DISCORD MARKDOWN – Discord already supports Markdown formatting, allowing users to add structure to their existing messages. Knowing how to format Text correctly enables you to improve the impact and engagement of your messaging. Here are the fundamentals of Discord Markdown text formatting.

Describe Discord Markdown.

A simple markup language called Discord Markdown has been employed to organize plain Text. To enable anybody to publish writing for the web in a fashion that is simple to read and write while retaining the ability for basic formatting, it was developed in 2004 by John Gruber with Aaron Swartz.

Asterisks and underscores are used in Markdown’s basic syntax to denote formatting elements, including bold, italicized, and underlined Text along with titles, links, and lists. The finished content can then quickly be transformed into HTML or another format for Internet publication.

Markdown’s popularity has grown significantly due to its simplicity and usability. With a few exceptions, several different applications and platforms, such as Slack, GitHub, and Reddit, also support it.

Formatting a Discord Markdown document simply

The following list contains some of Discord’s more fundamental Markdown text formatting options.

The Markdown can be combined with other markdown types to organize Text in various ways. For instance, by merging the two Markdown kinds or by utilizing a new Markdown entirely, you can italicize and capitalize Text at the same time.

Markdown for code blocks Formatting Text

Discord also supports code blocks. Text can be wrapped to make it clear to the viewer that it is code. Add a backtick (‘) to each side of the content to format it as code.

Following the message’s sending, this is how it appears.

When displaying content like API requests and responses, for example, it’s crucial to be able to organize content as multiline code blocks.

Three backticks (“”) should be placed at the top and bottom of the Text to format it as multiline code.

Following the message’s sending, this is how it appears.

Markdown Text Formatting using Block Quotes

Block quotations enable users to isolate a Text segment from the entire Text body and show it as a separate block. Block quotes are frequently used to denote a quote, an allusion, or a text passage that has been highlighted. Block quotations are written in Markdown by beginning every line of the Text being quoted with a greater-than symbol (>), either three times (>>>), then adding a space.

After being sent, it appears as this.

Which Markdown Formats Are Not Supported in Discord?

While Markdown provides strong support for fundamental formatting alternatives, including bold, italic, underline, & strikethrough text along with code blocks, inner code, labelling spoilers, and additional information, there are a few more sophisticated Markdown capabilities they don’t support.

As for tables, footnoting, and syntax highlighting, Discord does not support Markdown. Linking is another significant Markdown feature that isn’t supported. It’s crucial to verify your formatting to make sure it displays appropriately because Discord can read Markdown syntax slightly compared to other platforms or apps.

Despite these drawbacks, Discord’s Markdown support is strong enough to enable efficient structuring of messages in text format, making it a helpful tool for users who want to emphasize certain points in their messages.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1) Does Markdown exist in Discord?

Ans. Markdown is a straightforward, plain text formatting method Discord employs to help you make your phrases stand out.

Q2) How can Markdown be added to Discord?

Ans. Although Discord Markdown syntax isn’t supported, you can navigate to the next line by pressing both the Shift & Return buttons. Employ asterisks. Underscores cannot be used. To make a multiline blockquote, use >>>.

Q3) Do mobile devices support Markdown in Discord?

Ans. Discord’s text formatting tools can be rather helpful in this situation. You can compose messages in Discord using italics, highlighted, strikethrough, and various other styles thanks to a method called “Markdown.” Using Discord’s website, desktop client, or mobile app, follow these instructions to format your content.