Bottoms up! Top Bars in Delhi to Grab That Perfect Drink

Be it grueling meetings, critical deadlines or painful heart breaks; a perfect drink is a perfect antidote to all your stress. Ummm…. Come to think of it, why just stress? Aren’t glasses of wine or mugs of beer our loyal pals at any get together or outing? No wonder bars are favourite hangout zones of many.

When it comes to the capital, the city has a thriving night life. But out of heaps of pubs and bars in Delhi, if you have to choose one, we bet it might turn out to be your life’s toughest decision. Worry not! We have the right solution for this dilemma of yours. Here are some of the best bars in Delhi where you can unwind, shout bottoms up with your buddies and call for another! Don’t forget to book a table with Clicktable at these best bars of Delhi to avoid last minute hiccups.

Route 04 – Connaught Place

This American diner is a perfect place to relax and unwind with friends. Besides the long happy hours and great cocktails served here, the place is an ideal and trendy hangout for beer lovers. With retro music and Karaoke night every Friday, the restaurant could easily resemble a diner of a busy motorway in the Mid-West, USA. Popular amongst youngsters we suggest you book your table in advance with Clicktable, especially if you are planning to visit on the weekend.

  • Ambiance: Casual
  • Cost for two: ₹ 1500
  • Must try drink: The reasonably priced beer & Mojito (amongst other cocktails)
  • Accompaniments: Multi cuisine eats, along with exotic Shisha for hookah lovers.


Image Credit: DelhiPedia

Garage Inc – Hauz Khas Village

Located at the famous Hauz Khas Village, this contemporary American Diner offers excellent food and a great ambiance to match. The rustic wooden interiors and brick walls that give a look of a garage complement its name well. The gastronomic spread offers a wide array of scrumptious American and Tex-Mex delights. With a cozy and inviting ambiance, courteous staff, and comforting food, this bar is surely one not to be missed.

  • Ambiance: Trendy
  • Cost for two: ₹ 2000
  • Must try drink: Frozen Strawberry Margarita (amongst other cocktails)
  • Accompaniments: Crispy chicken bucket, Raggae Nachos.


Image Credit: Clicktable

Reminiscent of the once famous Teddy Boy culture in the UK during the 1950s, you are greeted with great music and a positive vibe as soon as you step into the bar. The deer heads on vintage walls, leather couches, funky artwork and vibrant interiors are what you can expect while visiting the place. It is the ideal bar to chill out with friends or family over fantastic drinks and good food.

  • Ambiance: Resembles a funky British Pub
  • Cost for two: ₹ 1600
  • Must try drink: The reasonably priced beer & cocktails
  • Accompaniments: Lip smacking fusion food & hookahs.


Image Credit: Clicktable

Londoners Bistro & Pub- (GK) 1

Visit the pub to get a real feel of Great Britain. Sporting French windows and a double decker red bus, the bar has both indoor as well as outdoor seating options. The live music and trendy ambiance attract a lot of youngsters to the bar. Serving delicious dishes from British, Chinese and Italian cuisine and an extensive variety of drinks; it is the perfect location to spend a lively evening with friends. Providing great liquor deals, if booked via Clicktable, it is an ideal place for bar lovers.

  • Ambiance: Chic & Trendy
  • Cost for two: ₹ 2000
  • Must try drink: The reasonably priced beer & cocktails
  • Accompaniments: Butter chicken pie, pizzas.


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Now that you too are updated with so many fantastic options of bars in Delhi, which one do you plan to visit this weekend?


Top 4 Omega Constellation Masterpieces You Can’t Miss

One of the most sophisticated accessories that take your style statement a notch higher is a wrist watch. One such watch brand that adds charm to your looks is Omega. Known for producing numerous iconic wristwatches over the years, Omega is all about innovative technology. Available in different patterns and colours, Omega watches ups your appeal. Whether you are sporting a formal look or an informal style, stylish watches by Omega make you look trendy and elegant. Its contemporary design and durable make cast an impression not just on the wearer but also on the spectators. So, if you have a penchant for luxury watches, then owning one timepiece from Omega will be an added treasure to your watch collection.

Omega has a vast collection of watches, which are available in different price ranges. The Constellation watch collection from Omega offers a dynamic and stylish range of timepieces for him and her.  They are classic in style and a perfect addition to your accessory collection. Each Constellation watch of Omega is attributed to advanced technology. The famous “Griffes”” claws and striking dial with the familiar star at 6’o clock position is the limelight of this collection. Here are the top models from Omega’s Constellation Collection that are a hit with the watch connoisseurs.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial 38 MM Men’s watch


The classic piece from Omega Constellation Co-Axial Men’s watch comes in the size of 38mm. The 18K yellow gold bezel of the watch has Roman numerals inscribed and its silver coloured dial has a lozenge emblem embossed on it. The bezel is placed on 38 mm stainless steel and 18K yellow gold claws complete its look. This elegant wrist watch is driven by Omega Co-Axial calibre 8500. The sapphire crystal caseback further adds to its appeal. The movement is equipped with co-Axial escapement. Wear this watch and carry your attitude in style.

