AMC+ 7 Days Free Trial – How To Activate In 2023?

AMC+ Free Trial

amc+ free trial – Do you want to know whether AMC+ offers a free trial? That’s the case, then. Sling, AppleTV, the Roku Channel, and YouTube TV viewers may sign up for a free seven-day amc+ free trial + via Amazon Prime Video.

If you are not an Amazon Prime Video member but want to try it out for 30 days, you may do so for free. The perks of Amazon Prime, like free two-day delivery, Prime Music, and more, are also included in the free trial. If you want to learn more about the amc+ free trial and try it out for free for seven days, read on!  

Subscription to AMC Plus entails what? 

In addition to the finest of AMC, BBC America, IFC, and Sundance TV, subscribers to the new premium streaming package of amc+ free trial also get unrestricted access to Shudder, Sundance Now, and IFC Films Unlimited.

Hundreds of hours of high-quality material are waiting for you, and you can access it whenever you choose. In addition, the app regularly updates with brand-new episodes and films. There is a free 30-day trial for AMC available.

Is there a free trial of AMC+ in the year 2023?

If you are a new subscriber, you may get a free 7-day trial by signing up at Third-party applications also provide access to a free trial of AMC Plus. If you sign up for Amazon Prime Video on AppleTV, Sling, the Roku Channel, or YouTube TV, you’ll also get an amc+ free trial. 

The best way to start your free trial of AMC Plus.

To start your free trial of AMC Plus, you must first sign up for AMC Plus on Amazon Prime Video. Once you’ve done that, proceed with the detailed instructions that follow. 

  • You should visit the Amazon Prime Video webpage.
  • You may begin your free trial of 30 days there. Tap the button. 
  • Enter your details and chosen mode of payment to set up an account. 
  • If you’re looking for a free trial, you’ve come to the right place. 
  • Relax and take advantage of AMC Plus’s free trial on Amazon Prime Video.

After the free trial, how much does AMC Plus cost a month? 

To advance in life, you’d better start thinking like an insider. The monthly fee for AMC Plus is $8.99. The service, however, does not have any ad support or tiered pricing; you can correspondingly go for the amc+ free trial. 

Do any AMC Stubs plus Offers exist? 

Monthly memberships to AMC Plus are not eligible for discounts. As its most attractive offer, it has settled on a seven-day free trial. The average price of a monthly AMC Plus membership, including tax, is $8.99. You’ll have access to the monthly package if you subscribe to the amc+ free trial via a third-party provider, such as Amazon Prime Video or Apple TV. Annual memberships are available via the AMC Plus website for $83.88 plus tax, which works out to only $6.99 per month and an excellent savings of $24 per year if purchased in this manner.

Where can I get a list of services that provide AMC Plus subscriptions? 

The many methods of accessing AMC Plus subscriptions are detailed below. Below, we’ll go over the specifics of each price, including whether or not they provide a free trial and the channels and devices they support. These applications may be used to sign up for an amc+ free trial

1. Philo

San Francisco is the birthplace of Philo, a live TV platform launched in 2010. The service has come a long way since its humble beginnings as an experimental streaming project in a college dorm room. Philo has improved dramatically over the years and now provides its paying customers with various channels and valuable features.

Philo costs $25 per month. More than 60 channels and all their features are included. There is no flexibility in choosing between several plans, and no commitment is required with a Philo membership. In other words, you may cancel your membership at any moment. Additionally, you get a whole week to evaluate the service without incurring costs.

The Philo free trial gives you seven days to evaluate the service before committing to a monthly contract if you like it. Philo’s package of over 60 channels gives subscribers access to live programming around the clock. The portal also has 60,000 on-demand titles that users may view anytime. In addition, you may watch some of the most popular networks at Philo’s. Bloomberg TV, A&E, Comedy Central, Nicktoons, the History Channel, and many others are among them.

