a finger, put this paste over the mouth ulcers. Wait till it dries a bit and then clean your mouth with normal water. Gargle properly so that it is entirely cleaned.


Salt water is a sort of medicinal drug which is full of antiseptic properties. The gargle with salt water is meant to leave a soothing expression thereby saying goodbye to the annoyance caused by mouth ulcers.

What needs to be done You will require one glass of moderately warm water with one tablespoon of regular salt in it. Merge both of them well and gargle with this solution thoroughly. Once done, clean your mouth with normal water so that you get rid of salty flavor. This remedy can be followed several times during the day.


Apple Cider Vinegar has a long unending list of qualities. Being the king of kitchen, it equally contributes to the medicinal world too. The sourness factors present in it are effective enough to destroy the bacteria causing mouth ulcers thereby curing it.

What needs to be done half cup of lukewarm water and one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar is the requirement of this home remedy to treat mouth ulcers.  Mix both of them well in a glass and the remedy is ready to use. Swoosh this liquid all around the mouth for about two minutes and then gargle your mouth with regular water. It is recommendable to replicate this remedy both the times of the day; morning and evening, daily till the problem of mouth ulcers vanish.


Clove oil is known for its healing properties to treat oral issues very speedily and efficaciously. You are sure to experience a lot of easement when it works on ulcers.

What needs to be done – A cotton ball and clove oil is that you will need for this remedy to treat mouth ulcers. All you need to do is to immerse the cotton ball into clove oil and directly put it over the place of ulcer. Let it be there so that the oil could be sopped up by the skin in order to cure the ulcer. As a piece of advice; before you follow this remedy, wash your mouth with lukewarm water in order to cleanse the entire area around ulcer.

Replicate this remedy of mouth ulcer for about twice to thrice in a day.


Like the others, toothpaste also possesses effective disinfectant elements that fight against the infections and bacteria causing the problem.

What needs to be done The requirements of this remedy are: A toothpaste and Q-tip. With the help of Q-tip, apply the toothpaste over your mouth ulcer and let it stay over it for some time. Then clean your mouth with normal water till the remains of toothpaste are split away. Keep following this therapeutic till the whitening part of the ulcer becomes invisible.

Attention – You are sure to undergo prickling sort of sensation after applying this toothpaste remedy for mouth ulcers. So it is advisable to apply little aloe vera gel later on post to this remedy.

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The core job of cayenne pepper is to render relief from the pain in case of infections. The capsaicin present in it contributes it its hotness which benumbs the painfulness. Hence it also helps in destroying the bugs and germs surrounding the mouth ulcer.

What needs to be done Cayenne powder and a Q-tip are needed for this remedy. Put a slender layer of cayenne with q-tip over your mouth ulcers and forget it for few minutes. If you do not have Q-tip you can even use your fingers. Then after some time, rinse your mouth with plain clean water. Repeat the same twice during the day.

Attention – You are sure to go through a slight stinging pain when applied cayenne so be prepared for the same.


Fresh coconut milk serves out to be wondrous home remedy in the treatment of mouth ulcers. You are sure to experience a great comfort from the pain thereby letting you to eat normally. Such is the smoothness of coconut milk!

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 What needs to be done – Coconut Milk is the only required item for this remedy to treat mouth ulcers. Following this remedy is the simplest of all. Take some coconut milk in a glass and gargle your mouth thoroughly with it for few minutes. Then just mouth wash with plain clean water. You are advised to follow this process at least thrice in a day.

These were some of the top home remedies to cure any type of mouth ulcers. They are sure to grant you a sigh of relief. Make a sincere use of them and the results are bound to be in your favor.


Below are the reasons when you should neither delay nor try any sort of remedies rather contact a doctor immediately. So, go through:

  • If you are facing the problem of mouth ulcers frequently
  • Emergence of painless ulcers in the mouth a one or more places
  • If the period elongates for more than three weeks
  • Emersion of ulcers result in fever
  • Ulcers seem expanding to larger area
  • Sort of strange ulcers which pop up in a new manner in the mouth
  • Ulcers are getting enlarged and causing unbearable pain
  • Ulcers caused due to any changed or new medicament

So, it is sincerely advised not to take any chance if any of the above symptoms persist. Kindly contact the doctor at the earliest.


The outgrowth of mouth ulcers is completely unpredictable but there is no harm in not doing those things which can give them birth. Moreover, there is no particular precaution to follow for preventing mouth ulcers. If they have occurred once, they are likely to recur again. All we can take care of is:

  • Always keep your mouth and teeth clean and tidy through brushing and other means to prevent mouth ulcers
  • Some medications do not suit everyone and hence turns out to be the cause of ulcers. So, do have a word with your doctor if there is any such change
  • Say NO to those eatables that can either spark or aggravate the symptoms of mouth ulcers
  • Avoid those things and reasons which have become your cause of mouth ulcers in the past

At least, what lies in our hands is to make efforts to not giving them the chance to emerge intentionally; in fact minify their severity by understanding their causes. Try to stay away from the reasons that are the cause of their growth.

Hope this article proves to be a great help to you. Please comment and let us know about your feedback.


A blessing to the world by the nature! Turmeric is the spice known for its meditative magic, since ages. This yellow-orange colored aromatic spice is an amazing antioxidant with high anti-inflammatory qualities within it. Its taste is distinct and subtle from other spices. Moreover, it is used all over the world as an important ingredient in preparing curries and veggies. This is one way of consuming turmeric on daily basis. The other way that has become popular is by making turmeric tea and enjoying it. Few sips of this tea regularly are equal to countless health benefits. To stay healthy and happy life long, do not miss to add this turmeric tea to your daily diet.



The amazing anti-inflammatory quality of turmeric tea works wonders on the patients of arthritis. It assists in allaying swelling and inflammation in them. As per one study, it has been discovered that Turmeric tea possesses an active element known as curcumin. This element is said to be highly effectual for the arthritis patients in terms of decreasing pain caused due to osteoarthritis. Hence, this benefit of turmeric tea is really beneficial.


Another advantage of turmeric tea is equally amazing. Despite of many researches; Alzheimer’s disease is such a rare disease whose actual cause is still not known. But what has been discovered is; the element, curcumin detected in turmeric might help in forestalling it. Also, big thanks to the antioxidants which are abundantly present in Turmeric. Researches prove that these antioxidants are highly capable of precluding damages like: accruement of amyloids and synaptic market loss that can contribute to Alzheimer’s.


According to The National Cancer Institue, curcumin present in turmeric has been acknowledged as an efficacious anticarcinogen that aids in preventing cancer. To add on, along with being a powerful antioxidant; Turmeric is bestowed with such magical medicative components and anti-inflammatory factors that it could turn out to be a savior for cancer patients. So, add on this benefit of turmeric tea to your regular diet.


