Few Effective Ways To Fasten Your Periods Naturally

A lot many times you come across the situations wherein you need to fasten the schedule of your periods. The reason could be any: important event, business meeting, travelling etc. Though one option could be to accelerate periods with the help of proper medication advice but then sooner or later such medication might leave a side effect. So, what to do in such a situation? Well, the best way would be follow some natural ways as they are not only easy but effective too. Still, to be on a safe side you can consult with your doctor in prior regarding these natural home remedies as well. Some efficacious home remedies are:

  1. Hot Tub Bath:

All you need to do is to imbue yourself in the tub filled with hot water that your body can resist. Do it for a period of 15 minutes. This will spur up the temperature of your body and relax all the muscles peculiarly the abdominal muscles. To add on, this remedy will also gear up the distention of the uterus muscles thereby increasing the blood circulation to the uterus and hence resulting in fastening the periods naturally.


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  1. Hot Packs & Heating Pads:

Second natural remedy to accelerate your periods naturally is opting heating pads or hot packs. They work just like to that of hot water tub. Both are effective in raising ample heat in the body to further distend the blood vessels. This in return speeds up the blood circulation thereby paving the path for your periods.

  1. Add Vitamin C to your diet:

Vitamin C if taken in high quantity has the capability to cause an urge for progesterone which further results in crashing the uterine wall cells thereby leading to periods. So, just before few days of your periods, have at least 3000 mg of vitamin C substitutes and experience the magic.

  1. Don’t miss on Exercising:

Daily exercising works wonder in every aspect. Right from curing diseases to keep you healthy and active; regular exercising carries a lot of importance. It is also the best way to have periods in regularity but if you want to speed them up then all you need to do is to do a little more exercise than regular. This surges the blood circulation thereby urging the period to arrive early. Moreover, you will be surprised to know that daily exercise also comforts you from the cramps and relieves you from the problem of excessive bleeding.


  1. The power of Acupressure/Acupuncture:

The power of Acupressure or Acupuncture has always done magic and same is the case when you are trying to hurry up your periods naturally. Acupressure is done on those points of the body from where the blood circulation speeds up thereby fortifying your uterus and resulting into prior periods. Mark a point on board that you should only take the help of a professional and experienced therapist else you might have to face negative impact.


  1. Jaggery Powder:

Jaggery Powder holds lot of iron within itself which ameliorates the body temperature and thus assists in conjuring periods in prior. What needs to be done is: Take a jug and fill it with 250 ml of water. Add half teaspoon of turmeric powder and one teaspoon of jaggery powder to it and keep mixing till it dissolves completely. The jaggery powder drink is ready. Now approximately before 15 days of your period date start drinking this drink two times in a day daily. You are sure to get your periods faster.

  1. Red Meat:

Just like Jaggery powder, red meat is also known to meliorate the temperature of the body. So, consuming red meat will also serve your purpose effectively.


  1. Say NO to stress:

Stress is the cause of many issues and one of them is late periods. If you want your periods to quicken up then say a big NO to all your worries causing stress. Stay calm, chill and relax. Remember, the more stress you take the more delay your periods will get. So, be happy and stress free.


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  1. Ginger:

Ginger is also known jazz up the heat in your body. So, for the ones who love drinking tea, this is the best way for you to evoke your periods. Have ginger tea at least twice in a day. Moreover, those who want any other idea apart from tea then other way could be to take 300ml of water with two inches of ginger grated in it and sip it the whole day. This is sure to work too.

  1. Sugarcane & Pomegranate Juice:

Very simple to do: Mingle equal quantity of sugarcane juice and pomegranate juice in a jar and drink about four glasses of the same in a day. Again, this is a quick way to zip up your menstrual cycle.


  1. White Sesame Seeds:

Another component from your kitchen that can pre-schedule your periods is White Sesame Seeds. There are two ways to take it: Take one teaspoon of white sesame seeds with one glass of lukewarm water. The other way is to take white sesame seeds with jaggery powder. You can opt either of them just before few days of the time when you want your periods to arrive.

  1. Papaya:

This remedy is known to invoke menstrual cycle since the grand ma’s time. Hope you remember those ‘Dadi Ma Ke Nuskhe’ because this is one of them. Papaya has Carotene in it in abundance and hence this is the reason it can enhance your periods before time. Similarly, you can also go for carotene loaded carrots for the similar reason.

  1. Pineapple:

Another treasure of ‘Dadi Ma ke Nuskhe’ is Pineapple. Since time undefined, Pineapple is used to fasten the days of your menstrual cycle naturally. The reason behind is that; this fruit has the capability to enhance the level of metabolism and body heat, both at the same time which further leads to early arrival of periods.


  1. Sex:

One of the most important among so many factors is ‘Regular Sex’. Sex hastens the blood circulation to the genitals thereby also improving the metabolism process of your body. It ascertains the softening of the uterine lining furthering its breakage and hence resulting in periods. Moreover, Sex is a superb stress buster too. So, if you are married then this is one of the finest ways out.

  1. Carom Seeds:

Carom Seeds is another ingredient from the kitchen family that can be of a great help to you. All you need to do is to boil one glass of water and add one teaspoon of carom seeds to it. The drink is ready. Have this two times in a day to fasten your period dates.


  1. Celery:

Last but not the least, enriched with the content of apiol, Celery actuates the uterine contractions and so is useful in racing your menstrual date. Just before few days of your scheduled date, begin chewing celery stalk daily and see the result.

Hope these ways help you at the right time! Let us know your views on which method you tried and if you found it worth solving your purpose. Also share if you have any additional ways.

Ways To Get Rid Of Chills

‘Getting chills’ denote to the feeling of experiencing cold without an evident cause. Shivering and slight fever may cause chills. It happens when the muscles inflate and compact. The time period of chills can be different from person to person. Sometimes it can last for few minutes, sometimes for an hour and at times even for a day or two. There are various reasons behind chills being caused and they can be any of them:

  • Cold weather
  • Influenza
  • Pneumonia
  • Urinary Tract Infections
  • Viral or Bacterial Infections
  • Sinusitis
  • Malaria
  • Strep Throat
  • Meningitis


Treatment of Chills

Various factors need to be kept in mind while treating the problem of chills. One of the most significant factors to take care along with the other factors is: the age of the person and the temperature of the body. Children need a lot of attention and their treatment differs to those given to adults. Still if you are not sure about what to do, then doctors will be the best help to you. Do take utmost care in case of children.

There are various ways to get rid of chills and below given are some of the most common ways. Check them out:

  1. Take ample rest – You must have heard that ‘Excess of anything is not good’ and same is the case here as well. At times the exertion of work is so much that your does not get ample rest and hence you are bound to get sick. In such a situation, you need a small break and rest for a while. Take good sleep so that your body and mind gets enough rest. This will also make your immune system strong which will further strengthen the healthiness and effective working of your overall body.


