Chase Bank Wiring Routing Number

Chase Bank Wiring Routing Number

Chase bank wiring routing number – For speedy cash transfers between financial institutions utilizing the money transfer technique and other types of business transactions, the Chase Bank routing number is necessary. You must also be aware of the transaction you are conducting, such as an ACH (American Clearing House) transaction or a money transfer, ensuring you are using the proper alphanumeric code. 

This article on Chase Bank Wiring Routing Number offers extra details to guide you through conducting a bank transfer and the Chase Bank routing numbers for every region.

What Must You Understand?

Depending on where you started your credit, Chase Bank, also known as JPMorgan Chase & Co., has a different routing number.

Situations why you might require this number

  • Cash Transfer via Wire
  • Perform a Balance Transfer
  •  Internet transaction 
  •  Internet transaction 

It is advised to start asking inquiries of a Chase Bank agent in customer service before concluding a sizable transfer of funds.

Describe the Chase Bank reference number.

Keep in mind: The region where the accounts have first been created affects the Chase routing number.

The account number is useful if you need to make deposits and move funds.

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Money transfer routing code

A wire transfer is the quickest way to move money from one bank account to another. In certain instances, the money is ready in a few seconds.

If transferring the money swiftly is crucial, Chase has a unique routing number that should be utilized in certain circumstances.

You have access to both SWIFT and ABA routing number possibilities in the chart below:

 Wire Transfer Type                                               Routing Code

Intercountry Wire Transfer                                      02100021

Worldwide Wire Transfer                                                    021000021

Domestic and wire transaction routing codes for Chase Bank.

Keep in mind: It is advised to get in touch with the bank before making a sizable transfer to make sure the routing number and any additional details are accurate.

What distinguishes a wire number from an electronic routing number?

Money transmitted through wire often becomes immediately accessible since bank workers validate every end of the procedure in a wire transfer. Computerized payments are less straightforward and necessitate an intermediary step with the ACH.

Verify that the routing number corresponds to your accounts and verification. Continue reading to find more methods to get your Chase routing number if you cannot find your region or area listed above or are unsure where you created your accounts. There may be mentions of items from our affiliates in this article. To make a money transfer, you don’t need to locate an inexpensive agent public close by.

We only feature respectable businesses that have been thoroughly reviewed and authorized by us. This website’s content is not intended to be investment advice. Please conduct your personal study before actually making any economic choices. 

While we try our hardest to provide you with the most reliable news reports possible, we cannot make that promise. Use of the material is entirely at your risk; see our platform’s operation for additional details. Transferring aid through your regular bank is reliable and comfortable, but it’s frequently not the quickest or most inexpensive. International payments made through a bank may contain third-party charges related to the SWIFT network and charges and currency exchange price hikes.

What is required for a money transfer to Chase Bank?

 Chase bank wiring account number is a basic essential and other things mentioned below. For all banking institutions, you will require the following basic data to complete a wire transfer:

This individual is referred to as the “receiver” because they will be getting the payments, and their identity should perfectly match what is listed on their profile.

  • The account number of the receiver
  • the recipient’s bank’s routing number.
  • Financial institution of the recipient’s name and residence.

Chase routing number texas 

Chase’s routing number for accounts for checking and savings in Texas is 111000814.

Additionally, Chase’s ACH reference number is 111000644. Chase’s routing number for both domestic and foreign wire transfers is 21000011. You’ll also require a SWIFT code if you make Chase an overseas transaction.

Chase routing number California 

In California, the savings and deposit account routing number is 322271727.

Since Chase is so large, it has 23 separate routing numbers spread throughout the United States, whereas many lenders have only one. If you’re a Chase customer, your routing number is determined by where you started your credit.

How to Interpret Your Chase Routing Number?