Omega Constellation Quartz 35 MM Men’s Watches


Omega Constellation Quartz 35mm men’s watch is powered by Omega calibre 2500. It boasts of high class quartz movement. Featuring a striking silver dial, this Omega Constellation watch has a scratch resistant sapphire crystal and stainless steel bracelet. The diamond-set indexes on the dial enhance the look of the timepiece. The bezel of the watch has engraved Roman numerals and is crafted with 35 mm stainless steel. At 3’o clock position, the watch has a date window. This stainless steel watch is tough as well as elegant. Grab this watch to make your own style statement.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial Day- Date Watchomega3Omega watches from the collection of Constellation Day-Date grab the attention of the onlookers as it boasts of unique style statement. The watches in this collection are available in 18K red or yellow gold or stainless steel and also in blended editions. This Omega Constellation Co-Axial Day-Date watch takes pride in its black dial and its bezel is engraved with Roman numerals. The watch has a day and date window in its 2 different positions. The day is displayed at 12’o clock position and date is displayed at the 6’o clock position. The stainless steel bracelet completes the look of the watch.

The watch is powered by Omega Co-Axial calibre 8602 which gives power to its movement. Wear a watch from this collection and give an edge to your formal look.

Omega Constellation Co-Axial 38 MM Sedna Gold Watchomega4Constellation Co-Axial 38 MM Sedna gold watch from Omega is bound to grab everyone’s attention. This timepiece is made of innovative material that makes it a limited edition. This is the first luxury Omega watch that is made from 18K Sedna gold. Even the hands and clasp are crafted from the same metal. The watch is powered by Omega Co-Axial calibre 8501. This premium watch is meant only for the sophisticated.

Owning one of the luxury watches from Omega Constellation collection will familiarise you with rich watch tradition that is inspired with originality and excellent design. With unlimited choice of watches boasting of distinctive features and classic looks, the Omega watches add a touch of luxury to your formal and informal looks. The watches in Omega are created for every wrist and exploring these dazzling timepieces is an experience in itself. Zimson brings to you some of the most noteworthy Constellation luxury wrist watches that deliver an added edge to your style. The collection is characterized by the elements that help you in making a bold style statement.


6 Reasons a Casio G-Shock Will Rock Your World!

We’ve all grown up with Casio. From calculators to cameras, musical instruments and mobile phones, Casio products have filled our homes and memories for over half a century now. While the glory years of the iconic Casio calculator may well have become a thing of the past now, the brand has firmly passed the torch to its wildly popular line of wristwatches.

Now they may not be the talk of the town among Swiss watchmakers, but you don’t have to be an avid watch lover or connoisseur to know that the Japanese brand manufactures some of the best sports watches in the market, namely, the Casio G-Shock collection. Whether you’re a lover of sports, extreme adventure, watches and technology or not, you simply have to own a G-Shock at least once in your life. And trust me, much like the infamous chip, no-one can have just one!

Let me tell you why:

#1 It is the ultimate technology of toughness

Recognized across the globe as an invincible force in the world of watches, the Casio G-Shock collection challenges the limits of watchmaking in profound ways. While watchmakers across the globe have attempted to build the most hardy and durable timekeepers, a young engineer at the house of Casio set out to work with the dream of creating a timepiece that’s virtually indestructible.

The fruits of his efforts can be found in every make and model of G-Shock Casio watches –the penultimate unbeatable, indestructible wristwatch. If you want a taste of the ticker’s impressive technology and toughness, head over straight to Casio watches at Ethos Watch Boutiques, probably the most renowned and dependable retailer of the brand in our country.

While the range has a host of features and functionalities to its name, what really sets apart the Casio G-Shock is its ‘Triple 10’ concept –10-metre dropping shock resistance, 10-bar water resistance and 10-year battery life. The collection’s technology of toughness was born from thebreakthrough concept of a hollow structure. Now without getting into the details, let’s jus suffice it to say (once again, because its just so amazing it needs as much reiteration as it can get!), the Casio G-Shock raises toughness to a level never before seen. Strap on a G-Shock, and you will experience unprecedented levels of toughness in design, structure, material, function and performance.

#2 It is built to go the distance

The G-Shock isn’t called ‘indestructible’ for no reason. It really is. The line’s core technology is its shock-resistant structure that absorbs and repels extremely high and strong shocks, vibrations and centrifugal gravity –making it more durable, reliable and hardy than any wristwatch known to man!

Agreed, many top brands manufacture watches that are meant to last the distance, but if I were to place my bets on it, I’d definitely go with a Casio G-Shock all the way! If there were every a timepiece that stick with you through thick and thin, and stand the ultimate test of time, it’s this.

#3 It packs a great package

The tools, features and functionalities offered in the G-Shock range of Casio watches are just unimaginable. The collection almost surely has the answer to most of your questions when you’re out and about on crazy adventures across the globe, be it the altitude of your mountain hike, the speed of your race car, the depth of your dive, weather, direction, or what have you. And of course, accuracy is a given when we’re talking about any product from the house of the Japanese electronics giant!

