Steps To Ghost Someone Without Seeming Rude

how to ghost someone

How to ghost someoneA ghost is a person who has ended a relationship but only reappears briefly. Ghosting is frequently simply accidental; it is a result of contemporary communication technology. You should never expect a ghost to stay in touch with you while ghosting someone else. When we anticipate the fallout from a breakup, our romantic partners ghost much less frequently than we do. Your date may get confused, disappointed, or filled with false optimism due to a ghost. Whatever you say to some folks won’t stop them from continuing. You must be more assertive if you must handle these circumstances.

This article will help you get your answer to  “How to ghost someone.” 

Snapchat makes it simple to ghost someone by blocking them from your account. And why would you want to ghost someone in the first place? Ghosting is the practice of abruptly ending all communication with another person without giving a reason. It’s frequently used to end a connection or relationship without causing any embarrassment or damaged feelings. On Snapchat, there are a few different ways to ghost someone.

The simplest solution is to stop the user from accessing your account. By doing this, they won’t be able to see your snaps or message you. The person can also be eliminated from your list of pals. They won’t be able to see when you’re online and won’t be able to send you any pictures if you do this. Change your Snapchat username to ensure that the person is genuinely gone from your life.

By doing this, even if the individual knows your last login, they won’t be able to find you. Snapchat’s ghosting feature is a perfect way to end a relationship without dealing with unpleasantness. Just be aware that the person you’re ghosting might not react well to the news.

It is, therefore, doubtful that you can determine which of your pals has ghost mode turned on. However, your friend may have ghost mode enabled if they frequently share their position with you, send snaps or tales, and you can see them on the Snap Map.

How to ghost someone?

Stop all communication

Never contact someone if you want to ghost them. That is how ghosting is defined. Don’t reply if they text, call, or message you. They will eventually stop trying to reach you once they realise you don’t want to converse anymore.[1]

Ghosting will work best if you haven’t made firm plans with this person. If you have plans together, inform them of your cancellation before you disappear so they can find a replacement.

Cutting off communication is a sensible alternative if you and someone are in an on-again, off-again relationship.

Be prepared for some reaction after your ghosting-

When you disappear, the person you’re ghosting can become angry. Even though it’s simple to stop responding to texts or calls from someone, they can feel a bit upset or be perplexed as to why you stopped getting in touch. If you choose to ghost someone, be prepared for them to contact or text you inquiring about your decision, mainly if you’ve known them for a long time.

A long-term lover or acquaintance will definitely try numerous times to get in touch with you if you ghost them. They might not be too hurt by your decision to ghost them, though, if you’re doing it to someone you’ve only known briefly.

The consequences of ghosting can vary greatly depending on the kind of relationship you have with the person. 

Send Ghost a kind final message.

Caspering, often known as the polite way to ghost, is sending a farewell message. In this practice variation, you send the recipient one final text message to thank them for their time and to end the relationship. This is a beautiful way to end things because you are still providing the other person with the closure they require to move on, but it doesn’t require a lengthy chat.[3]

It was a pleasure to meet you, but I don’t believe this will be successful. I send you my best regards.

“I truly enjoyed spending time with you, but there wasn’t much spark. I hope things go well for you.

Wait a long period and then slowly respond to the ghost.

Sending a subtle ghosting signal lets people know you no longer want to chat. You can put the other person at a distance if you don’t want to deliver a final message by being slow to reply to their SMS. Try waiting a few hours if you typically respond to their texts within a few minutes. (or even days). They might infer that you don’t like them if they notice it.

If you don’t have any upcoming time-sensitive plans, this approach will work best for you. But this is a beautiful choice if you still decide when and where to meet next.

Because every relationship is unique, there are different ghosting timelines. However, waiting three days before responding is often a good idea. 

Invent justifications for ghosting over an extended period.

Perhaps just repeatedly stating that you can’t hang out would suffice as a hint. Start thinking of why you can’t meet with them if you want to let them down gently. They’ll probably cease contacting you eventually if you offer them sufficient justifications.

I apologize, but work has been busy recently. I doubt I’ll ever be able to hang.

My schedule is pretty full. I’m unsure about the next time I can see you.

On social media, unfollow them.

Take away all communication channels so they can’t contact you. Unfollow this person if you follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. They are even more likely to interpret your unfollow as a sign that you no longer want to communicate with them.[4] If they keep texting you online, you may permanently ban their social media accounts.

Delete their number if necessary.

Specific individuals are tenacious, and they won’t take your ghosting jokingly. You might need to block the person’s phone number if they keep trying to get in touch despite your best efforts to remove yourself from them. You won’t have to worry about them contacting you constantly because you won’t see their messages any longer.

Never speak to that person once more.

To avoid confusing the other person, stick to your ghosting option. Ghosting is a decision that must be taken seriously and cannot be undone any time soon. “Zombie texting” is the practice of contacting someone you’ve ghosted, and it can be perplexing (and frustrating) for the person you’re attempting to get back in touch with.[5]

If you feel awful about ghosting someone and would wish to, you can send them an apologetic message. But it doesn’t guarantee they’ll pardon you, and you might never hear from them again. This was it on how to ghost someone. 


  • Can You Snapchat Ghost Mode One Person?

In Snapchat Ghost Mode, Snap Maps, the app’s global map, is not functional, so people won’t be able to see you. Additionally, the address you supplied won’t be updated any longer. People are still welcome to request that your location be shown, but you must first approve the request before it can be.

Until you alter it, your position will not be displayed on Snap Maps if you choose Ghost Mode (Only Me). Using the My Friends feature, you can find people who have friended you and those who have accepted your friendship.

Privacy options include “My Friends Except,” “Only These Friends,” and others. In addition to offering highly accurate maps, Snap Maps can be customised to the location of your home or building.

Alternatively, you can turn off or limit access to Snapchat’s location features, but both options are useless now that Snapchat has access to your location.

Privacy options include “My Friends Except,” “Only These Friends,” and others. In addition to offering highly accurate maps, Snap Maps can be customised to the location of your home or building. Alternatively, you can turn off or limit access to Snapchat’s location features, but both options are useless now that Snapchat has access to your location.

  • Why and how to ghost someone?

When you just aren’t feeling it any longer, ghosting could be a perfect solution if you avoid conflict or seeing someone casually. While ghosting is very straightforward, there are a few other ways to end a relationship, depending on your desired result.