How To Clean A Griddle?

tips to clean a griddle

If you love cooking then you surely might know how important it is to keep all the accessories clean and up-to-date. Among all the tools we need for cooking, the most frequently that we need and use is the griddle isn’t it?. Without even a second thought the answer to it is straight yes. Because griddle is the most basic thing that everybody finds the need of while they are cooking. Since it is used frequently, it would probably end up having more junk accumulated on it. So now the question arises, how to clean a griddle in order to keep it looking new even after multiple uses.

This article will tell you all the possible facts and things that would definitely help you in cleaning your griddle every time you use it. We would also tell you the complete stepwise procedure of cleaning it. In addition to how to clean a griddle process, there are a lot of other things that you should have in hand before starting with the cleaning. 

The list of things includes- perfectly suitable soap according to your griddle because it’s different for every griddle, thin scrub, thick scrub, griddle brush, and a griddle scraper. You are not required to use all of them together, any one or two will be in use at a time. It’s just that in case if you are not getting appropriate results while using any of them then you can switch among the options available. Like if the scrub is not working well then you can switch to a griddle brush and if the griddle brush is also not showing effective results then replace it with a scraper and so on. 

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Process of How to clean a griddle?

There are a few of the easy steps following which you can get a griddle cleaned quickly and perfectly. In order to see learn how to clean a griddle follow the sequence of steps as mentioned below:- 

  • Switch on the griddle.

It is easy to take out the bits of grime while cleaning if the griddle is warm. So in the very first step for the proper and easy cleaning set your griddle up to a certain temperature. Every griddle has its own different magnitude of temperature to be set before cleaning. So, discover your griddle’s ideal temperature according to the soap you are using and set it at that particular temperature. 

Furthermore, it is comparatively easier to clean a griddle just after it has been used instead of trying to clean it after the hours of use. Basically, clean it when it is warm and do not wait for it to cool down. There are a variety of things we cook on it and even after the hard trials there is some or the other thing that gets stuck on it. So removing bits of different items you have been cooking on its surface gets easy taking off just after the use. 

  • Combine the water and soap.

Now in the next step, take a container or a bucket and mix your griddle soap along with the water in it. There might be an approach that is needed to be followed while mixing your soap. But if you look carefully at the packet of soap, all the steps and proportions are already mentioned there at the back of the soap packet. So, you don’t have to worry about the making and mixing of your liquid, read everything, follow the procedure, and you will have the desired result in your hands. 

One thing that you need to note is, that don’t put the whole griddle in the soap and water mix. Because putting the entire griddle could badly destroy it, even up to an extent that it could never be repaired ever again. And anyhow if repaired it might not work the same as before. So in order to keep it safe and working, avoid doing such blunders. 

  • Rub the griddle with scrub.

After your mix of soap and water gets ready in a container, take a clean sponge to take the cleaning process ahead. Now put the sponge in the soap mix prepared and start scrubbing it on the griddle. Use all the energy you have conserved for a long and scrub the griddle as hard as you can. Remove all the possible junk from its surface. 

Use and move the scrub in all the possible directions- top to bottom and bottom to top back again left to right and right to left. In addition to the directions of motion of scrub, try moving it back and forth or up and down as well. The most important thing while doing this step of cleaning the griddle is to make sure to frequently dip the sponge in the soap mix. 

Do Not finish scrubbing the whole griddle in just a single dip of sponge. Make sure that the griddle receives proper soapy water during the whole process of scrubbing. Use all the force you have within to remove the junk. Also, gradually increase the pressure or force if needed. 

  • Use harder or stronger scrubbing tools if needed.

Start with a thin sponge to clean the griddle but after some time even after putting all of your soul and force, if it proves out to be ineffective then switch to a thicker scrub. Try cleaning your griddle with the thicker scrub but in case if it also does not prove to be helpful then the next better option you can try is replacing it with a griddle brush.

And if it’s your bad day, it is possible that this also might not help you to clean all of the dirt from your griddle. But you don’t have to worry, just have patience and switch to a better option i.e. griddle scraper, it would surely match up with your satisfaction and will remove all the junk properly. While using multiple tools you get to know better which one is the best and with whom you would end up getting the desired result. 

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