#4 It will colour you crazy

You don’t have to be a watch aficionado or a sportsperson to wear and love a Casio G-Shock –its sheer range of styles and shades will leave even fashionistas gaping in its wake! Available in every shade of the rainbow, and then some, these Casio watches pack quite the kaleidoscopic punch!Whatever may be your tastes and preferences, the G-Shock range surely has something in store just for you.

#5 It gives you more bang for your buck

Doesn’t carry a Swiss name stamp, but these Japanese tickers are every bit as impressive, if not more so. It’s an incredibly wise investment that gives you major bang for your buck; not only do they pack an exhaustive range of functionalities, but they come with price tags we just can’t help but love! You’ll be left wondering just how we all got so lucky. Bless Casio watches!

#6 It is the quintessential sports watch

The Casio G-Shock needs no introduction to the sporting world.It is no shocker that it is definitively the pinnacle of sports watches, an indomitable force to be reckoned with. So if you’re the sporty kind, then I don’t believe you even have a choice in choosing a loyal companion. The G-Shock is a team player that will stand by you through mud, water, dust, sweat, grime and blood, come what may.

I could go on, but one look at the collection is sure to have you convinced. So just head on over to check it out and let the G-Shock rock your world!

Different Pets with Different Specialties

Today, having a pet in the house not only safe guards the complete home but also has become a symbol of modernization. When you go for the morning walk and take your pet with you, it fills you with pleasure when people turn around and look at you assuming you to be a rich personality. According to a research, it has been noticed that keeping pets under careful scrutiny render the owner of the house with unlimited advantages. The past time is a true example to prove that pets have always made the owner and his family happy thereby keeping them secured against any unwanted situations like robbery, theft etc. They have also been successful in making lives far better than the usual ones. Different pets have different specialty in terms of benefitting the owner. Through this article, we will know some interesting facts about different pets. Let’s check them out:

Dogs as a pet


See more: Some interesting pet care tips for Dogs and Cats

Dogs are considered be the man’s best friend. They serve to be amazing health promoters especially when it comes to the work out part of the owner’s day. They are just the right one to accompany them in their daily work out and exercising like running, walking or going on jogging with their owners. It has also been observed that Dogs initiate healthy relation making also which you might have never thought of. They do great when it comes to interacting with neighbors like: playing with them, walking along with them to, handshaking with paws etc. They make it easy for you to converse with your neighbors or other regular joggers that might not have been possible without them. Dogs are mainly loved by children because they are also capable of performing the naughtiest activities just as a child does. Parents love to have dogs as a pet because their child always has a company to pay and talk with along with the security.

Cats as a pet


People who are sincere by nature and are more interested in silent fellowship, Cats prove to be a perfect pet for them. Cat loves to be niggled from their owners meaning thereby attaining a care like mother from its owner. Due to their silent nature, not the ones like dogs as they are very noisy, cat as a pet is the priority of older citizens as older people also love more of peace than lot of noise and disturbance. Similarly, they are not in habit of going on a regular walk or jogging like the dogs do. They enjoy spending more time at home in spite of going out and love other indoor activities like: rolling with a ball, curling with rope etc. Cats serve as one of the best companions to the people who are older in age as they get involved with it and its attractive activities

Birds and Lizards as pets


As this world is full of diversity in terms of people and their choices same goes in the case of pets do. Everyone has different choices with different reasons to support their choice. So, like there are people who love pets having fur like dogs and cats there are also such people who do not love pets with fur and wish to have beautiful, strange and unusual birds or lizards as their pet. These pets like birds and lizards are not in habit of more interaction, as they are busy in themselves only. All the owners of such pets need to do is taking proper care of their food and looking well after them. Moreover, the best part about birds and lizards is they do not demand high maintenance like that of cats and dogs and so are very cheap in terms of pocket.

Fishes as pets


Now days, keeping aquarium with multi-colored variety of fishes have also become a part of interior decoration of the house. In addition, these fishes also serve to be the pets for the owners as one need to take utmost care of them as they are very delicate when it comes to maintenance. So, before choosing Fishes as your pet, make sure you review your lifestyle and daily routine completely because a single miss on their food or any other type of care can lead to its death. Ignore keeping fishes as pet if you have more of touring jobs.

If you have children at your home who are too young and catch every teaching as a lesson from you as a parent, then fishes are the best pets. Today, in this competitive time every parent wants his/her kid to become responsible and intelligent so with the help of fishes in your home you can add touch of responsibility in your kid’s life. Let me tell you how?

Introduce your kids to the fishes; give names to your fishes for the convenience and interest development in this process of your child. Then teach your kids to interact with them and proper way of feeding them with fish food daily in regular intervals. Also give instructions regarding the cleaning of their tanks and bowl immediately when they turn up cloudy. Once they start taking interesting in these activities and follow them regularly, your kids are sure to turn up more responsible because taking right care of fishes as pets is not an easy task.