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  1. Drink enough water – In our busy schedule we get so much involved that at times we skip our food timings and even ignore drinking water time to time. Hence, it is always important to keep your body hydrated because this factor is majorly responsible for the smooth working of our body. Moreover, the scientific reason behind drinking ample water is that water clenches oxygen within it and assists in cleaning the system of the body. So, it is advisable to drink lots of water or alternates like healthy juices and keep yourself hydrated.
  1. Keep your body lukewarm – To prevent dryness, it is necessary that your body stays slightly warm. To get rid of chills, wearing warm pajamas or covering yourself with lukewarm blankets while sleeping is a good idea. This not only keeps your body warm but also saves your skin from getting dry. Another way to prevent chills could be to dress up oneself in layers. This might make you feel loathsome for sometime but will make you feel warm enough. But remember, if the chill is followed by fever than this method won’t be a solution else will increase your problem. So, do not opt wearing lukewarm lowers or covering yourself with lukewarm blanket if you have also got fever along with chills else your body temperature will increase more.
  2. Say No to Alcohol – Alcohol desiccates the body which in addition also decreases the amount of oxygen in the body and so it is advisable to not to consume alcohol. You might also faint due to the dehydration caused by in taking of alcohol. Hence, Drinking alcohol does no good ever; rather it is an invitation to many kinds of sickness and diseases.2

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  3. Over-the-counter Medications – You can take the over-the-counter medications like Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Tylenol (Acetaminophen) in case of slight fever and chills. But be careful enough to read the given instructions and directions before you take any medicine. Tylenol will reduce the fever but not inflammation and might be harmful for liver if it is not taken as per the directions given, Ibuprofen & Aspirin will lower down your fever and inflammation both.
  4. Few cases require immediate medical attention – If children are suffering from the problem of chills and the fever is not coming down even after giving them the medicine then it is the time to consult a doctor. In case of infants having fever for more than one day and above 101 degree Fahrenheit, take them to the doctor instantly without any delay. When it comes to adults; you need to visit a doctor right away if you are suffering from terrible cough, abdominal cough, breathing difficulty lethargic, neck clumsiness and the fever is above 102 degree Fahrenheit and has not shown any sort of improvement within three days. Moreover, if the time of fever and chills does not show any betterment even after 48 hours of care given at home and have symptoms like: severe cough, sensitivity to light, breathing difficulty, pain in abdominal, less urination or excess urination, lethargic, irritation and forceful vomiting then do not delay even for a second in visiting the doctor.
  5. Treat Hypothermia (chills with no fever) – In case if you have the chills and no fever at all then this is termed as Hypothermia and it might be dangerous. To elaborate, Hypothermia happens when the temperature of the body gets very low in comparison to the cold weather or cold water. The phases of severity differ. It could be a Mild Hypothermia if the temperature of your body is below the normal temperature of 98.6 degree and you are shivering a lot. In such a condition, add warmness to your body by drinking warm liquids and stay dry. Secondly, if the temperature of the body is less than 96 degree and you are losing control over your bodily movements then rush for an emergency assistance.

Also, beware of old myths like rubbing alcohol as skin might get cooler, have something cold to cure high fever or sweat out by covering yourself with blankets so that the fever can go away with sweat etc. Do not follow any such old wives tales. Always be practical enough to think right.

Hope this article proved a help to you!


Dietary Plan Chart To Reduce Weight In Just 4 Weeks

Daily workout assists a lot when it comes to fitness and shaping up your body. But if your target is dropping weight and look perfect then just regular exercise won’t be sufficient. You will need to think something more apart from exercise. Are you thinking what it is? Well, all you need to take care of is your daily diet. Remember this; Regular Exercising and Healthy diet walk parallel when it comes to lose weight and so either of them could not be ignored.

A healthy diet should be immediately begin and make sure that you follow it with extreme sincerity to achieve the best results. To know what to include and exclude in your diet, you can take the help of a professional dietician or even consult with your gym instructor. A professional dietician will check all the necessary details before starting your diet. Details like: your actual weight, your height, required reduction, some blood test (only if necessary) etc. Considering all these, the diet plan is made. In case if the reason behind your increased weight is incorrect dietary habits, fickle routine, slackness, sluggishness or wrong sleeping and waking routine then the first thing that demand a change is your overall daily routine. Right from waking up on time to sleeping on time at night along with proper diet chart is the summary of your weight lose plan. You must be thinking how does routine matter? Summing up in a line, it can be said that if you mess with your daily routine then your body will also mess up all. The body has a clock of its own and so should be rightly timed for its proper and healthy working.

Here in this article we bring you a diet chart that you will need to work on in four consecutive weeks. Do weigh yourself before you start with this mission and note it down. Keep this notepad handy so that the progress report of every week can be jotted down and you can measure the smile on your face later on by viewing the complete journey. Take care of the points given below whenever you begin with this four week diet plan:

  1. Say NO to salt after 7:30 pm.
  2. A big NO to any aerated or oxygenated drinks and this imbibes of the diet version as well.
  3. Confine any sort of artificial juices too.
  4. Curtail rice and potato strictly.
  5. Restrain two fruits: banana and mango.
  6. Do at least 30 minutes of aerobic exercise regularly. Doing gym is also a good option for it but in case if anything restrain you from going to gym then even doing it on your own will do its job. Fresh air of garden will also work. Wear a comfortable pair of shoes while doing aerobics. To add on, also do skipping exercise daily. Five set of hundred skips that is in total five hundred skips at least and can increase the number gradually.
  7. To tone up your upper body, exercise with one and a half to two kilograms of dumbbells.
  8. Last but not the least, give leastwise twenty minutes to breathing exercise every day. (such as: Baba Ramdev’s Pranayam)


Now without any more delay let us begin with the Indian diet chart that you will need to follow for four weeks and here it is:




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8:00 am (or even early; whenever you wake up) – A night before the day you are all set to begin your diet plan; the first thing you need to do is to take a bowl filled with two glasses of water and soak one teaspoon of methi seeds in it. Then the next morning as soon as you wake up, what you need to do is to filter the methi seeds and drink that water. This works a lot in water retentivity and bloating. Then later, take five soaked almonds for healthy skin. After this, one black pepper ball which you need to swallow straight away without chewing it.


9:00 am (after an hour) – You can select any from these:  1 brown bread only with Amul Lite Butter/ Salad and chutney/ hung curd garnishing

Nothing for next one and a half hour!


11:30 am – any fruit as per your wish but just one in quantity


Then after next one and a half hour:


At 1:30 pm – Before you begin with your afternoon meal, you need to have a pocket-size plate of salad. Now you must be thinking why this? Well, salad is rich in fibre and thus these fibre help in satiating the urge of false hunger which compels you to overeat. Then comes to the turn of meal in which your menu is: 1 chapati made with the concoction of wheat bran and wheat flour in equal ratio. Meal also includes one normal sized bowl of dal as it is a healthy package in itself.

Long break of three and a half hours…

5:00 pm – As you wish, one cup of tea or milk with two biscuits but only Marie. You can even take one normal size of air popped popcorn (those without butter)/ one small bowl of roasted chana.


Then, one and a half hour later:

7:30 pm – Like the mid day meal, at this time also begin with a small plate of salad followed by one bran chapatti and one bowl of green vegetable which is healthy. (This time no kadhi, chana or rajmah)


In a short span of an hour:

8:30 pm – You can eat one fruit of your wish and after this nothing till the next day. Then follow the same diet for complete one week.


As soon the first diet week end, don’t miss to weigh yourself. The results will definitely bring smile to your face. As per the research, one looses the maximum in the first week because the body looses all the water weight and bloating pooped off. Though you notice loss of weight in every following week but little less to that of the first week achievement and this is how this four weeks diet plan chart works.