How to Stream Philo on Various Screens:

  • Roku, including all newer models. 
  • Any Fire TVs 
  • Compatible with Apple TV 4K and later. 
  • A TV running on Android (version 5.0 or later) 
  • Chromecast (starting with the 2nd generation) 
  • Laptop (using Opera, Vivaldi, or IE) 
  • PC (with Internet Explorer, Opera, Firefox, or Chrome) 
  • Chrome or Android (version 5+) 
  • Any iOS device running iOS 14.0 or later, together with Chrome, Firefox, or Safari 
  • iPad Mini (iOS 6.0)

2. FUBO Television

In addition to its widespread availability in the United States and Canada, FuboTV has now made its way to Spain. While live sports are the service’s primary emphasis, a wide variety of entertainment channels are also available. Moreover, FuboTV is the first live TV streaming service dedicated to sports. It provides access to the best leagues and teams and the most popular TV episodes, films and news for the whole family. 

The cheapest Fubo plan, the Family package, costs $65. The package provides access to over 122 channels, three concurrent streams, and 500 hours of Cloud DVR, and you can get current savings by visiting the FuboTV coupon website. If you’re on the fence about signing up, you may test out the complete service for seven days without committing to a whole month. The 116+ channels included in FuboTV’s Family Plan include various genres, from sports to drama to comedy to news. Fubo TV’s channel lineup consists of the following:

  • A&E
  • The ACC Network
  • Ages 18+
  • AMC
  • Sports News bIn 
  • BET
  • BTN Big Ten
  • Bravo
  • CBSN
  • Cheddar Reports
  • CMT
  • Cartoon Network’s Attempt at Comedy
  • Countless Athletic Events
  • ESPN
  • ESPN2
  • ESPN3
  • Fox Sports Extra
  • Fox Sports in Spanish (Deportes)
  • Fuse
  • FYI
  • Galavision
  • Home Movie Network
  • Heartwarming Saga
  • A Mystery from Hallmark Movies
  • Lifetime
  • TV Movies on Lifetime
  • MSG and MSG+
  • MSG, MSG+
  • MTV
  • NBCSN+
  • Football League Network
  • To paraphrase, Nick Jr.
  • Nickelodeon
  • Oxygen
  • Pac-12
  • Incomparable System
  • An Overview of the SEC Network
  • Telexitos
  • Indicators of the Weather on The Weather Channel
  • Televised Realm
  • UniMás
  • Univision
  • Univision Sports Network
  • VH1
  • WLNY 1055
  • Viceland

The list of compatible devices with FuboTV is rather extensive. It supports most streaming devices, including Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, and Roku. You can still watch Fubo TV on your computer or mobile device if you don’t have a smart TV.

3. Elite Fubo

FuboTV is the top live TV streaming service, and it offers a wide variety of channels and networks for its subscribers, not only sports. FuboTV hopes to increase its subscriber base by adding more popular channels to its lineup, such as ESPN, Fox, NBC, ABC, and many more. 

The Pro package costs $69.99 per month and includes 1,000 hours of cloud DVR in addition to 124+ live TV channels; the Fubo Elite package costs around $79.99 per month and includes 1,000 hours of cloud DVR in addition to 178+ live TV channels; and the Ultimate package costs somewhere $99 per month.

Try Fubo Elite risk-free for seven days before committing $70/month. Live broadcasts of popular networks such as ABC, CBS, FOX, NBC, and ESPN may be seen without a cable subscription via Fubo TV. You may also watch on your TV, computer, and other devices. FuboTV is accessible over the web on Android and iOS devices. It provides access to various channels, including the Disney Channel, SyFy, AMC, MSNBC, MTV, ABC, and BBC America. It is also compatible with media players like Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Android TV, and Amazon Fire TV. 

4. YouTube TV

You can watch over 85 cable, broadcast, and regional sports networks live online with YouTube TV. In addition, you may create as many as six individual accounts and watch from any of your connected devices (phone, computer, tablet, or TV) for the same low fee. YouTube TV features both YouTube Originals and popular content from the platform. As such, it competes head-on with services like Sling TV and Hulu’s Live TV. 

It would be best to have a premium subscription to see this video. The monthly fee for the Base Plan is $64.99 after taxes. Popular programmes from different YouTube producers will be included alongside programming from major broadcast networks, cable networks, and premium networks. Local CBS and FOX sports networks are also available. As a result, the basic package supports as many as six user accounts and provides free, unlimited cloud DVR capacity.