The fish food is easily available in the market; go for the branded ones only. If you purchase fish food in good quantity then they are sure to cost you less and save time from rushing to the market again and again. Moreover, fish food comes in less pricing as compared to that of dogs and cats.

Last but not the least, before taking any decision regarding the choice of pets; make sure to understand every small bits and bytes to be a responsible and good pet owner. It is a kind of honest commitment to yourself against the care of your pet. Remember, a pet is just like your any other family member that needs equal love, care and attention! So, think and think again and then make a final decision!!


Some interesting pet care tips for Dogs and Cats

Keeping pets have always been loved by many people and that too since old time to present. Pets are also treated like a family member of their house. It can be said undoubtedly, that the more love and care you give to the pets the more you get in return with loyalty and sincerity. Taking them along on morning walks, in the car for ride, in pet’s shows etc are also taken as the utmost care and point of concern for them by the pet owner. It has been observed that a handsome amount of every month’s expenditure is spent on the clinical care of the pet to ascertain that their pets are completely healthy and free from any kind of diseases. It is generally done on the nearby pet clinics with the help of family pet doctor.

But if you are a sincere and pet owner and love your pet a lot, then the regular visit to pet doctor’s clinic can be easily avoided. Now the question comes, how? As we all know about the meaning of the proverb ‘Prevention is better than cure’ then why not to imply this proverb in our daily life whether it is regarding our own life or the pet’s life. So if you take preventive measures in regard to your pet from the very beginning then check up bills can be reduced to a great extent thereby keeping your pet healthy and happy.


One can also do a home check up of the pets to make sure if they are healthy or not. We all know that eyes speak the heart out and so the physical and mental health too. Just like: when we have cough and cold or fever our eyes are the first one to say that we are not fine similarly is the case with the pets like dogs and cats also. Doing a home check up does not means giving a medicine of your choice to the pet if it is not healthy; all you need to check are the eyes of your pet. Check if they are clear and bright and if not then are there some strange symptoms like irritation, redness, runniness etc. which compels the pet to rub the eyes again and again with his paws. You can also confirm unhealthiness by noticing the pet’s shying reaction when light directly falls in its eyes. All such things can be taken care by the pet owner himself and pet should be immediately taken to the pet doctor.


In this article special attention and strict emphasis will be given on the proper care of common pets like cat and dogs. Make sure before stepping out of home with your pet it is very necessary to give them Flea medicine in the right way as per following the instruction written beside the medicine. Moreover, this Flea medicine is easily available on any local medical store or chemist’s shop or you can even try them purchasing online as various websites do offer its selling. Though this medicine do not require to be touched on our hand for putting but especially in case if you have delicate skin then do not forget to wear gloves in your hand before applying this medicine on your pet.

In addition, if you can spare some extra time for your pets you can save more money and above all establish a strong bonding with your pet which is very essential. This can be done in this way: If not more, than at least one bath in a week is very necessary for your pet and in season like summer when it is too hot, then you can increase it to twice a week. If it is possible for you to make them bath under the shower, then it will add three stars to their mood too as they generally love and enjoy bathing under a shower. Try doing this on your own in spite of paying a good amount to the grooming parlor to do the same or leaving it on some servant. All these reasons also ameliorate the social acceptance of your pet thereby giving them a rich pet look.

Once the pet is done with its bath then the third step is brushing hair of the pet’s body. It reinstates the vivacious coat of your pet thereby removing the damaged or not good fur. This process of brushing a special treat to your pet as it facilitates the skin in proper breathing thereby fortifying their complete immunity system.

Then the next point of concern and care for the pet is clipping of the nails on regular basis. For this purpose, appropriate tools are required because this activity is something that is not actually praised by the pets. So, in order to make your task easy, go for the easy to use tools rather than the difficult ones. Once this clipping procedure is finished then make sure you enwrap them with the help of a towel or any piece of cloth that can be used for absorption. This would safeguard your hands from painful scratches of your pet.

It is also very important to give the appropriate food to your pet in spite of just giving anything without knowledge. The best qualitative foods are available in the market easily at pet eatable shops and on some of the departmental stores also. Though these foods come high in pricing but you can make the use of coupons for affordable buying of the pet’s food. Remember if the food is right one for your pet it will keep it healthy for a long time.

Remember, just like we take care of ourselves and our beloving family members, it is our duty to take care of our pet too. After the pet is also a kind of family member and our responsibility. It similarly needs our attention, love and care. Having pet is not tough at all if you are careful from the day first.


Importance of Beautifying Home’s Exterior and Few Ideas Regarding It

Just imagine general people looking at your house and exclaiming WOW!! How beautiful and appealing its exterior would be that has compelled a stranger to compliment your home! Go with something that is exceptionally unique and head turning, and then feel the happiness at your heart, it will make you realize the worth of true happiness.