After the success of first week, it is the time to get closer to our goal by abiding by the second week diet plan and here it is:

Morning 8:00 am (as you as you are awaken) – Previous night you will need to immerse five tulsi leaves in about 2 glasses of water and then next morning first thing you will need to do is to filter out those leaves and drink that water. Also, don’t forget to have five soaked almonds (do not peel their skin off) and one black pepper ball (kali Mirch). You will find few diet steps similar to that of first week.

9:00 am – Then after an hour, you are allowed to have one brown bread toast with only amul lite butter over it/ salad and chutney/ amul lite butter. That’s it.

11:30 am – After a break of one and a half hour, you can have a fruit of your choice. Here is the place where your choice is considered 😉 rest all as per the diet plan chart.

1:30 pm – Yes… you guessed it right! One small plate of salad is what you will begin your meal with. Now here is the slight change. This meal involves just one single sandwich. So, in case if you are a vegetarian your sandwich will comprise of two brown breads with the filling of paneer in it and in case if you are a non vegetarian egg whites.

5:00 pm – Three and a half hours later you can have one normal sized cup of milk or tea, depending on your preference along with two marie biscuits.

7:30 pm – As per the rule; here also you need to eat Salad before the meal and later accompanied by one bran chapatti with 1 K vegetable (now in this second week of four week diet chart you can have chana, kadhi or rajmah as vegetable).

8:30 pm – Keep your fruit selection ready and have that one fruit. This is the end of the diet chart which needs to be strictly followed for the whole second week. On the completion of the week, do check your weight again and be delighted at the result.


After looking at the desired results, you are sure to begin your third week diet chart with much more enthusiasm. Getting closer to your goals, rejuvenate new energy in the body, mind and soul! If you will observe keenly, you will notice more or less the diet chart is alike but you will surprised to know that these minor changes in the diet chart of every week plays the most important role in reducing your weight and maintaining your overall health. Check out:

8:00 am (or even early; the moment you wake up) – The first & foremost thing you need to follow in the third week as well is exactly same as the last two weeks. Follow the procedure of soaking methi seeds a night before in two glasses of water and drink that water in the morning after straining the methi seeds. Also, don’t miss to take five soaked & skinned almonds followed by one black pepper ball which you need to swallow.


9:00 am (after an hour) –:  One glass of milk and a fruit will be enough. Then, wait for next one and a half hour!


11:30 am – A fruit as per your wish but just one. We know it’s too less but don’t forget that you are on diet 😉


At 1:30 pm – No salad before the meal in the third week and so you can straightaway have one bran chapatti (mixture of wheat flour and wheat bran in similar proportion) and a vegetable of your choice; keeping in mind that you are on diet.

Break of three and a half hours again…


5:00 pm – Pick any among these: One normal sized cup of tea or milk with two biscuits/ one bowl of air popped popcorns (NO to the butter ones)/ one small bowl of roasted 9bhuna) chana.

7:30 pm – Here the menu differs for vegetarians and non-vegetarians so read carefully. For Vegetarians: There are two options: 1) one bowl vegetable + one bowl curd + salad or 2) one bowl dal + one Bowl Curd + salad.

For Non-Vegetarians: Three Pieces of Roasted or steamed chicken or fish (your preference) along with compulsory salad.

8:30- pm – The legacy continues! You can have any one fruit depending on your choice. This ends the first day of third diet week as well and hence same needs to be complied for the whole third week with sincerity. After all, your hard work and sincerity always pay.


Are you sharing your happiness with all your loved ones? Well, why not! You deserve every bit of it because you have proved that nothing is impossible. Your weighing machine is speaking the result of your efforts and what else does one need. Arrives the much awaited last & final week of your four weeks dietary plan and here you go:

8:00 am (first when you are awaken) – We are sure that you must have got into routine of what you need to do the foremost. Yes, you are absolutely right. You need to drink your methi seeds soaked water. No confusion, just follow the same procedure to get it ready.

9:00 am – Followed by one glass of cold coffee and one brown bread toast after an hour. Happy to have a taste change, aren’t you?

11:30 am – Same as the last three weeks; at this time you can eat any one fruit whichever you want to.

1:30 pm – Here is the magic box which has brought numerous options for you in this finale week for you to eat. After all, who doesn’t love the change especially when it is much anticipated? All of us…right! The options imbibes of: 1) one bowl sprouts + fruits 2) one bowl vegetables + one brown bread toast 3) One bowl dalia + One brown bread toast 4) One bowl kadhi + one-fourth plate rice (any one of these)

5:00pm – Same are the picks as before: one cup milk or tea with two biscuits/ one bowl air popped popcorns/ one small bowl of roasted or bhuna chana. So, what are you picking this time?

7:30 pm – Simple and Similar but healthy! All you can eat for your meal is one bran chapati (compounding of what bran & what flour in equalized ratio) and one bowl vegetable.

8:30 pm – Any one fruit of your pick and that’s the end of the last day of four weeks dietary plan chart.

And hence your four week diet plan chart ends here. Your happiness can be truly felt. As per the search, you will certainly loose three to six kilograms in this one month. If you are looking for some more weight reduction, you can continue the same for a week or two more but do as per advised so that diet does not lead to bad health. Diet meanings maintaining and managing your eating habit not just decreasing it.

Be careful of what you actually want because dieting in order to stay fit and healthy is perfectly ok but not fine at all if you want to be skinny. Love with what the Almighty has bestowed you and always carry a positive outlook. Never choose to lose weight because somebody has challenged you or your society comments on your weight. If you don’t love yourself then no one will.

Hope this piece of information proves helpful to you. Do share your reviews and your thoughts and ideas that you think can add positive results to the efforts of everyone who is complying this.

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Effectual Ways To Increase Height In Kids

A good height is the reflection of a good personality! Right from meliorating the confidence level and self-pride in your child; good height also helps your child in many other things too. One can make a career in movies, modelling or even become player in basketball team. Though height is defined by genetics but at times it also depends on the content of nutrition taken by you timely. For every child, the age level of increasing height differs but still there are many factors that need to be kept in mind from the very beginning so that kids do not face the hurdle of small height. The daily lifestyle and habits play a vital role in deciding height and weight of a child and so special attention should be given.

Below are some of the effectual ways to increase height in kids:

1. Equilibrated Diet for Overall Growth & Development
First thing that you need to take care of is the daily eating habits of your kid. Ensuring a balanced diet for your kids will not be a help in increasing the height but will play a vital role in the overall growth and development of the kids. If you sincerely want your children to have a desirable height then first of all keep aside all the junks like: burger, pizza, soft drinks, packed chips etc. Replace all these junkies with the list of healthy food, fruits and vegetables which will make you strong internally and externally both. It is important that regular diet of kids should involve ample amount of carbohydrates, nutrition, vitamins and minerals. Everything should be eaten in mitigation but make sure that you ignore all fatty or carbohydrates meals at one time.
For a healthy diet, add a good deal of lean proteins to your everyday diet. You can have foods like: soy, fish, meat, poultry and dairy products. All these foods are rich in fresh proteins which are highly important to induce body growth, ramping up muscles and beef up the bones. Give your sincere efforts to avoid simple carbohydrates like: soda, pastry, cake, pasta etc. Intake foods enriched with Calcium and Vitamin D in sufficient quantity like: dairy items and green leafy vegetables. Also, zinc is equally important for proper development of kids’ body. Pumpkin, peanuts, wheat germ, crab and squash seeds are all foods that plentiful in Zinc content. So, try all such foods in the proper passage of time during a day that enhances the height factor in children.

