Explore the various reasons to visit an RDN


Unhealthy and junk foods attract everybody, but being fit and healthy is what a person would prefer in the long run. If you are planning on following a fixed routine due to pregnancy, anemia, thyroid, obesity, any other chronic disease, or even by choice, you might want to know about an RDN. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) is a medically acclaimed person who helps you to recognize the type of issue your body faces and also provides you the remedy for it. He would help make you a diet chart, guide, and motivate you to follow it in the long run so that you keep safe and healthy. 

Seeing an RD or RDN is necessary for you to get proper expert help. A Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) or RD is a person who has completed established education under the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. They all must have –

  • Four-year degree with a specially designed nutrition curriculum.
  • Experience of leading a program of practice under some community agency, health care facility, and foodservice organization. 
  • Passed an extremely meticulous registration examination.
  • A profile which states that they are continuing education credits throughout their career.

What does a Registered Dietitian do?

Are you planning on getting pregnant, already pregnant, trying to maintain diabetes, lose or gain weight, want to boost your performance as a sportsperson, just delivered a child, want to maintain your physique and energy in the older age? Seeing a nutritionist would provide you an answer to all these questions. The dietitian would make you try innovative and interesting ways through which you could get out of your unhealthy and imbalanced lifestyle. An RDN would prepare a precisely calculated diet chart for you according to your body requirements so that your body does not remain malnutrition or over nutrition. 

There are many different reasons to visit RDN. Likewise, there are different types of dietitians out there willing to help too like – 

  • Clinical Dietitians
  • Community Dietitians
  • Corporate Dietitians
  • Management Dietitians
  • Consultant Dietitians

They all work for the betterment of people, analyze their issues, asses the problem, think out of the box to help them attain a proper plan, and prepare a chart for them to follow. These charts, if followed in a fixed way, then, one could definitely be fit and healthy. The greatest challenge is to listen to them and follow the chart because most people find it difficult to follow them and leave the course halfway. 

How does a dietitian help a patient?

As we have mentioned earlier, there are different types of dietitians who are there to help their patients. Well, these are the reasons to visit an RDN – 

  • Clinical Dietitians

They help patients admitted in medical institutions or nursing care facilities to help recover their body’s nutrition development. They analyze and create nutrition programs for them and report the results to the facility. They cooperate with the doctors in order to coordinate with their medical treatment.

  • Community Dietitians

These type of dietitians actually work in fitness centers, community health centers, good corporate programs, etc. and target a particular group of people to provide them with nutrition programs which could protect them from diseases and promote their health.

  • Corporate Dietitians

They work under the corporate sector like food manufacturing, marketing, and advertising companies. They provide the content for an advertisement based on vitamin supplements, dietary fiber, and the nutritional content of the food. They also study particular food items and prepare reports on certain aforementioned issues.

  • Management Dietitians

Such dietitians are mostly hired to supervise large-scale food preparation, distribution and management like in army mess, schools, health care facility canteens, etc. they not only hire and train other people but also help in preparing a budget and purchasing supplies and equipment, maintain safety and sanitation while keeping a record of reports alongside.

  • Consultant Dietitians

These are the ones people visit when they go to any medical facility or private clinics. They study the patient’s nutrition requirements, advise them about diet-related concerns based on their study such as diabetes, anemia, etc. Some of them also work for sports teams, nutrition-related firms, and provide expert advice on sanitation and safety procedures.

Reasons to visit an RDN

  • Teenage issues

Teenagers tend to have trouble eating healthy and wholesome because of their puberty. There might be cases of teens who are suffering from bulimia or anorexia, and in such cases, an RDN counsels such as teenagers and advise them.

  • Maternity period

An RDN can be quite helpful for a lady who is going to get into or has passed the maternity phase. They help in providing advice related to the diet a lady should take for the betterment of both her and the baby. If you or your kid suffers from any allergy, they would look into it and prepare a diet chart that involves all kinds of necessary food items without compromising the nutritional content.

  • Chronic diseases

A dietitian can understand your medical condition and give advice to follow a particular diet program. The diet plan essentially contains the nutrients required to keep your medical condition under balance without further deterioration.

  • Gain or lose weight

People mostly get inspired by videos on social media related to weight gain or loss, but these ideas are not appropriate and effective measures in the long run. A dietitian will help you by preparing a diet plan with all kinds of food items with calorie sources to gain weight. And for weight loss, they might provide you with a customized weight loss plan along with physical activities. You don’t even have to compromise with your favorite foods according to such expert plans.