The treatment of Ulcerative Colitis is also an addition to the list of benefits of turmeric tea. Ulcerative colitis is such a recurrent medical condition which results to ulcers of the rectum and colon. The anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric can serve as a great help in suspension of symptoms of ulcerative colitis. In accordance with the University of Maryland Medical Center, one of the study has detected that the ulcerative colitis patients in remission who have consumed turmeric had importantly lower reversion rates.


The stronger the immune system of your body is, the healthier you will be! The medicative factors present in turmeric are so magical that it boosts the immune system. The ones with immune disorders are advised to consume turmeric as it is efficient enough to cure your problem. And turmeric tea is one of the best ways to do so.


The cholesterol level in the body needs to be maintained for a healthy living. Increased cholesterol increases the risk of giving birth to various serious diseases like: stroke and many other heart diseases which are hazardous for the life of any person. So, why to take a chance when turmeric can contribute a helping hand in it! The curcumin present in turmeric maintains the level of cholesterol in your body and keep your heart healthy. Isn’t it an incredible benefit of turmeric tea?


The inflammation of iris causes Uveitis. As per the researches done earlier, it was discovered that the curcumin present in turmeric can serve as an effective cure for Uveitis but only if there are no side effects. HOW TO MAKE TURMERIC TEA? Heard about the wonders of turmeric tea and so the next point that comes to the mind is to how to prepare turmeric tea. Isn’t it? Well, here comes the answer. All you need to do is to follow these few steps.

  1. Switch on the gas and put three to four cups of water for boiling.
  2. When the water starts boiling, put two teaspoons of turmeric in it and stir.
  3. Then slow down the gas and let it simmer for five to ten minutes.
  4. Once the time is up, switch off the gas and filter the tea in a glass or cup.
  5. To add flavor and additional healthy benefits, pour little milk, few drops of honey and lemon or orange juice. And the turmeric tea is ready.

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WHETHER EVERYONE CAN HAVE TURMERIC TEA? Well, turmeric tea is something that is highly rich in medicinal properties and hence it is regarded safe for almost everyone. But yes, diabetic people or ones who intake blood thinners are advised to have a word with their respective doctors before you drink this tea. It is always better to be safe and secure rather than risky. So, consult and then act.

Advisable quantity: 15 grams of turmeric root in 135 ml of boiling water is the right amount to consume at once. You can drink this turmeric tea twice in a day.


Wondering if the title of the article is right or not? Also thinking if turmeric can ever have any side effect? Well, answer to both the question is ’yes’. A famous proverb says’ A little knowledge is a dangerous thing’ and so here comes the entire information about the turmeric tea. With all good and bad, we have brought all necessary information under one roof.

1. Risk to increased bleeding

Though the intake of turmeric in any form has always been a great healthy benefit but in certain medical conditions, things are not the same. If you are the one bearing bleeding disorders, then turmeric might raise the risk of bleeding and contusing. Also, at times it can happen that turmeric might not go fine with some medicament which in result can lead to increase bleeding.

Prevention Method

Immediately stop the intake of turmeric tea in such condition.


You must be thinking this as an advantage of turmeric but here the sense differs. Here ‘lower blood pressure’ means the excess fall in blood pressure which can make the situation turn worst. It has been found that redundant intake of turmeric can make your blood pressure fall to lowest, thereby putting your life on risk. Hence, blood pressure patients who are or are not taking medications, both must take extreme care while devouring turmeric.

Prevention Method

Always consult your physician before taking a decision yourself.


Turmeric, if taken by mouth by men, might lower testosterone levels and decrease the sperm movement. This might eventually lead to infertility. Men need to be highly careful while ingesting turmeric directly by mouth. Wondering why? Well, this might lead to infertility in them thereby reducing the sperm motility and depressing the testosterone levels in their body.

Prevention Method

Avoid excess of turmeric in any form and take only in a required form.


If the dose of turmeric is taken in the form of cooked veggies and curries, no sort of gastrointestinal and tummy related issues are detected. But conditions might differ if you over take it directly from mouth for chronic conditions like joint ache or arthritis. The troubles related to abdomen and gastrointestinal are sure to occur. Moreover, in case of hyper acidity and dyspepsia (upset stomach), you should say a big NO to the turmeric consumption. It can also result in heartburn problems. At times it has also been found that overdose of turmeric than the required amount (400mg to 3g) for longer time is expected to cause the above given problems peculiarly in adults.

Prevention Method

The only way to prevent such health issues is to take turmeric within the advised quantity only.


A chemical known as oxalate is found in fairly large amount in turmeric. Thus, its presence is the cause of increasing chances of gallstones in an individual. So, 20 to 40 mg supplementation of turmeric are accounted to raise the possibility of gallbladder compression. This fact has also been proved by one of study that was printed in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, which says turmeric has immensely raised the degree of oxalate in urine as equated to placebo.

Prevention Method

Instantly discontinue the consumption of turmeric if you are suffering from any sort of gallbladder problem. Also ignore if you are taking any sort of medicines for the same.


The excess of anything is not good and similar is the case with turmeric. The reason is the good quantity of oxalate present in turmeric which has the power to adhere to calcium to figure indissoluble calcium oxalate. Now this is the major reason which is causes the problem for kidney stones. So, if you have the possibility of forming kidney stones, delete turmeric from your diet menu.

Prevention Method

Not only kidney stones, but also in case of any sort of kidney issues, stop the consumption of turmeric or make it least in usage.


With the increased dose of turmeric, also come two major health issues: Diarrhea and Nausea. This is due to cur cumin factor present in it which has the propensity to bother the gastrointestinal tract. If we analyze the clinical study done in this regard, persons who supplemented just 3.6 to 8 grams of cur cumin on daily basis also went through mild nausea conditions. Hence, this proves that even least intake of cur cumin can evoke nausea in few individuals.

Prevention Method

Take turmeric within limit. If you observe any symptoms, stop the intake and consult your doctor immediately.


As a word of precaution, for all those individuals who are on the blood thinning medicines like Coumadin, Warfarin etc are notified to not consume turmeric. It is because of the cur cumin present in turmeric that is responsible to drop-off the functioning of platelets thereby impacting the health adversely.

Prevention Method

If you are the one who follows the medicament of blood thinning, then turmeric is not meant for you. So, it is better to avoid it rather than facing any serious health problems.


The studies done in regard to turmeric have discovered that the compounds available in it stick to iron. This in return lessens the body’s power to engross the components of iron from the food we eat, thereby further causing iron inadequacy in a person’s body.

Prevention Method

Do not forget to go for a time to time check up of your body. This will help you to keep updated about the level of iron in your blood. Moreover, if the iron deficiency already exists, then it’s better to stay away from its use.