2. Stretching Exercises


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Exercising also plays a major role when it comes to the height development in kids. One such exercise is Stretching Exercise which postulates stretching as its main target. There are various ways to do stretching exercise. One of them is to simply ask your kid to stand in opposed to a wall with his/her back towards that wall. Then raise his or her hands in such a way that he or she is able to stretch them as much as possible. The third step will be to sit on his toes with his back opposed to the wall and elongate the muscles of the leg. For quick results, you are advised to replicate this exercise at least 10 times in a day considering the stamina and safety of one’s body.
The other stretching exercise that your kids need to perform to increase height is: Ask your kid to sit on the floor with his both the legs away from one another. The distance matters on the terms as broad as possible. Then guide him or her to bow his waist and try to touch shoes for about thrice to four times on each leg. This exercise helps in extension of spine thereby meliorating his or her posture.

3. Hanging Exercises

Apart from stretching exercise, the other exercise that would offer a helping hand to you in raising the height of our kid is Hanging Exercise. You must have seen hanging bars in school playgrounds, parks and public gardens as well and this is where you need to execute the hanging exercise. If you want you can get these bars installed at your home too. For sure, this is something that almost every kid loves to do. Dangling on the bars at school playground or in your society garden or even at home over the curtain rods has always been a great fun for them. This exercise stretches the vertebrates and straightens the backbone. Hence, this is an amazing way to boost the overall growth and specially; height of kids. So, inspite of getting angry, advocate them to do a regular practice for at least 10 minutes regularly with ample pull-ups and chin-ups. Of course on hanging bars only!

4. Yoga
Yoga has always done wonders in terms of benefitting the body of any individual. So, how can we miss this here when we are discussing ways to boost the height for kids? One of the yoga aasans that will prove a great help to you in the mission of increasing height of your kid is ‘Surya Namaskar’. It permits the body to stretch entirely and elevate the growth of height. Do not forget to ask your child to do normal breathing exercises before starting with the Yoga Aasans.
Second yogaasana to help you in this mission is ‘Chakraasana’. This will also stretch the full body of your kid. All you need to do is to rest flat with legs at distance (far from one another). Then ask your kid to bend his or her knees in such a way that he or she is able to touch his butts and flex the elbows in such a manner that fingers make a contact with shoulders. The next step will be to inhale the fresh air and push the body upwards to make a U and remain this posture as long as possible.

5. Skipping
Another way to increase the height of your kids is with the fun of skipping. It is a fun-filled activity cum a sort of exercise that is not only healthy from the blood circulation point of view but also does wonder when it comes to boost the height of kids. Now how does it work? When the kid begins to skip, the body also begins to stretch and so every time he or she skips; there is a little growth gradually every day which later result in good height increase by performing this exercise on regular basis.

6. Swimming


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Swimming helps a lot in terms of elevating the height of your children and makes them grow taller. It also bestows internal strength to their body. It has been found that those kids who took swimming as their hobby during teenage are found to be of a good height in comparison to the one who did not opted for swimming at all. This is also a form of exercising which elongates the muscles of the entire body thereby expelling the growth hormone and resulting in the growth of height too. But one day or one week swimming habit won’t be sufficient; you need to do it regularly for months to get best results.

7. Ankle Weights
Ankle weights is an effective exercise in stretching the lower part of the body and thus it turns out to be an amazing way to enhance the height of your kid. Mark a point that at the initial stage; only small weights are picked up by your child and then you can slowly and gradually increase the weight as your child matures. The gristle amidst the knees gets elongated which further leads in the increase of height too. Make him perform this exercise daily for few minutes.

8. Jogging
From kids to adults and adults to old; jogging is beneficial for one and all. There are a lot many advantages of jogging if it is done on regular basis and one such advantage is, lifting the height factor in your kids too. Encourage your kid to go for jogging daily and if possible; then in morning and evening both, at least for about half an hour during both the times. Well… there is no harm in accompanying your child while jogging as it will be completely a fun-filled experience.

9. Play Basketball
One of the fun-filled games that can also help in increasing height is ‘playing basketball’. Everything needs to be begin at the right time and so if you play ample of basketball in your teenager, you are sure to have a good height in future. The reason behind is that this game demands lot of jumping and this further helps in stretching all the muscles of legs, arms and back. You are advised to play this game every day for about 45 minutes to one hour. So, don’t forget to be the part of your school basketball team this time!

10. Cycling
Cycling is also a sort of exercise which demands lot of efforts to run your cycle fast and smooth. It involves paddling which fortifies the bones of legs and stretches the leg muscles. This initiates the increase in height. So, encourage your child to do systematic cycling daily for at least half an hour for both the times of the day. Cycling should be taught to child at the right age so that height also begins to take its speed on time.

All these above given factors will serve to be a great help to you and will help you in successfully accomplishing the mission ‘Height’ of your kids. To add on, it will also make your child physically and mentally active in every aspect.

Some extra other things that you need to take care of are:
•  Get the sleeping timings of your child correct. As per the, it is important for a child to take ten to twelve hours of sleep daily but the timings also equally matter. Children should be sent to bed early in the evening so that they can get enough sleep and even wake up on time. This will ensure the correct growth cycle for your kid from a lot of perspectives.

•  Make a habit to take your kids to visit the doctor from time to time in order to get their weight and height checked timely. This will also help your doctor to keep an eye on both the factors and if required necessary medications can also be given on time.

•  Don’t expect the magic to happen overnight. Everything takes time, sincere dedication and patience; so give your cent percent efforts to achieve the desired results. Also, do not prefer the tricks, medicines or pills offered by many companies who assure the growth of height through the advertisements on T.V. and newspaper because most of them are phony. Such things do not help you in increasing height rather create physical complications a lot many times. So, be aware!

•  Posture plays a vital role too. So, always develop erect sitting and standing posture in your child. This keeps the spine straightened and makes you look tall.

•  Make sure that your child is always happy at heart and stress-free at mind for the overall growth and development. Be friendly to him or her so that he/she can share if there is anything that is bothering him or her.

Hope these ways will definitely help you to achieve what you wish. But never stress your child on the matters related to height rather let him or her stay tension-free and happy. Being a parent or guardian just keep doing your bit. Results are sure to be bright! Also, we welcome your thoughts and ideas so do share if you know any other ways too, as that might be a great add on.


Importance of Vitamins and Minerals

Vitamins and Minerals are vital and magical in our life. They mysteriously manage the proper functioning of our body along with the development and growth of the body cells too. It is just because of these two things that our body functions normally and makes us lead a normal life.

Advantages of Fat-soluble vitamins:-

Fat-soluble vitamins are a group of those vitamins that are hived in the liver and fatty tissues of our body. There they can be kept for good long time, approximately 6 months and can be used as per the requirement of the body. The team of fat-soluble vitamins imbibes of all these vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin D and Vitamin K. All these have their own role to play and own responsibilities to fulfill. Let’s know what those are:-

Vitamin A: It is the strongest supporter of our immune system. It is such a strong antioxidant that it takes perfect care of health of our hair and skin too. It is just unreplaceable in the prevention of blindness and also nourishes the growth of bones in our body.

