Which States Typically Issue Fake IDs?

best states for fake ids

Best states for fake ids – Simpler designs and more readily available materials make obtaining false IDs from certain states easier. Choosing which state to use for your phoney ID should be simple. After reading this, you’ll know exactly which states’ identification cards will get you through with relative ease. When sharing new data on false IDs, false ID Boss is constantly ahead of the curve. Our most excellent fake ID websites page comprehensively reviews these services as of 2022.

Missouri is among the states updating its ID design, making it harder to create a convincing fake. There are fewer and fewer places where a phoney ID may be made rapidly these days. It would be costly and time-consuming to insist on obtaining identification from these states. Let’s discuss the best states for fake ids in detail. 

Irrelevant to the State?

Replicating IDs is a challenging process in several places. New Jersey IDs, for example, have several security features only visible under a blacklight, while Maine IDs feature a 3D hologram infamous for its complexity.

The good news is that you can still get by with a cheap fake ID and sidestep security checks. In this article, we’ll explain all you need to know about the Best fake ID States, and we hope you’ll use that knowledge to live out your most important goals. 

To have every desire you have deemed illegal until you reach a certain age is frustrating, and we get it. Unfortunately, not everyone lives to experience all of life’s pleasures. We’ll tell you the best states to get a fake ID in 2023 so you can live like the popular TV characters on campus.

Most young individuals consider getting a phoney ID through security checks an exciting experience. Even while bouncers are growing savvier, you may still get by with a phoney ID if you know the specifics of the state you’re trying to impersonate. You are more likely to duplicate ids from the best states for fake ids successfully.

Which States are Best for Using a Fake ID and Why?

Fortunately, you can choose from one of the fifty states. Some of the fifty best states for fake ids still allow for quite a simple ID duplication. These are the most often utilised states in the fabrication of fraudulent identification.

Punishments for this crime vary from state to state and from case to case. For this reason, American IDs are notoriously tricky to forge due to their intricate design. Some of them are topped with carefully designed patterns that need rare and costly materials. New Jersey uses cutting-edge security features on its ID cards, which can only be seen in the dark. Maine’s ID has a complex 3D hologram.

It usually ends poorly when an amateur tries to replicate the IDs of these states. Learning which states have the most incredible fake ID options can help you save money on materials and legal fees if caught with one.

Popular best states for fake ids are those whose designs and materials make it simple to produce convincing forgeries. However, one piece of advice we can provide is not to make a phoney ID for the state in which you want to use it.

The explanation is obvious: bouncers will be able to recognise your phoney ID since they are familiar with every aspect of the design of a legal ID in that state. To increase your chances of getting past security using a false ID, you should always use a different state’s ID.

Advice from the State’s Top Fake-ID Officials

Remember that you must have a valid ID from the state you are currently visiting. You can be detected since bouncers are more acquainted with IDs from the same state. We also suggest going with a form you’re familiar with. If you’re going to say you’re from a specific state, at least it seems like you know anything about it. Playing the role properly may prevent bouncers and authorities from further investigating your ID for signs of fraud. Ohio is one of the best states for fake ids.

Controlling the stress by not making any noticeable suspicious movements is crucial to go through security with a phoney ID. Security personnel may ask you to stand aside even if they haven’t seen anything suspicious about your identification. The average person holding an ID from a specific state would find your body language and replies to small talk odd.

Pretend to be a resident of whatever state you choose. If the bouncer shows any suspicion, you’ll want to be prepared to answer inquiries about the state and the information on your phoney.

States of Frequent Imitation

Some states have a higher prevalence of fraudulent IDs than others for two main reasons. A few things to remember while picking the ideal state to receive a false ID from.

1. The Financial Success of Fake ID Sites

Governments make it harder to forge IDs by insisting on using rare and costly materials. To safeguard their earnings, those best fake id states that create fake identification cards choose methods that don’t need extensive resources. The most skilled forgers realise they can earn more money by making phoney identification less complex than by trying to fake a costly ID.

Since it would likely cost you less to acquire a false ID in states that employ widely available and affordable materials, the profitability of the ID is also essential to you. The irony that a fake would cost more than the real thing is amusing. The ideal place to get a false ID would be a state where they are cheap and profitable to create.

However, the following states are the most lucrative for phoney IDs:












Specifically, New York

Polycarbonate and Teslin, both readily available and inexpensive, are used to produce identification cards in these states. Most of these IDs pass security checks with little cause for alarm.

2.The Complicated Nature of State IDs

Faking a state ID could be profitable, but weighing the potential difficulties involved is essential. Creating a convincing fake ID with a complicated design may be challenging and require prior knowledge and training. However, the risk becomes factual when a fake state ID is profitable. The optimal state for false IDs would have both good benefits and a straightforward layout for their documents. Let’s have a look at the best states for fake ids. 

Here are a few examples of states with elaborate ID systems:


Utah Oregon

A New England State:


Because even the most skilled fake ID producers may botch more intricate designs, we advise against their usage. Some IDs have complex security features like micro lettering, signatures, and 3D holograms, which can only be replicated by someone with exceptional technical expertise.

The characteristics of the most straightforward state ID fake to produce and their benefits and drawbacks are detailed below. The top states where you may quickly get a false ID are as follows:

1. Ohio

Ohio identification cards are among the simplest to forge, which is why it is called the best state for fake ids. A complete name, birth date, SSN, proof of legal presence, and proof of Ohio residence are all required. That’s very simple to duplicate, so you should be fine getting into pubs and clubs, even if you’re visiting from out of state.

