How many final fantasy games are there – What number of Final Fantasy titles exist? Given that each book in the primary series has a different number, this might seem like a question that should be easy to answer, but the real solution is not apparent. There are many Final Fantasy titles, dozens of subsidiaries, re-releases, sequels, and everything in between.

We’ll try to figure out how many there are in the section below. You may discover lists of every other game available and sections for the primary contests, sequels, and spin-offs. Look no further if you’re searching for an exhaustive list for each Final Fantasy game.

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Regular Numbered Games

 There are 15 mainstream, numbered Final Fantasy games available right now. There are fifteen games throughout the main series, which spans from the NES original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XV.

Usually, Final Fantasy games feature complete plots that may be seen without the need for prequels, sequels, or spin-offs. This isn’t the case, though, for a few games.

With Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy X became the very first game within the entire series to receive this treatment. Despite the conclusion of the original game, Yuna is followed on an additional journey in this game, which is an immediate follow-up of Final Fantasy X. Then, shortly after, Final Fantasy X-2: Final Mission appeared, offering a second sequel to X-2 as the protagonists from the games undertook one last mission together.

The follow-up to the original Final Fantasy IV, titled Last Fantasy IV: The Later Years, was first made available for mobile devices in an episodic format. All of its segments were collected for later versions, and its Final Fantasy intravenous (IV Interlude) was included to connect the first game and its follow-up.

A pseudo-sequel/spin-off of Final Fantasy XII, Final Fantasy XII: Restless Wing takes place beyond the events in the original game but essentially stands alone.

Lighting Returns: the sequel to Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 are the two direct sequels to Final Fantasy XIII. The only mainstream trio of Final Fantasy games to date, these games explicitly follow the plot of Final Fantasy XIII.

Last Fantasy’s Stranger of Paradise Origin is a prequel to the first Final Fantasy in a parallel dimension. It follows Jack, the game’s main character, as he attempts to vanquish Chaos.


This is the tricky part of counting the amount of Final Fantasy games. There are numerous spin-offs, some of which are based in identical universes as the original games, some use the same casts, and some require you to shout into a microphone to organize your party. The primary spin-off series are detailed below, while the remaining ones are listed further down.

FFVII, one of the most well-known mainline Final Fantasy titles, includes a tonne of spin-off material. These consist of:

The Final Fantasy VII, an introduction to FFVII that concentrates on Avalanche & the Turks, came before Crisis. A mobile phone version of the snowboarding minigame from the original Final Fantasy VII is called Final Fantasy VII Snowboarding.

A third-person shooter & prequel to Final Fantasy VII, Dirge of Cerberus: Future Fantasy VII takes place three decades after the first game’s conclusion. Final Fantasy VII, as well as a spin-off, the Dirge of Cerberus, takes place in the middle of the story and is referred to as the Dirge of Cerberus Missing Episode. Zack Fair & Shinra’s Soldiers are the main subjects of Crisis The Core: the final chapter of Final Fantasy VII, the second prologue to Final Fantasy VII. In the racing game Final Fantasy 7 VII G-Bike, Cloud Strife drives a motorbike.

A complete replica of the first chapter of the original game, the Final Fantasy VII replica has a somewhat revised plot and completely redesigned combat and exploration. A conflict royale prequel to Final Fantasy VII called The First Soldier.A remastered version of the classic Crisis Core is called Crisis Core: the seventh instalment of Final Fantasy Reunion.

Spin-offs for Final Fantasy Type-0

A spin-off game called Final Fantasy Type-0, which has a lot of identical mythology & themes to Final Fantasy XIII, is set in an alternative universe. In addition, Type-0 spawned two spin-offs, Final Fantasy Agito and Final Fantasy The Awakening, which were released exclusively for iOS and Android and expanded on the mythos of the original game.

The world of the game Final Fantasy XV is the setting for several spin-off games. These consist of

The FFXV pinball mini-games mobile adaptation is called Justice Monsters Five. The King’s Tale: The Final Fantasy XV is a spin-off prequel game that occurs thirty years before the main game’s events.

City-building management video game Final Fantasy XV: A Rising Empire is available for iOS and Android.a VR fishing game called Monster for the Deep from Final Fantasy XV.Final Fantasy XV: Portable Edition is a reduced version of FFXV featuring improved graphics and gameplay.FFXV: War of Eos a smartphone strategy game set in the game’s universe.

Dissidia Final Fantasy

 Dissidia 012 Final Fantasy, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT, and Dissidia Last Fantasy Opera Omnia are only a few games from this broader Final Fantasy spin-off series. These games frequently have sizable casts of returning mainline characters engaged in combat.

Tactics Series

Tactics is one of the most well-liked spin-off series. The original game in the series, Final Fantasy Tactics, later rebuilt as Final Fantasy Tactics: Battle of the Lions, was also a spin-off of the strategic RPG Tactics Ogre. Although it was a different game, Final Fantasy Tactics Develop shared ideas and gameplay with the original.

In the realm of Ivalice, wherever Final Fantasy XII & the first Tactics are based, Final Fantasy Tactical A2: Grimoire in the Rift is a follow-up to Final Fantasy Tactical Advance.

Final Fantasy Tactics S, an iOS and Android-only game with multiplayer and social components, was only available in Japan.

Theatrhythm Series

You can listen to music from previous Final Fantasy games when playing rhythm games in the Theatrhythm series. Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtains Call, Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, the All-Star Carnival, and Theatrhythm Final Bar Line are among the titles have been released under this label.

Chocobo Series

Given that Chocobos were one of Last Fantasy’s most well-known characters, it makes it reasonable that a few spin-off games would be based on these adorable birds. There are numerous Chocobo activities, numerous of which were not made available outside of Japan, despite your desire to deny it.

Crystal Chronicles Series

A new instalment hasn’t been released for Crystal Chronicles, one of Final Fantasy’s long-running spin-off series, since 2010. These games are part of the series:

Gamecube’s initial action role-playing title, Final Fantasy Crystal TalesFinal Fantasy Crystals Chronicles: Ringing in Fates, is a sequel to the original and takes place after the events of Final Fantasy Crystals Chronicles: My Journey as a King, an online metropolis-building game set in the CC universe.

A hack-and-slash RPG called Final Fantasy The Crystal Chronicles: Echoes the Time that occurs between the first game and Ring of FatesA tower defence game called the final instalment of Final Crystal Chronicles: My Journey of a Darklord that is a follow-up to My Life as a KingOne thousand years after the events of the first Crystal Chronicles are covered in the final instalment of the Diamond Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers.

Everything Else

After briefly discussing the main spin-off series, it’s time to discuss each other’s Final Fantasy titles. You won’t be allowed to play most of these games because they were previously only available on mobile devices and have since been taken down. You can find the names of each game, its platform, and its year of release in the table below.

Sum total

We now have a startling 109 different Final Fantasy games when everything is said and done. This excludes the overwhelming number of game re-releases, variants, and games released on many platforms that are essentially the same game, etc. 109 games is still a good total.


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Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) How many additional Final Fantasy games are planned?

Ans. Square Enix announced at the end of 2022 that all six games would be released on the PS4 and Nintendo Switch at a certain point in 2023.

Q2) What Final Fantasy is the oldest?

Ans. Final Fantasy video games have been developed and released nearly every year since the series’ inaugural entry, the self-titled Final Fantasy, made its Japanese debut in 1987.

Q3) How should I begin playing Final Fantasy?

Ans. No matter where you start through the FINAL FANTASY series, as we stated at the outset, there is no correct answer. You can start playing wherever you choose because every game is unique.