Vitamin D: If you are tooth problems sufferer, then include those eatables in your list which are highly rich in Vitamin D because it plays an eminent role in maintaining the strength and healthiness of teeth. This vitamin is popularly known as ‘Sunshine-vitamin’. It acts as a barrier in case of bone deformities and kick away diseases like rickets in kids and osteoporosis in adults.



Vitamin E: This is one of the most important vitamins among the entire group of vitamins. It helps in building our cells and tissue very strong thereby taking utmost care of their health. Few amazing benefits of Vitamin E are: proper functioning of the liver, amazing for eye-sight, skin health and above all works magically in precluding cardiovascular diseases and prostate cancer. A perfect one for the overall development and growth of our body!

2 - Copy

Vitamin K: This stands last in the list of vitamins that are water-soluble. It is responsible in taking proper care of blood clots. Rendering calcium to bones and improving functioning of kidney is also the core job of Vitamin K.

Advantages of water-soluble vitamins

Water-Soluble vitamins are a compounding of vitamins imbibing C and B Complex. It is important that we intake them regularly and it is not at all a challenge if we consume a completely healthy, nutritious and balanced diet. These water-soluble vitamins are just opposite to fat-soluble vitamins meaning thereby, they easily get released from the body not accumulated like fat-soluble vitamins.

C is such a strong and powerful antioxidant that it plays a great role in boosting immunity. It also works as a miracle when it comes to heal wounds speedily. It also serves as a helper in regulating high blood pressure and increased cholesterol thereby improving the absorption capacity of iron in the body.

B Complex serves as a one in all bunch of vitamins which works soundly in increasing the energy levels of our body, providing proper care in the production of red blood cells and perfect for the digestive pathway.

This gives a clear understanding towards the importance of Vitamins and Minerals so ensure a complete balanced diet enrich with both of these.


How To Get Rid Of Bad Eating Habits

Our busy life schedule, stress and unnecessary load have resulted into a combo pack of bad eating habits. This problem is increasing its graph speedily and that too in almost every age group. We invite unwanted diseases, health issues and illness due to bad eating habits. If you are the sufferer too then please spare some time and go through the important points listed below:-

Skipping meals

This is the major issue seen in today’s fast running generation. In morning there is necessity to hurry up and reach office so breakfast faces ignorance, then when you return tired, your preference is to take some sleep and then have dinner which results in wrong timing of your daily meal. Both skipping any meal or not taking them on time are marked as bad eating habits which are not good for our health at all. Obesity and increase in weight are its results. So, it is advised not to skip your meals and take them on time to time. In case if you are delayed then add less calorie and highly nutritious food in your diet.


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Increasing consumption of Canned Juices

In today’s busy schedule, we don’t have time even for peeling fresh fruits. So, we prefer to drink tinned juices that are available in every departmental store which contain preservatives thinking that they are full of nutrition which a fruit contain. But truth is just opposite such canned drinks are only rich in sugar and preservative which give them that taste. This leads in inviting diseases like diabetes or any other illness. So, it is advisable to eat fresh fruits rather than these tinned juices. Fresh fruits heighten fibre making in your body and are highly nutritious.

2 - Copy

Avoid attacking on junk foods

If you are hungry prefer having fruits or any healthy meals rich in nutrition rather than going for any kind of junk food like: potato wedges, chips etc. Such junk food which only taste good but are not healthy impacts the blood pressure either by making it too high or too low. To add on, kick off junk food else your junction will be booked by extra amount of cholesterol. The best way to handle your hunger is to keep some nutritious dry fruits that will not only be healthy but also fulfil your hunger immediately.

Avoid drinking mainly on empty tummy:

Alcohol contain high amount of calories especially when you make it your first drink of the day meaning thereby when tummy is empty. Calories present in it get accumulated in your blood and turn out to be fats. Further it leads to decrease in glucose of your body and high rise in blood insulin which increases your hunger and you incline to eat more than required. So, come out of it and drink milk instead of alcohol. This would not only be healthy but also retard its absorption from body up to thrice. Moreover, having snacks or starters in middle of your drinks will give a slow down to your calories.



Try introducing healthy habits in your life from today and good bye to the bad ones. Enjoy a healthy life always!!


Tea Or Coffee ? Which One Should You Prefer

Tea or coffee? It is hard to choose one of them. Are you also wondering which one you should prefer? Tea and coffee both have discrete benefits and what we prefer; depends on its usage: like if we get up in the morning, then coffee is a sturdy choice and if we endure sleep and wants some refreshment to open up our eyes straight, than tea is a better choice. (Many people have opposite choices, I know!)

Tea and coffee are two most common beverages in India. Found in almost every Indian household, coffee has become a part of the Indian culture. With the influx of coffee joints like Barista, Starbucks and Café Coffee Day, drinking coffee has become a style statement. Coffee had become an excuse to hang out for today’s kids and teenagers.



According to a recent study, India is the fifth largest coffee producer in the world. Karnataka alone is responsible for the 70% of the total coffee produced in India. The top coffee brands in India are: Tata, Nescafe, Bru. There are so many types of coffees but black coffee is more preferable and its beneficial too. It serves best when no additives like milk and sugar are added to it. Many don’t exactly know how to make coffee and that is why they miss out the perfect blend of it to acquire the perfect taste in the end.

Talking about the TEA…

Tea is one of the greatest uniters. There is no such crises which can not be solved by a cup of tea. There are some reasons why tea is better than coffee:


While coffee can do the same, tea has added the benefit of generally being just pure H2o with that awesome tea flavor, which means, if it is hot summer then it’s more beneficial to have a sip of tea either hot or cold to replace any fluid deficiency you had through excessive sweating. It is good for your skin too and you get hydrated while consuming some.


Scientists have ensured that tea is proficiently linked to the improvement of your health. And looking at the history, 5000 year ago an emperor also wrote about it.


Tea contains much less amount of caffeine than coffee. If you want something to keep you going throughout the work day, tea is the best choice.


Isn’t it? It is the best reason to prefer tea over coffee, jokes apart. Place a teabag in a cup of hot water, remove it after few minutes, and you are done!


Antioxidants are fantastic for keeping your body ticking and feeling fantastic. In short, antioxidants keep you fresh.


Tea is also good if you wish to maintain a good set of tooth. Drink a reasonable amount and it would keep your teeth in their original color unlike coffee, which delivers the unwarranted side effects of discoloration.


An advantage we can all use from time to time. While the physical cause behind this remains unknown or murky. But, tea surely is a great source to reduce those wrinkles from your forehead.


Relatively recent research has indicated that green tea might be a great aid for people who want to loose some weight. It is a fact that green tea helps kick start your metabolism and so, is helpful in shedding that extra kilos off your body.


An Australian study shows that people who use tea regularly had stronger bone density than those who don’t. And drinking tea promotes healthy bone formation. While I am not suggesting you guys to drink too much of tea; a cup of tea in a day is sufficient to keep your bones stronger and healthier.


It is like a security software for your computer. A cup of tea can give you a sudden boost as drinking tea can really help your body to set up and improve the immune system.