Anyone may join up for a free trial of YouTube TV, and during that time, they’ll get access to all of the content available on the Base Plan’s 85+ channels. In addition, sports, news, and programming from networks including ABC, FOX, CBS, NBC, TNT, HGTV, Univision, and more can be seen live and locally on YouTube TV. YouTube TV is available on various platforms, including mobile apps, smart TVs, computers, streaming media players, and game consoles.

5. Streaming Direct TV

AT&T’s newest iteration of its streaming service, DirecTV Stream, is available now. It’s DirecTV now, but it used to be a different name for regional streaming providers.

Like many other streaming services, DirecTV Stream is compatible with a broad range of devices.

It’s compatible with streaming services like Netflix, HBO GO, Amazon Prime Video, and more. Direct TV also offers the option of supporting up to 20 devices at once with a subscription. The lowest monthly price for Direct TV is $74.99 plus applicable fees and taxes. Sign up for this online event to get excellent discounts and incentives.

The PREMIER app plan is the priciest at $149.99 plus monthly tax for a full year of access.

For $99.99 a month with taxes, you may get the ULTIMATE plan, which contains 250+ channels. In addition, new customers to DirecTV Stream may try the service risk-free for five days with a no-obligation free trial. You may choose from hundreds of channels, including major entertainment networks like FX HD, kid-friendly networks like Cartoon Network, and sports networks like ESPN HD.

You can see which channels come included with each bundle and which cost extra using DirecTV Stream’s comprehensive channel lineup guide. In addition, downloads of DIRECTV STREAM are available with Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Internet Explorer for iOS, Amazon Fire, Samsung, Android, and Chrome devices.

6. Roku

Roku is a brand of media streaming devices powered by the Roku operating system. Roku means “six” in Japanese, which is appropriate given that this is Anthony Wood’s sixth startup. The Roku DVP was introduced in 2008, and since then, the firm has consistently supplied updated hardware and software. A Roku user may access hundreds of different streaming services, including Netflix,  Amazon Prime Video, YouTube, and many more. 

Roku streaming devices may be purchased for as little as $39.99. Roku-enabled televisions may be purchased cheaply from a wide range of TV makers. Free channels and a Roku device do not need a subscription. You need only spend money on movie and TV programme rentals from places like Cineplex Store or subscription channels like Netflix.

Apple TV, discovery+, Crunchyroll, The Roku Channel, Paramount Plus,  Crackle, Plex – Free Movies & TV, Sling TV, and dozens of other channels are available on Roku with a free 30-day trial of AMC’s popular Premium Channels. Roku may be used with various devices, including set-top boxes, TVs, and streaming sticks.

7. Primo on Amazon

Subscribers to Amazon Prime have access to various exclusive features and advantages. Amazon Prime members can access various benefits, such as expedited delivery, early access to deals, free video streaming, and more. Amazon Prime now has a monthly fee of $14.99 and an annual fee of $139. With an Amazon Prime subscription, you can get an amc+ free trial.

Sign up for a free 30-day trial and stop using it whenever they choose. When you join up for Prime, you’ll still get perks like quick, free delivery. In addition, Prime Video provides access to a wide variety of premium channels, including Paramount+, Starz,  AMC+, Showtime, Noggin, Boomerang, and Shudder. Amazon Prime may be accessed via the Prime Video website and Android and iOS apps. Fire TV, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Roku, Xbox Series X/S,  Sony, Samsung, and LG Smart TVs are just some devices compatible with Amazon Prime Video via the Prime Video app. 

List of AMC Plus Shows and Movies – Top AMC Plus Programmes 

Here’s a rundown of some of amc plus free trial best TV series and films. The order of these films is based entirely on their rising popularity.

  • London’s Gangs (2020) 
  • The Vampire in the Library, by Anne Rice (2022). 
  • The series Mad Men (aired from 2007 to 2015) 
  • The Agreement (I) of 2021 
  • The Horror of the Dead (2015) 
  • Deadly Eve (2018–2022) 
  • Horror Movie (2019)
  • The Pandorum (2022) 
  • Ghost Winds (2022) 
  • Clean (2021) 

The Good and Bad of a Free Trial of AMC Plus:

There are benefits and drawbacks to the AMC Plus free trial. Here are some benefits and drawbacks of the AMC Plus free trial.


