5 Most Expensive Food Items in the World


There has been a wide range of food options but there are some people who prefer salmon over truffles and vice versa. Each person has his definition of good and expensive food. For simple, simple dine out might be expensive and for some, the world’s most expensive food items won’t even hint at a budget on their lifestyle and banks. There is a whole world of most expensive food items to explore and you will be surprised by the price tags they carry!

Some of the foods are not expensive because of where and how they are being consumed. They are precise because of the way they are grown, cultivated, processed or packaged. There are different processes through which a certain food item goes through to reach the customer in the right shape, taste and aroma. Most of the dishes are expensive because of how rare and extinct they have become or some might even take decades to be produced or huge lands to just prepare a small portion. These things vary from item to item and region to region.

Let’s have a look at the world’s most expensive food items and see how they damage the wallet!

1)   Saffron

Saffron is the name of the spice which is commonly known as ‘Red Gold’. It comes from the Crocus flower in the form of threads or crimson stigma. It is also used as a renowned colouring agent in many foods. You must be wondering why such a small thread-like spice would cost so much. It is priced against weight and is more expensive than gold. The reason for it being so expensive is that it comes from the flower which only blossoms for just one week or at times two in the whole year and that only in autumn. The whole process from harvesting to processing is carried out by hand. Also, every flower only gives out 3 stigmas so for one kg of saffron, you will need at least 2 football pitches of the flower that makes around 300,000 flowers.

2)   Caviar

Caviar is one of the world’s most delish food items and extremely costly as well. It is the pickled roe that comes from sturgeon fish. The reason behind it being so expensive is that it is incredibly rare, difficult to package and very tricky in handling. The most expensive and famous caviars come from Beluga Sturgeon which is only found in the Black Sea and the Caspian. It takes around two decades for a beluga sturgeon to reach the right age and maturity to be able to have the caviars. However, you have a unique opportunity to buy Kaluga caviar online. They’re often compared and likened because Kaluga fish eggs are similar to Beluga’s in appearance and flavor – both large, buttery, and delicious. Due to the extinction of most of these fishes in the native environment, very little quantity of these caviars is sold legally.

3)   Oysters

Oysters have, over the century, turned into an expensive food item. Otherwise previously in the 19th century, it was just as common as chips and one of the most important food items for the people working in the coastal regions. It has always been such a healthy snack that it keeps the person full for a longer time so it was highly preferred in those days. The oysters have gone from being abundant to rare due to pollution and overfishing which has drastically reduced the numbers of oysters available.

4)   White Truffle

White Truffles are one of the most expensive items that grow in the wild. It is found in Northern Italy, the Piedmont region only. Among the rest of the truffles, it is one of the rarest. It grows amongst certain tree’s roots and has an intense aroma and a strong flavour. These truffles cannot be grown anywhere or cultivated by the biggest farmers. Many generations have gone by in trying how to cultivate it but they have failed to do so. The cultivation process is so difficult that no one would bother purchasing the final product. The price tag should sky high and you might need some big investments or sudden lottery wins to purchase it. If you wish to opt for it, then you can try betting online on multiple games being offered by Lottoland. Despite the availability of so many websites in the market, Lottoland has been on the top. You can purchase tickets for different games such as US Powerball or many others to be a part of the biggest bets and lotteries.

5)    Wagyu beef

Wagyu beef or more commonly known as Japanese Beef is the other most expensive food item in the world. It is derived from four different types of cows in Japan. It is marbled using fat, which during cooking, makes the meat tender and soft that melts in the mouth. It becomes so moist that it falls apart like fish. The high prices are because of the ways these cows are fed, reared and processed to guarantee the right kind of marbling.