Best Dog Proof Litter Box To Keep In Home

dog proof litter box

Does your dog get into the cat litter box? It’s time to get a dog-proof litter box for your cats now. 

Dogs have a weird habit of eating poops. However, the good news is that you can use various methods to stop your dog from putting its mouth into the cat’s poop.

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8 Tips for Keeping Your Dog Away From Cat Poop

Elevate Your Cat’s Litter Box.

One great method to keep your dog away is by placing a cat litter box on an elevated level like a counter or table, which the cat can only access. However, this can be gross if you use the surface for doing other things.

Use Auto-Cleaning Litter Box

Some cat litter boxes come with an automatic self-cleaning feature that removes the litter after the cat goes out. However, it still takes a little time to complete the process, and a fast-moving dog can dig into cat poop meanwhile.

Keep Cat in Closed Area

Instead of buying a dog-proof litter box, you can even keep your cat litter box in a gate-protected area that the cat can only access. Some indoor gates only allow the cats to pass easily.

Clean Up Poop ASAP

As soon as your clean is relieved, clean the litter. This will prevent your dog from reaching out for cat poop.

Use A Covered Litter Box

Some litter boxes come with a covered opening that the cat can access only. However, some cats get nervous and do not accept the covered boxes. If your car is comfortable, this can be a great way to keep your dog away.

Distract Your Dog

Your dog might be eating poop out of lack of attention or boredom. In such cases, it is best to keep your dog distracted by playing with them until your cat is done.

Dog Proof Door Latch

You can also buy a dog-proof latch to keep the door open, giving enough space for the cat entrance. 

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Best Dog Proof Litter Boxes

Dogs have their own reasons for eating poop, but this doesn’t mean pet owners should encourage this. If you have multiple pets at home, these dog-proof litter boxes will be useful. 

Catit Hooded Cat Litter Box

The Catit Hooded Litter Box comes with a door flap and gives your cat enough privacy, and dogs will be at bay.

This dog proof litter box features the following attributes:

  • Carbon Filter – to prevent any odor and smell
  • Large Size – a large-sized litter box is good for bigger size felines.
  • This larger – sized litter box is great for bigger felines.
  • Foldable Door – it has a door flap that can keep the dogs at bay and also prevents odor spreading. 


This litter box comes with a hood fitted snuggly and therefore prevents any leakage. Also, the foldable door and bag lock feature is great as it allows the pet owner to hook the bag on the edge when scooping to clean mess-free.


Some owners have noticed that the cat jumps on top of the box and tears apart the carbon filter on top of the unit. 

Petmate Top Entry Litter Pan

The petmate litter pan has a top entry for your cat to enter e and prevent the entry of the dog. The top cover has a slot that allows the litter to fall back into the pan as soon as the cat leaves.


This litter box is suitable for small to medium-sized felines. Its top entry minimizes any chances of litter mess everywhere. 


Large dogs may fit in their heads in the top opening of the litter box. Also, the top hinge collects litter and can be scattered all over the floor when opened. 

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Petmate Clean Step Litter Dome

Petmate is a popular dog-proof dome-style litter box to keep the pup away and prevent cats from making a mess. The enclosed dome is good to keep odor and litter inside, and it has plenty of space to fit in a large cat. Petmate litter box features a charcoal filter to cut down odor and minimize the stinky smell from sneaking out.


It is good to keep the dog out, and the step design is beneficial to prevent the cat from making litter. Even when it is a covered litter box, it can easily house a large-sized cat.


Owners have reported trouble in keeping the liner intact, which means that the litter box will require frequent cleaning.

Van Ness Cat Litter Pan

The VanNess dog-proof litter box comes with a covered entry point which makes it convenient for cats and keeps the dog away. The removable lid makes it easy to clean, and the zeolite filter helps in getting rid of the odor.


It is an affordable cat litter box with a handy door panel that keeps pups, litter, and odors out.


Some owners complained that the dog lifts the flap off easily. 

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Scoop Free Self-Cleaning Litter Box

This electric cat waste litter box comes with detecting sensors to instantly clean cat litter and any odour. As it is a self-cleaning litter box, you will have to take care of the refilling. 

As this device traps any waste in disposable and lockable trays, you can remove it with ease. The dog-proof litter box dehydrates the poop and absorbs urine instantly to ease the odor. 


It is best for owners who like to keep things convenient and not spend time scooping the smelly poo of their cat.


This cat litter box racks away from the waste within 20 minutes which is a long enough time for the dog to dig in. As this tray claims to work for 30 days, however, you will have to replace it within a few weeks.

Now that you have read about our preferred methods tell us about your methods of keeping dogs away from cat poop. Share your answers in the comments below!