For the ones, who have to go on any surgery, are apprised to abstain from taking turmeric at least two weeks before. The reason is the propensity of turmeric to curb the blood clotting procedure.

Prevention Method

Follow the above given information as an advice to not to consume turmeric from 15 days prior to the surgery.


The usage of turmeric can also become the cause of allergic reactions in the body. The reactions can be either through consumption or skin contact or both. The reasons could be any: if you are allergic to yellow colored food or if you are allergic to ginger or turmeric itself. Most of us are unaware about the fact that turmeric is said to belong to the ginger family line. To add on, there have been various medical reports which prove that the intake of turmeric also causes urticaria and dermatitis. Now this is due to curcumin present in turmeric which is also said to be an active allergen. Even skin eruptions like: abruptness of breath and skin rashes are also its allergic symptoms. Prevention Method

Simplest way to stay away from such allergic reactions is to exclude turmeric from your diet completely.

  1. Preggers & breastfeeding women

The supplements of turmeric are said to be harmful for mothers-to-be. But if it is consumed as a part of veggies and curries, then it is perfectly safe. This is what The University of Maryland Medical Center has said. As a word of precaution, always remember that if you are allergic to turmeric then it is a big NO during pregnancy too. Well, there is not ample of information present over the side effects of turmeric on breastfeeding and expecting mothers but because this period is delicate, it is better to avoid the ingestion of turmeric on temporary basis.

Prevention Method

Because there is no sufficient details mentioned in this reference, it is advisable to not include turmeric in the food list during the time of pregnancy and breastfeeding. Well, this was all about the fallout of turmeric. Hope this accumulation of information will prove a great help to you.


In addition to the all above knowledge, there are few such medications with which intake of turmeric do not make a good pair. Let’s check them too:

  • First and foremost is the medication that is taken for diabetes. Turmeric should be ignored with those medicines.
  • Secondly, the medicines like aspirin, warfarin and clopidogrel are used for in blood thinning purpose. Ingestion of turmeric with any of these is also not advisable.
  • Thirdly, medicines used to cure stomach acid like omeprazole (Prilosec), rantidine (Zantac), cimetidine (Tagamet), lansoprazole (Prevacid), famotidine (Pepcid) and esomeprazole (Nexium) should also not be combined with the intake of turmeric.

To add on, when turmeric is consumed with herbs like ginger and black pepper might cause allergic reaction to the body. Though nothing clear has been mentioned in the same regard but do consult your doctor before you make the combo of turmeric with any of these two herbs.


Inspite of few side effects, turmeric is considered to be very beneficial for health. All you need to take care of is the right dosage at right intervals. Check out the quantity of dosage:

Dry root in the powdered form: 1.5 to 2.5 grams daily.

Standardized powder form of Turmeric: 1.2 to 1.8 grams daily.

Water-based extract: 30 to 90 drops of this extract daily.

Tincture: 15 to 30 drops of this tincture, four times on daily basis.

Conclusion:- Turmeric is one such spice that can never be excluded from the kitchen. Any delicious dish tastes incomplete without turmeric. But to our amusement, it has got certain fallouts as well. Well, this does not mean that you totally obviate its usage; after all it has so many amazing benefits too. Make use of it in moderation and equally take care of the above given details. **Always take the advice of your doctor ** Hope this article has highlighted each and every thing one must know regarding turmeric tea. Do comment and let us know.  

Bon Appetit! How to Make Healthy and Low-Fat Caesar Salad at Home

Salads are one of the best ways to treat your body with delicious yet nutritious food items. Incorporating this simple change in your life has long lasting health benefits. We all know it, don’t we? Cool, crunchy and incredibly fun to eat, salads are fully customisable with the addition of fruits, vegetables, and meats of different kinds. The only apprehension that keeps a lot of people away from the wonderful benefits of salad is the fear of pesticides in leafy vegetables. We have a solution for that as well. Owning a vegetable purifier from any of the popular healthcare brands like Kent will make the fruits, vegetables and poultry items free from pesticides. Sounds amazing, right?

So, before you go ahead and buy a vegetable purifier for yourself, here we have listed a few benefits of salads and a super delicious recipe for low-fat Caesar salad.


Health Benefits of Eating Salad

  • A bowl full of high-fibre salad can easily prevent constipation and help lower cholesterol
  • Eating fibre-rich food keeps you feel fuller for a longer time which results in less eating and ultimately weight loss.
  • Frequent consumption of green salad increases the oxidant level in the body that helps protect the body from the damage caused by free radicals.
  • Legumes, orange and green vegetables in the salad contribute to the overall health.
  • The inclusion of beans, peas, peaches, plums, tomatoes, carrots and apples in the diet lower risk of developing cancers of the head and neck.
  • Eating salad can easily cut on calories and increase satisfaction. So, if you are aiming weight loss, start eating green salads today.

Low-Fat Caesar Salad Recipe


  • Sourdough Bread (2-3 slices)
  • Olive Oil (1 Tablespoon)
  • Peeled Garlic Clove (1)
  • Lettuce
  • Grated Parmesan Cheese (1 Tablespoon)

Dressing Ingredients

  • Egg Yolk (1)
  • Mashed Oil Reserved Anchovies – Olive Oil (4)
  • Grated Garlic Clove (1/2)
  • Juice and zest of ½ Lemon
  • Mustard Sauce (1 Tablespoon)
  • Finely Grated Parmesan (25g)
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 Tablespoon)
  • Black Pepper

Preparation Method

  • Wash lettuce in the vegetable washer to make it free from harmful pesticides.
  • Heat a pan on high heat with little oil. Put the bread slices on the pan and rub the garlic clove.
  • Cook the bread well on each side for 30-40 seconds. Keep aside to cool and cut them into bite-sized pieces. Make sure the slices turn golden brown before cutting them in pieces.
  • For the dressing, put anchovies, egg yolk, garlic, mustard, parmesan, lemon zest and juice and a tablespoon of the reserved anchovy oil in a food processor with a pinch of salt and blend. Blend it until you get a smooth paste.
  • Add oil gradually and if the dressing looks thick to you, add two teaspoons of warm water and mix Add more pepper if you want.
  • Take a deep serving bowl and layer it with lettuce. Pour dressing over it and scatter over the toasted bread pieces. Garnish it with grated parmesan, mustard oil and serve.

So, if you are planning to go on a salad diet with an aim to lose weight, this recipe would help you fight food cravings and easily keep you full for a longer time. You can also experiment with the salad dressing according to your cravings and give your salad a taste twist. Also, make sure you are giving the veggies a thorough wash before making them salad ready. Try and incorporate as much healthy food as possible to your day to day life and have that perfect body you have been craving for since years.