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While on the other hand…

There are many types of coffee, the finest quality being the arabica coffee, which today holds 59% share of the world’s total coffee production. The interesting part about the Arabica coffee is that it is the only species with 44 chromosomes of coffee!

Green coffee” is the best coffee in the world. Coffee can only be good if its source is the finest. So, you need to find a coffee roasting company that has an excellent green coffee import to bliss your tastebuds.

Coffee contains a high amount of caffeine, most of us like drinking coffee but want to limit their caffeine intake for some reasons. For those people, decaffeinated coffee is an excellent alternate. Decaffeinated coffee is just like a regular coffee, except that the caffeine has been removed. It is a coffee from the coffee beans that have had at least 97% of their caffeine removed.

Likewise, there are many types to tea too: Teas tea is created by Japanese. Teas tea is a collection of all tea leaves and it is the  purest form of tea you can have.

Have you ever heard people criticizing your choices of having caffeinated drinks like coffee or tea? Though over-indulging in anything will have negative consequences, having an extra cup of black tea might not be as bad as you imagined.

I personally prefer and love a cup of tea. Its how I like to begin my day and I want it as soon as I am awake! Well, that’s my personal take. What about you?

Do let us know about your preference in the comment section below!

How to meditate: Techniques & tips

It’s a busy world. Every person in the world is running a rat race, a seemingly endless one. We are all a part of this hullabaloo; getting up early, running to offices/schools/colleges, attending meetings, meeting deadlines, participating in stressful activities and sometimes even managing the tedious household chores. And what does it result in at the end of the day?  An exhausted you!

Of all the activities that you do, how much time do you give yourself? How many hours do you just sit with yourself and connect with what’s within you?  Ask yourself this and you shall find that you do not really spend any time with yourself. How often do you feel drained out? Stressed? Frustrated? Unable to think clearly? If, quite often is your answer then, you are reading the right space. The solution to all your problems is one word: Meditation.

Now the question arises: what is meditation and how to do meditation?

Meditation in simple words is the process of spending time with yourself. Meditating is the act of sitting peacefully with your own self and enjoying your company. Many people join classes, watch videos, or buy DVDs to learn guided meditation. You do not need to do all of that. Just read on and find out how to overcome your stress and spend time with yourself.



  1. Find a quiet, peaceful place:
    This is a primal step for meditating. Look for a quiet place. Meditation is all about peace and hence, can only be done in a noiseless environment. If you live in a city, chances are that your place is devoid of tranquility. A noisy environment is likely to distract you from your purpose of finding peace. Find a quiet place in your house. It can be your bedroom where you can lock yourself away from the world, or maybe even your praying room, if you have one.
  2. Fix a time:
    It is important to fix a time slot to meditate so that you gradually get into the habit of meditating. Setting a time slot also acts as a reminder; it helps you remember that you have to meditate at this point of time. Not only is it necessary to fix a time to get into the habit, but, this also brings in discipline which is very essential for meditation. Wake up early in the morning to meditate when the day’s bustle has not begun or you can meditate right before bed when it has all ended. Pick a time when you do not have anything on your mind; no errands to run, no deadlines to meet.
  3. Get comfortable:
    Wear comfortable clothes before you sit for meditation. A loose, oversized t-shirt or a kurta are great while meditating. Free flowing clothes keep you comfortable. Ill fitted or tight fitted clothes adds to the distraction and discomfort which disable you from meditating in peace. If you wear tight clothes, all your attention will be on them and the likely discomfort they may cause.
  4. Sit at ease or lie down:
    The best posture to meditate is to sit cross legged or in the Lotus posture, preferably on a flat, even surface like the floor. You can also lie down flat on your back, or sit on a chair. The most important thing is for you to be at ease and feel relaxed. While sitting, keep your back straight and keep your face in alignment with your chest. Your palms must either face the ceiling or connect your index finger and the thumb. It is important to keep your eyes closed to avoid any outer distractions that will keep you from meditating.
  5. Breathe deeply :
    Breath is the life force that drives. It is vital to breathe deeply during meditation. Concentrate on your breath. Counting your breath helps. Try inhaling for a count of 6, holding for a count of 2, and exhaling for 6. Giving your mind this simple task to focus on will help clear your head. It is has been found that we do not use our lungs to their full ability. Inhaling deep breaths will increase the intake of oxygen and therefore, more oxygen will reach the brain, making it more alert, aware and awake.
  6. Chant a mantra or hold a rosary:
    Meditation is the process of becoming still. It is important to focus on a single point all throughout the meditation. You can chant a mantra that will not only help you concentrate but also calm you while you chant it with each breath. You can also hold a rosary and count the beads to keep yourself from distracting. It may seem like a challenging task to still your mind and keep it bereft of thoughts. But eventually, once you practice it every day at a fixed time, you will slowly be able to calm yourself and rest your mind.
  7. Observe your mind:
    Your mind is like a restless monkey, always jumping from one branch of thought to another. Your job while meditating is to train it and tame it. The foremost step is to observe it carefully, closely. The moment your mind starts drifting, analyse the thought that is building up. Once you start doing this and practice it, your thoughts will become more stable and you will achieve an inner balance.




Meditation Techniques

The way exercise and yoga are for keeping the body fit; similarly, meditation is to keep the mind healthy. There are many techniques to meditate:

Guided Meditation:
In such meditation, you can meditate under the guidance of a teacher or a trained practitioner. It can be via a written text, sound recording, video, or audiovisual media. It can induce mental imagery and involves visualization to help focus.

Concentration meditation:
This is the easiest technique of meditation. It does not require any guidance and can be done at home easily without any aid. It involves focusing on a single point. It can entail watching the breath, chanting mantras or a single word like Om, counting rosary beads, gazing the candle flame or listening to music that calms you and brings tranquility. This meditation allows you to refocus your awareness by paying complete attention to a particular object whenever you notice your mind wandering and wavering. You do not have to make an effort to pursue your thoughts, you have to simply observe them and let them be. It improves your concentration.

Reflective Meditation:
This sort of meditation involves focusing on a particular question. It is also called analytical meditation or disciplined meditation. In order to do this meditation, pick a question and analyze it and reflect upon it. Not only will it help you to keep yourself focused but also help you get an answer to that question. It will help you develop a clear understanding. It will expand your consciousness and help you react better in day to day situations.

Heart centered/ Heart Chakra meditation:
This meditation is about focusing on the heart area of your body while meditating. Sit comfortably in a quiet place and focus on the heart area while inhaling and exhaling slowly. This meditation relieves you of your fears and depression. It helps you connect to your heart and stabilizes your emotions.