It has been always seen that people spend a huge amount in decorating the interior of their home. Whatever pains they need to take it for, like: choosing the best home décor, selecting the themes and colors, managing and arranging a budget, opting decorative items and spending lot of time with sleepless nights in making it completely ready all are acceptable. But have you ever thought of your home’s exterior or hiring someone to enhance the exterior look of your home? It is the exterior of your house which a person looks at for the very first time and make up his mind on how the house would look from inside.


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Exterior of the house is something that gets first glance of every person and from where a person walks to the interior of the house. So, practically speaking it is very logical to induce your money in improving and embellishing the outdoor of your house thereby making its each area very attractive and eye-catching. But it has been observed that people straight away throw neglection when it comes to the enhancement of the portion that is out of home door. If you think that decorating exterior is only limited till leaving complimentary impressions on relatives, friends and neighbors then you are certainly wrong. It gives a boost to your modernized lifestyle thereby making it more presentable and stylish.

In addition, it also prevents thieves from making a direct entry to your house. Now you would ask how? The answer to your question is when you have your home beautifully decorated from outside also, not the one with wild plants, bushes, unmanaged garden, the thieves won’t make effort to make entry in such a house where exterior is adorned with sofa sets, nice pet house, proper garage, attractive water fountain, lamps and lot more things. A house with improper outdoor gives an idea to the thieves that there are not many people inside and so their task becomes easy however a house with beautified exterior gives them the idea that when the exterior is so properly managed it means number of people is more and some one or the other would be there as a regular care taker of the outdoor.

Generally people plan outing or picnic as soon as the weather turns into their favor with clouds and rain. But have you ever thought of designing your exterior in such a way, that it compels you to be its part when you are actually thinking of going out and enjoy. Why not to have such an outdoor of home that your own home is nothing less than a picnic or fun filled spot? You can add extra greenery and colors by planting various plants and trees which have different colors of flowers too. This would not be good looking but also healthy from inhaling fresh oxygen point of view.


Moreover, in case if you do not have any garden nearby or you are busy person, you can manage a regular walk and exercising through yoga at least for few minutes in the morning without any skip. Add comfortable chairs and sofa set to your garden where you can sit and have tea with gossips whenever you feel like. But make sure you consider the size of the place where furniture needs to be placed along with the purpose of placing it at that particular place in order to avoid any inconvenience or making it a hotchpotch. In addition you can also place swing in your garden to give it more attractive look thereby making children also happy. Turn your complete exterior in such a way that it becomes a spot of recreation where you can take a chill pill with your friends, family and relatives whenever you want to. This will also give you a feeling of pleasure and not make you feel humiliated when you show your house to any known with an ameliorated landscape.

When you are actually planning for a night party with dines then your rich look exterior can be of a great help to you. You can shift your indoor dinning to the outdoor; this will not make a gathering congested and bestow it with a true party look. A candle light dinner with your beloved on any of your special occasions is also a superb idea if your home’s exterior is an attractive one. As discussed earlier, outdoor fountains can also add an extra touch to your exterior leaving a relaxing effect thereby turning the whole atmosphere marvelously charismatic.


All you need is a proper budget and planning to plan an exceptional exterior of your home. This can cost you very less if in spite of hiring a exterior home décor, you yourself emphasize on purchase of attractive and qualitative items like furniture, lamps and other items. Internet is the best way where you can easily pick ideas and decorate your outdoor of the home yourself. But in case if you are fine to spend good amount, then you can undoubtedly hire a professional home decorator specialized in exterior portion of houses.

If you take your home’s exterior as sincerely as your home’s interior, then it will be lifelong investment for you without any regrets making you earn endless words of compliments. Don’t go with what the world goes, set an example for them and let them follow that. Be an ideal to inspire others despite being always inspired by others. It will impart you with an amazing feeling life-lng that you did something different which became a new trend.

All in all, ‘Always be a trend-setter in spite of being a trend-follower’!!


Are You An Introvert?

The Ancient Greek aphorism “Know Thyself” is exactly why you are here.

Maybe you don’t know if you are an introvert or already know the fact, but came here to know more about it. You must know that a 2/3 of the total population is of introverts; that is; 1 out of every 2 or 3 people you know! This may seem weird to you as most of the people you know are more outgoing and you may not recall many introverts you know. But the thing is, you cannot spot an introvert in just a glance. There is so much in them than just being in solitude or being quiet.  Stereotypical Introvert may be the one sitting alone in a party away from the cool people. No. It is not as easy to spot an Introvert personality.

Some people even think they are not introverts because they are not “shy”, but this mind-set is not as bizarre as they think. There is no such thing as an “outgoing introvert”. Most of the people I know think that being an introvert is more than just devoting time alone. There is a huge difference between an introvert and extrovert.

Introvert Definition: To define introvert, “Introversion is a basic temperament. So, the social aspect — which is what people focus on — is really a small part of being an introvert. It affects everything in your life.”  Dr. Marti Olsen Laney, psychotherapist and author of “The Introvert Advantage,” said in a Mensa discussion to define introversion.


