Dress-Up For The Cocktail Hours With The Perfect Cocktail Attires


Are you excited about the invitation received for attending the Cocktail Hours of fun and frolic? After all, why not! Everyone loves enjoyment and fun-filled hours. But there seems a line of worry over your forehead and your expressions seem like you want to hold your hair tight and scratch your head. Is it because of your confusion of what to wear as the ‘Cocktail Attire’? It seems like you have turned your complete wardrobe up-side-down! Take a deep breath and relax as we have some brilliant ideas for you to make a right selection of your ‘Cocktail Attire’ for your pleasing ‘Cocktail Hours’. Yes… you heard it right, and the magic of our ideas will do it all.

Before we begin with the ideas, let us first understand that what actually ‘Cocktail Wear’ is and how does it carry out your look perfectly during the cocktail hours?

First of all, analyze the occasion of cocktail hours. The most common occasions that take place during cocktail hours are birthday assembling, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, formal gatherings, christenings, any sporting events or any cocktail parties. To sum up, these events neither demand excess of radiance, shine and shimmer nor excess dullness, normal jeans, denim, t-shirts or any such combination. What it demands exactly is a refined look with the tinge of style and trend.

Cocktail Wear was firstly egressed as the sense of dressing in the 1920s & 1930s highlighting the hours amongst casual day clothing and formal eve clothing. Since then, these hours are termed as ‘Cocktail Hours’. During these hours, pre-dinner and post lunch drinks were served along with some starters. Formal wear for the day which lends you comfort and ease became the cocktail attire of that time. This is how the term ‘Cocktail Hours’ and ‘Cocktail Attire or Dressing’ came into the life of many of us. But time always demands the change and so with the changing trends, the cocktail vogue acquired an important place. So, what to dress, how to dress, what to choose and what not to; all these gained importance while planning for the hours. Our ideas will also assist you in the best way and mark your personality with perfection.



The first and foremost factor that you need to emphasize on for cocktail dressing is ‘Tailoring’. One of the most running taste to enlighten your cocktail hours is the combination of a greyish coloured jacket or any dark shade with best-going trouser. If you have to be on a safe side and do not want to take any risk of trying something new at the last moment, then prefer grey wool coarse-textured cashmere merge suit. It is an evergreen taste. But yes, if you are in a mood to try something different this time and look unique, then you can go for somewhat more vivid or unconventional tints. These could be a burgundy shade or olive green or any such shade which imparts you a voguish look at the contemporary end. For the ones with more of adventurous mood, an elusive modelled suit will be the right choice. To add little more style, you can even try a hushed black watch tartan or a benighted windowpane check.

The trend of mix and match is also popular. Hence you can go and mix and match the combination of your shirt, jacket and trousers. It is one of the latest trends which is the best suited for your cocktail hours. But don’t even give a thought to dress-up even the smartest denim at cocktail hours as they look good on casual weekends only. Also, mark a point to always go for a lean cut for your suit as this will fit all the natural contours of the body very well thereby making you look perfect in every sense.


The second factor that needs to be on the list of your consideration is ‘Shirting’. To capture the eyes of one and all, a crunch cotton shirt is more than enough to spread its magic everywhere. All you need to take care of is that your crisp and crunch cotton shirt that you have selected for your cocktail hours is properly ironed and newly laundered because these little points will make a huge difference. As per the current trend, solid tone picks are the most conventional but if you do not want to go for anything like that; then a subdued check or a light fabric will be the only choice and will do justice with your day. Well, if this is something that you have chosen then make sure that your suit is not exquisitely patterned else it might spoil its overall appearance.


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To add on, ignore the idea of double cuffs as it might not go perfectly for the daylight time but yes if you have evening hours to visit somewhere then it will a great idea. In such a case where the both of yours; day and evening hours are booked, you can keep it decent and simple by choosing a couplet of trim silver cuffs. All in all, your purpose should be to look stylish, even in the simplest way of your dressing.


The third one; Selection of the footwear is also equally important as the above two factors. You can either go for black colour Leather Oxfords or any dark shade in it. These mark an astounding style statement and accompany your attire in the most suitable way especially when twinned with tailoring. Sleek Tassel Loafers are also the incredible choice for your cocktail hours. So, choose any among these which you feel will go well with your attire and make you earn compliments. Mind you; irrespective of whichever footwear you select, polish them very well. If you have chosen the Leather Oxfords, don’t forget to spray leather protector nebulizer over it so that they look wow.


Apart from the two, another awesome alternate can be monk strap shoes which have earned numberless accolades in the recent seasons. With their kinky, offbeat and clasp featuring, the monk strap shoes will impart you with a little jauntier look to your persona. When you have dressed stylish, walk with style too!


If the occasion is not too formal, then you can even go without a tie in your neck, but somehow the old but rich tradition does not allow you to do so as you realize something missing. After all, wearing a tie is the traditional emblem of maleness. It is your choice to wear neck wear or not. As a part of guidance; if you have chosen black coloured shirt and suit for your cocktail hours, then you accompany it with a jaunty wool or silk shade along with a voguish pattern that turns all the head towards you.

You can even opt for the colour scheme as it will add stars to your personality. To highlight the colour scheme with a patterned shirt or patterned suit, keep your look simple and shrill with less of design for the best look. Say No to bow ties until and unless the theme involves something of the 1920s era.


Sharp Accessories; Last but the most vital factor to complete your look! This can either add five stars to your look or can spoil the whole of it. The final components that can make or break your look are the accessories. How does this go? If you have selected the patterned look with the solid shades of shirt and suit, then you have to be extra careful while choosing your tie. In such a case, only a clean-cut styled tie with a jauntier design will bestow you with the best look.

Never opt for the pocket squares and ties made of the same texture. The fabric of the two should surely vary from each other. This is one of the most common mistakes made especially when you follow the ‘matchy theme’.

Undergarments: Mind you that the base of any good looking attire always commences with good underwear. Hence, go for the qualitative cotton fabric undergarments only. This will keep you comfortable too. Moreover, always wear calf length socks. Taking care of these small points will ascertain that everything you have worn on the top looks superb.

Belt: Never underrate the worthiness of a qualitative belt. Right from the looks to durability; a reversible premium leather belt or the suede leather designed belt will be the best. These will not only enhance your look but will prove to be a fruitful investment.

Coming to Cuffs; Select a pair of elegant, simple and evergreen cuffs in spite of something that you will hardly pick to use again. This will heighten the grace of your attire and will not be outdated soon.

Eyewear: Lastly, if your party is an outdoor one, then don’t forget to wear your eyewear. Just imagine yourself not able to pose because of scorchy sunlight because you missed your eyewear. So, add it to your list for sure else your happy face will turn to an irritated one soon thereby spoiling your complete mood. You will just look wow with a pair of excellent round framed sunglasses or whichever suits your face the best.


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Final Words:

Though following all the above concerns will lend you with what you desire, but at times there is no harm in breaking all the rules and dressing up how you want to. Follow your heart and be happy. But make sure that however you dress up; you just look great in every way. And yes, there are no ifs and buts to express the individuality of one. After all, the dressing is the mixture of reflection and expression, not the compliance.

Hope we have done our bit and helped you a little. Next time when you get an invitation, you won’t seem confused rather will get ready for a go perfectly. Do share if these thoughts proved assistive to you and you are most welcome to share your views and ideas too.

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