Meditation Tips

  • Never meditate on a full stomach: A full stomach will make you feel sleepy. But, do not meditate on an empty stomach either; your hunger will keep distracting you.
  • Breathe slowly but smoothly: Make sure your breathing is not jagged. Breathe slowly but smooth. Clear your nostrils before meditating especially if you suffer from sinus.
  • Try Pranayama: You can easily do a breathing exercise to refocus. It will awaken your senses and will help in concentrating better.
  • Keep your back straight: Do not be stiff. Keep your back comfortably straight. If you are too stiff, your back may start hurting and will disrupt your meditation. Do not have a slackened posture. Your spine must be straight at all times
  • Keep your eyes closed: Do not open your eyes while meditating. When your eyes are open, you tend to get distracted by things around you which arouse thoughts.
  • Do not meditate when angry: It is difficult to meditate when you are struggling with strong emotions. Strong emotions tend to breed stories and your mind will keep wandering.
  • Do not control your thoughts: While meditating, it is natural for you to have thoughts. It is the nature of the human mind to think all the time. Do not control these thoughts. The more you resist the more they will persist. All you have to do is simply observe them. Let the thoughts flow. Observe where they stem from and then let them go.
  • Try Meditation Music: If silence does not work for you, try meditation music or mantras. The sound of music will drown the chatter of your thoughts. The soothing music will calm you down and your thoughts will eventually die down.
  • Begin meditating with a short duration: Since, you are not used to sitting for long hours in a single position for a long duration, begin meditating with a small period of time. Start with 10 minutes and gradually, according to your comfort level, increase the duration. Sitting for a long time in the beginning may cause discomfort and numb our legs.
  • Enjoy meditation: Be relaxed and comfortable while meditating. Do not treat meditation like a daily chore. It is for you to relax and spend time with yourself. Enjoy while you are at it.

This is to all the people who find meditation a boring activity, please follow these tips and you will start enjoying it for sure!

Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below!

Meditation: A Practice to clear your Soul and achieve Complete Relaxation.

When you say meditation, what exactly comes to your mind? Sitting in one posture and focus on an object or chant constantly? Before we proceed with a complete meditation guideline, let us first understand what the word meditation actually mean.


What is Meditation?

Meditation is a practise where the mind crosses the conscience bar and enters a zone of deep relaxation of body and mind. It is beyond any religious practise. It is largely practised to go beyond the common awareness and let you enter a state of ultimate awareness of your inner conscious.

Origin and History of Meditation.

Let us look back at the roots of the practice of Meditation. The word meditation is derived from the Latin word ‘meditatum’ which means to ponder or think deeply. The roots of meditation lies in the religious chants of ancient civilisation. The chants were rhythmic and repetitive in nature to appease the ancient religious gods. The chanting are now known as chant mantras. These chant mantras are still used for certain meditative practise.

Antiquity – The earliest record of meditation practise has been noticed in Hindu religion, Vedanta to be precise. That goes back to 1500 B. C when meditation was practised in Vedantism. Meditation then was started in Buddhist religious offering and the Taoist, Chinese religious practice. On the other hand, some believe that meditation practise had its origin in Eastern Asia and was spread via the Silk Road.

Growth in the middle ages – The Japanese Buddhism took a surge after the growth of Chinese Buddhism. This led to the growth of Japanese Zen. In the meantime Jewish meditation was also growing and was also revolutionizing. The Christian practiced meditation in a particular mode and pose. The western Christian meditation contradicted the single posture meditative practice.

The Modern Time – In the modern times, the Buddhist meditative practice became more prevalent. Yoga session and classes popped up at various places. In fact at this time period, meditation took the transformation from religious practice to a mind exercise to relax stress and promote self-satisfaction.

Now let us discuss seven different types of meditation which are more commonly in practice now.

Seven most effective forms and techniques of meditation:

Vipassana Meditation :

The best way to define this form of meditation is insight meditation. The purpose is to actualise the inner sense. The mind is made to wander and to feel the existence of life. It is a both way practise. You let in the outer world feelings to come inside your mind, but at the same time you practise to remain detach from them.

It is believed by some, that Vipassana meditation was first introduced byBuddha himself, therefore it is practised in Major Buddhist meditation.

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How to practise Vipassana Meditation

Vipassana Meditation                                Source:


First of all, find a quiet place to practice this meditation. It is recommended to do this meditation in open air. Sit with crossed legs and your back straight. You can sit in on a chair if you have a back problem.


You have to breathe in through your nose and then breathe out through your mouth. Each time you breathe in and breathe out, you observe your abdomen movements with each breath. Slowly you start concentrating into the real world life cycle and at the same time get detached from them.

Through this meditation what you achieve is a deeper and clearer awareness of your inner mind. If you do this meditation for an hour in a day, then you can both rise on ground reality and walk away as you wish.

2) Heart Rhythm Meditation

Heart Rhythm Meditation                                                                             Source:


This meditation is practiced to keep a balance between the heart and heartbeat. The heart is the center of all organs, where blood is pumped to reach other organs. The heart is the centre of all emotions too. The goal of this yoga is to know and identity with your heart.

For this meditation, you should be sitting in the grand monolithic posture. That is sitting on your chair on upright position with your back at ninety degree angle. Keep both hands on your knees, palms down and close your eyes. Start breathing slowly. Concentrate on the stillness of your body and stay calm. Let your mind realise the harmony between your breath and your heart. This augments the purification of body, mind and heart.

3) Zazen Meditation

Zazen Meditation, popularly known as Zen Meditation, is practised in Japanese Buddhism. It is a form of sitting meditation. This form of meditation aims at sharpening your senses. This meditation has to be essentially practised while sitting. If you feel uncomfortable while sitting, then there are various postures to choose from. You can opt the ‘half lotus’ position, whereby you can tuck your right leg under your left leg. If your back and leg does not hurt then you can sit in ‘full lotus’ position. You can sit crossed legged on your knee also but if your back and knee is weak, then sit on a chair in upright position.

Zazen Meditation                                Source:

This meditation wholly focuses on worldly realism and actualising your mind. You start with counting and focussing on your breath. First count till five and breath without thinking anything but your breath. If you can’t, retry. Once you achieve till five, increase counting. With daily practise you will learn to focus on your breath without even counting.

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4) Hypnosis Meditation

This is not a fun party meditation. You can actually meditate and hypnotise yourself. This affirmation meditation is done to get rid of stress and regain self-confidence. First of all, find a place where you will be undisturbed from rest of the world. You will have to believe in the meditation. You should feel the stress moving out of your body. Once you start feeling relaxed, affirm your belief or faith in yourself.

You can try out the hypnosis audio recordings to get a better grip on hypnosis meditation.

 Hypnosis Meditation                                                    Source:

5) Mindfulness Meditation


This meditation is followed to increase concentration and focus. After practising this form of meditation, you feel more relaxed and your awareness gets deeper.

For this type of meditation, you can find a place of solitude. Choose any position which you feel you are comfortable. First relax yourself and then focus on your breath. Close your eyes and then shift your focus from one part of body to another, from one organ to another. Then start to explore the sensations within you. Think about your mind, ideas and dreams. Then slowly clear your mind from these thoughts. Make your mind an empty box slowly.

You should practise this meditation and see how it feels. Do not over occupy your mind. Think one thing at a time and then set your thoughts free. Let them wander till you empty your mind from thoughts.

Mindfulness Meditation                                             Source:
















6) Floating Feather meditation



This is the most relaxing and easy form of meditation. If you are a beginner with meditation, then you should start with floating feather meditation. This meditation involves breathing, concentration and visualisation.

First sit on the ground with your back straight or you can sit on a chair if you wish. Breathe in till your belly is full with air. Then slowly breathe out every bit of air inside your lungs. While this breathe in and out, imagine a feather in front of you. When you breathe in,the imagine the feather to fly and drop when you breathe out. Focus on every detail of the feather while you breathe in and out.

Floating Feather meditation                                                             Source:



7) Guided Visualization Meditation

This form of meditation is practiced to escape into the world of imagination. If for some time, you want to be completely detached from the world of realism; then follow this guided visualization meditation.