The first four digits of the routing number identify the Reserve Bank. The bank is identified by the following three numbers in the series. These numbers are allocated similarly to the numbers in your bank account. The check digit, the eighth and final digit of a bank routing code, is generated using a formula to confirm the legitimacy of the bank routing number.

 chase Arizona routing number 

To open a savings or deposit account with Chase in Arizona, use the routing number 122100044.

Chase’s ACH routing number is 122100044 as well. Chase’s routing number for both domestic and foreign wire transfers is 21000011. You’ll also require a SWIFT code if you make Chase an overseas payment.

The Chase Routing Number: Ways To Obtain It

Several methods exist for locating a Chase routing number. Use the table if you know the state you established your profile in.

Your wire information can also be found on a check when you have a Chase checking account; it’s the first eight digits.

 The wiring information for your bank can also be obtained by calling Chase at 800-935-9835 if you don’t have a check on board. Calling Chase is a good idea. If you’re unsure what account to use, it may distinguish between your cash pouring into the correct or incorrect account.

Describe the worldwide money transfer routing number.

Rather than using a routing number to conduct a wire transfer internationally, use a SWIFT code. Banking institutions worldwide use the SWIFT code, an international bank code. Anybody wishing to send you cash internationally will need the SWIFT code, which you must provide. You can speak with the bank of your recipient immediately to get it.

Whenever someone wires you funds from abroad, they must also use the SWIFT code and provide specific data to your financial institution. Your account number and username, as they exist on the account, are included in this data. An instance of your account number is displayed in the instance below. The receiver of an overseas cash payment must also know their account routing number to get the funds. There is a distinct routing number for incoming and outgoing domestic wire transfers.

The routing number and SWIFT BIC code for the CHASGB2LFOR wire transfer:

Fortunately, a teller was skeptical this time and declined to send the cash. To transfer an internet wire, you should currently live in the United States of America. Internet wire transfers are unavailable to individuals residing in U.S. territories and other nations. 

The creator of and the mind behind the wallet-like WalletFlo credit or debit card software is Daniel Gillaspia. He used to be a lawyer but is now required to perform the job as a credit card rewards and travel specialist. He has accumulated and used thousands of miles to explore the world. 

Since 2015, big media like National Geographic, CNBC, Fox News, and Economic Insider have highlighted his work. As many as 37 currencies can be sent through the wire around the globe.

Chase bank routing number texas

Chase’s Texas routing number is 111000614. Ensure Texas is the intended recipient state when sending money because the institution has 22 routing numbers (one for every county).

What services is Chase Bank able to provide?

  • Bank cards
  • Deposit Accounts
  • Loans (Home Loans)
  • Internet Banking for Children’s Card Payments
  • Phone app for Chase
  • Commercial Debit Cards
  • Account for Business Savings
  • Checking Account for Business Corporate Finance

Check the Chase website for additional information about some of these options.


Obtaining your Chase Bank routing number is one of the numerous features and advantages you are losing out on if you haven’t yet started utilizing the Chase Bank internet as a tool. I’ve given you several fast methods for locating the Chase Bank routing numbers for international transactions. 

You can locate your Chase Bank user’s account numbers, which you can employ to send money transfers, by following the procedures described below. Financial firms all across the globe can be identified by their SWIFT codes.

With the help of Chase Bank’s international money transfer feature, you can exchange and receive foreign currency. To transfer cash via wire transfer in the US, you must have a Chase Bank account number. You already know where to look for and where to get the Chase Bank routing numbers for money transfers in the United States of America.

I hope this article titled “Chase Bank Wiring Routing Number” was able to solve your queries.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Is the routing number identical for all Chase banks?

A distinct routing number is assigned to each commercial bank and is used to transfer cash and carry out any other activities. Since a routing number is akin to a personally identifiable information number for a particular bank, no two banks will ever possess the same one.

What details do I need to provide for a wire transfer to my Chase account?

In essence, as per Chase bank, all that is required is for the origin of the money transfer to provide the bank routing number and the Chase account information to which the transfer is being made. Both individual and business accounts at Chase Bank are affected by this.

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