Now, the question remains: What it really means being an “introvert”? Check on your own if any of the following signs applies to you:-


1) Parties scare you


When an invite comes, it seems as if you will have to prepare for a war. Well, not exactly a war but you really want to prepare for everything. Though, when you go to the party, you don’t really MEET people or socialize much. Meeting new people is not at all a good idea to you. You are the person who hangs on with the food bowl and that’s OKAY!

In the end, you find your battery draining and you need to refill it by cultivating some time alone. Solitude, for some, is the air they breathe.

And yea “I hate people” is your constant inner monologue after these social parties!

2) Small talk is one thing you hate the most


“Hi”, “what’s up?” are not so pleasant phrases to you.

You don’t like small talk at all. You, in fact, are a sucker for deep, thoughtful and intellectual conversations with people. Their long stories won’t bother you a bit and you think they are more engaging than those regular party chit-chats that mean nothing and seems shallow to you. You crave meaning in conversations. If deprived of that, you have no interest in their gossips. Also, you hate making the first move; you don’t know what to say to the peeps out there or how to talk. Words just don’t follow your way.

3) You often feel “alone” in a room full of people


This scenario is common to you. In a crowd, people are talking and laughing and doing things, while you are “just there”. You think you should take part in their conversations but you give up as they are doing nothing but draining you out. People think you are rude and for overcoming this misconception, you try to smile. In the end, all through the conversations, you were just smiling at them and taking in the torture. But when someone talks about your passion or your interest, you can have a full long conversation on it with that twinkle in your eyes. These kind of conversations are the ones you love to talk about; even with the people you don’t share a bond with.

4) Giving a speech in front of 500 people is less stressful than networking with them:


According to the statics, Introverts are great leaders and public speaking don’t really scare them. An estimated 40% CEO’s are Introverts. Many famous personalities like Elena Roosevelt, Rosa Parks and Mahatma Gandhi were introverts. So, you don’t shy away from spotlight but struggle with talking to people in person. Psychologists have proved that Introverts are as competent of giving a seminar on a topic as extroverts. But when it comes to communicating with those in the audience, Introverts cringe while Extroverts do it happily as they are their opposites and they get charged up while doing so. The psychology behind this is that an introvert; while giving a seminar or delivering a speech; keeps all the things prepared and they give their 100%, but when it comes to talking, they are not prepared for it and gets anxious.

5) You are extremely fascinated by art



Reading, Writing, Creating art, Music, etc. seems to be a treat for you. You enjoy practicing them as they help you refill your energy and make you happy. In fact, most Introverts are “the creative ones” in a crowd. You are an expert in observing. You feel like you see things with a different perspective than your friends and it are scientifically proven too! That makes your idols mostly creative personalities and you love their art with all your heart. Your hobbies include one of the many art forms. “Good Listener” and “Observant” are some of the tags you can recognize yourself with. These traits are very crucial in order to be successful and many Introverts also benefit from it.

6) Unexpected Calls are often left unanswered



They screen all their calls if they are not expecting it. Even if their closest friend wants to talk to them, they just don’t answer. It doesn’t mean Introverts are rude or ignorant; they call back when they think they have enough “energy” to have a conversation with someone. Unexpected calls just don’t make them happy. To them, texting is the way out. They love texting and can talk to you all day but they cringe when it comes to taking a call. They hate those long silences and often fell like they are taking too much of your time talking to you on the phone. That is why texting is a better alternative for them and they don’t feel like they are bothering others too much. So that everyone remain happy!

7) You have a small group of close friends


It’s not like Introverts “hate” people. They just aren’t comfortable much when it comes to socializing with a lot of people. They tend to have a couple or more best friends. It’s just that they choose carefully whom they should socialise to. They cherish deep relationships rather than the shallow ones and can do anything for the ones they invest their most of the time with. While, it is true that new people scare them a little, but once they past that and show their sincerity towards the relationship, they can have an amazing relationship.  Other people just have to make the first move and that’s it.

8) Social Anxiety and Being Judged


Your social anxiety’s foundation is the horror of being judged. You may like people giving you attention, but you also think when they stare you, they are judging you, based on anything you are doing; so you get anxious. This anxiety is at that point that even when you are talking to really nice kind of people who love you, you still think that when you left, “that” joke on which they were laughing was about you!

9) People Pleaser


You are constantly pleasing other people even if it means displeasing yourself. You are too serious in life, but you think of others more than you think for yourself, which is horrifying sometimes. You say yes when you want to say no and say no when you want to say yes. Even when it’s not AT ALL suitable for you; you just can’t help it! You think people will think degradedly of you if you don’t do it. It’s OKAY though, you cannot please everyone in the world! You are not a jar of Nutella for God’s sake!

This is the reason why you don’t get into many fights either. You agree with the people even when they are rude and mean to you and offend you. What you do at most is that you just stop talking to them but you can’t rebuke!

10) People tag you as “Quiet”, “Boring”, and all sorts of those words


Well there are people, and their stereotypical thinking. They just can’t see through you and what you are capable of doing. They tag you with names thinking that being “quiet” is all that is in your personality. But your real friends know you. Once you get close to people, how amazing you can be! How exciting can you make your life and show them that magic of living a happy life that is the secret hidden only with you. Not largely, but you are content with your life and always look for ways to make it more amazing. And as Taylor Swift says: “Haters Gonna Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate… But I am just gonna shake shake shake! So just Shake it off and let no one fuse down your spark!