Smile Wide… Take The Best Care Of Your Teeth As An Adult

A healthy body is the best gift of the Almighty! Like other parts of the body, it becomes equally important to take proper care of teeth as well. Healthy teeth not only give you a beautiful smile but also save you from the pain and trouble caused due to improper care. Right from childhood to adulthood, teeth should be given the topmost care and concern. The reason behind is because there are more chances of getting cavities, gum issues, severe teeth pain etc and these all might further to many more serious troubles. So, from day one of your life to all the stages of life, mark the following points on board:

 To begin with, brush your teeth two times in a day with any good toothpaste that contains fluoride. This is because fluoride prevents tooth decay and polishes off the yellowish sticky plaque that covers your teeth.

 Do proper dental floss on regular basis so that the floss does not indurate into tartar. This needs to be done beneath your gum line and amidst your teeth. If not taken care and tartar is formed then no one apart from a professional dentist can remove it and do the cleaning process.

 You even need to control your tongue to some specific mouth watering delicacies. Restrict eating starchy eatables, candied and sticky foods. More and more you have snacks in mid of meals; it will increase your probabilities to supply acid in plaque which will adversely impact your tooth enamel.

 Be a sincere and regular visitor to your dentist so that necessary check-up and cleaning can be done in order to avoid future dental problems.

Despite of being extra careful about brushing your teeth and flossing them regularly, you might go through some other oral health problems in your adulthood. No one other than your dentist can prove to be a right help in such cases. Dentist will not only give your proper medication but will also save you from any sort of forthcoming dental problems.

 One of the most common dental issues that you might come across in your adult age is ‘Gingivitis’. This is a sort of gum disease which reflects symptoms like redness in gum along with swelling. You might even notice your gums bleeding while brushing in such a dental disease. All you need to do is to immediately get in touch with your dentist. Get it cured it as early as possible because this problem can be cured with medical aids at the early stage but if it has taken its advanced stage then it might be much more serious than your imagination. Excess pain and tooth loss can also be its results.

 You have no idea that how a gum disease can impact your overall health. So, to preclude the disease even from occurring, do not miss on brushing your teeth at least two times in a day, floss them regularly and assure proper cleaning of gums in every six months by your dentist. To acknowledge you, even the latest studies have highlighted a relation between any such gum disease to those of any other diseases like heart diseases, diabetes and even a possibility to premature delivery.

 As you enter in adulthood and proceed with the increasing age, you might also face the problem of ‘Recurrent Decay’. Now you must be thinking what is it? Well, when the cavities cover up your current fillings of teeth and further decay over the root surfaces then it is termed as Recurrent Decay. In such a condition, it is strictly advisable to you to brush and floss your teeth regularly with any good toothpaste that contains fluoride. Also, make regular visit to dentist for assuring proper care of your teeth.

 Another most common dental issue that we come across in our adulthood is ‘Sensitivity’. With the passage of time and age, gums naturally retreat and display those areas of tooth that are not safeguarded by enamel. Now what happens is that, such areas of tooth cause sensitivity when you intake any sort of cold or hot drinks, food or any sort of sweet or sour beverages. You experience sweet pain which termed as sensitivity. In such a condition, you are advised to floss and brush your teeth daily by any branded anti-sensitivity toothpaste. Still if you are not benefitted, then make an immediate visit to your dentist before the sensitivity turns out to be a disaster for you. The disaster form of sensitivity could be a fractured tooth or a cracked one or even cavity and all of them are tough to be handled.

 If you are the one who has done a bit of carelessness with your teeth than it is high time to understand what things in the dental world can be a great help to you. For the damaged teeth, crowns are the best option. They act as the ‘cap’ of your damaged teeth and cover them strongly thereby strengthening them. To add on, crown will also assists in ameliorating the shape, alignment and look of your teeth.

 At times in our adulthood, it happens to lose our teeth. Now what? In such circumstances, bridges and implants are used to substitute the missing teeth. Thanks to the advanced world of dental technology because dental implants help to supersede one or more than one teeth that are connected to the dentures completely or partially. But as piece of advice, do not forget to take the consultation of your doctor (dentist) before you opt for dental implant. Now talking about ‘bridges’; they are usually used to substitute one or more than one missing teeth. These bridges fill in the space of the missing teeth by being coated in the form of natural teeth or filling the space of the absent teeth.

Food cause staining over your teeth and so the use of tobacco as well. In dental science, staining is of two types: Internal staining and external staining. Such staining that is caused over the teeth, make them look yellowish and dirty. There are various teeth whitening toothpaste available in the market which you can definitely use on daily basis but a professional hygienist or your dentist can only remove this staining properly. So, make sure that along with brushing teeth with whitening toothpaste, you also visit your dentist on regular intervals as and when advised. In case if these external stains have been a part of your teeth for some years then whitening toothpaste will do no good to you rather a professional can only help you out with the same. On the other hand, internal staining can be cured by any of these methods: teeth can be crowned or capped, bonded and bleached. Now which method is the right one for you can only be advised by your professional hygienist or dentist as this entirely depends on the condition of your teeth and what you actually wish as the result.


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The answer to this question is, ‘Yes’. Your daily diet has a straight forward impact on your oral health. For the healthiness of your teeth and gums, it is very essential to consume a diet that is rich in nutrition, vitamins and minerals. If you consume a proper and balanced diet on the daily basis or rather the entire life, then nothing can harm your teeth and gums. They are sure to stay strong and healthy forever which means no sort of gum diseases, infections and sensitivity. Moreover, eating fruits and veggies that are rich in fibre also helps in cleaning the teeth and their tissues internally thereby making them strong. Say NO to junk, sticky and soft foods as they cause plaque because their remains stick over the teeth and in their grooves permanently.
Not only this, you will be shocked to know that every time when you eat such food and drinks that are high in sugar and starch content, the risk of getting your teeth harmed is much more higher. How? The bacteria in plaque is likely to produce acid which in turn attack your teeth for a period of twenty minutes and even more thereby making them weak and diseased. To add on, when you prefer snacks then only go for eatable that are rich in nutrition like: fruits, raw and green veggies, plain yogurt, cheese etc. All in all, take the best care of your teeth, floss and brush regularly, say good bye to sensitivity, cavity and any sort of gum disease.

To Conclude:
If your oral health is poor, then you are sure to invite many other diseases along with this. It is because your oral health impacts the overall health of your body. If the oral health is good then the fruits will be enjoyed by your whole body and vice-versa. Moreover, other factors that you need to take care of are: drink enough of water; do not let your mouth remain dry, avoid smoking, consumption of tobacco and alcohol, have less sugary items and do not miss to visit your dentist on regular intervals for teeth and gum cleaning.
So, eat healthy, stay healthy and live healthy!

