Incredible Find: $2.5 Million Diamond Sets New Online Sales Record


Rare Carat, America’s leading online diamond marketplace, recently made headlines for facilitating the highest-value online diamond sale to date. A stunning 8.01 carat D Flawless Big diamonds sold for a record-breaking $2.5 million through, marking a major milestone for the online diamond industry.

Rare Carat Enables Record-Setting Online Diamond Sale

In November 2022, a savvy diamond buyer on Rare Carat’s marketplace secured an exceptionally rare 8.01-carat round brilliant diamond for $2.5 million. This record-setting online transaction was over 20 times more valuable than the typical online diamond sale.

As experts in online diamond sourcing, Rare Carat provided exclusive access to these world-class Big diamonds. Their global inventory connects clients to over 1 million diamonds from professional jewelers and dealers. By aggregating supply, Rare Carat gives shoppers access that far exceeds traditional jewelers.

In this case, that meant securing an incredibly scarce D Flawless 8-carat round of superb quality for the buyer. Rare Carat enabled the connection between supply and demand which allowed this record-breaking online sale to occur.

Why This Diamond Commanded Such a High Value

This diamond fetched an unprecedented price for several reasons related to its exceptional characteristics. First, at over 8 carats, it is extremely rare to find a round diamond approaching this size with top color and clarity grades.

Second, Big Diamonds earned the highest grades from the GIA – a D color rating indicating exceptional whiteness, and a Flawless clarity grade for a pristine interior. Only a tiny fraction of diamonds receive Flawless ratings.

Finally, Big Diamonds had a Triple Excellent cut grade. This means the highest ratings for its proportions, symmetry, and polish. Combined, these factors put this diamond in the top echelon of diamond quality and rarity.

Buyer Calls $2.5 Million Price a “Steal” for the Diamond’s Quality

Even at $2.5 million, the buyer described the exceptional diamond as a “steal” and “one of the best buys ever”. Given the extreme rarity of 8-carat D Flawless Big Diamonds, the buyer recognized the opportunity to secure this gem well below its intrinsic value.

To underscore the point, just last year the Rockefeller Diamond, a smaller flawless diamond at just over 4 carats, sold at auction for $4.3 million. Despite being half the size, it commanded nearly double the price of the $2.5 million online diamond, confirming the savvy buyer’s assessment of securing a bargain price.

Rare Carat Provides Full Transparency and Trust for Major Purchases

Facilitating a record-setting online purchase at this price point relies on Rare Carat’s unparalleled buyer protections. Their certification and quality assurance gave the buyer confidence in making such a significant purchase online.

Rare Carat’s gemologists vet each diamond, providing professional certification of the GIA grading and dimensions for independent verification. Their 79-point inspection and 3D imaging allow buyers to view the diamond from all angles as further proof of quality.

These assurances, along with Rare Carat’s partnership with insured, trusted sellers, enabled a frictionless transaction for the buyer and seller despite the high value. Rare Carat’s protections bring transparency and trust to even million-dollar purchases.

Are Record-Setting Diamonds the New Normal?

This history-making sale points to the changing nature of the diamond industry. As one of the buyers told the New York Times, “Big diamonds like this trade privately a couple of times before they go to auction, but now buyers can skip the middlemen and source directly on Rare Carat.”

Rare Carat is empowering a new generation of savvy diamond buyers by opening up supply transparency. By aggregating global inventory in one place, they enable clients to source like diamond industry experts, finding exceptional diamonds at unheard-of prices with full confidence.

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Across their social platforms, you can gain valuable Intel from Rare Carat’s diamond experts. Learn more directly from the best in the business on how to maximize your budget and find your dream diamond. Big Diamonds Command Big Prices – But Should They?

In many ways, the sale of this diamond reflects long-standing beliefs about diamond value. Larger, whiter, more perfect diamonds have always commanded the highest prices. But in today’s market, other factors impact value beyond the 4 Cs.

Things like light performance, precision cutting, and the rarity of the source tend to get overlooked by many diamond sellers. Rare Carat is working to increase awareness of these equally important factors. “Just because it’s big and white doesn’t mean it’s the best value diamond,” says CEO Ajay Anand.

This is partly why the buyer considered the 8-carat diamond a bargain buy relative to Big Diamonds with similar 4C characteristics. He recognized that higher prices don’t automatically equate to higher beauty or value.

Get Expert Insights on Maximizing Your Diamond Buying Power

Rather than overpaying purely based on size and conventional grading reports, Rare Carat helps buyers find diamonds that offer the best total value. Their dedicated Diamond Concierge team provides personalized advice and expertise for free.

“We help clients prioritize the factors that matter most to them in a diamond,” says VP of Operations Greg Lange. “Players in the industry are still catching up to this more modern way of purchasing diamonds, where the buyer sets the priorities.”

By leveraging technology plus human insight, Rare Carat guides clients through maximizing their budget for their desired size and quality range. To unlock insider tips on getting the most beauty, sparkle, and rarity for your money, consult with Rare Carat’s diamond experts today.