Makeup Hair Brushes ascertaining hairs and fibers


The selection of right makeup brushes depends on the quality of hairs and fibres they possess. It is just the magic of hairs and fibres that make it worth its price. The hairs and fibres should have a strong capacity to arrest the powdered cosmetic products in such a way that it distributes its content fairly on the skin by giving a complete look. The technology is getting so advanced that it has increased the modernization and advancement of cosmetic brushes also thereby acquainting both types of fibres: naturally organic and synthetic fibres.

There was also a time when the professional makeup artist of the earlier generations used to use hair brushes made from the natural hair of animals. A change has also been noticed in this regard, because of no doubt that the hair brushes made with the hair of animals were delicate which used to get scattered easily but were also antiseptic regarding designing. But now the hair brushes used for makeup are available in the market with more durability and that too in both the scenarios: in case of luxury and expensive brushes and case of inexpensive and normal ones too.


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These hair brushes come in a huge diversity of shapes and sizes. Some of them are available in the market looking at the general need of an ordinary man, and most of them are specifically designed keeping in mind the necessity of makeup artist. These artists are related to the world of entertainment and celebrities who make the use of special and highly modernized techniques when it comes to the usage of cosmetics that help in beautifying the skin. All cosmetic designers are well aware of the different shapes and styles of hair brushes and make use of them accordingly. They can be identified as 1) Chisel 2) Round 3) Kabuki 4) Angled 5) Pointed.

The first and foremost type of brush that was used by professionals especially in entertainment and celebrity world was the hair brushes made of animal hair. Animals like: squirrel, badger, mink, camel, goat, sable and pony contribute a lot in making animal hair makeup brushes. These makeup hair brushes feature extremely natural and soft hair with the power to carry and store colouring for a refined look. Though there are few brushes that are still made with animal hair in this case, it is taken proper care that animals are not harmed at all.

Nylon and polyester fibres are used to make the Synthetic makeup hair brushes. They are more versatile, soft, and free of allergy-causing no skin damage or infection. Such hair brushes are successful in giving more natural and fairly distributed layer look to the makeup wearers. It is also simple to keep these brushes clean.

Hairbrushes with the combination of both of them are also available in the market, and they are termed as Duo or fibre optic hair brushes. Such brushes have two coloured hair – black and white. The black exemplifies animal hair fibre and white exemplifies synthetic fibres. Their combination bestows more refined look with a natural glow to the makeup wearer.

So, choose the right makeup brush, to get the most desired look you have always been wishing for!

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