All About Diversity Built Britain 50p Coin


The Diversity Built Britain 50p is a unique coin created by Rishi Sunak, the Exchequer Chancellor. It honors the important role that ethnic minorities have played in shaping Britain.

The launch of this coin was followed by a campaign called “We Too Built Britain.” The campaign aims to highlight and pay tribute to the contributions of minority-building groups in Britain. It advocates for better representation of these communities in things like money, statues, signs, art, and other symbols.

By whom the coin was designed?

The Diversity Built Britain 50p coin was made on Rishi Sunak’s orders, but Dominique Evans, a top coin designer at The Royal Mint, created its look.

Evans studied graphic design at the University of Britain. After that, she worked as a graphic designer for various companies, including The Petersen Partnership.

In 2004, she started working at The Royal Mint. On her LinkedIn profile, she mentions, “I’ve been using my skills and passion in my job at The Royal Mint for over 17 years, making coins and medals that tell fascinating stories.”

Before this, she designed special coins like the Sapphire Coronation for the Queen and others to remember Jane Austen and VE Day.

How can I get the Diversity Built Britain 50p coin?

To get the Diversity Built Britain 50p coin, you have a few options:

  • Since the coin has been circulated, you might find it in your everyday change as it is not considered very rare.
  • You can buy uncirculated versions of the coin directly from the Royal Mint. They offer ‘brilliant uncirculated’, silver, and gold versions.
  • The coin is also available online, where collectors sell and trade coins. The average value on eBay in 2022 was around £1.55.

Remember, the coin was minted in large numbers (10,300,000), so it is quite possible to come across one in circulation. If you are looking for a collector’s item, the uncirculated or limited edition versions might be more appealing, though they come at a higher price.

How can the imagery on the Diversity Built Britain 50p coin be interpreted in terms of its importance?

The Diversity Built Britain 50p coin features a geodome on its face, along with the words “DIVERSITY BUILT BRITAIN”.

According to Dominique Evans, the coin’s designer, the geodome shape was chosen because it represents a sphere made up of interconnected lines and triangles. Each part of this network is crucial, symbolizing strength and connection. 

The design beautifully highlights how different communities and people are interconnected and their collective strength when they come together as a whole.

What is the circulation of this coin?

The Diversity Built Britain 50p coin is not very rare because there are 10,300,000 of them in circulation. However, on average, collectors want it, and they’re willing to pay about £1.55 for it, based on eBay prices in 2022.

What is the scarcity of the coin?

The Change Checker’s scarcity index categorises this coin as common with low scarcity. Scarcity is related to how much people want the coin; since this one has a high circulation, it is easily obtainable.

What is the value of the Diversity Built Britain 50p coin?

Due to its low scarcity, this coin is less valuable than expected. Change Checker estimates its value at £4.50, but on eBay, prices range from £2.55 to £15,000.

Some Question

What is the Diversity Built Britain 50p coin?

It is a coin released to celebrate the contributions of ethnic minorities to Britain’s history and culture.

Who designed the coin?

The coin was designed by Dominique Evans, featuring a geodome to symbolize interconnectedness and strength among communities.

How many of these coins were made?

There were 10,300,000 coins minted and put into circulation.

Is the Diversity Built Britain 50p coin rare?

No, it is not considered very rare due to its high mintage.

How much is the coin worth?

The coin’s value varies, with average eBay values in 2022 around £1.55. Special collector editions can be worth more.

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