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10 Quick Natural Ways To Remove Whiteheads

Whiteheads are even termed as Comedones, in the medical world. They share a major part in the list of the skin problems. Like blackheads, whiteheads are also appear in the same way on your skin; in the form of small bulges coming out of the skin pores. These are caused due to presence of stagnant skin cell, oil patches or bacteria in the skin pores. Even because of ill cleansing, they mostly occur on the tip of the nose and probably on the other parts of the face. However, it is no always that they appear only on the face portion in fact whiteheads can pop out on any part of the skin on your body which is more subjected to the presence of bacteria and oil. This is the reason as to why whiteheads most frequently develop in the oily regions of the body.

When whiteheads appear on face portions like: especially over nose and chin in the form of bulges, they look awfully ugly and we often get into dilemma of how to get rid of them as soon as possible. This article can take you out of this whole confusion within no time. In this article, we are enlisting 10 quick and natural ways through which you can remove whiteheads from your face and body. These solutions are made up of natural elements that kick off the causes like the remains of bacteria and oil that lead to whiteheads. These ways are sure to ensure you a promising result. Look out and check out of the following as to which one can help you the best.




Since you now know that the buildup of whiteheads is largely caused due to bacteria, oil and ruin skin cells, thus the most prominent way to get rid of the problem is to cleanse the skin finely and thoroughly. Things that you need to start following sincerely in order to prevent whiteheads are, first of all, make it a compulsion to properly clean and wash your face at least two times a day, if no more then no less also. Second factor is, for washing the face do not use cleansing agents that are high in oil contents and rub the skin utter gently in a circular motion because hard rubbing also leads to skin damage.


The cream BENZOYL PEROXIDE has been proved to be one of the most recommended medical treatments to deal with whiteheads. It is being used for this purpose from a long time and it is so effective because it helps in opening the skin pores by killing the bacteria that lies on the surface of the skin. Moreover, it also works superbly in eliminating the oil and dead skin patches. You will also find options in the selection of cream and you can choose the one that is most appropriate for the intensity of your problem.


In a way, SALICYLIC ACID works in the same manner as that of benzoyl. Both are effective in terms of killing bacteria. However it does not helps in unclogging the oily pores because its main feature is to not let the core get choked.  Salicylic acid does so, by preventing the frequency of follicle peeling thereby reducing the chances of congesting the pores.



Though retinoid creams are mostly used to deal with skin problems such as skin ageing, fine lines and pigmentation, they can altogether be used to abolish whiteheads. The reason is because, retinoid creams consists the one major element and it is vitamin A. Vitamin A is an explicit remedy to increase rejuvenation of skin cells and also unclogging of pores. Thus, applying retinoid cream onto your nose and chin can be an effective solution to the problem.


Steam can also be one of the most promising ways to remove white heads. Heat basically helps in opening the skin pores which thus leads to smooth removal of white heads from the skin. Not just this, but you will be also happy to know that the bacteria also get killed due to the heat produced by the steam. To use this method in the most effective way, jut prepare a tub of hot water and take its steam for at least 10 minutes and then after wash and cleanse your face.



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We can say that TEA TREE OIL is the natural benzoyl peroxide. It contains all essential elements that are required to get rid of any skin problem especially like white and black heads. Along with this, it is really easy to be applied. All you need for this purpose is a Q-TIP. Use a Q- tip to soak the oil and then pour it onto the affected area. Just like benzoyl, even in this case, you can choose the solution. You can decide how strong the solution needs to be as per the intensity of the problem, therefore if you do not feel that you want a really strong solution then just add some amount of water to it to dilute it.


You could have never wondered that the best solution to your whiteheads problems lay right there in your refrigerator. Think, what it could be? Yes, it is nothing other than lemon. Lemons are rich in citric acid, which is another amazing element to unclog skin pores and kill skin bacteria. Therefore, cutting a lemon into slices and rubbing it on the skin places where you have whiteheads can make you get rid of them. To use it in another way, you can prepare a solution of lime juice and water, then mix them well and apply it using a cotton ball. Try to do this once every day but not more than that else it can leave your skin dry and rough. So, make sure that you do as per advice for effective results.



It is an old remedy which has been used since ages to kill bacteria and prevent septic diseases related to it. In this matter, you can even consider the apple cider vinegar as an alternative of lemon because it works in the same way by killing the bacteria and drying the skin to reduce oil content in it. Nevertheless you can apply it in the similar style as you do for lemon juice that is by using a cotton ball. One caution that you should take while applying apple cider vinegar is, just apply it over the area which is affected by white heads and do not get in contact with the skin that has no such problem, otherwise, it can adversely impact the normal skin by damaging it.

  1. HONEY:


Honey is the safest and an extremely effective element to remove whiteheads. Apart from this, it can also work as a superb remedy for various skin problems, if used as skin mask.  However, in the case of whiteheads you can apply raw honey directly on the whiteheads either by using a cotton ball or your fingers. All that needs to be done is to blend it well and scrub it over the skin in circular motion. Isn’t it quick and easy? So, do give it a try.


Turmeric, honey and lemon essence are the best natural ingredients. All you need to do is to make a scrub with these three to deal with the irritating whiteheads. You can make this scrub by yourself and that too within few seconds. We have already mentioned the benefits and effects of honey and lemon in the above points and so it is clear that what wonders it can do. In the same way, turmeric is the best anti-bacterial element present in the nature, therefore a blend of all these three elements can make you free of any skin disease especially getting rid from the problem of white and blackheads. Apart from these three elements, you can also use rice flour. As a piece of advice, we will suggest you not to add water to the scrub as lemon syrup ill already do the work of mixing agent.


  • Better hygiene and proper diet along with timely sleeping habits can lead to an enormous improvement in your skin health.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Cleanse your face twice a day and on weekly basis, make sure you don’t miss out on a cleanup routine at home using natural ingredients such as lemon juice or aloe vera extract.

We sincerely hope that these tips prove to be helpful for your skin and you can easily get free of those ugly and annoying whiteheads very soon. Which method turned out to be your savior? Please leave your comment below and also let us know if you have any other effective remedy to share with us.


Some Effective Ways To Handle & Reduce Stress

Stress has entered in the blood of one and all and this has further given rise to unlimited health issues which are not at all beneficial. This is because we cannot hold control over every situation but yes, this does not mean that we cannot live a stress free life. We definitely can and so all we need to do is to smartly manage stress. Here we bring you some amazing ways which will surely help you to handle stress in the easiest way.


