Best Custom Japanese Tattoo Shop in Brooklyn, NY


One tattoo trend that has grown over the last few years is undoubtedly Irezumi, also known as the Japanese tattoo. Although back in Japan a lot of people are still reluctant for people to wear their Japanese tattoos loudly and proudly, in the ever-less-conservative West, this is not the case. 

Perhaps you have seen your favorite celebrity rocking one of these pieces of body art or already know someone who has one, or this is something you have researched off your own back. Either way, if you are looking to get a custom Japanese tattoo, you need to know how to choose the best custom Japanese tattoo shop, like, and we are here to help you by providing a guide to the sort of things you should be looking at before making your choice. 

Choose a Design That Means Something to You

Before you start looking for a custom Japanese tattoo shop, you need to actually decide on the type of design you would like. Remember, unless you are willing to waste all that money and eventually have laser removal procedures, tattoos are more or less for the rest of your life. So, you want to make the right choice. Japanese tattoos are even more so than normal tattoos deeply filled with symbolic meanings for the artist and the owner. So, think carefully about it. 

Visit Shops

While online shops all have websites you can check out, you shouldn’t just base that on your decision and book before you even set foot in the studio. The last thing you want is knowing that you have made a commitment and it’s only when you walk through the door that you realize that it is a dive, unclean, and gives you seriously bad vibes.

Do the sensible thing and make a shortlist of reputable tattoo shops that specialize in Japanese tattoos and visit them. You want to know what you are going to expect, especially if it’s your first ever bit of ink. Make sure you make a list of the questions you want answers to and don’t be shy about asking the tattoo artist or artists there all of them. If they reputable and good at their job they will not have any qualms about answering all your questions, which is a good sign that they want your business and are willing to put any anxieties or worries you have at ease. 

How Clean Is It?

While you are there, you should take the opportunity to check out how clean and hygienic it is. A tattoo shop should be as clean as your dentist’s or doctor’s office. Watch how everyone works and if they use disposable and properly sterilized equipment. You don’t want to see things like the tattoo artists double-dipping their needles into large ink containers. The ink should be taken from disposable containers that carry enough for just one customer and not shared among clients. 

Are They Fully Licensed?

One of the most important things you need to check when looking at Japanese tattoo shops, in addition to the above, is whether or not they are licensed or not. Generally, most states throughout the United States require that tattoo shops and the artists that work in them have special licenses before they can legally tattoo customers. 

Check the state and local area laws about tattoos and licensing and don’t be afraid to ask for evidence if they have a license. If they don’t and that is the law where you live that they do, avoid them, and look somewhere else.