Cool Math Games Unblocked 66: Best for Kids

Cool math games unblocked 66

Cool math games unblocked 66 is a great way to reinforce classroom mathematics and has shown excellent results in various settings, including elementary school classrooms, middle and high schools, and even college courses. In addition, with the recent advancements in mobile devices, students can engage in mathematical games at home or on the go.   

Let’s look at some of the best free cool math games unblocked 66 available for students and teachers looking for engaging ways to reinforce classroom lessons. For example, if the site contains advertising for other products or content unrelated to math, it might be better to avoid it altogether.

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Advantages of playing cool math games unblocked 911:

Games can be an excellent way for children to become familiar with and practice math concepts such as counting, number combinations, place value, addition, and subtraction operations, cutting and pasting, fractions, and puzzles. In addition, strategies used in games can help students develop essential skills that prepare them for the rigors of their homework assignments. 

Teachers also find that students enjoy playing math games because they allow students to become more comfortable with mathematics as they learn how to use a computer keyboard. The benefit of using math games is that it allows students who usually struggle with understanding and performing mathematical concepts in class time instead to spend the time playing fun activities.

`1. Puzlogic slide:

This game allows students to practice addition and subtraction concepts by combining numbers on a board and sliding tiles over one another. One of the best features of this game is that it allows users to play at multiple levels, including levels for young and older learners. In timed mode, players have 30 seconds to slide as many tiles as possible while answering addition or subtraction problems. In regular mode, there is no time limit, but players will be penalized if they make a wrong move.

2. Maze:

Maze is a quick and fun game that helps students practice counting, addition and subtraction, place value, and solving addition and subtraction problems. The maze consists of a maze with nine corresponding doorways

3. Math Quest:

Math Quest is an educational app that provides students with a platform for teaching the basics of mathematics from preschoolers up through middle school levels. Students play five types of math games: counting, addition and subtraction, multiplication and division, fractions, and geometry. For each game, students can practice at their level or play a competitive mode against another player or the computer. The App allows students to customize their player name and features customizable avatars. When the game is over, students will have a chance to learn their grades for each section of the game.

4. Math Playground:

Math Playground features 12 math games for younger players, including sorting and matching games and counting exercises. This site also offers a lot of helpful practice pages for parents and students to print out for homework and classroom assignments.

5. Xtra Math 4 Kids:

Xtra Math 4 Kids is an award-winning game that provides multiple practice modes and mini-games related to different math concepts. This game helps players develop number recognition, counting skills, sequencing, simple addition and subtraction problems, geometric shapes and patterns, multiplication tables, fractions, and more. In addition, players can practice on their own or compete against friends or the computer in a race to beat the clock while answering questions correctly.

6. Geometry tower:

Geometry Tower is a game that can be played on PCs, Android devices, and the iPhone. Players must jump from platform to platform, trying to identify the correct mathematical operation for each floor to advance up the tower. The levels get progressively more challenging as players progress through the game. Games help students become more familiar with and practice important math concepts such as counting, number combinations, place value, addition and subtraction operations, cutting and pasting, fractions, puzzles, and more.

7. Tethrees:

This fast-paced, challenging 3D platform game teaches students about geometry, algebra, trigonometry, and basic arithmetic. The game’s object is to collect all three pieces of “Three” to move on to the next level. Players have to jump from platform to platform while balancing on spheres that represent specific mathematical formulas.

8. Ylvis’ Dinosaur Hunter Math:

This game allows players to collect numbers as they dodge dinosaurs and complete math problems by matching them up with correct answers on screen. It also allows players to shoot dinosaurs as they attempt to use math skills such as addition and subtraction, multiplication, and division to survive against increasing levels of dinos.

9. Crazy eights:

Crazy eights is a fun game combining three popular math games. In addition, it allows users to increase their speed and accuracy by locking on to the yellow bar. Players must avoid the odd numbers by tapping them and the even numbers by swiping away from them in this challenging game full of math problems.

10. Sudoku:

Sudoku is a fun game that can be played on PCs, Macs, Linux computers, Android devices, and Blackberry smartphones. The game’s object is to find all nine digits of numbers within six spots when arranged in a 3×3 grid.

11. Pile shapes:

In this game, the player has to select two or more shapes with the same color. It can be done by dragging a selected shape to one of its identical ones or by pressing the “+” button to add a new shape. This game helps students practice their mathematical skills and, at the same time, entertains them with its colorful shapes and music.

12. Marine math:

In this fun game designed for younger players, players have 100 seconds to answer as many questions as possible while using their finger or mouse to click on answers on the screen. The questions include addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problems that help students build their mathematical skills early.

13. Maths Ninja:

Maths Ninja is a fun game designed to help students master essential math skills such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. In this game, players have to use their ninja skills as they attempt to throw stars using math equations to destroy buildings carrying different types of animals while avoiding the falling bombs at each level. The game can be downloaded and played on PCs, Macs, Linux computers, Android devices, and Blackberry smartphones.

14. Math craze:

Math craze is an addictive excellent math game unblocked 66 that allows users to practice basic math to improve their math skills and strengthen them. This game features three different modes, including a play-and-learn mode where players can focus on hands-on activities as they try to accumulate hundreds of points in a fast-paced environment. In this competitive mode, students can see who or which device is better, and lastly, an extreme mode that challenges players to answer questions correctly within 30 seconds at their own pace.

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How to play cool math games unblocked?

The games are available for Android and iOS smart devices. Click on the icon to download and install the App on your phone. Then visit the app store or search to find the cool math games unblocked or open from our website.

Is Cool Math Games Unblocked safe?

Our cool math games unblocked are fun games that can be played by kids online. It is free of charge and can be played by people of all ages with no restrictions.

How to use cool math games unblocked?

All you have to do is find cool math games with unblocked easy-to-read instructions for some specific skill you want to improve and adjust your speed before playing our game.


As you can see, there are cool math games unblocked 66 available that provide math practice resources for students of all ages. While these sites come in different varieties and types, they all provide students with the same basic mathematical skills needed in school.

 While some math practice games may not necessarily be suitable for older students who have already developed these skills but have difficulty with them, most of them will help students develop those skills and boost their scores quickly. In addition, the games can also be enjoyed by parents who feel that their child is struggling in one particular area of mathematics or need a little extra help strengthening those weak areas.