Continuous stress impacts a person very adversely especially from the health point of view. Mind you that opting for options like: taking alcohol, gambling, over spending when you are stressed are not the right solutions. So, better stay away from all these negativity. Talking about the damaging impacts of stress over health; they could be any of these:

  • Feeling Dizziness all the time
  • Insomnia
  • Muscular pain shoulder, neck or face
  • Continuous headaches
  • Pain in chest
  • Depression
  • Upset tummy & Indigestion
  • Panic attacks
  • Clenched jaws
  • Hastening heart
  • Chilled and sweaty palm all the time
  • Excess tiredness
  • Heart diseases
  • Either loss of appetite or increase in it leading to weight loss or increase respectively
  • Irritation, angriness and exhaustion in your attitude
  • Sexual issues
  • Palpitation (shaky motion)



Some of the effective ways that will help you to reduce and handle stress are as follows:


The first and foremost way to manage stress is to discover the gateway of stress, meaning thereby; where is the stress actually coming from. You must be thinking that how will this help. Well, if you know the reason behind your stress then taking action against it will be much simpler. There could be any reason like: dispute with your boss, any of your upcoming business projects, business meeting, family issue or anything such but the solution to stress will only be attained after understanding the gist of the problem. Discovering the gateway of stress will take you much nearer to organize things and make your life stress-free.


Never let your passion and love go waste! Even though you try to manage and do best at your job but still somehow, more or less, it is stress central. Now the question is what you can do to be stress-free in such a situation? Quite simple… pick out one or two hobby of yours that you are passionate for and include them in your daily life at any cost. Though in beginning it might be a little hectic for you but within few days you will surely start loving this change. In case, if you are not sure about what you should actually do, then you can probably try few different activities and do a selection. You will even love those new experiences. Try it out!


This is one of the biggest stress agents in the lives of many. No one would deny to this fact that the list of our to-do activities is always bigger than the time available. Hence, with less of time and lot more to do in pipeline definitely gives ample place to stress. Reply honestly… how many times have you wished to God to have few more extra hours in a day? A lot many times, isn’t it? It is understandable that you are trying to be best but still no one can ever conquer the world in one day so sit, relax and supervise your time in such a way that you fulfill all your priorities. The more efficiently you manage your time, the more relaxed you will be.


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To add on, many a times it has been noticed that your habit of being too good and helpful also becomes a reason of stress in your life. So, you really need to learn to say polite NO to remain stress free. It is good to be helpful but not at the cost of being stressful because when time is limited and work is more there will always be something or the other that will be criticized. So it’s better to be not overloaded unnecessarily. There are always soft phrases that you can use gently, like:

“I am sorry but I can’t promise to do this as I have other precedence at this time.”
“I’d love to do this for you, but …”

Such phrases will not even hurt the person asking for help and also not leave you stress free.


Understand this way that you are stuck in a huge traffic jam and your patience is no more your good friend now. Then taking a deep breath or relaxing on your seat with eyes closed for two minutes will definitely be an awesome stress reliever. But the same technique won’t work if you have an unavoidable urgent business meeting to attend because stress is sure to capture your mind. So, you need to make a tool cabinet for yourself with different techniques for different situations. This will help you to handle various such situations completely stress-free.


Pull out some spare moments to sit and understand your everyday activities and analyze which of them needs a break. Here the meaning is that, there are definitely few such activities which have left you stressful so either they should be changed or completely removed. You need t understand that whether you are doing a particular work because you are interested in doing it or just because you have to do it in order to please others. If your heart does not favor any of your actions and make you feel that you are doing it forcefully, then it’s high time to make the right judgment. You are sure to experience a hell lot of difference instantly.


At times there are such matters which do not require any of your special attention. But it happens that you being physically tired due to excess of physical and mental work or less of sleep, you keep on thinking on the same thing without any productive purpose which again turns out to be a stress factor for you. Mind you; when you are fully relaxed (physically & mentally), your thinking power is lot more times much better and you do not take small things as stressor. So, sleep well and give adequate rest to your mind and body. On holidays, like Sunday try to take more sleep than usual so that you feel relaxed at all the three: heart, mind and body.


Do not intermix the terms ‘caring’ and ‘worrying’. To care, is absolutely fine but over caring turns out to be ‘worrying’. The worst part is that we don’t even realize when our care gets converted to worry and then there begins the stress part in our mind. Make sure that you only take that amount of burden that can be actually borne by you else no one can stop you from entering into the stress world which is very unhealthy from every point of view.


If you are the one who are a regular lover of alcohol then it is high time to impose some restriction on yourself. Drinks that contain nicotine, alcohol and caffeine contents are more subjected to enhance the stress level in you. Inspite of these, prefer and include herbal tea, diluted juice of natural fruits and ample of water in your daily diet because these are not only good for health but will keep your body hydrated and this in return will deal with stress very effectively. Moreover, also diminish the intake of refined sugars in your daily diet and increase intake of more and more green vegetables and fruits. A little adjustment with your everyday diet can keep your happy and stress free always.


Exercise serves to be the best medium for a healthy body and mind. Especially, when it is about attaining relief from the disaster termed as Stress, then you just can’t miss on doing exercises and yoga even for a single day. There are some specific exercises that are even known as stress Relievers. Laughing your heart aloud is one of them. These exercises give you a lot of relief in all the three: mind, body and soul.


With whomsoever you are comfortable with, do share your talks, worries, feelings and whatever is there in your mind. This trick will definitely bestow you with a lot relief. Your heart and mind will become burden-free. Mind you; that the person with whom you share your feelings is very reliable and trustworthy. This person could be anyone in your family and friends.


Since ages, meditation is known as the best remedy to provide a lot of physical and mental relief. Meditation is a sort of mindful prayer to enhance your focus and provide you relaxation. It releases the emotions out and supplies you with instant benefits that will do well to you in many other ways too. The advantages of meditation are limitless especially in terms of kicking out the stress of your mind.


You can even take the help of a counselor to overcome stress because their advice and way of understanding our state of mind is very efficacious. The other way could be to take good stress management class so that they guide you on how to keep your life stress free. Both of these ways are also superb options to help you to reduce stress.

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Hope these ways prove a great help to you and pull you out of a stressful life. The key to unlock the stress free life is to remain positive in every condition. Be happy at heart, do what you wish to do, act according to the time, be more social and friendly, smile and spread smiles.


Baby drool & teething rash: causes, treatment & prevention

Are you the new mum and worried about the problem of drool rash that your child is suffering? Relax and don’t worry. Here, through this piece of information we will try to help you out.

Babies suffer from the problem of drool rash especially at the time of teething. It is when their gums get little swollen and teeth are ready to pop out. We can call it as a common fall out during the teething process. But in many cases, babies drool apart from teething as well. Well, whatever the reason is; it is important to find out the solution to the problem.

Understand: What is a Drool Rash?

The continuous existence of saliva over the soft skin of your baby especially over the neckline, chin and chest is termed as Drool Rash. Sooner, these gradually turn into red irritation spots. These are likely to be also found over cheeks and mouth portion of the baby. Such rashes appear like patches which are generally flat or slenderly raised in the form of tiny red colored bumps. They can even appear roughened and cracked. Drooling is likely to develop if too much saliva is resulting into causing wet skin for a long time or also if there is left over of food particles on the mouth or cheeks of the baby for too long.