These points may not all be relevant to your personality and maybe you have some different traits hidden too. But if you can relate to more than five points from this post, then my dear, you are a celebrated Introvert! Be Proud! Feel free to talk about it on the comments below! Stay Positive. Good luck.

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Top 10 Biggest Brands Of Handbags In The World

For the modern women fashion accessories have become a common fixture. Every women dream is to carry branded handbags. Over the past couple of years luxury market is growing significantly. They come in various shapes, colors, sizes, styles and brands. Young girls never say I have enough handbags, I do not need more” they never have enough. Today, there are a wide range of handbags, wallets, clutches, and purses of many brands to choose from.
Usually Bollywood and Hollywood actresses are seen to the events, movies, award nights and in promotions carrying these expensive branded handbags. There are number of luxury brands that are extremely famous among celebrities. They make exquisite pieces of every handbag and request to celebrities to red carpet events.
These big brands are not only known for high fashion but also for their high prices. Prices of these big brands rise eventually. They are range from $1000 to $ 200,000. Designers of these luxury brands raise the prices according to their demand. Investment in the branded bags is on time because of their fine quality, luxury material and fine craftsmanship.



Out of these numbers of branded handbags you have to pick that one which suits your personality to make a style statement. There are number of reasons to choose handbags; one is to follow the latest fashion and second one is to throw out those outdated ones which have no use.

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This luxury brand is established in 1925. If we talk about Italian luxury fashion handbags then Fendi is on the list. Fendi is best known for its B bags. They are luxurious available in black crocodile, white lambskin and number of designs. It costs around $ 28000.



The most expensive handbag from this brand is the matte crocodile biking bag which is named after actor singer, Jane Birkin. This bag is very expensive and become a symbol of your wealth costing $120,000. This bag is embedded with 10 carat of diamonds on a bed made of white gold.



This brand is founded by Gabrielle (coco) Chanel in 1909 counted in top 10 luxury brands. This brand is incarnation of classic handbags. Prices for these bags increases annually so if you want to buy do it sooner. The most expensive flap bag by CHANEL was sold for $261000. The startup price of handbags is started from $2200.



This brand is a design of Norwegian designer Hilde Palladino. The bag is made of white crocodile skin. 39 diamonds are engrossed on the clasps purely made of white gold. Her bags mark their position in top 5 brands of the world and are available in the biggest stores like Harvey Nichols and Bergdorf Goodman.



The bag come with 150 styles and 100’s of colors which is available in big stores of the world. Some of the celebrities like Paris Hilton, Kate Winslet, Angelina Jolie, Jennifer Anniston, Charliz Theron, and Elizabeth Taylor have been loyal customers of LANA MARKS. Cleopatra clutch by LANA MARKS is designed by a group of 5 European artisans.



This brand is a symbol of high class and elegance for over two centuries. The most expensive bag of this brand is close to $25.9 billion. This bag is usually seen in the hands of A- listers. You can see this bag in the hands of Hollywood Hollywood A class actresses and models. This is one of the most expensive handbags all over the world. The brand value of Louis Vuitton is 28.4 billion dollars. New age traveler is one of the most expensive bags by Louis Vuitton.

Marc Jacobs:


After serving Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacob started his own line of luxury fashion accessories. His business is expanded in 80 countries all over the world and he has counted in the top most designers of the world. This brand was made famous after an exclusive creation of Carolyn crocodile handbag which is made up by purple crocodile skin, costing $50000.



The Mouawad 1001, Nights Diamond heart shaped Purse, is valued at £2.35 million which is made up of 18 karat gold on which 4517 diamonds are encrusted out of which 105 yellow, 56 pink and 4356 colorless. This jeweled purse is one of the most expensive out of all and got the place in Guinness world records in 2010.



Prada is an Italian fashion house was founded in 1913. The brand does not only deal in handbags, it has also been dealing in clothes, jewelries, footwear, perfumes and watches. Prada is considered as a most elite fashion accessory. At Milan fashion week, Italy Prada comes with a spring/summer collection which was mostly about crystals with different shapes and sizes.

Judith Leiber:


Hails, designer from Hungary started her company in 1963. It became renowned in Europe and gradually all over the world. This high class brand is famous for its bejeweled bags with crystals and gems.

Its luxury creation is precious rose bag which is made up of 42 karats of a combination of tourmaline, diamonds and sapphires.

The top biggest brands have listed here for you. Here we discussed why they are so expensive, luxurious and a kind of material they use. Have a look at the top most brands in the world. These are those handbags or purses which took their place in the wardrobe of A- Class celebrities of film industries.

