Who is the Seven Deadly Sins, Merlin?

Deadly Sins, Merlin

Seven deadly sins merlin – In Seven Deadly Sins, Merlin has a passionate crush on Meliodas. When Merlin was a young girl, she first met Meliodas. Meliodas rescued her from the witches who were torturing her. She started to have feelings of love for him since Meliodas expressed a concern that no one had ever expressed to her before.

In Seven Deadly Sins, who is Merlin?

The Deadly Sins‘ great and logical member is Merlin. She carries the Gluttony Sin. This symbol typically looks like a stunning woman with raven hair and scanty attire. Witch Merlin, also known as the Daughter of Belialuin, has been around for 3000 years. Mankind is unable to remember her real name. Merlin was tutored by her father, the top sage of the demonic wizard Gowther.

She met Meliodas, who had escaped Belialuin. She used the Infinity and Chrono coffin, and Kurono Kofin spells, becoming a grownup and timeless and everlasting after having a relationship with Meliodas. 337 She showed unreserved admiration for Elizabeth, Meliodas, and their union. 

The epitome of her sin is Merlin. She becomes fixated on trying to satisfy the void that Chaos causes in her soul. She breaks the entity’s seal and brings about Belialuin’s demise. It was when she used the Supreme Deity and the Demon King’s potential recruits to her advantage to strengthen her position and gain resistance to their groups.

To create the Coffin of Eternal Darkness and safeguard the Supreme and Demon Deities, Merlin solicited the aid of a huge Dabuzu. He afterward traveled to Brittania until running across Meliodas again. They worked with him to develop the Seven Deadly Sins, which she used to defeat the Supreme or Demon King and accomplish her objectives. To gain the most of Meliodas’ strength, Merlin rendered him asleep as a precaution. 

That happened due to Meliodias’s rage and wrath, which had been released after Elizabeth’s rebirths passed away. When Arthur Pendragon returned to the Court, Merlin served as his mentor. Merlin is cordial with Escanor and the other Deadly Sins, but she does seem to have a soft spot for Escanor’s unfulfilled desires.

She subsequently executes a ritual to resurrect Arthur, a vessel of Disorder, during which she discloses her actual objectives for aiding the Sins. The Sins felt misled after hearing Lady of the Lake tell Merlin’s tale. 335, 337

Merlin is skilled in various spells, notably telekinesis, flying, and deception. She can keep any spell active forever regardless of its mana cost because of her power, Infinity. Merlin is protected from the influence of goddesses and the curses of the Demon King and Supreme Deity by their blessings. 

Merlin has access to spells normally reserved for members of the Goddess and Demon races. Like Perfect Cube, a Demon hex that imperviously encloses and confines small sections in a cube-like boundary.

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The dynamics between Merlin and the other Seven Deadly Sins figures


Despite Merlin’s high regard for her captain, Meliodas criticized Meliodas for using a monarch as a test subject for his powers. But she dismisses it. 

They might have been close friends. Merlin believes she might be pardoned for what she did to Meliodas twelve years ago. Meliodas has only ever discussed delicate subjects like his familiarity with demons with Merlin. 

That implies that their bond is deeper and more personal than the other Sins. They were later found to have known one another from the start of the Holy War.

They were eventually found to have recognized one another from the start of the Holy War. And since, the two have been collaborating to get ready for any potential repercussions of that war. The Ten Commandments and The Demon Clan revival were both parts of it. Over the centuries, she has assisted Meliodas in creating the Seven Deadly Sins.

Merlin solely has feelings for Meliodas. When Meliodas rescued Merlin from the wizards, she was a young child. After Meliodas expressed compassion for her no one had ever shown her, she began to feel love sentiments for him. She exerted every effort to win Meliodas’ affection. She was reinventing herself as a grown woman. Meliodas had fallen in love with someone else.

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Meliodas and Merlin’s love story

Meliodas and Merlin share a lot of similarities as a result of their lengthy partnership. They are close to one another and know practically everything about one another. The fact that Merlin was the one who knocked Meliodas unconscious and took the majority of his strength serves as the best example.

 When he learned that she was accountable for it, Meliodas was both fascinated and irritated. Merlin’s lack of regret, which greatly displeased Meliodas, was justified by the fact that it was urgent at the moment. After Meliodas had sold the sacred jewel, Merlin decided to buy it back. He anticipated using it once again. Compared to the other Sinners, Meliodas was the initial.

After triggering his curses and releasing all of his power in his galactic assault, she became even more worried for Meliodas. She responded by pleading for Escanor to intervene before he lost control of his emotions. After their quarrel, she makes every effort to halt Meliodas. 

She still appears worried about not being able to manage his blackness. He indicated a wish to succeed the current demon king as demon king to lift Elizabeth’s afflictions. With his strategy, Merlin appeared displeased and agitated. Like all the Sins, Merlin was adamant about thwarting his scheme. When Meliodas’ emotions were missing, Elizabeth recommended taking him to torment to get them back.

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