3 Worst Ways to Open a Frozen Window


Every winter thousands of Canadians are rushing to the window manufacturers and renovation companies with the same issue: they’ve tried to open a frozen window and accidentally damaged it. These problems could have been avoided, but if it already happened you can consider installing new windows and doors guelph.

Living with a shattered glass or a broken lock in the freezing temperatures is not a good idea, it’s simply dangerous for the whole family’s health — so they’re ready to pay insane sums to get the problem fixed ASAP. Here’s how not to become one of them. 

How to Open a Frozen WIndow

First — let’s deal with the RIGHT way of opening a frozen window, step-by-step:

  1. Use a hair dryer: that’s, like, the easiest way to unfreeze a window. A stream of hot air will help you melt the ice in the area in no time;
  2. No hair dryer? Use warm water. Make sure you use hot water and not ice-cold one. Just pour it to the frozen area slowly (and definitely cover all the surfaces that can get wet preemptively!); 
  3. No water source in sight? Use your own body’s warmth. Yes, it will take a long time, but leaning to a frozen window frame will — sooner or later — melt the ice. Just make sure there’s no drought (it can have severe consequences for your health) and you’re dressed in warm clothes. 

Situations when you have none of the three options are so rare that they’re not even worth addressing. If you find yourself locked out of your home, with the window being the only way in, and you — somehow — have no warm clothes (nor a key for the door) you better run to the nearest warm place, not try to unfreeze a window and risk getting serious health issues. 

How You Should Never Open a Frozen Window

Now, finally — to the people that magically turn their “frozen window” problem into a “no window” or “broken window” one. There are 3 types of them: 

  • Those who use sheer force;
  • Those who use tools (especially the metal ones);
  • And those who can’t control their emotions. 

Forcibly Opening a Frozen Window

It’s never — NEVER — a good idea. You can’t force a frozen window — it will most likely just break. And even if it didn’t — you’ll end up with a huge mess to clean up (which often costs more than a new glass). There’s no positive outcome: 

  • if you pull it too fast — you’ll break the handle;
  • If you push it too much — you’ll damage the lock;
  • If you punch it — you damage the lock and the frame;
  • If you kick it with a foot— you’ll definitely get it opened, but at the cost of the whole frame, the hinges, the lock, and possibly — a piece of drywall (let alone the risk of falling and having to deal with both medical and emergency window installation bills). 

Opening the Windows with the Wrong Tools

This might seem like the best idea in the world: you’ll use a crowbar, hammer or anything else that’s metal and cold resistant and “unfreeze” your window easily. However, if you’re not careful, it can be the worst idea you could ever imagine: all the materials that were used for breaking the window will easily and probably irreversibly damage other parts of your home.

For example, say you’d tried to open a frozen window using a metal crowbar which was too thick to fit through the window. You might have ruined the frame of your door as well. 

What Should You Do If You’re Locked Out?

Now, if you’re not in a situation which forces you to open the window (e.g. your window has been broken and you can’t break it yourself), then try to call the doorkeepers of your building. They’ll open the door for you, but it’s not impossible that the glass is still frozen. So, use this opportunity to take the necessary precautions to prevent getting your other windows broken in a similar way.

  1. Can you call someone? If you’re alone, for example, in your workplace and can’t call a locksmith to get in during the next 10 minutes — consider using an app of one. 
  2. Can you call a special service for it? If you’re subscribed to an app like iYogi, for example, and you click on the “break-in” button in the app, they’ll send technicians to your place before the first 20 minutes are over.
  3. Can you head to a warm place immediately? keep in mind that your health is top priority at all times. You can’t replace any windows with a fever, and you can’t open a frozen window from a hospital bed. Avoid the freezing temperature (especially if your clothes are not warm enough). 

Final Word

Before you go on with the above-mentioned ways, remember this: if you’re in a situation where opening a window is your only way to get out of your home, then open it! Make sure to use the right tools and take all necessary safety measures before attempting to do so.