World’s Most Expensive Shoes

Many people in the world who love to live luxurious comfort life. Here we are talking about fashion accessories, out of which shoes are the underrated accessories. If we go for shopping than first thing comes to our mind is clothes and beauty products, shoes come secondary in our list. But their are number of shoes in the world for million dollars, we really wonder who those people are who have bought them in auction across many countries. Celebrities usually wear these expensive ones to look glamorous, elegant and to show the luxurious life they living.
They are more curious to have more and more expensive items in their wardrobe.
Worlds top designers create these elegant rare pairs by using high end materials, diamonds , rubies, swaroski crystals, original leather, and pearls. Let’s look at some of the most expensive shoes in the world.



This expensive beautiful creation is created by designer Gilbert Adrain for the movie the wizard of Oz, released in 1939 by metro Goldwin Mayer. Mayer was inspired by the novel. As compared to the book, Dorthy’s silver slippers were made into ruby slippers. All of the designer costumes and slippers worn in the movie were stored for a long and after few years sold at an auction. One pair of it still seems to be missing. After 50 years from the production of the movie, Ronald Winston decides to create the ruby slippers. this time rather than using sequins, the ruby slippers are recreated with 50 karat diamonds and 4600 rubies. After 60 days this beautiful glittered pair of shoe was unveiled at the “house of Harry Winston” for US $3 million.



Stuart Weitzman is inspired from Rita Hayworth most unique collection of heels. This time he made a different apart of those usual bold and bright colors. It is surprising to see Stuart different chocolate brown color open toed heels of burnt sienna satin. Both the shoes are designed with satin flowers on which rubies, sapphires and diamonds are engraved. These beautiful open toed heels are worn by Rita Hayworth in the movie Shawshank redemption. But now this beautiful pair is in the possession of Rita Hayworth’s daughter, princess Yasmin Aga khan.



A classic pair of Cinderella slippers was designed by Stuart Weitzman, he left no stone unturned when he decide to create this ultimate pair. Stuart inspired from everyone’s favorite fairy tale story and designed this classic pair. This stilleto sandal was made by using Italian leather with 565 kwait diamond placed on a platinum setting.
The pair of stiletto was worn by a bluegrass singer Alison Kraus at the 2004 Oscars. Stuart Weitzman was insisted by her daughter to make a custom pair for the actress Alison to wear it to the Oscar, she is a great fan of Kraus.



The beautiful pair was designed by Stuart Weitzman in 2006 in collaboration with jewellery designer Eddie Levian from France. The master piece was created by both of them. This silver leather shoe with platinum heels is valued at $2 million. The ankle strap looks like a royal neck piece made from 200 carats of Tanzanite and 16 carat of other stone while the front strap have 28 carat diamonds. Total 595 carats of diamonds are embedded on the beautiful silver heels. This pair is also made to be worn on to the Oscars, but till then no celebrity has yet worn on the red carpet.



Stunning pair of platinum fabric is Stuarts one more creation in year 2002. Shoes straps are made up of platinum fabric. Just like Weitzman does in all the design, in this pair 464 kwait diamonds are placed along with real platinum threads. Pear and round shaped diamonds are used to create this stunning pair. At the academic awards Laura Harring was the lucky one who got the chance to wore these stilletos accompanied by 3 personal bodyguards to protect herself and the shoes. This beautiful pair is for $1.9 million.



After Ronalds Winston, Stuart took his creation to recreate that was depicted in the movie the wizard of Oz “ Ruby Slippers”. This gorgeous version was supposed to be unveiled in Oscars 2003, but due to ongoing war in Iraq the idea was discontinued and later on this was showcased at Harrods in London in year 2003. This delicate pair is made by red satin and cherry red insole with 642 oval and round burma rubies weighing 123.33 carats on a platinum to give a sheer look. Heymen Bros and Stuart Weitzman together crafted this elegant pair owes a hefty price of $1.6 million.



This gorgeous stellitos is a combination of 1800 round and pear shaped kwait diamonds. This bejeweld pair is of multi purpose use, the diamonds are threaded together with platinum strap which can also be used as a hand and a neck piece. This pair is designed in a retro look with traditional T- straps.



The pair is adorned with a satin rose and a cluster of Swaroski crystals. But these crystals are not just a cluster, they are a pair of earings worn by Marylin Monroe which inspire Stuart Weitzman to create such a fabulous creation. Regina king wore these elegant pair in the Oscars when she was nominated for the move “ Ray”. After the award ceremony the earings were replaced with replica and the original one was sold out for $1 million at an auction.



Stuart’s creation of ruby slippers were sold at an auction, out of which few are still remaining you can see them in Washington. If you love sequins and vintage collection than nothing can stop you to buying these.



The academic awards are a time for the actresses to show off their wardrobes. To make this stunning pair Stuart Weitzman collaborate with kwait to make this diamond dream shoes. The shoe was encrusted with 1400 diamonds which are set on platinum. In front of national audience in year 2007, the lady who was lucky enough to wore this stunning pair is Anika Noni Rose. Rose was one of the star at the red carpet complimented for her stunning look.

Image Source : Pinterest, Timeinc, Most-Expensive , Luxuryreportmag, Shoe-tease, Trendseve