How can Drool Rash be prevented?

Prevention is better than cure! So, why not to try prevent such circumstances rather than treating them!

Though keeping your baby away from drooling is a tough task because the excretion of saliva is a natural process but few things can always be kept in mind in order to prevent this problem. As per the experts of medical science, it is believed that the salivary glands of a baby start working when they are of two to three months age. Now, irrespective of the fact whether your baby is teething or not, this can further result to drooling.

  1. The best way out to forestall this problem is to always keep the skin of your baby very clean and dry. Half battle is won if you are able to do so. To add on; as the precautionary measures, first of all, you will always need to keep a soft cloth or handkerchief handy so that whenever you see drool it can be cleaned immediately. Make sure that you do not rub it hard, just wipe it off very gently.
  1. Secondly, make it a habit to clean your baby’s neckline and mouth as often as you can, especially when you are done with feeding him or her. Mark a point that no extra pressure should be applied when you are cleaning or wiping off else it might end up in causing irritation over your baby’s skin.
  1. Using bibs is also one of the most effective ways to preclude drool rash. This wouldn’t let your baby or his body parts getting wet from the excretion of saliva. Moreover, keep on changing bibs from time to time as and when you find that the old one has got wet. This will let the baby’s skin remain dry and prevent drooling.

Treatment of Drool Rash

Being a mother, you really need to be extra cautious and peculiar. Few points that should be on board while treating drool rash are:


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  1. Make sure that twice in a day you gently wash the drooling impacted areas of the baby’s body with warm water and soft cloth and then pat dry. Don’t let it remain wet at any cost.
  1. Once done with the above step, you can apply sanative cream or ointment such as petroleum jelly or Aquaphor. This won’t let the drool make a direct contact with the skin of your baby thereby keeping it safe. Moreover, this will also render soothness to his or her skin.
  1. While making your baby bath, use an unscented & gentle body wash only else anything harsh might heighten the redness and irritation of the drool rashes. Same goes for the body lotion as well. But deflect using any sort of lotion over the drool rashes instead prefer only sanative ointment or hydrocortisone cream.
  1. Another thing to take care of is to wash the clothes of baby in an unscented laundry detergent and same goes for your clothes as well because it is you who make a direct and regular contact to the baby. Also, deflect wearing perfumes over your clothes or applying fragranced lotion on your body for time being. You can also use medicated liquids to cleanse of his or her clothes.
  1. Moreover, if you discover that drooling is caused due to teething then you can make him or her have something cold but not frozen. This could be: cold teething ring or cold washcloth. This will definitely soothe the swollen gums of your little one and give him or her lot of comfort. Later, don’t forget to clean and dry your baby’s face or mouth with soft cloth.
  1. Always make your little one wear such clothes that are very soft and friendly for their skin. We cannot deny to the fact the more comfy clothes the baby wear, the happier he/she is.

Right time to visit the Pediatrician

Though, the above measures are given to prevent and treat the problem of drool rash in the best possible way at home but still exceptions are always there. In such exceptions where home treatment might not work then it is the time to visit and consult the Pediatrician. They can be:

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  • Firstly, if the drool rash does not show any betterment even after a week time of giving the relevant home treatment, then it is the time to visit Pediatrician.
  • Secondly, if the rash has turned weepy, roughened or cracked and resulting in pain and irritation to your baby.

In such conditions, no one apart from the pediatrician can help you and lend a quick comfort to the baby. He will examine the rashes and prescribe the necessary creams or ointment to cure.

With a hope that your little one always stays happy and healthy, hope this proves helpful to you in the tough time of your baby. Do write to us and share if you have any other thoughts.


How To Do Away With The Problem Of Infected Taste Buds?

Tongue and taste… walks together!!

Do you remember having an annoying inflamed taste bud? Well, how can you forget that! The last time when you had an infected or inflamed taste bud, you tongue does not seem to relish any of the tasty foods thereby leaving you unhappy. Taste buds happen to be on the tip of tongue and are completely creditworthy to lend you the sense of tasting good or bad. An infected taste bud not only hurt but also twinges and spoils your flavor whenever you have something. Actually, you are not able to derive the exact taste of what you are eating.

There can be few reasons behind an infected taste bud, such as: you had something excess hot, you happen to bite your tongue by chance or you had excess salty, spicy or acidic food. To add on, if we see from the doctors’ point of view, according to them an infected taste bud is also the symptom of an upset tummy. So reasons differ from person to person. But the truth is; irrespective of any reasons, one facing this problem only wishes to get an immediate relief and his or her tasting power back.

So, let’s check out some of the effective ways to overcome the problem of infected or inflamed taste buds:


  1. Drink chilled or cold water:

Drinking hot water or even the lukewarm water will only increase your problem, so prefer drinking chilled cold water when you are the victim of infected taste buds. In such instances, Cold water works as an anti-inflammatory thing. All you need to do is to drink ample of cold water by taking small sips one by one and then twirling in your mouth before swilling it in. You are sure to experience lot of comfort from the irritation and pain both in case of infected taste buds.

  1. Make the use of Ice Cube:

Just like the cold or chilled water, Ice cube will also assist you in the most soothing way when infected taste bud is bothering you a lot. What needs to be done is to take one ice cube and place it over your tongue and let it remain there for some time. You can remove and place as per your convenience. Though this might prick you in the beginning but then slowly will make you feel a lot better. To add on, as it has been mentioned above, don’t miss on drinking chilled water and you can even drink cold milk in case of infected taste buds. This method is sure to be a lot soothing.


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  1. Go for An Antiseptic Mouthwash:

Another most efficacious method to provide you easement against inflamed or infected taste buds will be to go for an antiseptic mouthwash. Listerine Mouthwash is one of the options that possess anti-inflammatory qualities. In case if someone is allergic to this, one can even try Peroxyl as it is well known to cure such an issue. Also, another way out could be to take the advice from a doctor to avoid any allergic reaction. Then, gargle your mouth with the prescribed antiseptic mouthwash for about twice to thrice a day. This will kill the bacteria over your tongue and lend you with an instant relief from the pain caused due to infected taste bud.

  1. Have Ice Cream or Frozen Yogurt:

Now this is something that will not only comfort you but also make you happy. In case of infected taste bud, have good amount of ice cream without any shy. Moreover, even frozen yogurt will play the same role and do the needful. This method will also cure the infection at its best because bacteria heighten the infection when it prevails and grows in hotter conditions. Thus by having cold things bacteria will not get chance to grow more or survive and so will also ease the inflammation over your tongue.


