7 Tips on How to Write A Professional Essay


Writing a professional essay is easy once you know the basics that guide how we write. It is critical that the composition has a solid thesis and has sufficient evidence to support it. Even if we may consider ourselves as skilled in essay writing, inspiration is not enough. Read below on tips to write an essay.

Find a Compelling Topic and Create an Outline

Before you start writing, it is critical to have a relevant topic that will act as a hint about what the paper will cover. You can find a compelling argument by first brainstorming on what you need to write about. This is an excellent time to have a free flow of ideas while jotting down what you can include. A good essay practice is that you also have to think about the type of paper that you are writing and the best outline. You can use a simple outline of 5 or more paragraphs that consists of:

  • Introduction
  • Body – 3 or more paragraphs 
  • Conclusion

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Start with a Strong Introductions

Once you have determined what you need to write about, the next important writing tip is that you write the introduction. It should have a strong hook that shows your passion for what you are writing about. The hook can be a topic summary, a quit, shocking revelation, dialogue, or experience. The reader should be inspired to read the rest of the paper, and the introduction must arouse the reader’s interest. The hook should link with the thesis statement. Also, writing a good introduction is like having that perfect resume, use resumethatworks.com, which guarantees positive feedback from your employer.

Compose your Thesis assertion

Something that you should consider very important when you write an essay is ensuring it has a specific topic that is supported by a thesis statement. Once you have narrowed down on the topic and have written the introduction, you should consider a thesis statement. This is the last statement in the introduction paragraph, and the body included discussions that support the thesis. When you write the rest of the paper, ask yourself, “Is my writing supporting the thesis?”. It would help if you thought about how to present the thesis so that it covers the main subtopics or themes that would be included in the essay.

Publish the Body with Complete Detail

A common aspect of most writing guidelines is an emphasis on the body of the essay. This is the most significant component of the professional piece, and it includes paragraphs that contain information to support the thesis. The body has to include a minimum of three sections, each with a specific central idea. The body paragraph is used to argue, describe, or explain the topic under discussion. The main ideas that are noted in the outline are used to develop the points for separate paragraphs. The paragraph starts with a topic sentence that reveals the primary purpose of the specific section. It also includes supporting ideas as well as relevant examples and explanations. It is also important to cite any references if you referred to an external source. Any direct quote should also be appropriately cited in the suitable format. The body has to be comprehensive with sufficient details about the topic. It should also be formatted in a manner that the reader can determine the flow of ideas.

Use Good Grammatical Structures

Punctuation, style, and grammar are critical aspects if you want a high-quality professional essay. The final result has to be free from any errors so that it reads well, and readers can understand the content. You should have a solid command of basic grammar before you begin the paper. Grammar includes proper pronoun and article usage, subject and verb agreement, and well-formed paragraphs and sentences. You should ensure that you use different types of punctuation correctly. It would help if you were mindful of the use of a period when you need to use a command. Voice is also an essential aspect of essay writing. You should avoid passive voice whenever possible. Instead, use an active voice, which will make the tone of the essay more persuasive. The language used should be clear and concise. Do not use transition words that do not support the sentence or result in unwanted wordiness that deviates from your argument.

Get some Professional Help

If you have problems writing a good paper, then it would be better to ask for help. You can ask your teacher to help you with ideas on what to write about, the best format, or even helping with making improvements to the complete paper. A teacher is a good option since they have experience and expertise. Alternatively, you can also seek assistance from online writing services, which has a large number of professional writers. The expert can work based on your budget, and they can also help with the different aspects of a professional essay. An advantage is that you can ensure the essay will exceed your expectations since you can interact with the professional. This is the chance to provide information about the specific details that need to be included in the final copy.

Proofread your Essay

The last step in the process of writing an essay is proofreading. This involves the final checks on the paper to confirm if everything meets the requirements. Proofreading will mean checking if the paper follows the thesis and that it follows the required format. It would be best if you went through the document several times to make sure that it does not have any errors or grammatical mistakes. An important tip is that once the paper is complete, take a break. You can then proofread it after a few minutes, hours, or even days. This ensures that you can quickly notice any errors which you might not have seen before. It would help if you went through all the sentences to ensure that the paragraphs flow, and they are sensible. Check punctuation, grammar, and spelling corrections. You can also improve expression by changing sentences or vocabulary. Delete any unnecessary words or sections. 

In conclusion, writing a professional paper is easy if you follow specific steps. It would help if you had a good thesis and introduction to start the paper, and then have a comprehensive body section. You can use professional writing services to get assistance in finding a topic, proofreading, or even writing the paper.