The AM amc+ free trial gives you seven-day access to  IFC, BBC America, and Sundance TV’s top programming. In addition, you get unrestricted viewing of IFC Films, Sundance Now, and Shudder.

You can watch AMC on almost every cable or streaming service out there. You may get a free trial of some of these. Therefore, AMC+ should be accessible across all TV viewing platforms.

Since all AMC+ content is on-demand, there are no commercial breaks during any series or films you watch. Therefore, you may use the service’s free version without worrying about advertising.


  • Some of the most popular series are not included in the free trial.
  • The library is relatively tiny.
  • The functionality of iOS apps can be better.
  • Detailed Evaluation of AMC Plus vs Competing Streaming Services

Here are some of AMC Plus’s key distinctions from other streaming services:

There are four other streaming services included in addition to AMC. Among them is Acorn TV, where you may watch various British programmes—an African-American-centric television network. In addition to IFC Films Unlimited, which features indie films, the package includes Sundance Now, which has thrillers, true crime, and drama series. Unfortunately, these have noticeably worse performance than streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. That’s why services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu must provide various high-quality programming options. 

The prices for each of AMC’s services are far more reasonable than those of Netflix’s three monthly streaming options. It offers a Basic plan for $8.99, a Standard plan for $13.99, and a Premium plan for $17.99. It means that AMC is available to you at no cost. Because of this, over 80% of its customers also use other primary streaming services, such as Netflix or Hulu.

The way AMC handles free streaming is another crucial distinction. In August, Netflix’s Freemium model debuted, in which non-subscribers may watch some of the service’s original content. However, AMC’s streaming services provide a free seven-day trial to acquaint new customers with the platform. Thus, this is the proper method for expanding a streaming platform.

Compare and contrast AMC Premiere with amc plus free trial.

What sets apart AMC Premier and AMC Plus?

When comparing the two top-tier AMC packages, one key distinction is the variety of programming. Unlike AMC Premiere, which only features AMC programming, AMC+ also gives users access to programming from the Shudder and Sundance Now libraries and IFC Films Unlimited.

There is still access to AMC Premiere. Nonetheless, it is not the same as AMC+. So, if you’re already an AMC Premiere member, you must sign up for AMC+ separately.

You may get an AMC subscription straight from AMC with the aid of AMC Premiere. However, AMC+ is not available directly from AMC and can only be accessed via other TV providers and streaming services.


Does Amazon’s Prime membership include access to AMC Plus?

You may add AMC Plus as another channel if you already have a streaming service like Amazon Prime Video. The service adds around $9 to your monthly bill as an additional channel.

Will Roku allow me to stream AMC Plus?

Using a Roku, you may access AMC Plus. In addition, if you have a Roku device, you may get access to AMC+ by purchasing a Premium Subscription via The Roku Channel.

Does AMC provide a free trial period of 30 days?

Yes, AMC offers a free trial for 30 days. Access AMC’s original video collection for free for a month by visiting AMC’s streamer, AMC+.

Follow these instructions to sign up for AMC Plus with Amazon Prime:

1. Launch the Amazon Prime Video app first. 

2. Try tapping the magnifying glass icon (Find) to see if anything comes up. 

3. Look for it with the AMC+ app. 

4. There is a “prime video channels” logo-shaped symbol for AMC+ on your screen. You may need to go farther down after seeing a list of AMC series or any other material up above. 

5. When you’re ready, choose the AMC+ symbol. 

6. The information window will pop up. You may get more information by clicking the banner. 

7. As a result, the trial may now begin. 

Does AMC Plus come with any extras?

The amc plus free trial package has everything that AMC Premiere Plus has and more. Access to popular programming from networks like AMC, IFC, BBC America, and SundanceTV, as well as exclusive series and commercial-free viewing, might be included.


Therefore, that wraps up all we can tell you about the AMC+ Free Trial. Using the demo version, you may test out AMC+ without spending a dime. If you join and decide it is not free, you may cancel without penalty.