What Does Joy Millward Do?

Joy Millward

Joy Millward is often called the “Monarch of Street Art”. Her journey as a graffiti artist has been long and fruitful. Millward has also served as a lobbyist for various leaders.

She was born where she currently resides and has been wedded to her spouse since 2006.

Her residence is in a quaint town named Cunningham. A significant portion of her earnings is spent on food and beverages there. She is not the only one who cherishes the experience of being wedded to a renowned artist.

In the UK, Joy Millward is engaged in politics. In 2005, she initiated Principal Affairs, a lobbying group that advocates for various causes.

She is wedded to Robin Gunningham, a professional artist. Many admirers of Banksy speculate that Gunningham is the elusive artist. In a 2008 study published by The Mail on Sunday, Gunningham was identified as Banksy.

Who is joy millward?

Joy Millward tied the knot with Robin Gunningham, who is widely known as Banksy, in Las Vegas in 2006. Shortly after their wedding, they moved away from Shoreditch, East London.

Banksy, despite being a controversial figure in modern art, was raised in a middle-class neighbourhood and attended Bristol University.

He also had a stint as a reporter for a Labour MP. His work, known for its complexity, remained anonymous. Despite his success, he struggled with familial relationships.

Robin Gunningham, Joy’s husband, is an artist who has a deep love for art. Born in 1973 in Bristol, it is widely believed that this is where Banksy spent his early years. He attended Bristol Cathedral School, a public school. He owns a gallery in London where he displays his high-priced original works.

Joy and her family reside in a peaceful neighborhood with little foot traffic. While they may not be household names, their art has brought them considerable wealth. They own numerous luxury items, including expensive cars and a high-limit credit card. Their lifestyle is the envy of many, especially those who frequent high-end social events.


Full NameJoy Millward
ProfessionPublicist, Lobbyist, Graffiti Artist
Known AsQueen of Street Art
Birth PlaceWest Midlands, United Kingdom
Career StartResearcher for Labour MP Austin Mitchell3
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseRobin Gunningham
Marriage Year2006

Do they have children?

There is little to no information available about Joy Millward, her husband, or their children. They are known to be very private individuals.

A friend of the couple shared with The Mail, “Joy and Robin reside in a tiny town and have minimal interaction with their neighbors.” Even the individuals they occasionally converse with are unaware of their true identities.

“Only those within his trusted circle who have been vetted are aware of his true identity.”

“Some of Joy’s relatives are unaware of her husband’s profession or identity.” However, Joy does mention that her husband is an artist of some sort.

“Banksy has mentioned that he designs sets for award ceremonies, which could explain his frequent absences.”


Joy Millward is a publicist who met her husband Robin in London in 2003, shortly after she began her career as a researcher for Labour MP Austin Mitchell. Despite the rumors about her in the social circles, she maintains a low profile and does not use social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram.

She has not disclosed to her family that she is married to Banksy, but that does not imply she doesn’t love him. She is content with her husband’s full-time job as a painter and wishes for Banksy’s name to continue to be recognized.

She is fortunate to have many blessings in her life, such as a BMW and numerous cats. She also manages a business that she started in 2005. Joy Millward is a charming, cheerful, and amiable woman.

It was discovered that Robin had injured his back. However, he returned to work in 2006. People keep his identity a secret due to his controversial nature.


Who is Joy Millward? 

Joy Millward is a publicist and lobbyist known for her work in the UK.

What is her connection to Banksy? 

Joy Millward is married to Robin Gunningham, who is widely speculated to be the elusive street artist Banksy.

What is her professional background? 

She started her career as a researcher for Labour MP Austin Mitchell. Later, she founded Principle Affairs, a lobby group that supports charities.

Where does she live? 

Joy and her husband live a very private life in a small town.

Does she have any children? 

There is no publicly available information about Joy Millward having any children.

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