13 Easy Table Saw Projects That Any Beginner Can Try


Table saws are very easy yet useful tools to use for home projects. A table saw is extremely handy if you want to cut large pieces of wood accurately.

Whether you are a DIYer or a professional this crafty little tool is sure to make work much easier for you. This circular saw fitted on a table is also quite affordable so most woodworkers prefer using this.  Unlike other saws, a table saw can cut wood at a precise angle. There are a few varieties of table saws out there such as a contractor table saw, a job site, and a cabinet table saw. It really doesn’t matter what type of table saw you have as long as you know the basics.

To help you further increase your skills, we are going to show you 13 easy table saw projects for beginners-

1. Wooden Box

A wooden box is the most basic and easiest way to get started with table saws. It is better to start with easy projects because it will give you an idea about how the tool works and how to handle the wood. There are many YouTube videos that can get you started on the basic box.

Almost every wooden project is based on the skills you are going to use to make your first wooden box. However, making it happen may not be so easy unless you know the basics of your table saw.

You need to try using this tool a few times to hone your skills. Then you can move onto bigger and more complex projects.

2. Basic Shelf

A basic shelf can be created using plywood and a band saw. Yes, you do need other instruments for some projects. A band saw is handy and you should keep one. Even though power tools have been around for years now, hand tools are still relevant in woodworking. Compact folding saws and others on https://bestofmachinery.com/best-folding-saw are a great investment and will serve you in many years

The basic shelf will teach you the use of different tools. It will serve the purpose of utility as well.

3. Bird Feeder

When you have tried your hand at these two above mentioned projects, you can move on to some creative ones. A birdfeeder is a pretty thing to have in your backyard. This project will require you to use a miter or circular saw and drills. It will be a good way to test your skills and attempt a new challenge.

You can hang the bird feeder in your yard and hopefully, the birds will thank you for it sooner or later.

4. Slicing Tray For Kitchen

This is a very easy item to make that will aid you in kitchen work. You can make a bread slicing tray with a slatted bottom that will let the crumbs fall below it. You also can just decide to make a wooden chopping tray. It is easy to make and very helpful.

5. Box For Plants

A planter box is something you use to plant small trees. These look beautiful in gardens or balconies. This is again a development in difficulty level. You will have to use multiple tools to finish this project. The finished project will look raw and will increase the aesthetics of your house.

6. Bookshelf

A bookshelf is a priority in every woodworker’s list. This will be relatively easier than the following projects and also simple enough for you to try. A table saw will be put to perfect use in this project. You will be able to easily cut large pieces of wood. This project might require a few other tools including a miter saw and a power drill.

We can guarantee that after placing the bookshelf in your home you will be swamped with a feeling of satisfaction.

7. Bathroom Shelf

A bathroom shelf is another easy idea for a beginner woodworker. It is similar to a bookshelf but will require setting up a different design. You will have to mount this on a wall so it will help to increase your skill too. You can color or design your bathroom shelf as you like. Maybe add some cabinet doors too.

8. Cabinet Doors

Cabinet doors are a bit on the intermediate side of the challenge. But it is still easy enough for you as a beginner if you have already made the other items.

In this project, you will learn how to cove wooden panels. And wood coving is extremely useful for more complex projects. It is also helpful when creating wood moldings.

9. Desk Lamp

A desk lamp looks classy and elegant. It is also very easy to make. You just have to use one or two tools for this. The finished product will look pretty on a tabletop or bedside table. You can also learn how to connect electricity so this is a good project to increase your skill as well.

10. Wooden Box With Lid

Wooden box with a lid is a good project that can be made with only one tool, the table saw. You can add designs and learn to precisely cut the wood according to your choice.

There are multiple tutorial videos on the internet to help you. We recommend checking them out for this one.

11. Wooden Wine Rack

A wine rack is an elaborate project that you may want to get into after a while. This project has a lot of details. You will have to decide on a proper wood and work carefully with that. Mahogany or redwood are two popular kinds of wood to use.

You will also need quite a lot of tools for this one. You will be proud of yourself after making this successful.

12. Cross-Lap Joint Coffee Table

A coffee table like this will increase the attraction of the living room. You will be elated after making this one because it looks very elegant and beautiful. It is quite complicated and very fun to make.

13. Indoor Swing

An indoor swing is the most ambitious project on this list. It is not too hard to build and will be a beautiful addition to indoor furniture. You will find it to be a proper challenge after making the other projects on this list

Final Thoughts

Table saw is a  handy tool that is very versatile. With the addition of some other tools, you can make amazing pieces that will impress anyone. Some caution should be exercised while working with the table saw. For example, you should not use curved or crooked woods on the saw and be weary of sawdusts.

You can also use nails to properly cut the wood in a straight-line.  You need to know your tool and materials before starting a project. Lightweight materials are easy to cut while heavy durable ones need more careful handling. In the end, don’t forget to be careful with your work.