the imps seal is in effect

THE IMP’S SEAL IS IN EFFECT – The Stonesword Key of Elden Ring is both a Key Item and a Keepsake. One seal on an imp statue could be broken using only a Stone Sword key. A variety of relics that are in particular places make up Elden Ring’s main possessions. These artifacts, some of which are from pertinent NPCs, can unlock areas, missions, Elden ring, imp statue rewards, and even advance the game’s plot.

A stone key resembles a sword. Unlocking the statue “imp’s seal is in effect”; however, it can only be utilized once because it is permanently implanted in the imp statue Elden ring. Before actually using one, consider your options carefully.

Stone sword Key

Together on your journey across Elden Ring, and Elden ring imp statue rewards. You’ll encounter elevators, mist walls, doorways, and other locations that call for using a Stonesword Key, the imp’s seal is in effect. You should put the key further into the imp statue’s Elden ring to access these areas.


Using Stonesword Keys, one can enter areas that are normally unavailable. Strong goods, upgrading materials, bosses, and everything else can be found in these locales. 

Even entrance to different zones or shortcuts may be made available to you by them. Stone Imp Statues are a sign that a Stonesword Key is required to advance, so keep your eyes out well for them to win Elden ring imp statue rewards.

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  1. Grave of a Fringefolk Hero 
  •  Near is a poison pool. Go forward again and make the right turn onto a stone area. Keep moving forward, but watch out for a huge mechanical monstrosity coming your way. To escape being destroyed, hide behind the side columns. 
  • Use the cramped spaces to descend, moving carefully and gently while keeping an eye out for enemies. There is a sculpture of Marika at the bottom to aid you in descending, as several enemies will be there.
  • When you reach the finish line, a boss battle will pit you against an Ulcerated Tree Spirit. Conquer it to get a Golden Seed and a Banished Knight named Oleg. If you dive to the bottom of the bridge, you can find Erdtree’s Favour Talisman in a secret location.
  1. Catacombs of Tombsward 
  • With the aid of a Stone Sword key, users can access a Nomadic Warrior’s Cookbook through sealing. 
  1. Subscription Village 
  • The Green Turtle Talisman is stored in a cave underneath. 
  1. Hold a Roundtable 
  • Single key opens the very first door, while two keys are needed to unlock the second gate behind the initial. The Assassin’s Prayerbook is located behind the second barrier.

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  1. Central Courtyard 
  • Maybe you’ll get to a cellar chamber. There is also a shortcut to the castle’s gate area & two treasure boxes with the Godslayer’s Seal and the Godskin Prayerbook within. 
  1. Tower Rampart 
  • A warm spot not far from the tower’s east. An Iron Whet Blade, a Miséricorde, and a Hawk Crest Wooden Shield are in a chamber containing two axe-wielding foes.

A Place To Buy!

  • Buy from the Isolated Trader for 2000 Runes. He is now in his hut on the western tip of the Weeping Peninsula. 
  • You can buy the key from the Nomad Trader on the Whimpering Peninsula’s eastern side for 2000 Runes. 
  • The Nomad Trader on Mt. Gelmir is selling it for 5000 Runes. 
  • You may purchase this from Twins Maiden Husks within Roundtable Hold for 4,000 Runes. 
  • You can purchase it at the Nomadic Merchant in southern Calif for 4,000 Runes. 
  • After establishing himself in Murkwater Cave, Patches offers it there.

What To Look For?

  • The key of the imp’s seal is in effect, kept by a corpse at Dragon-Burnt Ruins, close to the main arc, in a chamber with a huge Rat.
  • Mostly on Sacrifice Bridge, it was found. It is on the ground adjacent to a wood barrier at the bridge’s southern end. 
  • North of the Weeping Peninsula, on such a body seated in a chair. 
  • The key is beside the Grace Site at Stormhill Shack. 
  • It may be found on a corpse within a building fragment with a damaged roof and is reachable out from the top of the Rampart Tower at Stormvoel Castle
  • In Academy Crystal Cave, turn left & reach the next chamber after the Sages. It was in a cage, inside a cage.
  • On a corpse beside a charred tree near the cliff on Mount Gelmir to the northwest of Fort Laid. 
  • On a waterfall in the Raya Lucaria Academy’s yard. 
  • It is situated next to a Giant Poison Flower on a corpse in the northeastern Uhl Palace Ruins. 
  • A body was discovered on a cliff in Nok Stella, the Eternal City. 
  • Raya Lucaria enters Debate Parlor through an Illusory Wall shortly before the Site of Grace. 
  • It is placed on the top ground of the third secret zone of something like the Sealed Tunnel.
  • You can find the key by scaling over the pillars and supporting beams of a collapsed fence in the Siofra River. 
  • In Nokron, Eternal City, the corpse of a dead deer is lying on a cliff above the collapsed temple. The spirits jellyfish cliffs below from this ledge.
  • “Behind the Castle,” proceed to the west side of the palace and turn around. After which, look to the left for such a wooden deck. A corpse that swings from such a platform seems to be the key.

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In conclusion, the article has attempted to give you information about “the imp’s seal is in effect”. Also, this post tells you about imp statues, Elden ring, and Elden ring imp statue rewards.


Q1) what do imp statues do Elden ring?

Ans- An ornamental statue, imp statue Elden ring. Despite the name, the sculpture hardly resembles the Fire Imp, the only recognized imp in the game.

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