First find a quiet place for yourself, then close your eyes and relax your senses. Listen to the audio and engage all your five senses to feel and visualize and imaginary world. Listen and feel the ruffle of leaves, listen to the rumble of train wheels while it is moving. This form of meditation is also used as a psychological tool to get immersed into a visual and imaginary world.

Guided Visualisation Meditation                                                            Source:


Create a space for meditation in your surroundings.

Choose any form of meditation which you can relate with your present state. Then your next important step would be to create or find a surrounding which compliments your meditation practise perfectly.

Some people believe in having single object as point of focus for meditation. It can be a statue, painting, craft work, candle or a photo.

Decide what you want to derive from your space of meditation. If you want to feel secure and be indoors then it can be paintings with low light surrounding. If you want a visual space, then a solid colour wall or an open space is what you need. Wherever you are, you need to be detached from the outer world and live in your inner world.

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Simple tips to meditate successfully:


1) Follow it to the distance– Noone can master the art of meditation in few days. But you should have the perseverance to continue and increase the practise. You might not get immediate result but if you believe in your practise, you are bound to feel relaxed and focused.


2) Make it regular and official – If you want to go the long way then make a specific time for yoga on daily basis. This will make you disciplined and definitely pave the way for a long term association with meditation.


3) Find a support or guide – If you want to advance in your meditative practise, then it is advisable to take the support of an experienced friend or guide. You can even take help of meditation related journals. Studying meditative forms and practise goes hand in hand for a successful meditation.


4) Master your breathing speed – Breath is a vital component in meditation. With constant practise, you can master the art of slow breath in and breathe out. It is the most essential component for a complete body and mind relaxation.


5) Meditate at the end of the day – It is the best practise you can do to clear your body and mind before sleeping. Obviously early morning meditation is the best start to your day, but meditation at night is a perfect way to end your day.


It is normal to have doubts while you are starting with meditation practice but do not stop in the middle. That will not give you happy results. If you feel like, take a guide or tutor in meditation for a year. That will help you to get a better hand in meditation and you can progress for a higher level of body and mind relaxation. Happy Meditation!

Yoga to gain weight

When it comes to reveal the old treasures of India, Yoga has its distinctive and special place.The great practice of yoga is adopted worldwide and its astounding effects are very eminent. Although it is commonly known for losing weight but the fact is that the holy practice of yoga gives you a perfect physical and mental state too.

Being overweight is not the only problem. Along with that, if someone is underweight, it is also an issue to think upon. If a person is thinking about gaining weight then having a proper diet is the first thought that clicks in our minds. But it does not work for all;hence they have to put some extra efforts too. Yoga can help you gain the required weight. Many a times, proper diet do helps you gain weight but not in the required proportion and shape which you desire. So, to make it happen, yoga is a definite step that will help you to get a toned and attractive body.

The Poses of yoga are called “Aasan” and some easy Aasanas to gain weight are:

  1. Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose):

Bhujangasan is form of Hatha yoga. It helps to strengthen your body and toning the abdominal muscles.

Bhujangasana                                                            Source:

How to do:

  • Spread mat and lie down on it in prone position.
  • Stretch your hands above your head while the legs are kept together, with heels touching the ground.
  • Slowly bring your palms beneath your shoulders with the help of your fingertips in line with your shoulders.
  • Inhale slowly, lift your head to see ceiling. Hold on this position and try to make shape like cobra.
  • Hold position for 30 to 60 seconds and breathe normally.
  • Exhale and roll your body down – chest, neck and then forehead and return to the normal position. Stretch out your arms slowly.
  • Repeat thrice, with 15 second relaxation between each time.

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  1. Sarvangasan (Shoulder stand pose):

This is a basic pose, but needs to be performed with greatest care. This is best for those who are suffering from hyperthyroidism as the shoulder stand improves functioning of the thyroid gland, thus surely give better metabolism rate. This helps everyone to gain weight.

Sarvangasan                                                            Source:

How to do:

  • Lie down in prone position.
  • Exhale deeply. Now, while inhaling raise legs till they are perpendicular to the ground.
  • Now, exhale and simultaneously raise your waist while pushing your legs backwards beyond your head.
  • Support your waist with your hands.
  • Hold it for 30 to 60 seconds and breathe normally.
  • Exhale slowly, bend your knees, curve the back and return your body to initial position carefully and gently.
  • Repeat thrice and take rest about 30 to 60 second between each round.
  1. Vajrasana (Diamond Pose):

It is also known as the thunderbolt pose. It is the most helpful to improve digestion level. So it ensures better absorption of nutrition and weight gain adequately.

Vajrasana                                                        Source:

How to do:

  • Sit down on the floor on your knees with buttocks resting on your heels.
  • Allow your palms to rest on your thighs and keep your palms in dhyana mudra.
  • Make sure your back is erect.
  • Hold on in this position for about 60 to 180 seconds with deep inhalation and exhalation.
  1. Pavanamuktasana (Wind-Relieving pose):

This asana is normally advised for gastric problems, like indigestion and constipation. Better the digestive system, better the nutrition power and if nutrition power is good than automatically you will start gaining weight in a quick span of time.

Pavanamuktasana                                                          Source:

How to do:

  • Lie down in supine position with your arms beside your body and strengthen the feet while heels touching each other.
  • Fold your knees.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply, slowly bring knees towards your chest, with thighs;excreting pressure on the abdomen. Make sure that your knees are held in place with the help of clasped hands.
  • Inhale again and while exhaling, lift your head so that the chin touches the knees.
  • Hold the position for about 30 to 60 seconds, while breathing deeply.
  • Slowly exhale, and release the knees and bringing your head back to the floor.
  • Relax in savasana.

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  1. Matsyasana (Fish Pose):

This pose is the best to gain weight. Make a pose similar to the abdomen pose which is mentioned above. This pose will help you gain great nutrition and hence will help you gain weight.

Matsyasana                                                  Source:

How to do:

  • Lie down in spine position.
  • Conduct your feet together.
  • Keep your palms on either side of body with palms facing downwards.
  • Slowly, bring your hands beneath your buttocks.
  • Press your elbows on the floor, while arching your spine.
  • Hold your position of about 30 to 60 seconds, while breathing normally.
  • Slowly exhale and make your body to rest at the prone position.
  • Repeat this for about 3 times and keep short intervals of 15 seconds each time.
  1. Savasan (Corpse pose):

This is the easiest yoga pose. Most probably it is done at the end of the yoga session when all the poses are performed and you need to start the relaxation session.

Savasan                                                   Source:

How to do:

  • Lie down in prone position.
  • Keep your feet together.
  • Allow your hands to rest on either side of body, palms facing your body.
  • Close your eyes.
  • Inhale and exhale deeply, and make your body relax completely.

Having a perfectly toned body is a bliss for any women and nowadays, almost everyone is being conscious about their body and weight (which is a good sign by the way). Yoga is the easiest and the most perfect way to have a great physique.You also need to remember that yoga is a regular practice and it needs patience too. But the results will be eye catching, you could be really sure of that. And as they say,healthy soul makes home a healthy body, so it is the time to get one for you. What we ask from you is just to follow the above Aasanas and be ready to see yourself in shape; and this time in a “perfect one”.

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