NO PHONE WORK FROM HOME JOBS : Phones should not be used while doing no work-from-home jobs are getting increasingly common. 

Who would not like to work from home without spending time on phones all day?

I know I did, and right now, I have a few of those positions. 

I developed this website since I couldn’t locate any internet and no phone work-from-home jobs for mothers.

Instead of spending time searching for an absent opportunity, I chose to interview parents to find out specifically what they do, when they start, how they handle it with children, and, maybe most significantly, the amount they earn.

In this piece, I’ll reveal several of their achievement stories so you know these are legitimate no-phone work-from-home jobs.

I’ll also explain how I work from home and Make $5,000 each month by not answering a phone call.

I receive a lot of questions about data input positions, but I do not endorse them since the money is so poor that it’s not worth spending effort and time.

I’d like to share an inventory of no-phone work-from-home jobs that pay well and tools to get you started. 

I’ll show you the correct way to earn money from home in this article if you don’t have enough time to read it right now, “pin” it for you to read later.

Unfortunately, some of these jobs do not include coverage for medical expenses, so if you require health insurance, you’ll want to learn about your options here.

Here are Some Acceptable Phone Home Positions.

 Independent Writer

Do they possess a desire to write?

Being a Writer on the side is among the rewarding no-phone work-from-home jobs since you can work on your schedule and earn a sufficient amount of money. 

People spoke with Holly Johnson, a Freelance Writer Who earns almost $200,000 each year. I had no idea. The fact is conceivable!

How much can you make? Holly stated that she believes you should earn a minimum of $40,000- $50,000 per year as a full-time writer.

What should I do first? Holly discovered the special sauce for writing & charging the appropriate rate for your work. She developed a free beginning program that teaches how to build a six-figure writing career. 

If you wish to begin working from home writing and follow in her footsteps, I highly recommend completing her freelance writer course. I also have various techniques to find writing jobs in the last part of this freelance writing essay


Are you the kind of personality who is constantly detecting spelling and grammar errors?

If this is the case, you could make an excellent Proofreader. It’s a fantastic profession that does not involve any phone calls.

What amount of money could I anticipate to earn? Caitlin Pyle made $43,000 in her initial year of proofreading PART-TIME!

The complete interview is available at my How to Grow as an Article proofreader. A lot of others earn between $1,000 and $4,000 each month.

How could I begin? Check out our FREE introduction session if you would like to gain the abilities needed for starting up Your personalized proofreading service business or discover if this one is the perfect job for you. 

Freelance Content Producer

Few people are aware of This obscure way of making money, but its profit potential is substantial. Shannon Livingston, The parent who stays home, does this and generates enough money that she is capable of spending it on her husband! She rarely attends the mobile phone.

Anyone can do this, and it is essentially where you create offers for bloggers. She takes an unimaginable method, and I had the opportunity to speak with one of the pupils to see if it might be replicated. She earned up to $4,000 every month!

Everyone must have interviewed her to discover how she did it for our The Way to Work as a Creator of Content piece. Look at how she does things and the way you might go about doing the same!

Virtual Personal Assistant

You could become a Virtual Assistant if you possess a laptop, internet connection, knowledge, and a passion to help people succeed. 

Email management, content development, bookkeeping, design for graphics, social networking, and other services may be provided.

This is an addition to those fantastic jobs that do not involve any phone calls. 

How much money can I make? You can make between $25 and $100 each hour.

What should I do first? Kayla Sloan went from virtually bankrupt to making $10,000 monthly with her Virtual Assistant business! She now instructs others on how to accomplish the same. Visit her no-obligation workshop to learn how to establish a Virtual Assistant. 

Virtual Bookkeeper

Bookkeepers record small business owners’ financial transactions. I had a fantastic interview with two successful bookkeeping moms who had started from scratch. 

One of the mothers has nine children, homeschools six, and works part-time as a bookkeeper!! The whole interview may be found in the content of How to Develop a Career as a Bookkeeper. 

What amount of money could I hope to earn? While you may make $15-$50 each hour functioning for a firm, the accountant’s course (a process that the mothers took) teaches you what it takes to establish an average salary of $60 per hour.

How can I begin? Check out the above complimentary bookkeeper coaching to see if it interests you. 


Blogging was one of my most beloved no-phone work-from-home jobs because you set your hours, and your earning capacity is endless!

I began blogging just like I could not locate what I had been searching for elsewhere, but I can’t write about what’s already there.

You possess your Unique voice and point of view.

I got motivated to start writing after learning that bloggers might earn between $2,000- $100,000 every month (I’m among those now!).

Ads are how I generate money from people browsing my writings.

When you have many consumers reading what you write, you can earn a good living. Here’s an image of my profits from the day before.

I guarantee you I failed to compose this essay today, yet I’m earning money. I additionally generate money by collaborating with businesses and registering as an “Affiliate.” You are able to observe how I earn money from my blog.

Blogging requires ‘A LOT’ of work (at least at first), but it’s incredibly rewarding if you stick with it.

How much money Could I make? I’m acquainted with bloggers who earn $2,000 to $100,000 or more every month (which includes myself).

What should I do first? Read out the straightforward tutorial on creating content from scratch and the niches with the greatest popularity that generate the most revenue and visitors.

Website Examiner

Earn money by testing apps and websites. Companies want feedback on the usability of the websites, and they’ll pay you for it. This serves as one of the most straightforward and effective methods for working from home, avoiding making phone calls.

Here are a pair of companies that will pay you $10 for every test that takes about 15-20 minutes (User Testing currently pays as much as $60 per test):

User Evaluation


Evaluator of Web Searches

Web Search Evaluators assess the relevance of social media marketing and results from search engines.

This is an excellent chance for mothers as it doesn’t require phone calls, you set your hours, and no training is required.

How much money can I make? Hourly pay ranges from $12.50 to $14.

What should I do first? Apply just to the two firms I suggest for web search assessors.


In conclusion, the article has attempted to explain “NO PHONE WORK FROM HOME JOBS”. I hope the language in this post is clear and understandable.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Q1) Is it possible to work from home without using the phone?

Ans. Working as a virtual assistant might make a terrific remote career for individuals skilled at handling multiple day-to-day duties and being organized. VAs handle a variety of administrative responsibilities such as email response, entry of data, bookkeeping, proofreading, research, and so on.

Q2) Which work is best for a housewife at home?

Ans. Content Writing, Take Tuition, Sell Photos Online, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing.

Q3) What pays the most for working from home?

Ans. Economist, Lawyer, Database Administrator or Architect, Software Developer, Quality Assurance Analyst, Computer System Analyst, Financial Manager.