  1. Gargle with Salt Water:

Salt is such a gift of nature which is known for its inflammatory properties and so it can undoubtedly provide us relief against inflamed taste bud as well. The process that needs to be followed is to take one glass of lukewarm water and mix half tablespoon of salt into it till the time it dissolves completely. Then gargle with this water by taking small sips and twirling it inside for a period of half a minute. Then spit out the water and repeat the same till you finish that one glass of lukewarm salt water. You can follow the same gargling process for about to two to three times in a day depending on how infected your taste bud is. If done sincerely, through this method you will be able to witness the inflamed buds becoming tiny thereby comforting you from the pain very soon.



  1. Manage your Daily Diet:

As mentioned above that infected taste bud can also be the cause of consuming too much spicy food or acidic food. Though you might be the lover of spicy food but for time being you need to control your taste desires. Have normal food with least spices and also avoid the food or eatables that cause acidity. Add green vegetables to your daily diet. Moreover, if you find the problem of infected taste bud repeating very frequently then it is symptom that your body is more acidic rather than being alkaline. Well, now you must be thinking how this can be cured? First of all, get your drinking water tested as this might be the only reason. The pH level of water needs to be nine or best would be 10.5 but if it is less than this then you need to do something in the same regard.

  1. Disturbed Tummy:

A happy tummy is a happy you! No taste or even the tastiest of food seems to be tasteless if you have an upset tummy. It has been found that the disturbed tummy also causes infected taste buds. So, it is advisable to get your stomach infection checked or any issues related to it before you go for any sort of pain comforting or anti-inflammatory medicines. So, keep your stomach equally health as you do for your body.

Hope all these methods help you to cure the problem of inflamed or infected taste buds effectively thereby providing you relaxation against irritation and pain. May you soon be able to taste well! Let us know which method proved useful to you and also share if you have any valuable ideas on the same.


Methods To Get Off Cocaine From One’s Body

Every drug leaves one or the other damaging impact over an individual’s body. Among many, Cocaine is one such strong drug which is known to leave the most striking effect on the body of anyone. It is one of the most powerful, irregular drugs which soon make you addictive to it. The worst part is that the harm engendered by Cocaine is permanent; meaning thereby it leaves an everlasting negative impact.

Impact of Cocaine Over The Body of An Individual

Extremely addictive, Cocaine is also recognized by some other names such as: coke, candy, snow and flake. It accelerates the working of the brain system to eject surging levels of a biochemical. This in return results to increase in the anxiety level along with the feeling of pleasure and excitation.

Once entered into your blood, this drug does not agree to leave your body under any condition. As many factors are responsible like: metabolism rate of the body, age factor, sex of a person (male of female) and consumption frequency. Elongated and continuous usage of this drug can lead to many hazardous health issues like: raised pulse rate, high blood pressure etc which further opens the door of many other diseases as well.

For how long, Cocaine remains present in the body after consumption?

Usually, Cocaine metabolizes to various compounds which are generally not in active state initially. It has been found that a lot many times cocaine generally metabolizes within a period of two to four hours. Nevertheless, it can still be found after conducting a drug examination even after a week time. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that there are some such specialized drug testing techniques also; where the presence of cocaine can be found in an individual’s blood even after three months of cocaine intake in the body.

On the other hand if we discuss about cocaine vestiges in urine, just like to some other powerful drugs, cocaine metabolites can be easily detected by performing urine test. If you prefer normal urine test then the period should be between two to four days after the intake of cocaine and in case if you go for any specialized testing then the result can still be positive even after a period of two weeks.

Apart from urine and blood testing, sweat or saliva can also help in detecting the vestiges of cocaine in one’s body. While it has been evidenced that the traces of cocaine are not present for long in saliva, that is just for a period of two hours but later on it has also been examined and discovered that its traces have even been found after a period of nineteen hours as well. To conclude, the leftover of cocaine in the body can be found from five hours to a period of two to three days also.

Fastest Methods To Get Off Cocaine From The Bod

Well, if you are the one who are forced to undergo a blood or urine drug test to detect if you take cocaine or not but you do not want to reveal the truth then it becomes essential for you to get rid of cocaine traces from your body. Below given are few methods that can help you to get off cocaine traces from your body and come out clean in your drug test. The methods are as follows:


  1. Drink lot of water: First & Foremost, the easiest and simplest way to get off cocaine from your body is to drink lots and lots of water. Through this, the process of detoxification will take place and you will be able to release harmful toxins out of your body through urination. You can also take orange juice and vinegar apart from water. This method will surely serve you as a great help.
  1. Go for Diuretics: The second fastest method to get off cocaine from body is to have diuretics. These are also available on good medical stores in the form of pills and kits and so you can get one from there. These diuretics are strong enough to clean out cocaine from your body thereby increasing the flow of urine which results in releasing excess of water from the body. Even the minor traces of cocaine can be removed through this method.
  1. Oral Cleansers & Mouthwashes: Another best way to remove cocaine vestiges from body is to thoroughly clean your mouth with effective mouthwash or any recommended oral cleanser. You can get these from a good chemist shop. This method can help you to clear the saliva drug detection test thereby making your saliva clean from cocaine traces.


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  1. Say NO to sugar, caffeine & fat full products: Now when you have no option apart from being forced to take the cocaine detection test, then even concentration over your eating habits can be a great help. Say a strict NO to all those drinks & eatables which carry a lot of sugar, caffeine or fat within them. Rather prefer having fresh fruits, salads, sprouts and vegetables in your diet which has less or no such harmful contents like sugar, caffeine and fat.
  1. Perform stress salving activities: The efficacious stress salving activities are: daily walk, exercising, meditation and yoga. These activities if done on a regular basis will not only clean cocaine traces from your body but also from your mind and keep your refreshed. Moreover, this would also decrease your urge towards such harmful drugs. Remember the proverb, Health is wealth.


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  1. Add on Amino acid and Ginseng in your diet: Though water is the best gift of nature which works effectively in the process of detoxification but there are few other ways too that can assist you in getting rid of cocaine from your body. They are: kava, ginseng or valerian root. Also; adding on those supplements in your daily diet which are rich in amino acid and proteins will also be a great help to you to pass your cocaine detection test clean.
  1. Exfoliation: Last but not the least; proper exfoliation can also turn out to be a savior in passing your drug test. Exfoliation is a process that dispatches the dead skin cells with the help of loofah or a specialized bristled brush that helps in scrubbing the body effectively. This method will work two in one by not only removing dead skin cells but also wiping off cocaine traces from your body.

Hope these methods turn out to be a great help to you but mark a point that if you do not stop that intake of cocaine then no method can actually be of any help to you. On general, cocaine remains in body for three to four days but the period can extend if you are the regular or frequent user of it. Also, it is advisable to get yourself enrolled for the de-addiction programmes which are specifically made for the ones who are addicted to cocaine. Such programmes help you to lead a normal and healthy cocaine free life.