The Ohio identification card has holograms, barcodes, and magnetic stripes. As a result, having a fake made requires the expertise of an expert. To pull off a convincing fake, you’ll need to replicate the following details carefully:

Title deed name:


Identifier for Social Security

Birth Date

Adequate Presence for Lawful Activities

Locating in Ohio


 A simple setup and little input are needed.

Simple to copy and paste.


The hologram can only be replicated by an expert.

Contains an inverted letter as a hidden feature.

2. Florida

Despite the complexity of Florida’s ID standards, you should be able to breeze through an ID check without raising any eyebrows.

Optically Variable Ghost image (OGV) is a novel security feature. Under ultraviolet light, your spectral likeness should take on a purple hue. Furthermore, the letters ‘FL’ should be printed in a yellow pattern when exposed to UV light.

The same characters should also appear as a hologram in the lower right corner. Your driver’s licence or other kind of identification card’s back should have a copy of your photo along with your basic personal details, such as your date of birth and licence type.

Advantages You may get deals just for living in Florida.

You can go to more than just clubs.


State-mandated necessities have a touch of intricacy.

Connecticut IDs are also readily available. The ID must be made of flexible plastic and include both 1D and 2D barcodes to comply with state regulations. The card must have visible and invisible lines and patterns to comply with the new standard. The card should be printed on Teslin and laminated with PET.

3. Connecticut

In addition, there should be aircraft and whale symbols in the backdrop, with UV-luminous borders. The yellow star guarantees that the ID satisfies the requirements of the REAL ID legislation and is, therefore, a valid form of identification. Connecticut is correspondingly one of the best states for fake ids. 

Pros There is no rear magnetic strip.

Holograms are simple to duplicate.


UV characteristics of whales are intricate.

4. the state of Illinois

A picture of Lincoln and your own is required for an Illinois phoney ID. In addition, check that the ID has all the intricate micro-printed lines and patterns.

The best states for fake ids seal must be shown in the backdrop of the ID’s central image. Your original picture must be printed in UV ink on the reverse of the card, creating a “ghost image.” The state outline should be repeated several times, making this one of the most prominent aspects.


The only UV ink security element is Lincoln’s hat.

It’s legal in Illinois’s neighbouring states.


It may be challenging for amateurs to duplicate the scannable code.

5. Texas

A valid Texas ID has no raised surfaces and a flat lamination, and that’s about all there is to it. A magnetic stripe is located on the back, but if you go to the club or the liquor shop at the proper time, you won’t have to worry about anybody checking it.

Then, there’s the shimmering ultraviolet ink. UV ink should be used to write “Texas” beneath the lamination. In addition, the ghostly likeness and birth date should be printed again using UV ink so that they become visible only when exposed to UV light. Microprinting surrounding the state flag and seal is another area where security guards may look, so be sure you have a duplicate.

It’s quick and straightforward to use the magnetic stripe for purchases.

Functions in neighbouring states like Tennessee.


Even professionals need help with reading micro print.

6. Mississippi

The rate of alcohol use in the state synonymous with hospitality is 13.3 per cent. For individuals seeking a false ID, this is a definite benefit. A Mississippi ID is easily identified by its gold star in the top right corner and its rigid plastic construction. The rear should have both 1D and 2D barcodes for easy scanning. Your picture, date of birth, height, and address are the only required information. Mississippi is rated as one of the best states for fake ids. 


There has been no update to the template in 4 years.

Counterfeiting industry technicians choose this ID because it requires less work to produce.

Polycarbonate may be challenging for amateurs to conform to DMV standards.

7: Georgia

Bouncers are less inclined to be sceptical about IDs from less exciting states, such as Georgia. However, there are a few things you need to think about to make sure your ID does not give away any sign that it is phoney.

If you’re looking for a good and straightforward fake ID in 2023, look no further than Georgia. The card will get a cursory look from the bouncers before they hand it back. However, an exact ID clone must be produced to prevent a “please step aside” issue. 

Any ID you provide must accurately reflect the physical description you provided. Spelling mistakes are a dead giveaway for a fake ID and should be avoided at all costs. In addition, double-check that the ID’s signatures are genuine and that the state-required watermarks are present.

Benefits It gets less attention than other alternatives.

This new style could be going over better.


It isn’t easy to choose the ideal signature font.

8. Pennsylvania

Although Pennsylvania identification cards are widely available, some have expressed concern that the recent revisions make them more difficult to forge. The Responsible Alcohol Management Programme mandates using a procedure known as “FEAR” to examine identification cards in this state.

Feel for a glue line, a rough spot, or a pinhole with an F. E indicates look behind it for holograms. It stands for requesting or querying the card’s most fundamental details, while R indicates that the card should be returned to its owner. If you can pass the ‘FEAR’ exam, you won’t have anything to worry about, but if you can’t, you could get into some difficulty.

Examine the reverse for holograms while you’re at it, and feel for pinholes, glue lines, or bumps on the surface.

A – Inquire about the card’s name, number, and expiration date.

R – Hand the card back to its owner.


Pennsylvania’s laws regarding phoney identification cards are lenient.

Underage drinking is every day in Philadelphia bars.


Punishment in the form of money if caught

It takes knowledge and skill to reproduce a false ID that will satisfy your needs successfully.

The above-listed portion explains the list of best states for fake ids.